Three Work Outfits with Nude Flats

work outfits with nude flatsWhile I have a tendency to feature workwear with interesting details for our main TPS reports, I’ve always thought that the Hunt features were great ways to feature some of the more basic items of clothing that truly make up the workhorses of a businesswoman’s wardrobe. So today I thought I’d try out a new idea, and feature three work outfits using the item from our last Hunt: nude-for-you flats. You can see the full roundup of nude flats here, or nude heels here. (Beige flats are a neutral whether they’re nude-for-you or not, but to match your skin shade to find a nude-for-you flat, see the full Hunt for several options in darker shades. Pictured below are the six shoes we featured, but we rounded up a lot of others in specialty categories like comfort, affordable, wide widths and more!)

nude flats for work

Pictured above: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

Below, our three work outfits using nude flats:

Outfit for a Conservative Office:

I tend to think nude flats look best with ankle pants or skirts, so that’s what I’ve featured here. I love the idea of mixing navy and black in an intentional way, as shown here — it’s a sophisticated, easy, fun look. Pro tip: just make sure your navy and black are clearly different colors — the closer they are the more you run the risk of people thinking you got dressed in the dark.

conservative office nude flats

Pictured: White Blazer / Navy Shell / Diamond Earrings / Pearls / Watch / Black Pants / Beige Flats

Business Casual Outfit:

I always think that a bit of a pointed toe looks best with skirts, so I’ve used the very popular (and super affordable) Moveover flat in this collage. Also: I am seriously crushing on this red necklace, which I went out hunting for just as a counterpart to this light blue skirt. You can dress up this look more for a conservative office with a collared blouse, or even just a blazer, but sometimes simple is best. Here’s a link to our last roundup of the best pencil skirts for work.

pencil skirt nude flats

Pictured: Black teeNecklace / Blue Pencil Skirt / Beige Flats

Casual Office Outfit:

Finally: While this is a really colorful outfit on paper, in real life it’s mostly just navy and dark purple. I originally had it with pearls but then thought a little pendant necklace might be better; the pictured one is a sapphire but any small, delicate necklace would work. (Another great option, here or with the navy top in the first collage: my beloved initial necklace from Maya Brenner.) The long cardigan is the same one I featured in The Corporette Guide to Cardigans (and wear a TON).

casual office ankle pants nude flats lace up


Pictured: Necklace / WatchCardigan / BlouseAnkle Pants / Lace-Up Flats

Ladies, what’s your favorite way to wear nude flats? Which of these three work outfits is your favorite? 


  1. Hmmm. What I learned from this post is that Kat and I would style things in a very different way. As in, I don’t care for any of these outfits with nude flats in particular.

    1) Navy, white, black, nude. That’s a lot going on, even if you add a little jewelry to pull it together.

    2) Black, red, aqua, nude. Nope…why not just wear black flats to pull it together? Maybe I’m boring. Perhaps that’s why I am not a fashion blogger.

    I do like this new idea for posts and styling though.

    • I keep forgetting my fake name :

      Agreed! I like the new concept, but not the actual outfits. First of all, that “conservative” look isn’t actually conservative. Ankle pants? Jagged edge hanging out unevenly from beneath a blazer? I just don’t see it. The business casual look is pretty cute, until I looked at the link for the actual necklace and realized the size of the chain links. It’s comically large…like what you attach to a giant boat anchor.

      All of that crankiness aside, I actually do like all three pairs of shoes.

      • I also really like this new concept, but not particularly fond of these outfits. I often fall into the camp of having lots of individual pieces, but I struggle with pulling them into cohesive outfits. These types of posts give me an idea of colors or styles to pull together a la Pinterest which can be a deep, dark black hole once I’m there.

    • newbinlaw :

      agreed. this outfits make no sense to me. I think of wearing nude flats when you don’t have another obvious neutral that would work. I wear nude flats frequently — usually where black would be too harsh or doesn’t work with the outfit. Ex: I have a great collared shirt dress in a light blue/ aqua. Or a pink skirt with a white top. Or a tan skirt or pants with a colorful top.

