Splurge Monday’s TPS Report: Leather Patch Houndstooth Blazer

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Smythe Leather Patch Houndstooth BlazerHappy Monday! I really like this houndstooth blazer from Smythe, with brown leather patches on the elbows. I particularly love the look of the cutaway hem, which dips lower in the back than it does in the front… it just seems graceful, chic, and very sharp. The blazer is $695 at Nordstrom. Smythe Leather Patch Houndstooth Blazer

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  1. Always a NYer :

    I had my eye on this blazer but don’t like the brown patches on a black and white jacket. That and it’s not exactly in my price range atm.

    Now for a question – I’m thinking of finally buying the OG bag from Lo and Sons. They have a 25% coupon until June 30. Do any of you have it? Would you recommend it or not? Thanks!

    • Have it. Love it. Only criticism is that it looks kind of big on me (I’m 5’4″). But then I’m not sure how I could fit everything in the OMG.

      • I’m 5’3 and bought the OMG for this reason. It’s perfect as a laptop bag or gym bag, but a little small for a weekend trip. I recently used it as a carryon for a long weekend and it was stuff full – for that purpose I would have preferred the OG.

        Anyway, lots of pockets, love the compartment for shoes and looks chic!

    • In House Counsel :

      I have the OMG and really like it for travel. I think even the OMG is a bit on the large side for daily use and still looks like a big bag on my 5’4″ frame. To give you an idea, my OMG can hold a laplop, files or book/ a pair of shoes and scarf or cardi for travel.

    • I have the OG and love it for travel. The big center pocket perfectly fits a macbook, power cords, noise-cancelling headphones, a completely-filled medium-sized purse (solving the 2-carry-on issue), a cardigan, snacks and a couple of books. The front pocket keeps your smartphone, bb, id/passport, pens, other small things separate and easily accessible. It’s lightweight and I use it every time I travel now. My only complaint is that when the center pocket is stuffed full, it’s hard to get into the outside pockets – there’s no structure in the bag walls. But, you’d probably have to give up some of the lightweightness for that, and overall I like it as-is.

  2. I have it. I have no complaints about it — very well-designed and sturdy. However, I don’t find myself using it as much as I’d anticipated. It’s great for weekend trips if I need to take my computer etc., but I don’t find that it looks polished enough for work travel. Just my opinion.

  3. PharmaGirl :

    I love this cut and style but have come to terms with the fact that it will never look right on my figure.

  4. Lovely. I wouldn’t style it with a long sleeved tee though.

  5. I was thinking this weekend about our discussion of the No. 2 pencil skirt. I wonder if we were all talking about the double serge cotton one. I have some of their other ones, even ones with cotton in them, and they’re fine. It’s just the double serge cotton one that I *hate*. The fact that I hate it so much makes me think that others who said it doesn’t stretch out on them might have been talking about a different skirt.

    • This is probably the case, I won’t buy the double-serge cotton ones because the fabric feels terrible, even though I like the others. For instance, the superfine cotton ones are great.

    • MissJackson :

      I was one of the people who likes the cotton No. 2, and while I recognize a very big difference in fabric between the “other” No. 2 cotton skirts (I have a several cotton prints, and you’re right — very different fabric) and the double serge, I was talking about the double serge. I swear it doesn’t stretch out terribly for me!

      I will say that I have a very straight figure — not a huge difference between my hips and waist — which is one of the reasons that I love the No. 2 so much. Maybe that makes a difference in how much it stretches? I really don’t know.

    • I was one of the people who commiserated with you in the past about it. I am talking about the double-serge, yes. I own two of the No. 2 in eyelet (which is cotton) and the fit is great and wrinkling isn’t a problem. I just think the ones with fabric that keeps and shows wrinkles are accursed because of the lines across one’s hips and the way it warps the back vent. If this makes sense.

      I stand by the “scrunch up the fabric in your hand” test before buying, for this item and others.

    • Is the double-serge the solid color skirts? I was one of the commenters saying it doesn’t stretch on me and I own two solids (black, jade) and two printed skirts. I also have curvy hips/small waist. I will say though that one of the printed skirts fits a little differently than the other three even though it’s the same size. Annoying and makes me hesitant to buy online again!

  6. Cute jacket.

    What is the website that lets you know when an item you covet goes on sale?

