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How To Dress Like Selina Meyer in Veep

If you’ve ever watched HBO’s comedy Veep, starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus, you know that Selina Meyer’s workwear represents some serious wardrobe #goals. First she was the vice president — then the president! — and, well, if you’re not yet caught up to season 6 we’ll leave it at that. Part of the plot is that she’s bumbling, inconsequential, doesn’t accomplish anything — and is super mean about all of it to her staffers while presenting a smiling face to the public. Her main goal seems to be staying in power for power’s sake. But whether you think she’s a brilliant politician or her character represents a big part of the problem, her wardrobe is always on point. We wondered what lessons we could learn by taking a look at her wardrobe, and if you wanted to, what are the best tips for how to dress like Selina Meyer in Veep? What are her style secrets?

Selina Meyer Style Secret #1: An Amazing Tailor — and a Willingness to Let the Dress Speak For Itself

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What Are Your Favorite TV Shows for Work Fashion?

What are your favorite TV shows for work fashion, ladies? Are there any fictional characters who repeatedly have the perfect look for work? I’m starting to think about another series of posts that looks at the best-dressed fictional TV women and ponders how to steal their look. Probably not their exact look down to the exact dress and shoes, because other sites do that, but more like general style notes and tips. I’ve already got Selina Meyer of Veep on the schedule for late April, and I’m debating between Claire Underwood and Jackie Sharp when House of Cards premieres later in May — what other TV shows are you watching where you love the work clothes? Which TV shows feature the best work fashion?  Any plus-size characters (or, heck, any medium-size characters) you’d love to include?  Any interest in including not-in-our-timeline characters like the lady politician, Chrisjen Avasarala, in The Expanse? (Here’s a link to the actress’s IMDB page with lots of pictures.)

Another question: Is there interest in expanding the series to women IRL like news anchors and/or politicians, or is that too LadyPockets? I will note that I’m not very interested in snarking on real women IRL because they have other things to think about beyond their clothes, whereas with fictional characters, the clothes are part of the way of telling the story — but this series is intended to be a more positive take on our old 360 Review series.

So let’s hear it, ladies — which are the best work fashion TV shows?

The Best TV Shows for Work Fashion

Guest Post: 360 Review: MacKenzie McHale of The Newsroom

Today’s guest post is a 360 review of MacKenzie McHale of HBO’s The Newsroom.  If you’re not familiar with them, a Corporette 360 review examines a fictional “professional” woman’s attire and critiques it from all perspectives: underling, boss, friend. Today’s guest post is from Emily Ward-Dickerman, the editor-in-chief of mock-off.com. Welcome, Emily!

If you passed MacKenzie McHale walking down the street you likely wouldn’t suspect she was a highly successful news producer. But, as the executive producer of News Night, a nightly news show on fictional cable network ACN, MacKenzie — or Mac as her associates call her — manages a team of 100+ producers, researchers, bookers, editors and controllers. Mac is played by English actress Emily Mortimer* who does a brilliant job of portraying Mac’s clumsy quirks, wide-eyed honesty and savvy instinct. Her wardrobe can best be described as simple professional –- a collection of pieces that can be found in the local mall, but nothing close to the top-trend designer clothing you might expect a television producer to sport. [Read more…]

360 Review: Dr. Megan Hunt of Body of Proof

Today, a rare treat:  a 360 review!  In the 360 Review, Corporette examines a “professional woman”s” attire and critiques it from all perspectives: underling, boss, friend. Today’s guest post is from Ashley Faus, who blogs at Consciously Corporate — she’s reviewing Dr. Megan Hunt of the new ABC show Body of Proof.

Meet Dr. Megan Hunt, the intelligent, articulate, and often sarcastic Medical Examiner for the city of Philadelphia on ABC’s “Body of Proof”. Megan was a brilliant (and rich) neurosurgeon, until a car accident ended her career in the OR. Her impeccable (and expensive) taste in clothes and accessories carried her from surgeon to sleuth, and she looks professional and chic while she seeks the truth in the bodies that land on her table. Dr. Megan Hunt does an excellent job crossing the lines between business casual and conservative professional, with pops of color and accessories. She manages to look flawless while performing field work as well, with classic outerwear and practical shoes. In her personal life, Megan Hunt is coping with her ex-husband’s new girlfriend, her 12 year old daughter’s new interest in a relationship with her, potential new boyfriend material, and her mother’s re-election campaign as a judge in the city. If that isn’t enough stress, Dr. Hunt must deal with a flirty partner, two hard-nosed cops, a curious lab tech, and a sarcastic by-the-book supervisor. Megan is anything but “by the book”, leading her to clash with her supervisor, and often, her boss. Dr. Megan Hunt is played by actress Dana Delany, and she’s definitely not a Housewife anymore! (You remember her from Desperate Housewives?) [Read more…]

Better Off Ted: Interview with Veronica’s Stylist

Better Off Ted: Veronica Palmer's Work OutfitsAfter last week’s 360 Review of Linda Zwordling on Better Off Ted, we got a ton of comments about how beautifully dressed Portia de Rossi’s character, Veronica Palmer, is — and how much folks would love to chat with her stylist.  We did some poking around and, lo and behold, found our way to Brandy Lusvardi, the costume designer for Better Off Ted.  We just got off the phone with her, and thought we’d share our conversation…

(She is the NICEST person on the planet!!)

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360 Review: Linda Zwordling of Better Off Ted

In the 360 Fashion Review, Corporette examines a fictional “professional woman’s” attire and critiques it from all perspectives: underling, boss, friend.
better off tedAll right – we are resurrecting one of the features that we get a lot of requests for:  the 360 Review.  We’ve done one for Dr. Lisa Cuddy of House, Ellen Parsons of Damages, Rachel Menken of Mad Men — and then we kind of got tired of looking for screen caps that were of good quality.  Also, we kind of stopped watching a lot of television in which people dress professionally.  (Kell on Earth?  Nope.  The Tudors?  Ermm. Syndicated repeats of Star Trek: The Next Generation, our husband’s favorite?  Well, they dress professionally, and there is much to be said about the fashion —  ye gods, the fashion — but perhaps this is not the forum for that.) 2016 update: I’ve updated links below, and note that in a recent discussion readers were still calling out this amazing, hilarious show that was sadly cancelled after one season. You can stream it on Netflix or buy/rent it on Amazon.

However, Better Off Ted is one of our shows that is a) airing new episodes, b) really good, and c) involves fictional characters who dress somewhat professionally.  It is a brilliant, brilliant comedy, with lots to say about office culture in a big corporation — and accordingly, we hear it is almost canceled.  So we thought we’d get our 360 review in now, and hopefully inspire some of you to check it out.

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