  2. I said this on the previous nude flat round up, BUT:

    1. I dislike nude flats at work because the wearer appears barefoot from down the hall. On my floor of ~25 women, I’ve only seen one wear nude flats. For the outfits shown, black or gray would be my pick for color.

    2. The lace up flats are weekend wear only IMO. Plus, having all the laces wrapped around the ankle, at the same height as the ankle pants, seems messy to me. I see lace up flats more on trendy young things wearing denim cut-offs at brunch.

  3. Manhattanite :

    I’d wear black heels with the black pants in no.1. But for skirts, I’ve started only wearing nude heels with bare legs. I think black heels with bare legs looks too stark. Whereas nude heels lengthen my short legs.

    Example- today I’m wearing black skirt, black sleeveless button down and a green cardigan with nude pointy heels. Nude heels for summer, black heels and black tights for winter.

  4. Senior Attorney :

    I like the first outfit but it sure doesn’t say “conservative office” to me. I don’t think there is one single thing conservative about either the cutout flats or the asymmetric top. It’s great for biz cas, though.

    • Diana Barry :

      +1, for conservative I think suit, like a regular looking suit, and not an asymmetric top.

    • Anonymous :

      Agree. The shoes especially are super informal with the perforations. I like the third outfit and think it could work in most business casual offices if you swapped out the cardigan for something a bit smarter.

    • Yes, agreed. #1 is not business conservative. In fact, I don’t think those shoes would work in a business conservative workplace.

  5. I love the idea of outfit posts, but it’s very hard to get a good visual on the individual pieces and then how they would be put together when the pieces are already styled with something else in the graphic. Way too busy IMO.

    I wear nude flats to work (biz cas, emphasis on cas), but I am not a huge fan of any of these outfits. The outfits I tend to wear my nude flats with are:

    (1) black and tan striped fit and flare dress from Target with a tan cardigan;
    (2) blush and navy large flower print fit and flare dress with a navy cardigan;
    (3) hunter green JCrew Minnie pants with a navy cardigan over a white tank;
    (4) navy JCrew Minnies/navy pencil skirt with a blush colored lightweight cable knit sweater over a white tank; and
    (5) deep blue-green large multi-colored flower print tunic dress (heavy material) over navy cropped leggings.

    Boring perhaps, but there it is.

    • AttiredAttorney :

      Agreed on this format being too busy. I think CapHillStyle does a nice job on the layout of outfit posts if you want to go somewhere for inspiration.

  6. In general I love outfit posts – would love to see more of them (Elements of Style’s Friday Fashion posts also does a great job of outfit posts).

    • I like Elements of Style but I hate that her images are just images instead of links- she numbers each piece and then you have to remember the number and scroll down to click the right number.

  7. what happened to the yesterday afternoon post on gym clothes :

    It has, like, vanished

    • Anonymous :

      You mean the controversial “workout” tank top? I still see the post.

  8. Anyone able to give me some packing/outfit advice? I have been invited to spend a week on family holiday in Sicily later this summer and don’t know where to start!

    • Check packing list at the, I find them really handy.

      My personal favourites: 5 summer dresses (3 solid casual cotton dresses, 2 more dressy and fun numbers), white trousers, 2-3 tops, comfortable flats and flat sandals, wedges, one cardigan, 2 swimsuits. Comfortable linnen trousers could be handy too (probably as travel outfit. Take a large pashmina shawl too – very handy in the plane).

      As you see from my packing list – I love dresses (comfortable and they pack light). If you don’t I’d add at least one pair of shorts and some tunics.

  9. Who by fire :

    I finally finished watching The Americans and was just blown away by Leonard Cohen’s Who by fire playing in the background. I am pleasantly surprised that I am still discovering music (and a bit humbled that I’m been missing this all this years).

    But then again, I discovered Nina Simone in the remake of Thomas Crowne Affair.

    • I recently discovered Leonard Cohen, too. Very biblical references & beautiful music.

  10. Wildkitten :

    The bottom necklace link doesn’t work.