  7. Just took the ‘X’ out of the back of a new skirt as I arrived at work…and realized for the first time the back slit goes all the way up to my butt. I can reach around, separate the skirt, and there are my undergarments. Seriously, I was so excited about finding a new pencil skirt that fit well on a great deal, now I’ll spend the rest of the day standing against a wall.

    • Just get a tailor to sew most of the slit together. Easy and cheap.

    • This happened to me once but I have very little hips so I kinda turned it sideways for the day so it just showed the side of my leg. Safety pin?

    • I have a skirt like this… I usually wear 3″ shorts underneath my skirts, because I take public transport and get sweaty thighs and whatnot. The slit’s so short that you can totally see the shorts. As a result, I can hardly ever wear it – definitely not to work. And it’s a really cute skirt, too. Bummer.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Been there. I safety pinned it for the day and then stitched it closed to an appropriate slit length when I got home. It’s not too difficult if you are comfortable with a needle and thread. Otherwise, your tailor should be able to do it quickly.

    • Thank goodness you care! I see so many ladies wearing skirts like this and they don’t seem to care. And I think they bought the skirt a size too small, too, because the slit is an inverted V that goes all the way up to ….

      And this is definitely a quick & easy fix for you or your tailor.

  8. I’m wearing Mermaid’s Dream nail polish by Deborah Lippmann on both my hands and my toes. I feel like such a C*rpor*tte rebel. :)

    • Gorgeous!

    • Equity's Darling :

      Oh, I’ve been eyeing that polish for a while! Do you love it?

      I had on Lillibet’s Jubilee by butter london last week. It is sooooo shiny, but I love it. Today I’m wearing nasty girl by lippman (the name is terrible, but it’s a really nice purple colour).

      • I’m wearing OPI’s “Houston, We Have a Purple” which I totally picked out because of the name.

      • I do love the color! I’ve never been one for blue nail polish, but I think it’s starting to grow on me. I don’t actually own this one – I was at a friend’s house and she let me use it. I’m now eyeing some of the other colors as well. The price seems a bit outrageous to me, but my friend swears that this polish is worth it.

        • Equity's Darling :

          I think expensive polish usually worth it.

          Lippman and butter just have such high quality colours (I find the colours more saturated and true) and dry so much more quickly than essie and OPI. I also find China Glaze to be pretty good with dry time and colour quality as well. Chanel is also good for rich colours and quick dry time, but I find their brushes to be inconsistent (sometimes weirdly stringy, which annoys me). And, I find them more durable wearing, and the polish lives longer in the bottle before getting old.

          I haven’t tried NARS yet, just because I haven’t love any of their colours. I’m debating whether to order from A-England, their mysticals and legends collections are soooo prettyy (seriously, google them, gorgeous).

        • I only own one Butter polish, but it’s much more thick and clumpy than my OPIs and Essies. Makes it difficult to apply. It’s Teddy Girl, fwiw.

          • Alanna of Trebond :

            I like OPI much better than NARS. I have never used any of the others though.

    • Pretty! I am doing mint greenish tonight. Wish I could get away with that beautiful color but just glad I can wear non-traditional colors now. :)

    • Beautiful! I love the sparkly colors but can’t be bothered with the hassle it takes to remove them (even with the tips posted). I’m wearing Secret Periwinkle (China Glaze) and I vow to wear it until I find a new set of sheets in the same color!

      • Equity's Darling :

        Oh, that colour is so gorgeous! I’ve never seen it before.
        It’s going on my list of polish wants.

    • I am wearing a classic today: OPI’s “Big Apple Red”. I actually went to the spa and had a proper manicure yesterday (thank you, Whistler low season specials!) and got a really good esthetician who did a fabulous job. Every time I look down at my fingernails they make me smile.

      • That is the BEST red. You’re making me want to run out for a mani tonight.

    • Barrister in the Bayou :

      I’m wearing Revlon Whimsical. Its a dupe for Deborah Lippman’s Glitter in The Air. I’m really impressed with the quality of Revlon’s polishes and my mani is just too cute!

