The Best Resources for New Managers

the best resources for new managersHunting for the best resources for new managers? Whether you’ve been recently promoted to management status or are hoping to get to a supervisor level in the near future, there are many good resources for new managers that are worth checking out, including blogs, videos, books, and podcasts. We’ve rounded up some of our favorites (as well as reader suggestions) for first-time managers below, but we’d love to hear from you! What do you think are the best resources for new managers? If you’ve recently been promoted to manager level, what resources have been the most helpful? What would you recommend to younger women looking to make it to management? 

(Of course, don’t forget to check out our previous posts with advice for new managers, including how to become a better manager, online women’s management training, how to become a better communicator, must-read business books, and how to become a leader. We’ve also talked about executive presence for women leaders, and you may want to check out our tips on how to step up your working wardrobe to get that promotion.)

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How to Commute to Work on a Bike and Still Look Polished

how to commute to work on a bike

If you’ve decided to be more active (and get a little stress relief), save money, and feel like you’re doing something to help the environment by no longer relying on your car to get to the office, you may be wondering how to commute to work on a bike and still look polished. We recently received a question from Reader M, who asked:

Can you do a post on professional attire for bike commuters with minimal resources? There has to be a better way than my bursting waterproof backpack, folded blazer, messy hair, and muddy shoes.
Specific issues:
– Keep dress shoes clean.
– Waterproof/helmetproof hairstyle.
– Managing sweat, rain, etc.
– Keeping my suit/dress clean.
– No cabinets to store spare clothes, hair tools, etc.
– Bike stays at a public outdoor park & ride so I must carry all my saddlebags & supplies all day.

It’s been quite a while since we’ve talked about biking to work (we’ve also discussed more specific topics like backpacks for commutinghow to stay cool on your commute, and how to lighten your load), so today we’re sharing advice from me — a lawyer in a midsize Midwestern city who rides a bike for exercise and occasionally commutes to the office by bike — and Corporette® reader (and CorporetteMoms writer) April, who has commuted to work on bike both in NYC (because it was faster than public transit) and to the train in New Jersey (both for the exercise and to enjoy the outdoors). 

Here are some key tips on safety, equipment, where to store your bike, how to plan for a smooth ride, and other tips for how to commute to work on a bike:

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Where to Find Designer Plus-Size Clothing for Professional Women

Designer Plus Size Clothing for Professional WomenWondering where to find designer plus-size clothing for professional women? As readers have noted in the past, trendy, fast-fashion spots abound for plus-size work attire — so finding quality fabrics and classic styles for polished looks can be difficult. We wanted to do a roundup of high-end brands and websites that include investment pieces made of high-quality fabrics to add to your everyday workwear collection, plus a few options if you’re in the market for a date-night outfit or special occasion.

We recently rounded up where to find stylish plus-size suits for work, and we’ve done roundups in the past for the best workwear for plus sizes as well as workwear in size 16 and up — for more plus-size content, please sign up for for CorporettePlus, our newsletter! Signing up helps us gauge interest in the project, and we promise not to blast your email more than once a week at most. (Right now it’s more like once a month.)

We also want to hear from you: What are your go-to brands or fashion sites when seeking out designer plus-size clothing for professional women that’ll last, in terms of style and substance? Here are some of the interesting companies we know of in this space — we’d love to hear if you know of any others!

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Bring Your Lunch With These Environmentally Friendly and Stylish Office Lunch Containers

If you’re like us, you bring your lunch to work when you’re trying to save money, meal plan for healthier eating, or to be more eco-friendly and avoid all of those takeout containers. If you want to do those things, plus maintain a professional look — even if you’re just eating at your desk or on a park bench — we’ve rounded up a variety of stylish office lunch containers. We’re featuring adult lunch boxes, bento boxes, ice bags for keeping your lunch cool, insulated storage that will keep cold things cold and hot things hot, reusable storage bags and food wraps, and more, including the Mr. Bento Lunch Jar Set pictured here — along with a restaurant that serves takeout food in reusable bowls. Readers, how often do you bring lunch to work? What are your favorite environmentally-friendly and stylish office lunch containers? Compared to brown lunch bags, Ziplocs, and individually-packaged food, what swap do you think makes the biggest impact environmentally? What is the easiest swap to make?

Psst: You may want to see some of our older tips on saving money on lunch at work (even if you’re eating out all the time), what to eat when you have no time to eat lunch, and the best snack ideas for work

So start thinking about all of the meals you could take to work and how much waste you could save by making just a few changes to your routine with these items. Or, if you have your own lunch accessories that you swear by, feel free to share with us in the comments!

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14 Great YouTube Tutorials for Updos

great youtube tutorials for updos for work and beyond!Do you have an upcoming job interview or important meeting, or just want to look a little more polished at the office day-to-day? An updo is one way to keep your hair up and out of your face when you’re tired of always pulling it back into a ponytail or messy bun. While there’s no shortage of hair tutorials on YouTube, including hairstyles and updos for the office — low buns, side buns, curly hair, straight hair, long hair, medium hair — we’ve selected some of the easy-to-follow YouTube updo tutorials for a variety of styles and hair types.

If you’re looking for more talk about office hairstyles, we’ve discussed how long do you spend on your hair for work, how to make a blowout last for days, your favorite dry shampoo, easy office updos, how to style long hair for job interviews, and lots more about office hairstyles in general — but we wanted to feature some easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials that make it even easier to get that polished look.

So gather up some bobby pins, a few hair elastics of various sizes, and maybe a hair donut or other hair accessories, and see if any of these will work with your busy routine.

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9 Fresh New Labels for Workwear

new labels for workwearOne of our most popular posts a few years ago was our roundup of 30 workwear fashion start-ups and independent brands — so I asked Rebecca Berfanger to update the list with nine fresh new labels for workwear! Here are 9 more office fashion stores every working woman should know about! – Kat

While we all have our go-to stores for workwear, they’re often the same stores your work friends have — particularly if there’s an Ann Taylor or Banana Republic near your office. So it doesn’t hurt to seek out workwear stores off the beaten path to spruce up the daily wardrobe, particularly when it comes to office clothes! Whether you want a more curated wardrobe, a custom-made skirt, a longer lasting and more classic style, or even just a button-down shirt that will actually fit, these 10 fashion start ups with internet-friendly shopping options will inspire you to at least consider your next fashion purchase, even if you might need to wait until payday.

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