Coffee Break – Bow Valley Rosa

Bow Valley RosaWhile this handbag is littler than I’d like, it’s lovely — ladylike and feminine without, I think, crossing the line.  I’m a fan of the black-on-black version, but I’ve pictured the equally cute black-on-taupe version as well.  (There is a hot pink-on-hot pink version, for the Elle Woods-types among us.)  It’s now $297 (was $425) at Bow Valley Rosa



  1. Magdeline :

    I love this in black on black! It is perfect and ladylike, with a bit of a vintage vibe; I can see Joan carrying it on Mad Men with one of her infamous dresses. At least on my browser, the pink looks a little too coral-y for my taste.

    • def cute and ladylike. I find I have no need to mid size purses anymore! I’m either lugging around a huge tote or using a clutch for an evening out or a small crossbody for a day outing

  2. SF Bay Associate :

    NPR: “People who worked 11 hours a day or more than doubled their risk of major depression, compared to colleagues putting in eight hours a day.”

    • MeliaraofTlanth :

      Yea, I saw that and wondered if we really needed a study for the obvious.

    • This is interesting:

      “Those working longer hours were more likely to be men in higher-level job grades. They were also more likely to be married or living with someone, and likely to drink more than they should.”

      I mean, there are definitely people in my office who seem to be at work to avoid their spouses and families, I have to say.

  3. My Uggs are ugh :

    Threadjack…During the last cold snap in the Northeast, I broke down and ordered some Uggs. My feet are always cold so it seemed like a good idea. They are not the traditional Uggs, they are the Broome II style in black. They are leather and structured like a riding boot. They have a thick sole which I thought would be good for rain and slush. They are now here but they are ugly to my eye. They look like rubber wellies and make a squeaking sound when I walk in them. Plus they have a metal brand plate that does not appear to be removable. They leather material is water resistant but the seams and such are not sealed so they are not waterproof. They do seem warm. Does anyone have these? Is it worth it to keep them?

    • Don’t have them, but I can say from experience that if you have a pair of shoes that for whatever reasons gives you that ‘ugh’ feeling, you’re not likely to grow to love them. I have bought shoes like that and I’ve felt crappy whenever I wore them. Maybe you’re different, but if something makes me feel ‘ugh’ at the outset, it’s going to only get worse with time. There are a ton of cute UGG alternatives out there, why limit yourself to something that you hate from the start?

      • I agree with AIMS, there are super cheap ugg alternatives if you just want warm and cozy fuzzy shoes. But i haven’t seen uggs that are really waterproof enough for snow and rain. If these have weird things going on you don’t like, let go of them and find something better.

      • Agree completely. This is why I love my Hunters, with the fleece sock.

    • Maddie Ross :

      I have that pair and love them, but they are not truly waterproof shoes nor are they work appropriate. They, for me, are purely for casual wear. I bought them because I loved my “traditional” Uggs, but consider them house shoes only (as in, I won’t wear them in public…). These I can wear in public, but I’m in the SE and don’t have quite the winter NE-ers do. Even though I have and love them, if you’re not sold, do not keep them. Even if you cannot return, you can probably get close to your full investment back on Ebay (maybe more if you bought on a good sale).

  4. I’m soliciting color pairing advice from anyone who is willing to work with the following reality: I just bought a blindingly bright, hunting-season orange silk blouse.

    If you’re still reading, what color pencil skirts would you recommend to go with it? I own white, camel and gray. Black is out (my hair is already threatening a Halloween look with this shirt!) Any nixes on these colors, or suggestions for other colors? Thanks for bearing with me here.

    • a passion for fashion :

      camel pencil skirt, brown blazer and long pearls. or a brown cardigan, belted.

      white would work in another season — maybe in spring, with a pale yellow belted cardi.

    • Grey with some other neutral – a white cami and pearls could calm it down a bit. Or go all out and throw in a cobalt blue accessory or two?

      • I have a flame orange sweater and I love love love it with gray! It also works well with cream, and I imagine camel would be gorgeous as well. When I wear it with brown, I feel like a Thanksgiving turkey; but I somehow don’t feel like Halloween when I wear it with black. YMMV.

        When I wear it, though, I steer clear of any boldly-accents. Not to say it wouldn’t work for you, but for me it always looks like the two colors are kind of…fighting for supremacy on the battleground of my torso. When I wear a statement piece like my sweater, I am happy to let it be my statement piece.

    • Navy!

    • Orange and navy always look sharp to me – charcoal gray could also be a good bet. I also have a “hunting orange” silk shell that I wear with suits of both colors, and have gotten unsolicited compliments with both!

    • S in Chicago :

      Camel and gray sound perfect. Just pair with another neutral on top. I wear corals and bright pinks this way a lot. Just think of the bright blouse like you would a bright shoe–everything else should be pretty neutral–light gray, charcoal, brown….

      I have a navy pencil skirt that I get a lot of use out of this way. Might be worth getting one as well. With a white cardigan, that could look really smashing as the weather get warmer.