  9. So i’m not sure if anyone remembers but a while ago, i wrote on the board about having an interview with the deans of a law school about transfering – I did a year at another school, didn’t do too great academically, as I was dealing with issues stemming from an assault that happened there. Well, I opened my mailbox up friday to find…the big envelope! I got in!!! I really really don’t think I could’ve done it without the wonderful, kind and thoughtful advice of everyone on this board – being able to express myself about what happened and why my grades were not a true reflexion of my potential was crucial, I believe, to getting in…hooray! This place is the best. As repayment, I’m going to tell everyone about the most delicious thing i ate today – I had a Quaker ‘real medleys” oatmeal cup – i’d never tried one before, but it’s the best instant oatmeal i’ve ever had – i got the mixed berry one and i was basically licking the cup. Thanks all:)

  10. Salary question for you all. I was asked for my current base and the potential new company is now offering the exact salary as what I currently have (plus signing bonus). Did I close the door on negotiation by providing my actual salary? How can I negotiate for an increase? The offer is being sent via email right now.

    This is new territory for me but they approached me with the position so I feel I have some leverage here. Any advice?

    • Kontraktor :

      I’m interested in seeing responses. I seem to be asked point blank by HR recently what my salary is. I’m not sure how to avoid telling them. They ask, so I let them know. I try to cushion my response by saying things like, “I am targeting a higher pay bracket because I received no cost of living adjustment coming here,” or “I am looking for a fair salary with your company that makes sense given my level of experience.” If I had to negotiate a low ball offer (I haven’t at this point, still hunting), I might try to ask HR if they could tell me where the salary fell in the percentile rankings of people with this level of experience (probably wouldn’t be able to, but it couldn’t hurt to ask I suppose). I found out my salary percentile with my current company and and I am only in the 75th percentile (given similar experience/title/employment level), which makes me feel underpaid. I am wondering if there might be a way to work this in to future salary negotiations. Maybe something like, “With my current company, I’m actually only in the 75th percentile in terms of salary, which probably means I am being undercompensated and should be paid more like around XYZ. Given that your firm is a similar industry and this is a position with greater responsibility than I am currently in, and given my research on the subject, it seems like a fair offer would be XYZ. Does this seem reasonable?”

      I have no idea though. I think there was a commenter recently who posted that she could share an informational packet on negotiations with people who asked. Now that I muse about it here, I might want that packet too.

    • Midwesterner :

      That happened to me recently. It sounds like they are taking advantage of the information they have and will allow you to negotiate some more money, but have built that expectation into their offer.

      You should emphasize: 1. the fact that you are taking a risk by leaving your current job where you are successful, happy, etc. 2. any bonus/vesting/other benefits that you are giving up by leaving your current job 3. some sort of requirement like, “I will not leave my job unless I get a 20% pay raise (or whatever).

      Good luck! Remember, once you come to terms and start the job, they own you and there’s not much you can do, so take advantage of your opportunity to negotiate now.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      You definitely have leverage. Indicate to them you are quite happy at your current job and would like to leave for a “step up,” not a lateral move, in both pay and position. Figure out what you want and deserve and ask for it – while they may not give it to you, they won’t pull the offer unless it truly is insane.

      I would say if they offered you your current salary, they expect you to negotiate, and have your current salary as their starting point.

    • Kontraktor :

      Sorry, forgot to add. Do you have any idea where your salary falls in terms of the market rate? I have researched a lot on Glass Door what typical salaries for various companies in my industry should be at my level. They seem to roughly equal an offer I was recently given at a firm and turned down. So, I feel like I have a general idea of what I could reasonably expect from a job offer in my same industry right now and would probably try to negotiate to that number if it fell extremely short. Where does your salary fall? If you are already being compensated at the very tippy top of your market rate, it might be unreasonable to expect a higher offer, especially if you are not moving up to more responsibility/a greater title in this new position. Also it is important to consider the size of the firm. Sometimes smaller companies just can’t pay as much, so a company matching your salary (depending on size) could actually be a positive thing. I would say to also consider these types of factors when deciding whether or not you should negotiate.

      One more thing. I read a thread here recently where people were talking about dealing with a commute/balancing that with salary. There was a suggestion to sort of work in transportation costs into salary negotiations and phrase it to them as such. So, if you need X dollars to take the train to work every day, calculate how much pre-tax money you would need to afford that (ie, how much pre-tax money would translate into X dollars for your commuting fee) and ask them to raise your salary by that amount to defray commuting expenses. So, there are ways to negotiate in smaller amounts that might seem more reasonable if the company seems firm on the number and won’t increase by a huge amount.

