Suit of the Week

For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

This week’s Suit of the Week was suggested by reader L, who loves the definition this suit gives her waist. We like it too — the basic gray color, the fit of the jacket and the length of the skirt are all the marks of a winning suit. We also like the price (on sale to $130, was $280) and the range of sizes (sizes 8 through 16 are still available). Tahari by ASL Belted Skirt Suit, available at Macy’s.


  1. Oooh, very nice. I just ordered it! I’ll be interested to see how it looks on me. I have a few other Tahari by ASL suits, and so far I’ve found the fit to be very flattering. Not top of the line, but they don’t look cheap, and the details give a slightly younger, more modernfeel than the average suit in this price range. Never pay full price for this brand, though — they ALWAYS go on sale at Macys.

  2. I have this suit in blue pinstripe and it’s great

  3. Pretty suit.

  4. Does anyone know how the sizing runs in this brand? Also, any idea how long the arms are?

  5. I think that the sizing runs slightly smaller in this brand than other Macys-type suits. I’m a size 8 in Tahari, while I’m solidly a size 6 in Calvin Klein, Nine West, etc.

    As for sleeve length… well, I’m short (5’4″) with what I consider to be average-length arms, so I’m probably not particularly helpful. The sleeves fit me just fine without alteration, so if you have longer than average arms, I’m not sure if the sleeves would be long enough. I’m also not sure if the sleeves get longer as the sizes go up (some brands do that — not entirely sure why, though), since I only ever buy my size.

  6. nice pick!

  7. Thanks, J!

  8. Is Macy’s site down for anyone else?

  9. i absolutely love this !!

  10. I received this suit yesterday and I wore it to court this morning. I received several compliments. I love the way it hugs my hourglass figure. Another great suggestion!