    • I agree with the suggestions of navy and gray. I think a gray bottom would look especially nice if you had some navy accessories (perhaps a navy bag?). I also agree that camel or chocolate, with some jewel-toned necklace or something, would be a nice fall or winter look.

      Second too the suggestion to pair with bright, cobalt blue (something ala the Halogen skirt that comes in so many rich colors). Other bright colors that might work could be a rich turquoise or berry. With some nude shoes/white or nude bag and other downplayed accessories, I think it would be a lovely way to wear an outfit of full, vibrant color (then again, two of my favorite clothing items are a hot pink skirt and a lime green cardigan, which I would not be opposed to wearing together, so…).

    • Your blouse sounds awesome!

      Navy would be great with it, I also really like light gray with bright orange. I think brown would work well in the fall. Your white skirt would probably look great in the warmer months. Green could also look nice, but depending on how it works you could run the risk of being too forest-y (for what it’s worth, I have a dark green coat that I often wear with an obnoxiously bright orange print scarf). For spring/summer, if you’re feeling daring, maybe try a pink (very light if less daring).

    • Same question as Monday, but how do I style a loose hot pink/magenta silk shell from Talbots? Black is too stark to pair imo.

      • One of my favorite outfits is a navy pencil skirt, a silk hot pink blouse, and a more drapey white blazer (with nude pumps and nude bag). I like the same blouse with a gray skirt and navy cardigan. Pink could look nice with white or cream bottoms and a similarly bright cardigan (a creamcicle orange, light yellow, navy, etc.).

    • Anonymous :

      I agree with all of the above. I also think olive green looks great with orange.

    • phillygirlruns :

      all three, for sure. link to the blouse? i’m intrigued.

      i have a blindingly orange blazer. i wear it with just about anything besides black (chocolate brown, tan, straight navy, a grayish/navy with subtle windowpane plaid, charcoal gray, lighter gray, and – my favorite – blackwatch plaid). i think tan is my least favorite color to pair with it, but that’s due to the shade and the material of my tan pants (thicker wool, with a good amount of yellow in it) – i can see a bright orange blouse looking great with a khaki skirt and navy cardigan in the spring.

    • When I was in the hospital last week, the resident had a hunting-season orange shirt. It kind of made my morning when she rounded on me in the morning. I then referred to her as “the orange shirted doctor” to the nurse — and it got back to her.

      But she turned out to be super cool. I liked to think she might actually be a corporetter…maybe its YOU. :-P

    • Camel, chocolate brown, navy?

    • girl in the stix :

      a very deep purple or blue would work.

  5. This bag reminds me of my ‘Pippa’ Modalu in grey which I love… but I see it also comes with a slim shoulder strap that attaches to the hardware. I admit that carrying a bag by the handle gets annoying but I don’t think a skinny shoulder strap looks great, nor does a bag bumping against my hip. Am I being closeminded? Is there a way to make it chic?

    • You can ask a cobbler to shorten the strap so that it sit’s higher on you.

      If you are in NYC, that is ALSO better b/c someone can NOT put their hand’s in your purse while you are on the SUBWAY, b/c it is closer to you and your under arm.

      BTW, I would NOT pay this kind of money for THIS purse. FOOEY!

      • Thank you for that idea Ellen! (I’m as shocked as anyone at that practical advice…)

        • Ellen has also offered practical advice regarding Vitamin D deficiency and tax filing for New York residents, among other topics–aside from the more common relationeshep and “manageing up” wisdom she brings us. I assume she already has a book contract.

  6. Anonymous :

    Anyone know if there’s a way to watch the entire UK 2nd series of Downton Abbey online from the US? I watched the first few episodes of series 2 in the UK, am now in the US, and am pretty frustrated with the wait for PBS to catch up to where I left off.

  7. Diana Barry :

    I like this. Too small for me (I need it to fit my sigg standing up) but v nice.

    Does anyone have a Kate Spade that they have had for a while and can speak to durability? My current bag is a Cole Haan textured leather (bought from rue la la in Sept), and the texture is already starting to get wear marks where it folds regularly (and where a compact was pressing against it). I am looking at the Kate Spade satchels/bigger bags, like the “mansfield liv” (not sure if that one is big enough) and the “grove court lainey”.

    • Highly depends on the leather. This bag immediately gave me pause, because I have had other KS bags with leather handles which do indeed show quite a bit of wear (on the handles). I don’t have particularly dirty handles or wear a lot of lotion, but I have had the leather “rub off” on KS bag handles like this, which is pretty disappointing for a $400 purse. That said, they will do repairs (but not for free). The only repair I can thing of is replacing the handles….

    • hip hop anonymous :

      I love Kate Spade bags and may have a slight obsession. I have the Marianne in nylon, which has a leather/chain handle that has held up very well for everyday use since I got it… approximately a year ago. I love that bag, it is great because it does not stain/is easily cleaned. Definitely big enough for wallet, phone, heels, greek yogurt .. let’s see, spoon, random receipts, about 18 pens, squished granola bar, gloves . . .

