Thursday’s TPS Report: Brooks Brothers’ Toursade Necklace

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
17.5" Toursade Necklace
Reader C wrote in to alert us to the great steals in the Brooks Brothers’ clearance section. Beautiful scarves, wraps and jewelry — including this lovely chunky necklace. Ten rows of resin beads means it’s a statement piece, without being too flashy. And the price is one of those why-can’t-they-all-be-like this prices: was $328, now $65. 17.5″ Toursade Necklace

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  1. I have a chunky black necklace (wearing it today) and it is my version of a power tie. I feel so powerful, chic and a little bit bad a** wearing it!!

  2. This sale is awesome. Thanks for the alert. I didn’t buy the featured necklace, but bought another!

  3. Sorry, but I think this necklace is a holdover from the “twist-a-bead” craze of the early/mid 80s. I’ve noticed there have been a lot of 80s inspired peices, like the pleated silk dress (so Dynasty), and the black and pink cardigan last week – a very familiar color combo and pattern from about 1988. This isn’t a knock on Corporette, just a resigned sigh that the 80s seems to be back.

  4. resin beads? how do you explain that original price!!

  5. Fashion seems to go in 20/30 year cycles. Next up is grunge.

  6. meh – I totally agree. I was shocked to see the original price.

    That said, $65 is a pretty good price, in my opinion. There’s also a coupon code (ireg1x) that gives $10 off, so that covers the shipping, which makes it even better.

  7. I would love to see this actually worn by someone. Corporette, any plans to have readers send in, “I Wore It Like This” shots? And, yes, I agree, the 80’s are back. I had a blouse…but never mind.

  8. I love the 80’s pieces! I love the silk blouses with the tie, the wide belts, and the beautiful bead necklaces. Awesome!

  9. LPC: What defines a High WASP?

  10. V, I agree about the cycles, though it still feels stale. However, I can’t wait to see “corporate grunge” here on Corporette in a few years :) I was in college in a small university town in those days, so I don’t know how it could translate to the office. I can amuse myself by guessing, though.

  11. Meg,

    It’s a long story with a lot of tongue-in-cheek, since no one died and made me Queen that I have heard. Here’s the code of conduct as I know it. And here was my brief definition. But if you have no patience with clicking – which I certainly understand – I would define High WASP as a White Anglo Saxon Protestant whose family has spent enough generations in the United States to make a fortune, lose a fortune, and spend an ungodly number of years in well-known universities while so doing. There’s a certain way of dressing that goes along with the background, and I think this way of dressing has some useful attributes, in corporate settings particularly.

  12. They also have some wonderful basic turtleneck silk sweaters for just over $30 a steal since I purchased a gray one last year for $100+. Colors are limited but I was able to snag a navy blue one.