      • I’ve been doing research on glass door but it is a niche position and I was unable to find an equivalent. The other sticky issue is that the title is the same as my current title but it is a different department with a different focus. So basically a bit of a career change for me with a semi-lateral move. My experience and education level are very well suited for the position, despite the training required to bring me up to speed on the more granular responsibilities.

        The advice above regarding commute is interesting too. I will need to buy another car for this job and that expense is definitely something that weighs on me… car payment, increased incurance costs, additional car seat, gas and maintenance. This will be far more expensive than my current monthly train pass.

        • Kontraktor :

          This might be good leverage! Calculate about how much money you need to maintain the extra car, then calculate how much pre-tax income that equates to. That might be a good starting point to ask them to raise by, and I feel you could even let them know that this is related to the increased transportation costs you would have with this job. Would you take this job today if you were paid what you are now + additional money to offset the car? If so, (and assuming you aren’t being grossly undercompensated currently), I think this might be a really reasonable place to start (because you’re asking for a specific amount for a specific reason).

    • If I were in your shoes, I’d do my very best to not mention your current salary because the new company is just going to use that info to lowball you. Next time, consider a mild fib like “I’m sorry, but Current Company won’t let me share that information, but I’ll consider an offer over $x”. And forget about telling them you have extra spending needs: HR won’t care. They want to know what you’ll bring to New Company (skills, education, experience, connections, etc).

      Still, congrats on getting an offer – that’s terrific! If it’s lower than you expect, maybe you can call them back with something like “Thanks I’ve considered this and think I deserve (preferred-but-still-reasonable salary, additional PTO, company car, etc) instead. Would you please reconsider the offer you sent?” since their offer is really the start of negotiations. As long as you’re not unprofessional or ask for anything weird, they might offer it since they’ve just winnowed you out from the herd of applicants. This worked for me at my current job.

      Good luck!

      • Kontraktor :

        Some jobs won’t let you apply to them unless you list salary information. I’ve encountered a lot of online apps that ‘star’ that field so you can’t submit unless you put a number in or require you put it in your cover letter (with the stipulation that letters lacking that information won’t be considered). Sometimes I am not sure there is away around it. Honestly I am not sure it’s the worst thing to say your salary, especially if you are generally being compensated fairly. I would say the only time I would really worry is if I was being grossly and very unfairly underpaid, such that companies would just see it as an excuse to raise my pay X percent based off that amount, vs. raise me up to a standard market rate. It gives everybody a base off which to work. In terms of negotiating based on certain factors, I think it depends on the company. I guess if it’s a giant company with 20k employees, HR is going to be looking at the offer from a much more bottom line/can we afford you sense. But if it’s a smaller company, offering reasons or more specific negotiating points may be beneficial because it shows you’re not trying to just grub money, but rather discuss the parameters that would make you able to take the job given the salary (there is always tons of advice here on negotiating ‘softer’ salary increases like vacation time, transport stipends, maternity leave, etc.).

      • I didn’t want to provide my current salary but had no idea what else to say, despite reading plenty on the topic! At this point, it’s too late to take that back bt I’m still surprised that they are offering my exact salary. I’m doing some digging internally to see what our range is for my title because they might think I’m on the high end.

      • wow I love that answer enginerd, I mentor, and I’ve never had a good answer when my girls ask me what they should say in response to that question.

    • How much would you want? How does the job differ? Is this an advancement? How do you feel about your current role/employer? It all makes a difference!

      Without any of the above I’d go with something like “while I’m excited by the opportunity you’ve presented the renumeration you propose is about 20% less than I anticipated. Can we discuss an offer closer to my expectations?”

    • Divaliscious11 :

      Is your job the exact same job, with no additional responsibilities? If you are moving laterally, AND you are very competitively compensated, it may be tough but I’d ask for at least a 10% increase in comp (may not be just cash etc…). You have a certain amount of credibility established an current co, and for the same comp, it doesn’t make sens to move, unless you hate your job and/or there are better long term opportunities for you at the new place….

