The Best Winter Blazers to Wear To Work

the best winter blazers to wear to workSure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Around this time of year, we typically feature stylish velvet blazers among our blazer picks for the best winter blazers to wear to work (including a beautiful blue one from Self Portrait that Kat shared a couple of weeks ago). Many are festive enough for weekday holiday office parties but still professional for workday wear — and versatile enough to pair with jeans on the weekends. We’re bringing you some more recommendations today, including some of our favorite velvet blazers on the market right now — as well as (in our roundup) a few options for tweed jackets if you want a more sedate alternative to velvet. Readers, how do you change up your blazers for work in wintertime? Do you like to wear them as toppers to sexier looks on the weekend? Do you like to wear them to “business attire” events around this time of year such as networking events through alumni or professional organizations, or even holiday office parties held on workdays?the best winter blazers to wear to work 2017

Pictured at top: rosey orange / purple / gray.

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If you don’t think you’re going to be wearing a velvet blazer very often and you’re looking for a really affordable, basic option, this one from Kensie (exclusive to Macy’s) may fit the bill. It’s $39.99 (regularly $99.99) during the Cyber Week sale (which ends today), and sizes and colors are going quickly. It’s not exactly a cropped style, but it looks a bit short on the model — however, reviewers don’t seem to be saying it’s too short, or that it runs small. Note that it’s hand washable (it’s polyester/spandex), whereas the rest we’re featuring today are dry clean or dry clean only. This blazer comes in beige and dusty rose (the black and red recently sold out, alas) in sizes XS–XL. (For a similarly affordable, basic blazer that comes in plus sizes, check out this blazer from Tahari ASL, which is on sale and comes in three colors.) Velvet Blazer
This plus-sized velvet blazer by Sejour is newly marked down to $99 and looks like it’s a nice, rich color of purple — always great if you like jewel tones! If you’re hunting for a plus-size velvet blazer, do be sure to check out our fuller roundup at top. If purple appeals to you, here’s a very nice $54 option at Macy’s. Pictured: Velvet Blazer
The most colorful of any of the blazers we’re featuring today — available in the pictured bright pink as well as a very bold and colorful floral print (plus black and navy) — is Boden’s Emilia Blazer. (In Kat’s post on how to build a work wardrobe at Boden, she mentioned this style, which is one of the brand’s more popular ones and also has a ponte version). The blazer is mostly made from cotton but has 2% elastane for stretch. Reviewers say it’s true to size and well-made — and the floral seem to be a big hit. It’s regularly priced at $190 but is currently on sale for $152, and it comes in sizes 2–16. The black still has all sizes in stock; the pink has the fewest. (And if you want to go all out, there are matching velvet pants as well.) Velvet Emilia Blazer
The Parke blazer from J.Crew is getting lots of 5-star reviews, and one thing that customers compliment is the thick, plush velvet. Nice! I also like the extra-pointy lapels and the striped lining. The blazer was originally available in four colors, but unfortunately Nordstrom now only has dark chestnut (pictured) and black left in stock. On J.Crew’s site there are a few sizes left of “bright zinnia,” a very bold orange-y red, as well as dark chestnut and black (with both bright zinnia and dark chestnut also in petites). It’s $168 at both J.Crew and Nordstrom. Parke Velvet Blazer
I love the silvery shade of gray of this velvet blazer from Joie (which is only available at Neiman Marcus). Gray isn’t the most common of colors for velvet blazers, and this one almost has a shimmery look to it (not shiny), as it’s made from rayon and silk. (In fact, it’s the only velvet blazer we’re featuring today that has silk, hence the higher price.) It has real pockets, and I also like the fitted shape and the tailoring. (The description notes that the blazer nips in at the waist, which you can tell even seeing it worn unbuttoned here.) It has single-button cuffs, but they aren’t visible in the images online. The blazer is $428 at Neiman Marcus and is available in sizes 0–12. (It’s more silvery and less nipped, but note that H&M has a similar option for $35.) Pictured: Mehira Velvet Blazer
Net-a-Porter is always a good source to check for drool-worthy blazers, and this one from Frame looks great. It comes in several colors, including black and leopard — and the dusky rose pictured here has a pair of matching flared cropped pants. I think the styling here is fun — it’s a great way to take the winter blazer look into the weekend. The blazer is $575 (also in some colors at Nordstrom). CLASSIC COTTON-BLEND VELVET BLAZER – ORANGE

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  1. anonshmanon :

    I recently bought a pair of Paige skinny jeans from Nordstrom Rack. I had not bought the brand before, loved the fit and stretch. After just a few days of wearing they were totally baggy and loose and they did not bounce back after washing. I am so disappointed, this is not a cheap brand and I was expecting to get some wear out of them. Since the tags are off and the item has been worn and washed, I feel like I have no chance of getting my money back but I feel cheated since I sunk all this money into a piece that lasted two days. Ok, rant over.

