Coffee Break: Luciana

Rockport – Luciana Plain PumpIn addition to being a good looking shoe, the customer reviews on this are amazing — when a 60 year old who had “given up on heels” calls them “the most comfortable high heels I have ever had on my feet,” you have to sit up and take notice. Sadly, the pump is only available in black and beige (basics, yes, but zzzzz), but there are a number of other styles in the same shoe, including a “dress sandal,” a “corset pump,” and a slingback available on Zappos, and 6pm even has a boot. The plain pump is $120. Rockport – Luciana Plain Pump

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  1. I tried this shoe on last week and have been debating purchasing it. Will take your post as a sign that it’s a must buy!

    • Just a quick follow up, the sling backs at $65.97 on and still $120 at zappos. Score for me!

  2. The front of this shoe looks majorly dowdy to me. I am all for comfortable heels, but if the shoe doesn’t look good, I’d rather wear flats or shorter heel. To me, this is just a no. If the front platform were different, fine, but unless these somehow look majorly different on the foot, no.

    • Anonymous :

      i totally agree. this looks like a “comfortable” shoe, which is never a good look.

      • Agree on the beige; I think the black could work without looking too dowdy.

    • Achiever, Not Lawyer :

      Sigh. More proof that I suck at picking out shoes. I thought they looked cute and comfy.

      I’m 30. Am I too young to favor comfort over looks most days of the week?

      • I think they look cute and stylish and not at all old. They have a spiked heel, a young round front and a platform! That doesn’t say grandma to me!

      • S in Chicago :

        Even harder sigh. I’m apparently totally clueless when it comes to shoe shopping. My first thought was whether the platform might make it look a little too vamp for the office.

        From the comments, looks like that’s not a concern…by a looong shot.

      • I like the shoe and I’m 25!

      • I wouldn’t let one person’s opinion influence you. I (and many other Corporettes including Kat, evidently) think they’re perfectly cute and stylish. You’d have to be crazy to think a 3 1/2 in. heel and 1/2 in. platform looks like a “comfort” shoe.

        • I made the original comment and I wouldn’t let it affect you either :)
          To each their own!

  3. Valleygirl :

    Threadjack: I hope someone can offer me some insight into a situation my husband is in. He was recently laid off when his company was bought out and moved locations (the location he was at was shut down). He’s been applying for positions and with one, has had a phone interview, an in person interview and a second 2 hr interview where he did one on ones with five people. The company, part of a large production company here in LA, said they would let him know in a week and in the mean time asked that he do a background check. He did the background check but it took longer than normal I think (the background check company was based out of NY but all calls to them got him connected to customer services reps in India) because they had to have my husband fax in documents from a job he had a few years ago where he was paid as a 1099 employee. Anyway, he kept the company in the loop and once the background check went through he was told by an HR assistant that it would be a few weeks. In the mean time he’s been driving me crazy with questions like, “would they do background checks on everyone?” “why is it taking so long…” etc. and I’m getting to my wit’s end and don’t have much to offer because I’m in the NPO/Research industry and it’s a whole other ball game. At this point I’ve been telling him that background checks cost money so prob not doing many – and that hiring for this position isn’t a huge priority and to chill out – but does anyone have some insight to offer?

    • lawyerette :

      I’ve only had background checks done after I was hired, so I do think that’s a good sign. But I don’t have much to offer in the way of what else to say to make the stress of not-knowing go away. I’m in the same boat myself and been driving my husband and friends crazy. Not sure there’s much to do other than try to keep active, keep other options going just in case, and try not to think about it when it’s out of your control.

    • Anonymous :

      I had the same long, drawn-out background check process when I was first hired by my company, and I also had to provide a 1099 from consulting work I had done. Frankly, the people working at the background check company were totally incompetent and made things take much longer than they should have.

      On the plus side, in CA you are permitted to receive a copy of your background check once they have completed it – I checked the box to receive mine, and it was nice to be able to see it – including text and transcripts of everything references from previous jobs had said about me (all positive, thankfully, which is good considering they reed references I chose).

      • Anonymous :

        They *were* references I chose. Thanks autocorrect :)

      • It happens all the time, and it sounds promising for him. They would not waste that much time unless they were interested in him. I hope he gets the job so that he and you will get back to some equilibrium. Good luck!

  4. I’m buying it; I’m constantly on the hunt for a go to pair of black pumps. I’m over 50 and , well, matronly sometimes goes with the territory. Further, I never take my shoes off and walk around with out them in my office, or wear flip flops or shoes I didn’t show up in, so I need comfortable shoes.

  5. Anonymous :

    oh, honey no. something about that toe box – neither rounded nor pointy but a squarish-roundish – says old lady. sorry.

    • Anonymous :

      Are you?

    • Associette :

      I am 28 and think these shoes are perfectly stylish and sensible! I would not necessarily wear these out to dinner at a trendy restaurant, but I think they are a stylish compliment to a suit.

  6. Anonymous :

    They are a nice tradeoff between fashion and confort

  7. Anonymous :

    Threadjack: A petite, hourglass friend of mine needs to invest in a suit and asked me for suggestions. I’m petite but much straighter of figure — Theory tends to work for me (after chopping off a foot of pants), but I’m at a loss for what to recommend to her. She’s quite slim in the shoulders/arms but has substantial (and to me, enviable!) bust and hips. Could someone toss out some recommendations? Thanks.

    • I’m 5’1″ and curvy in the hips/thighs and Banana Republic suiting (with the “curvy” pant — I forget what they call it) works for me.

    • I am 5’4″ and, frankly, hippy, and I also wear BR suiting with “curvy” pants quite happily. I think their “curvy” pants are called Martin cut?

      • Actually, I think the “curvy” was called Jackson… and then it disappeared for a while, only to reappear as an online only option… not sure what the status is right now. I am definitely curvy in the lower regions, and while I do own a few pairs of Martin cut BR pants, I find the Jacksons fit better and are more flattering.

    • I’m not petite, but Classique Entier (they may have a petite line, not sure) are my go to for curvy business wear. It’s sold in the same section as Theory in Nordstroms, and the quality in my hands is excellent. I’m waiting for anniversary sale to stock up on their dress pants.

      • Second the Classiques Entier recommendation. I am only 5’2”, so I always have to have everything hemmed, but the pants, jackets and skirts all work well on me. If you pay full price the alterations are free at Nordstrom.

    • I’m about the same build as your friend and I love Tahari ASL suits, readily available at a department store like Macy’s or a discounter like Filene’s.

    • Curvy petite :

      I’m curvy-ish and very petite and Ann Taylor separates work for me, as do Nine West and Calvin Klein suits.

    • Anonymous :

      Thanks, everyone!

  8. Threadjack – back to the discussion on lace.

    I have the talbot’s lace skirt in navy with a dark green lining. What other colors could I wear with it, specifically in a top and then blazer?

    I own a new Elliott Lauren nazy zip up blazer which is long ish and clean lines. Seems like it will balance out the feminity of the skirt. I can’t wear green near my face, having olive skin. Thoughts?

    I am open to other colors of blazers and I think that a cardi would be too floppy and take away from the streamlined pencil cut of the lace skirt.

    Thanks! Happy evening –

  9. I am on a quest to find the perfect pair of white pants to wear to work – – can anyone recommend a trouser that is NOT see-through???

  10. I saw this shoe while browsing through Zappos, but I think I like Rockport’s Lucy pump better! Need a more practical height. No way can I do 3 1/2 heels and I’m only 25 years old! Don’t see how the Luciana is a comfort shoe.