  11. layered bob :

    It is so hot in my city this morning – I am today one of those inappropriate young professional women who is wearing a sheath dress but no jacket to court. The courthouse’s AC can’t keep up with the heat and I just couldn’t bear the thought of wearing a jacket. But now I’m at court and realize the error of my ways – wish my arms/shoulders were covered. Fortunately I’m mainly filing and setting dates today. *fans sweaty self with files*

    • I kind of think it’s more professional to have the jacket off than to be sweating. Sometimes I look around and see all these sweaty-faced men wearing a jacket and tie and I think, thank goodness for short-sleeved sheath dresses.

  12. Legally Brunette :

    Anyone use henna/indigo to color their grays? I used the caca noir yesterdayfrom Lush Cosmetics. It was messy to use but it seems to have worked pretty well. Curious if others have used the Lush brand of henna and how long the color lasts. Thanks.

    • Never used it and cannot speak for the Lush brand, but as a desi whose relatives do use henna to dye grey hair, beware….you may get a orangey look due to henna when it starts fading. Or maybe the people I know weren’t doing it correctly….

      Whatever…just check it out first.

      • Legally Brunette :

        Ha ha, this was exactly my fear! :) Hate the orange/red look. I asked the salesperson a gazillion times and she assured me that because the dye has indigo, it keeps it black. I also read the reviews online and no one complained of red/orange hair, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. My hair is jet black today, but will update if I do notice any red.

    • Caucasian, brunette, use henna all the time, buy it in Indian/Middle-Eastern stores.
      I used Lush before and Indian powdered henna is a lot easier to prepare and cheaper, though just as messy.
      If you google “henna for hair” you’ll find a great resource.
      With my amount of gray, the hennaed hair looks like highlights, so no concerns about turning orange.

    • SouthAsian :

      It depends on how often you wash your hair. You’ll start to notice when it fades – just regularly apply it so it never gets too light – so if you know that it *will* start fading after 2 weeks or 10 shampoos, make sure you have a standing appointment with yourself to reapply.

  13. Merriweather :

    TJ – My eyes are puffy from crying on and off for about seven hours yesterday about my inconsiderate BF. All I want to do is go home and put something cold on my eyes and disappear to the beach (note: I don’t actually live anywhere near a beach). But it’s Monday, and I need to power through my day at the office. I think I am done crying for a while, but any office-appropriate ideas for the burning and puffiness?

    • Sorry , that must be rough. Could you get ice from the fridge and put it over your eyes?

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      I’m so sorry. If you have tea bags in the office, go to the bathroom, run them under cold water and put them on your eyes for about ten minutes (sit in the stall if you’re embarrassed). This should soothe your eyes.

    • MaggieLizer :

      Sorry you’re going through this. Second the tea bags; try to get eye drops for the redness too. A really fatty drink from Starbucks may also help.

    • I don’t think this will help with the puffiness, but my eyes hurt less in that situation if I dab cool water around them with my finger periodically. I’m really sorry about the boyfriend.

    • That’s one of the things that was great about working in the lab – you could just go hang out in the cold room for a while if you felt teary.

      Sorry you have to deal with this at work, that sucks. My own BF, while not being technically inconsiderate, is sort of driving me crazy, but luckily the effect on me is more a triggering of extreme annoyance than tears. Try to drink lots of water (I find tearfulness to be quite dehydrating) and I second the recommendation for a fatty Starbucks drink, the foofier the better (chocolate! whipped cream! vanilla!).

      • Black & White mocha. I somehow just discovered this. You can’t even taste the coffee.

    • lucy stone :

      Is there a Clinique counter near you? The All About Eyes Rollerball is awesome for crying eyes.

    • I take a washcloth (a soft one) and rinse it with cold water. Then put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Lay down with it foleded in half so that it covers your forehead to the top of your nose. Feels amazing after a long cry!

    • Merriweather :

      Thanks everyone. I’m have been putting in eye drops and that seems to help. I don’t feel like I can do the tea bags and cold wash cloths ideas right now, but I’m going to try to duck out early today so I can get right on it.

      Also, thanks everyone for your sympathies – I may be back later this week for relationship advice.

    • like the teabag idea, and claim allergies if asked

  14. Foundation Recommendation :

    Looking for a recommendation for a drugstore brand light foundation or tinted moisturizer. I currently wear a MAC foundation (NW20) but want something lighter/less expensive for the summer. I’ll be working from home in the next couple of weeks, then starting maternity leave , so want something that will allow me to feel like I’ve made some kind of effort towards maintaining my appearance, but not what I would actually expend if I were leaving the house to go to work… Thanks in advance!