  11. Anonymous :

    Any recs for Cancun? I’m making a last minute trip soon and staying at an all-inclusive (Live Aqua) so I don’t think a ton of planning is required, but I’d love suggestions for can’t-miss activities. A whale shark excursion is already on my list.

  12. Anon for this :

    I am so embarrassed to even type this but on memorial weekend, I went to an out of town get together and hooked up with a guy–I was introduced to him by a friend and the event was at his house. On the Saturday, there was a party there and I got very intoxicated. I occasionally have wine but on that night there were shots. Apparently we hooked up on that night and I don’t remember anything at all. I only know about this now because he told me yesterday. You must be wondering why I only spoke to him yesterday but neither one of us called the other after that weekend. I just texted him to let him know my drive home went well. But anyway now I’m worried because it was around my ovulation window, I’m pretty sure because I use an app. Also he says we did use protection but how can I be sure–he was also as intoxicated. I spent the night at his place on the i.e Monday. memorial day and he says the only reason he didn’t bring it up was because he thought I remembered what happened on Saturday. It was when he made a reference to it in our conversation yesterday that he realized that I really did not. He wants to see me again, I do like him but haven’t decided on this yet. I don’t feel comfortable sharing this with any of my friends at the moment but apart from getting tested just for peace of mind, what else would you do?

    • Get tested and go out with the boy. Have fun. The end.

    • Anonymous :

      Hugs. It’s happened to me – I’m sure others on the board as well. If you’re worried about birth control/conception, it’s been over two weeks since memorial day. You’ll probably set your mind at ease if you just take a preg test and find out. And probably schedule a STD screen at your gyn or another care provider just to be sure. But beyond that, don’t feel ashamed and don’t feel like you need to see the guy again, unless you want to. Use it as a learning experience – shots are not your friend ever, but esp not past age 25, I swear.

      • +1 to all of this. Make sure you’re not pregnant, get screened for your peace of mind, see the guy again if you want to and don’t see him if you don’t. If you don’t want to be in that situation again, all you can do is not put yourself in a situation where it will…AKA no shots. FWIW, I am also on Team (Virtually) No Shots After 25. I have never not regretted taking more than one shot since my 25th birthday, despite being BFFs with Shots Shots Shots between 18 and 24.

    • Anon I’m not going to address any consent issues at play here – I am sure you are answering this for yourself. I think a lot of readers have likely been in situations like this and hope you get some good feedback. In your shoes I would get tested, take a pregnancy test as early as possible, and know that no matter what happens you are going to be OK. Knowing where you stand will help you know what to plan. I understand not wanting to share but is there anyone you can confide in – maybe the friend that introduced you? or someone unrelated at all to this group? Even if you don’t mention the details, talking to someone about the broad elements of what happened may help. Hug

    • Anonymous :

      Hugs. I have been in a few situations where consent was murky. It’s very confusing to know what to do and how to feel. One of the men I have seen again and dated for a few months after, one I’d promised to see again but flaked on, and one I decided no longer exists.

      For me, it is best to chalk it up to alcohol/being lonely/being naive and not myself–no harm, no foul. Yes, technically it may have been the r-word but it may have not and I didn’t want the burden of having to consider myself a r-victim or a survivor. Of course, YMMV and you do you.

      If you want to see him again, go for it! Meet in a public place and have a friend text you midway through the date to make sure you are OK. If he makes you uncomfortable, leave. If he’s great, ask him on a second date.

      And yes, get tested for STIs and pregnancy. HIV can’t be tested for before 6 weeks after an exposure and many people infected with HIV get really bad flu-like symptoms during this window. Without those symptoms, it is less likely that there is an HIV infection. This was very comforting for me to know while waiting out my six weeks.

    • Anonymous :

      I could walk, dance, play pool, drive and have sex in a blackout. People wouldn’t even know I was in a blackout because I didn’t appear drunk. This isn’t normal. You might want to review an online quiz on drinking or check out an AA meeting.

      • Wildkitten :

        On the other hand, in college I would black out and still end up with like, my door locked, my phone charged, my coffee maker set, my makeup removed, my going out clothes hung up, etc. So if using protection is a habit for you or for the dude, it’s entirely possible you did that without remembering.

