Deal Alert: Big Presidents’ Day Sales at Uniqlo!

We did our major roundup of Presidents’ Day sales (with shoutouts to the Nordstrom winter sale and other noteworthy sales like Bergdorf’s, Neiman Marcus, and Last Call), but the deals at Uniqlo are too good not to note.  Only lucky colors are available, in Uniqlo’s usual size range (they generally run small), but some crazy deals to share:

Pictured at top:

Pictured below: 

Above: one / two / three / four

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uniqlo president day sales


  1. I love Uniclo, Kat. There stuff is not expensive but still presentible. The managing partner wanted me to go to uniglo all the time because his wife overspends also and he finally found a place that was cheap enough for her. I told him I did not want to do all of my shopping in any one place and less I was able to go to Nordstrom’s . Rosa agrees.

  2. Anon for this :

    Advice please – about to move into my first line management role (currently more of a dotted line setup).
    As part of this move I need to recruit 2 or 3 people into junior roles, and I am keen to take/promote people already within my wider team who demonstrate some level of skill but ultimately the right attitude to the role. One member of the team (who to make this more complicated is a previous work peer and current friend), has been very vocal on wanting to make this move. I thought that they would be a great candidate, as they take pride in their work and are dedicated. However, recently we provided them with an opportunity to demonstrate their ability and desire but unfortunately they did not deliver. They were significantly unprepared, which came across as unprofessional and lazy.
    Now I can handle mistakes, as we are not all experts to begin with and ultimately it all came right. On the other hand, when completing the “what went wrong” discussions, I felt there was a number of excuses and blame being placed on others. As a result we are questioning where this candidate now sits, and my manager in particular thinks its a bad decision to proceed in this direction however has ultimately left the decision to me.

    When do you give second chances? The other two candidates did not need a second chance. I will still be in a delivery and accountability role when I move to be their line manager, is dealing with this going to take so much effort I’m shooting myself in the foot? Do I give one more opportunity to see if lessons have been learnt? Is this an attitude red flag I should be aware of? There is plenty of work for this candidate to be continuing in their current position should I not offer them a role

    Any feedback/advice would be appreciated. As said, my manager is very keen for me to make this decision as part of my development and is leaving the business very shortly.

    • I would not hire the friend.

      They blew it, big time. My interpretation is that they were in the running for this job/move, and then showed very poor initiative and performance and made excuses for it….. while knowing they were actively under review, …. Not good. It would be different if you could say they were always top rate before, and you could justify this poor performance in some way.

      Your prior relationship/friendship also makes me worried. Too many stories of working with “friends” that don’t end well.

      Be a good manager. Don’t start with hiring someone who has just let you down.

      Good luck!

    • Anonymous :

      Hiring someone else is easy. Getting rid of an employee is not so easy – you’re going to be stuck with this person.

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