Wednesday’s TPS Report: Rafe Gloria Platform Peek A Boo T-Strap in Black

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

tights with peeptoe shoes to workWe really, really like these peep-toe t-strap heels, in either black (with green and purple accents) or brown (with red and beige accents) — especially for wearing with tights in the wintertime.*  They’re classic in shape and subdued in color, but the colored accents make them far more interesting.  The platform sole helps offset the 3.5″ heel, also.  They’re marked from $325 to $130 at  Rafe Gloria Patent Platform Peek A Boo T-Strap in Black

*In summertime we’d probably relegate them to weekend wear — both because the peep toe can be inappropriate to wear with bare toes, and because the patent and suede accents say “fall and winter” to us.

Poll Results: Patterned Tights and You

Falke Micro Stripe TightsLast week we asked whether or not patterned tights were appropriate for professional women. As always, the poll is still open, but the initial results are interesting — the voters were pretty split in terms of what could or couldn’t work.
– 36% of you said that men’s patterns (pinstriped, windowpane) in dark, neutral colors would work
– 33% of you said ANY pattern would work, but only in dark, neutral colors
– 23% said solidly colored tights in neutral colors would work, but to avoid patterns
– 5% of you said any pattern, any color, any day. [Read more…]

Poll: Patterned tights for professional women?

are-patterned-tights-ok-for-workInspired by last week’s Wolford sale at Rue La La, we thought we’d ask — do you wear patterned tights in cold weather?  There are a ton of options out there.  Our rule of thumb has always been to stick with the kinds of patterns men wear on shirts — pinstriped, windowpane, et cetera.  What are your thoughts?



Photo credit: legs eleven, originally uploaded to Flickr by tractorpirate.

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Poll results: Nude pantyhose for interviews, but no real requirements on buttoning

Erin Callan wore nude pantyhose with her suit... so should you!

Erin Callan wore nude pantyhose with her suit... so should you!

Last week we asked two poll questions, so we thought we’d take give you guys a break from all the onerous button-pushing and give you updates on how the polls went.

It turns out we were 100% wrong about wearing off-black pantyhose to interviews — which just goes to show, you can make a major fashion faux pas and still end up with a good gig. In fact, in our poll on pantyhose colors, 66% of you said nude pantyhose was the way to go, 20% of you said no pantyhose at all was needed for an interview (!!! we’re trying to figure out if this is the pants-wearing contingent? the California contingent? the Gen Y contingent?) and a mere 12% said anything in the black family was appropriate. Looking back, we should have seen the writing on the wall when the WSJ had its big story on Erin Callan, “Lehman’s Straight Shooter” (which then morphed into big debates about her choice of shoesyes, seriously (props to Ms. JD for calling it a “hoary conversation“). (And, if you weren’t following along, she got demoted soon after, although we’ve heard no connection between her footwear or pantyhose choices.) Commenters gave shout-outs to higher-end brands (Spanx, Victoria’s Secret’s thigh-highs, DKNY sheers, Calvin Klein sheers, Donna Karan nudes, Ann Taylor pantyhose) as well as drugstore brands (L’eggs Sheer Elegance Control Top, Hanes pantyhose, Jockey pantyhose, and “Berkshires in bulk” for interviewing).

Regarding our poll regarding whether women should button their coats to stand and unbutton them to sit — you guys are pretty evenly divided. Which, really, means it’s anyone’s call regarding whether to unbutton your suit or not. 53% of you said that yes, sometimes, suits should be buttoned (that includes the 8% of you who said this should absolutely be done); another 45% of you said that women didn’t have to do that. (Which, we’ve realized, does not add up to 100% — perhaps it’s time to find a new polling widget?)

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Poll: What Color Hose Is Correct For An August or September Interview?

interview-hoseAh, interview week. The time when stress is running high at business schools and law schools, the time when everyone’s wearing suits in uncomfortable heat, loitering about awkwardly in hotel lobbies, and wishing they were still in flip flops and ripped jeans. Today’s important question is thus: Assuming you’re wearing a black suit, what color pantyhose is appropriate for an interview in this time of year?Personally we tend to wear off-black… but a friend of ours told us years ago that she thought any dark hose said “evening” way too much, so she preferred to wear nude hose. But nude hose on us always looks like we’re trying to fake a tan, and it just isn’t flattering…


What BRAND of pantyhose have you guys had the most luck with? What’s the most you’ve ever spent for a pair of pantyhose (and how’d it turn out)? Tell, tell, in comments. Pictured above: SPANX ‘All the Way’ Sheer Support Pantyhose

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