The Hunt: Tweed Blazers

The Best Tweed Blazers

2017 Update: We still think the tweed blazers featured here are great for work outfits — but if you’re looking for in-stock items, you may want to check out our more recent roundup of the best winter blazers to wear to work.

Sure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

As the weather gets colder, I thought I’d poke around for some fresh interpretations of tweed blazers. Ladies, have you bought a tweed blazer recently? Do you have one from previous years that you can’t wait to wear again?


LIMITED OBR Donegal Tweed JacketGranted, this one doesn’t look that fresh — it just looks like a basic black blazer. But up close, it’s dotted with flecks of bright color: blues, oranges, yellows — love. It also has faux leather elbow patches, which are always amazing. Unfortunately the matching skirt is Very Short (17″!), but on the off chance that will work for some petite lady out there, I thought I’d mention. The blazer was $118, but with today’s code ONEDAY you can take 30% off, bringing it down to $82. OBR Donegal Tweed Jacket
HINGE Faux Leather Tweed JacketThere’s a lot to like here — the faux leather trim, the peplum flounce details, the vertical purple and black pattern, and the price: it’s only $118 at Nordstrom (sizes XXS-L).  Hinge Faux Leather Trim Tweed Jacket
RED Valentino Metallic cotton-blend tweed jacketI’m not quite sure why The Outnet couldn’t get a good shot of the model wearing this shrunken tweed blazer by RED Valentino, but from what I can see it looks promising.  There are very limited sizes left, though, which makes sense considering the sale: it was $770 but is now marked to $274.97. RED Valentino Metallic cotton-blend tweed jacket
Bailey 44 Jacket - Techno Junkie TweedI love the hip look of this Bailey 44 jacket, although it probably is better for a casual look.  (It kind of reminds me of this terrycloth jacket from Gap, which flew off the shelves if I recall correctly.)  The black and white speckled tweed, the quilted leather, the asymmetric zip, the moto silhouette — love it all.  It’s $330 at Bloomingdale’s. Bailey 44 Jacket – Techno Junkie Tweed
Rebecca Taylor Jacket Stripe Tweed PeplumThis Rebecca Taylor jacket boasts a fairly aggressive pattern, but I really like it for a fashion forward woman.  I like the fringe, the thick black stripes, and the way the pattern changes on the peplum.  Lovely.  This one also has a matching skirt, but in addition to being A Lot Of Look, the skirt is Very Short (15″!). It’s $495 at Bloomingdale’s. Rebecca Taylor Jacket – Stripe Tweed Peplum
Smythe Contrast Collar Tweed BlazerThis one’s almost boring by comparison!  Still, I love the fitted silhouette from Smythe, as well as the other details such as the low scooped lapels, the faux slit pockets, and the contrasting black.  The jacket is $595 at Bergdorf Goodman. Smythe Contrast-Collar Tweed Blazer

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  1. Anonymous :

    I just bought this one (for $100!!) on eBay. Amazingly, I saw it on the Bluefly website and I loved it, so I went to eBay to look for something similar and they had the exact one in my size. Its absolutely stunning and I can’t wait to wear it.

  2. Need Advil :

    The cut of the Smythe one makes it look like it’s gaping open.

    I have a Theory blazer in tweedy brown wool with fall-color flecks that I got about 6 years ago at Loehmann’s. I love it — it makes me look like I have a waist and is the perfect length / proportions for me. That I got it at Leohmann’s makes me love it even more.

  3. OCAssociate :

    I need styling help. I’m wearing a grey & white striped fit & flare dress to a firm cocktail event. I want to bring in some color. I’m thinking pink/fuchsia shoes. (Links to follow).

    The dress has a high neckline – I’m looking for a “statement” bracelet instead of necklace.

    Any suggestions?

    • I’ve got my eye on this:

      Definitely a statement!

    • If you’re going for statement shoes, I would not wear a statement bracelet as well.

      • I agree with this. I think if I had to choose either or, I’d go for the statement bracelet instead of the statement shoes. The shoes will announce themselves the entire time; the bracelet, someone would have to come up a bit closer (and be in conversational distance) rather than spotting it all the way across a big room.

  4. I don’t hate tweed, but I just can’t get on board with any of these.

    • Me either. I love tweed! But none of these are the preppy professor-style that I actually like.

      • That top one is frumpity-frump-frump. The rest I’d get on board with if I had extra money to throw at jackets I wouldn’t wear more than every other week.

  5. Dealbreakers Threadjack:
    This came up in a few conversations with friends (male and female alike). These friends are: 2 live-in couples, 1 married couple, 1 dating for a few yrs but not married, and 1 single for a few years.

    As you look forward in your relationships, or as you look back at your own relationships, what were your dealbreakers?

    For me, I had a handful. One of them was: strong adherence to traditional gender roles
    Another was: poor hygiene (including but not limited to bad breath, not showering frequently, etc.)

    I defined my dealbreakers as: even if all my other requirements were met, the presence of these traits [dealbreakers] would make me walk away.

    • S in Chicago :

      Dealbreakers: Reckless with money, unkind to animals, a smoker

      • I’m totally w/you on the first two. Although I’m reposting in the later thread — this one looks pretty deserted.

    • I agree with the strong adherence to traditional gender roles dealbreaker. I probably have a couple more:
      * lack of any ambition – I don’t care what job a person has, but they need to have ambition to do it well, and to grow in their chosen career
      * angry/emotional drunk – drinking is fine in moderation, and even getting drunk is fine on occasion, but the person’s personality shouldn’t change significantly when they drink
      * illegal drug use – kind of my own thing, but I’m just very anti drug use (including w**d, even though it’s somewhat legalized)

    • This is funny, Susedna! I had a number of guy’s who were all no good for me. In college there was this guy who alway’s followed me around and told peeople we were dateing, but I was not dateing him–I talked to him in the cafeteria once in a while, but NEVER went out anywhere or even kissed him OR held his hand! FOOEY! because he did NOT bathe, and alway’s smelled like mothe-ball’s! I did NOT even know where he lived!!! He could have lived in the Cafeteria!

      Then in law school, there was a guy who wanted ME to be a part of his study group. Because I was haveing some difficultie’s, I did, so we studied (WITH OTHERS) in the cafeteria or in the dorm’s. I NEVER was alone with him ANYWHERE, but he told peeople we were SLEEPEING together. When I found that out, I QUIT the study group. FOOEY b/c he never shaved! GROSS!

      And then there was Alan, who I dated for year’s until his ALCHOHOL got unbareable. He wanted me to do everything for him, then for the most part, took from me, then burped and walked away. He NEVER realy stopped his drinkeing, tho lately, his MOM says he enrolled in Alanon with his MOTHER forceing him to do that.

      There have been more recent looser’s who ONLEY want sex, but I will NOT have sex with a man now without a ring. FOOEY on that!

      • Ooh, an Ellen-reply!

        Ellen– I think you should definitely list “problems with honesty” as a dealbreaker. (Those two guys who bragged that you went out with them, etc. fail that test.) :-)

    • Biggest deal breaker = smoking.
      Others include personal hygiene (lack of) and not treating me as an equal partner in the relationship.

    • I agree with you on the gender thing too. This absolutely scares me off.

      Another thing I remember from my past dates: no serious “life” besides work. So many men I’ve dated only know life at the workplace, business, and their career, and topics involving their job/profession. They don’t care much for anything else besides this, and they only had hobbies (running, theater, opera) not because they were really interested in them, but because they could tell others they do those things in order to present themselves better. I’m special in that regard because I do separate work and private life.

  6. Much cheaper version of the RED Valentino:

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