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      If you have a Target nearby you, my coworker has been using the Boots No 7 tinted moisturizer which, to be honest, looks just as good as my NARS tinted moisturizer. Didn’t find it in my shade, alas, but maybe it’ll work for you!

    • I tried the Physicians Formula organic wear and I couldn’t stand the scent. It’s very herbal. I’ve been really frustrated in my search for a new tinted moisturizer to replace the MAC that was discontinued. The new MAC is fine but it smells like medicine. I emailed MAC and they claim it must just be old. I’ve had a hard time finding one that fits my criteria:
      -matches my skin tone (very pale)
      -doesn’t have a scent
      -doesn’t make my eyes water (and I don’t put it under my eyes, but some of them irritate my eyes)

      • I feel like I’m recommending this all the time, but you should try out Smashbox BB Cream. The shades tend to be pale, I haven’t noticed any scent, and I put it all around my eyes, including on the lids, and haven’t had any irritation. The Too Faced BB cream is also supposed to be good, and BB creams are great for pale skin.

        • Do you get that at Sephora? I had thought about trying some new things. I started on this quest when MAC discontinued their previous one, but I bought so much of it that I am just now on my last bottle. I’ll definitely try the Smashbox. Thanks!

          • Seattleite :

            NOLA, if you’re a Beauty Insider member at Sephora, right now you can redeem 100 points for a sample of the Too Faced BB creme.

    • I am a banana. :

      I’m a big fan of the Neutrogena Daily Defense with light tint.

    • My skin can’t tolerate any sort of foundation/moisturizer during summer so when I want to look put together, I just apply blush. And that’s it. The other stuff would’ve melted off anyway.

    • Research, Not Law :

      I am in love with Sonia Kashuk Radiant Tinted Moisturizer With SPF 15, from Target. I was skeptical but kept hearing how amazing it is. It’s not a camera-ready look, but it makes my skin look naturally flawless. Feels good on. Excellent price. I’ve spent a lot more on foundations that I didn’t like nearly as well. Quick and easy.

    • I was a MAC devotee, too, but now use the Almay Smart Shade line and pretty much love it. The Anti-Aging has a little more coverage, and the original one is a bit lighter. Both are light, lovely, cheap, and have SPF, plus there is a coordinating concealer for the dark circle days. There are two or three color ranges to pick from (fair-light, light-med, and dark, I believe), and it really does blend well.

    • Anonymous NYer :

      Try Aveeno tinted moisturizer. I currently use the positively radiant line, which has a bit of shine, which isn’t always ideal, but it’s quite nice and light. There is another type though, from a different Aveeno line, corrector something maybe? That doesn’t have the shine – I’m going to get that one next time I have a good coupon from CVS. I have added it to my daily routine (I put a bit of powder over it to lessen the shine factor during the work day). I now have 3 levels of face make up, this light aveeno tinted moisturizer, my Nars tinted moisturizer, and clinique even better make up (listed from lightest to heaviest). I prefer to feel like I’m not wearing make up, but I really need it with my terrible and uneven skin lately

    • Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (or something like that). It comes in a tube/bottle with a sponge on top (there’s a similar, but smaller, Maybelline eye product). It comes in quite a few colors; I’m really pale, and found one that works for me, which is unusual for drugstore brands. And the sponge on top makes application really easy and fast. I’ve gotten it at Target and Ulta.

  15. TJ – Does anyone have experience with selling jewelry on Craigslist or eBay? A good friend broke it off with her finance last summer and still has the engagement ring. She tried to return it to her ex, but he told her she could keep it (he owed her $$ anyway). I know she would like to sell it, and understands that she will be lucky to get 25-30% of the retail price. A local buyer was not interested and so she thinks Craigslist or eBay might be her only option. If anyone has any knowledge or experience with selling an engagement ring online, your guidance would be appreciated! Thanks.

    • I think your much better off finding a pawn shop. Not to scare you, but jewelry deals on craigslist often end in crime. they get you to come to the place and then just steal the diamond or jewlery. no one would be willing to pay a lot online since you cant see it in person. there has to be a pawn shop around there, and i think that would be much better

    • I found my ring via an e-bay listing. Having GIA certification for the ring will help — does your person have one already? If not, probably need to get to get any serious % of its value. Also, think of shipping (US registered mail (not certified mail), FedEx) and payment (credit cards will protect buyers; as a seller, you may not be able to accept cards, but perhaps can work something out with paypal)? Would think it would be easier just to go to a local estate jewelry store. I’d think it would be scary to meet with people in person or deal in cash.