      I also have the Bixby bag and the handle has held up well — it is camel, so I am careful about only using it with my red coat. That one is leather, and definitely has “crinkles” but not noticably.

      I love the bags and Kate Spade shoes are my most comfortable heels. Why are her clothes so awful and overpriced and… awful?

      • completely agree with you! she’s got great bags (never tried the shoes) and some of the small leather goods and other accessories are charming.

        The clothes are like weird takes on 50′s pinup/housewife/chic. Don’t get it at all.

    • I bought a metallic gold KS bag this fall and just returned it — the leather turned ORANGE in some spots! It was horrible. I’m supposed to be getting a gift card for the purchase price but KS customer service has been dragging their heels. Not impressed.

    • I have a black textured leather KS and it has held up incredibly well. the leather isn’t quite as stiff as it was when I first got it, but that’s to be expected. No fold marks or anything. The gold buckle on it has picked up a bit of tarnish, but that’s probably because I’m not quite as good about polishing it as I should be.

  8. Champagne :

    Threadjack – my secretary is celebrating her 30th year at the firm tomorrow. I’ve worked with her for 2+ years, and she’s an excellent assistant, as well as a good friend. I was thinking of bringing her a very nice bottle of champagne to celebrate ($40 range). I know that *I* haven’t worked with her for 30 years, but I’d like to commemorate the occasion. I know she likes champagne – but is this an appropriate gift? Too little or too much?

    • I think it’s a cute idea as long as you know that she drinks alcohol.

    • I think it is perfectly appropriate and a very nice gesture.

    • Great idea and very considerate of you.

      Only question is whether she’s the type of person who can taste the difference between a $20 bottle and a $40 bottle (I know I could not!). If not, I’d go with a $20 or $30 bottle and add in a box of chocolate.

      • As a very capable and efficient secretary, she’s probably more than capable of googling the brand to see if it’s a $20 bottle or a $40 bottle, regardless of her tasting abilities.

        • good point .. but if she’d enjoy the chocolate just as much or more … you could consider spreading the investment around.

          that said 30 years is a long time. worth the expense.

    • Research, Not Law :

      Fantastic idea!

  9. Marketing Question :

    I posted earlier on the blue collar husband marketing thread. I am an associate at a small firm with big clients with no partners and no partnership track. The associates have been asked to market. What are my obligations as between marketing myself and marketing my firm?

    • Maybe I am lost here, but… no partners? Someone is running the firm. Who is that?

      I would generally say that at a small firm, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander… in other words, pulling in business for the firm is good for you because it’s good for the bottom line–so long as you get some kind of credit for it (get to work with that client, get a bonus, get “points” towards something, etc).

      • Marketing Question :

        The firm is a corporation owned by one attorney. I agree with your approach, which has also been my approach.

  10. Repost from previous threads:

    Just wanted to let everyone in Boston know that we’re having our usual third Thursday (we postponed it this month) meetup tonight at 7 PM at The Vault on Water St. Stop by and have a drink. The reservation is under Corporette.

  11. Has anyone used lawcrossing, and if so, would you mind sharing your opinions about it? Thank you.

    • found a peanut :

      they send A LOT of spam. other than that I have no opinions.

    • When I was job searching I used it religiously. While I never actually applied to a job on it, it helped me stay tuned-in to the opportunities available in my very niche area, and often pointed out other companies that I might not have thought to look at. It also gave me good ideas for the types of skill sets and experiences certain employers were looking for.

    • I don’t even know what lawcrossing is, but I get spam emails from them incessantly. I’ve never opened one and I have no clue how they got my email.

    • SouthernLegal :

      I can’t say I recommend it. TONS of spam, and even when you apply to the positions posted, many have errors or are outdated, at least the two times I tried to use them. Even after I quit using their service the last time (over 3 years ago), I still see spam from them at least 2-3 times per week.

    • Their searches are very comprehensive—everything that’s on usajobs, pslawnet, idealist, all the legal papers, the monsters, etc. I set up my email alerts with really specific parameters and actually found my current job that way (went from biglaw to gov’t).

      However, it is expensive and is worth it only if you don’t have time to search comprehensively yourself, IMO. And they make it very hard to cancel once you sign up.

    • Thanks, all – really appreciate the feedback.

  12. Can anyone suggest moderately branded bag for under 350 dollars? My husband asked me to pick a bag for myself for v-day. I need a big bag that can carry my laptop, I work in an inv bank in NYC and I’m 29. Any suggestions? I love the bag that’s featured here but it seems vintage-y and not so young-looking ( Or is it?)

  13. Maggie Dixon :

    Kat — “Littler” — really? It’s not so much the incorrect grammar that bothers me, but the cutesy-ness of that usage. If a woman used that word in a professional setting, it would create a very negative impression. Too little-girlish. JMHO.

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