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Coffee Break: Teaneck Pumps

Taryn Rose Teaneck PumpsThese lovely Taryn Rose heels are on sale in both leopard (pictured) and a solid dark ruby; Zappos still has them full price in black. Just looking at them I would have guessed they had a 3″ heel, but they actually have a 2.75″ heel — and a .5″ platform (who knew?), which makes these very walkable heels. Nice! They were $219; but are now marked to $175.99 at 6pm. Taryn Rose Teaneck Pumps


Congratulations to the Warby Parker/OPEN Forum Giveaway Winner!

Warby Parker Giveaway WinnerA few weeks ago I told you about the great new video series at American Express’s OPEN Forum, “Inside Successful Small Businesses” — I chose a few of my favorites from the series, and then we took a closer look at the lesson the founders of online eyeglass shop Warby Parker learned, to never underestimate the cost of goods.  We also announced a giveaway for Twitter/Facebook users — people who shared the title of their favorite video (with the hashtag #sharingadvice) were entered to win a free gift card good for one pair of eyeglasses at Warby Parker.  I’m happy to say that has chosen the winner (#4) — congratulations @AVoluckas!  Thank you to everyone who entered!

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A Discriminating Woman’s Guide To Buying Jewelry, Part Two: Pearls

The Corporette Guide to Pearls || CorporetteHot on the heels of our post about the best splurges (in which I include my pearls), I thought now would be a great time for guest poster/Corporette commenter “Kanye East” to demystify buying pearls for us.  In real life,the author is an attorney at law, New York City ex-pat, sarcastic Corporette commenter, and amateur metalsmith. On the rare occasions she leaves the office, Ms. East slays dragons and makes jewelry with their treasures.

I only have a few hard-and-fast rules when it comes to purchasing jewelry. Rule One: know what you’re buying. (There’s also Rule One-And-A-Half—don’t get ripped off—but it’s really just a restatement of Rule One). Rule Two almost throws the other rules out the window: buy (and wear) what you like. That’s it. Two and a half rules. Still with me? Good. We’ve already covered metals, so now let’s talk pearl basics.

Pearls are organic, non-vegan gems produced by different varieties of mollusks, both salt water and freshwater. They’re created when an irritant (nucleus) is introduced and then covered by the mollusk in layers of nacre. When this occurs naturally, pearls fetch top dollar; when it’s achieved with the intervention of pearl harvesters, it results in “nucleated” or “cultured” pearls, which tend to be more affordable. [Read more…]

Thursday’s TPS Report: Sweet Pea Wrap Top

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Sweet Pea Wrap TopI’m always a fan of wrap blouses (although I often supplement with a professional camisole beneath), and this bestseller from Sweet Pea looks full of promise, even for someone who generally hates beige clothing. I’d add a gold necklace, maybe an updo, and wear it with a nice pair of trousers or a pencil skirt.  It’s $78 at Bloomingdale’s. Sweet Pea Wrap Top

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P.S. Happy Halloween!

Suit of the Week: Brooks Brothers

Stellita Fit One-Button Jacket suitFor busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits for women, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

OK, I swear I will do my best to post a normal colored suit next week. But I for one think dark green suiting separates are underrated workwear classics. True, you can usually only wear them with white and black, but you can also throw in navy, silvery gray, caramel and cream, to say nothing of pops of color like purple and cobalt. The fact that this suit jacket is “crafted in wool doeskin from Loro Piana® woven in Italy” just seals the deal — that sounds so comfy!  The jacket (Stellita Fit One-Button Jacket) is $698, and the pants (Lucia Fit Straight Leg Pants) are $398, both at Brooks Brothers. [Read more…]

Previously, on Corporette…

Travel back in the Corporette time capsule… Here’s what was on our minds oh so many moons ago.

One year ago…

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