      • Yes, be careful if you list on ebay and/or craigslist. There have been home-invasion/robbery occurances in Seattle when people have listed expensive diamonds etc. Meet at a Starbucks or some place without giving out your home address.

    • Have you heard of I Do Now I Don’t? A brother of a friend sold his ring on the site when his engagement fell through.

      • jinx!

      • I completely agree with the fear factor of dealing with online creepers/cash. She has the original receipt from a mall jewelry store, but not sure about the GIA certification. I would much rather deal with a pawn shop or local estate jewelry store myself, and am thinking I might just suggest that route. I will also check out I Do Now I Don’t. Thanks all.

    • What about i do now i dont dot com?

    • Ebay buyers tend to value sellers with a track record of good ratings which your friend won’t benefit from since she’s doing this on a one-off basis. Second the other suggestions to check with a local shop, at least for a quote.

    • Jenna Rink :

      A friend of mine sold an engagement ring under similar circumstances on Craigslist. You just need to really, really, really focus on safety. She had her big, burly Army boyfriend go to the sale with her and met the buyer at a fairly busy business with parking right in front. She also said no to a number of people who contacted her and made her feel at all uncomfortable. I believe she sold it for just under half of what it originally cost.

    • anon prof :

      this may be dumb, but can she return it to the store where he bought it?

      • She can’t return it to the store where he bought it. After doing a little more research, I think she will have to settle for 15% of retail value if she decicdes on a pawn shop or similar place or just give craigslist a try. If it is worth it to her to get more for the ring, maybe she’ll recruit a guy friend and go the craigslist avenue. Was thinking maybe she could meet prospective buyer at a bank or other such place that has security, etc.

  16. PSA: 30% off sale items at JCrew through Thursday using promo code SHOPNOW

    • Well, in case anyone else was wondering, it does not appear to work at Madewell. Didn’t have any reason to get my hopes up…but FOOEY

    • I got that email and bought a really cute mint bikini for less than $50 – nice!!!

      • I got a purple one for $41

        • Kontraktor :

          I looked through the bathing suits and saw a million I liked but nothing in my size. I exhausted all combinations and really only one would have worked which I didn’t even like that much. Big frowny face. Sugh good deals.

    • although I loathe the jcrew shipping minimum, couldn’t resist picking up the silk bow cami in kelly green. seersucker + navy cardi, here we come :)

  17. Need some quick advice on wedding guest outfit…

    I have a light blue satin knee length dress in my cart, but before I bought it I started wondering if this was a smart purchase….

    Will I be able to wear a light blue satin dress again? It seems too dressy for a baby shower or an afterwork c*cktail party. Maybe I should stick with something I can get more wear out of? I don’t see myself wearing this again unless it is to another wedding. Thoughts?

  18. Legally Brunette :

    For anyone looking for a maxi skirt that is very flattering and not bulky, I highly recommend this one:


    I liked it so much that I bought it in two colors. It’s slightly more dressy than a normal jersey maxi skirt.

    • Love this!

    • Anonsensical :

      I just got this last week! Love it ~ it’s lined, unlike so many maxi skirts out there, and made in the USA!

      • Legally Brunette :

        I love that it is lined. Didn’t realize it was made in the USA though – all the better!

  19. Thanks to whomever recommended that chickpea/fennel couscous last week! I made it last night, and it was de.lic.ious. I added some fresh basil, which made it even better.

    • Since we’re sharing. Last night my husband made a chicken and pea risotto (from scratch) with buffalo mozzarella chopped up in it.

      I know so often we complain about our men on here, but you know…he’s a real keeper. :-)

      • Yup….and on that topic, on Friday night my BF made panko-crusted oysters as an appetizer, and the most amazing garlicky spot prawns for the main course. It was incredible and I’m still not sure what I did to deserve it.

  20. I ordered the DV sandals from the Weekend Open Thread in “teal snake” on Friday and I can’t wait to get them from Zappos so that I can put them on and wear them under my desk. It might be the one thing that gets me through the day!