        Now I can’t even remember where I put my keys after zero glasses of wine. Sigh.

  13. Hey everyone, my goal for the summer is to cook everything on the grill and never have to wash pots and pans. Also I’m kinda over raw green salad. So I’m looking for everyone’s favorite grilled veggie recipes! Bonus points if they include broccoli or other greens.

    • Maddie Ross :

      Grilled romaine? I didn’t know you could grill broccoli (am fascinated by the idea though!).

    • Anonymous :

      YMMV, but I think cleaning the grill is a lot more work than cleaning a frying pan. Might not be the case if you don’t have a dishwasher, but even then you can minimize cleanup by using a cookie sheet covered in foil – you just throw away the foil and don’t have to wash any dishes.

    • Asparagus, bell peppers, onions, Portobello mushrooms. I like to do these (any combination or just by themselves) mixed with some olive oil, salt, pepper, and minced garlic. Sometimes I just put them on the grill and sometimes I slice them and do in the veggie tray thing.

    • BronxGirl :

      My son grilled broccoli & asparagus on the grill pan with just a little evoo, minced garlic, salt & pepper for us recently. Delicious! He does sliced eggplant or zucchini frequently too. We like them slightly charred so get the grill nice & hot.

  14. Anonymous :

    Is anyone else eagerly anticipating the Gilmore Girls revival? I’m so flippin’ excited. I know it’s probably going to be a big disappointment as most sequels and remakes are, but I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve right now.

  15. Grilled zucchini with a little bit of olive oil and salt and pepper is always a hit. So are grilled roma tomatoes. Also, not a recipe, but a grill wok allows you to grill pretty much anything. Even tiny veggies.

  16. Cant Find flats to fit me? :

    I just can’t seem to wear flats. It would be nice. I have no arches and suffer from plantar fasc. Also, bunions from an injury. That being said, it’s the no arches I guess. I just “walk out of” all sorts of flats. Anyone else having trouble finding flats? Sneakers are fine because they lace and my feet are fine in them. Have never been able to figure it out. For me, ballet flats are “the worst” cut. In pumps I like a lower vamp so not to cut into the bunion. Is this a unicorn hunt? I wear 4 inch heels daily with no problems (and higher, if I’m being honest).

    • S in Chicago :

      Try vionic brand. Not always the cutest, but the arch support is unmatched. I also like things from Munro American (often has an interior slight wedge which takes off some of the pressure). For Munro, I often swap out the very good insert they come with for one that’s even better. Most of them are built deep enough that they’ll accommodate a running insert without giving you heel slip.

    • Wildkitten :

      You might explore orthotics.

      • OP wanting flat shoes :


        I dont think I need the orthodic issue as I don’t wear them for social and work.

        It’s that I walk out of the flats. My foot won’t stay in the shoe. I have tried all of them it seems, at DSW, looking for a work or casual flat. A nice flat shoe. Not an athletic shoe. A nice flat shoe for travel and going out with friends. I walk out of them…

        Yes, for gym, hiking, airport, travel I put in the running insert. It’s the long periods of walking that require the insert for the plantar fascia.

        But for social and work hours, I don’t need the insert. I don’t wear it in my heels at work and it’s never a problem.

        I’m wishing I could wear a flat for the office, out to dinner, with slacks sometimes, but my foot won’t stay in the shoe.

        • Anonymous :

          I have the same exact problem! Try Gentle Souls – they are really great and most styles have some kind of tie or strap. Seriously worth the $$$. I agree about Vionic and you may also want to check Clarks, I have an older ballet flat with a tan strap that is nice. I have some Vionic dress inserts that help keep my foot in another pair of shoes (Cole Haan air talia wedge – do not recommend). The inserts have a little heel cup that helps my foot not slide. Also, I highly recommend checking out trigger point therapy in your calves for PT. it has changed my life.

    • Wildkitten :

      The Strassburg sock can be magic for PF

    • Try Chloe flats- they are spendy, but worth it for flat, wide feet!