    I’d be interested if others have had this problem with this particular brand and what your recommendations for long-lasting jeans are.

    • Flats Only :

      Did you put them in the dryer? That tends to shrink my jeans back to their proper level of tightness.

    • If they have a lot of stretch, don’t dry them – it destroys the spandex fibers (an air dry setting is probably ok). Nordstrom, including Rack, generally is very good with returns – you should call or stop by and explain the problem, they might actually take them back.

      I’ve been really happy with Lee Rebound denim ( I suggested this morning to someone else). Readily available on Amazon in everything from a tall to a petite short (lucky colors/sizes can be SUPER cheap) they look great for a ton of wears between washes and bounce back as promised after washing.

    • I did! Also from Nordstrom Rack, so not sure if maybe it was made differently from regular paige jeans. Mine lasted a bit longer than yours but basically same story: fit great for a short time and then became really shlubby and washing does nothing.

      • Anonymous :

        This happened to me, too! I had bought Paige jeans from there before and they were great (some stretch but didn’t wonk out). These looked ridiculous after two wears and nothing got them back to normal. I waited too long to try to return them but I would try.

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve had a lot of success with Lucky Brand who has a variety of cuts, lengths, and stretches. Ever so often they do a BOGO and I stock up on the particular style that always fits me like a glove. I, too, never dry my jeans, but hang them up to dry.

  2. Comfy beach flats? :

    Hi hive, any recos for super comfy but good looking versatile flat sandals (not flip flops) that I can wear to walk around Hawaii for my holiday next month. Budget under $50. TIA!

    • Ipanema sandals are super comfortable and made for the beach. They have a ton of styles that aren’t flip flops. I wear mine everywhere. They sell them on Amazon, usually for $35 or less.

    • Birkenstock Mayari. Break them in around the house on the 2-4-6-8 schedule (refers to hours – day 1, 2 hours; day 2, 4 hours, etc) at home before you go and then your feet will be happy happy joy joy all around the most beautiful place on Earth. I’m envious!


        2120 reviews averaging 5 full stars on Zappos alone

      • Comfy beach flats? :

        OMG now I know why I almost died when I walked 26 (not accurately measured but felt like it) miles from entry to my gate at an airport in my new pair of these. I cried when I finally sat down and took them off. Had no idea had to break them in. I donated them and have been looking for a new comfy pair ever since.

    • I like Kork Ease and you can find them on sale if you check online, esp. off season. I can vouch for the Myrna and Ava styles, comfort wise. They’re a bit more than $50 on 6 pm dot com. This one is $37 and lots of sizes left:

  3. Non-Anniversary :

    This may seem high school-ish, but boyfriend and I will be celebrating 6 months of dating soon (we’ve known each other for much longer). That particular length of time is significant to each of us for certain personal reasons, and I find it super sweet that he wants to do something to acknowledge it. He told me that he’s making weekend plans and will tell me when they’re finalized, which is one of his his love languages- doing all the planning and organizing so I don’t have to worry about anything and can just enjoy whatever it is. My question is, should I do something equivalent for him? Get him a present? Plan a different outing? Or should I just sit back, appreciate his effort, and assume that not everything has to be directly reciprocal?

    • Knowing that he’s doing something for you, I think it would be nice to reciprocate in some way. Doesn’t need to be equivalent (another outing or major gift not needed), but perhaps a token gift (i.e. a six pack of the beer you shared on your first date) or a card with a heartfelt message written inside?

    • Anonymous :

      Sit back and enjoy his effort but it would be nice to make some kind of gesture of your own as well.

      Also jealous of a partner whose language of love is planning/organizing. My DH is great at acts of service but dismal at planning/organizing and I’m so tired of doing it all.

    • this is so sweet! and i’m also kind of jealous. my love language is planning/organizing, but i wish my DH’s was too!

    • Lana Del Raygun :

      If you want to reciprocate (which is not an impulse anyone should be in the habit of quashing!), try to think of something that complements his outing instead of duplicating it. Like, if he’s taking you to see a band you both like, get him the new album or something like that. But reciprocating doesn’t have to be immediate! You can always just have a great time, thank him sincerely, and do something special for him on another occasion. Have fun and congrats!

  4. re: winter blazers

    I love love love a boiled wool blazer – unlined, preferably with waist shaping or even a horizontal seam at the waist. I love the look, the comfort and the warmth. I love the wintry colors they come in, but black and gray are good too. They look perfect with winter clothes and are hand washable.

    I don’t have any particular brands to recommend, but if you see one online, grab it. You’ll have it forever. You can thank me later.

  5. Lana Del Raygun :

    Anyone have any recommendations for corduroy blazers? I have one but it’s a hand-me-down and the lining is sort of wonky, so I’d like to upgrade and/or expand my collection.

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