Frugal Friday’s TPS Report: Silk Cashmere Cable Cardigan

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Silk Cashmere Cable CardiganSilk cashmere — two of my favorite words when describing sweaters. Silk cashmere blends tend to be extremely soft and non-itchy, and I’ve found that they hold their shape far better than simple cotton cardigans (but they are warmer; something to note during, say, a heatwave). Love this cable cardigan from Brooks Brothers — it’s about as classic as you get, and it’s still available in navy and beige, as well as purple, blue, green, and pink (all pastels). Was $118, now marked to $47.20 during the BB clearance sale. Silk Cashmere Cable Cardigan

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  1. Waxing for Men in NYC :

    My boyfriend has a unibrow that he manages (ineffectively) with his electric shaver. I have proposed getting him a gift certificate to a salon to get it waxed once, to see how they should look (and hopefully to get him to tweeze or wax instead of buzz). He seemed okay with this. Therefore, I would greatly appreciate recommendations for men’s salons, or salons that do waxing for men (and ideally that aren’t too girly), in NYC.

    • Men are so sloppy sometimes! I think MEN should work hard to look good, b/c they are always telling us that WE have to look good for them! I think there is a Chinese unisex nail spa near Fulton Street in Downtown Manhattan that does alot of business that also will do some tweezing for men. In this heat the last thing you need is a UNIBROW!

    • There are a few “men’s club” type barbershops in midtown that are pretty stereotypically manly-man experiences. A friend of mine goes to Truman’s on 56th near lexington to get his hair cut, he likes that they hand you a scotch when you check in ;)

      • A scotch when you check in? Awesome. My husband would do all sorts of physical upkeep if we had a place like that where we live!

      • Amelia Bedelia :

        a scotch when you check in? forget the men. sign me up!!!

      • My hair salon offers a choice of sparkling water, espresso, white or red wine when I check in. I notice they only offer this to long time customers. Needless to say, it had made me extremely loyal!!

        • Ha!
          My new place does coffee/tea AND cookies, which are YUM! Taste home-made, although they very likely aren’t.
          Felt a bit odd to ask on my first day there!

    • Ballerina Girl :

      Honestly, I bet he could take care of the unibrow with those pre-waxed strips you can get at the drug store–Sally Hansen or something. It’d probably only take one swoop!

      • Waxing for Men in NYC :

        The thing is that right now, he only does about a centimeter directly above his nose, and I’m afraid that if I urge him to go out much more than that, he will go too far into the eyebrows. Or go more into one than the other. I think it would be helpful for a professional to fully remove the hair at least once so that if he goes back to shaving or whatever, he can follow the boundaries they put in (rather than having to guess at what they should be).

    • Spiff NYC (in midtown east) would probably be perfect. I live nearby and walk past it all the time. It’s very manly! ESPN playing all over the place, etc. Just checked out the Yelp reviews which are glowing and also suggest free drinks.

    • found a peanut :

      There is a place called Truman’s in Midtown East (upper 50’s between Park and Lex) that is a men-only salon.

    • My husband has the same problem. As it is, I sit on his chest and tweeze it myself once a week or so. Fun (for me at least) and economical!

    • Is anyone else thinking of the Friends episode in which Chandler tries to “fix” Joey’s eyebrows? Just me?

    • My husband has a unibrow problem as well. I talked with the person who cuts his hair about trimming his brows when he gets a haircut. Now she waxes the middle and trims the rest. An amazing improvement and he doesn’t need to make a separate appointment — it’s taken care of with every haircut.

    • Move to Tajikistan?

    • Criminal Conversation :

      There is a wonderful chain called “The Art of Shaving” in New York. I’ve given male friends gift certificates. Maybe they would have an idea. It’s dark wood manly man. I wish I needed a face shave, because the products smell great.

  2. While the idea of wearing a long sleeve cardigan makes me cringe today, this one is lovely and would be great for the fall and spring. Thanks for finding such a great bargain, Kat!

  3. I don’t know why, but I really don’t like cable cardigans. But I do like the silk/cashmere blend!

    • I don’t like them either. I feel like they make me look like an old lady.

    • Thirded!

    • I like looking at them, but when I put them on I find they seem to visually add quite a bit of bulk even if they are well fitted. I’m not especially lean so… the couple I have never make it out of the house.

    • I’ve found that being fairly large-chested, cable cardigans and sweaters end up looking like topography maps on me. Love the look on others, just not on me.

      • Topography maps – I love the analogy. They don’t work on me either. I think they’re cute on slender, preppy women.

    • Corporate Tool :

      I think that they are a “high degree of difficulty” piece. They can look great on some people, but if not styled correctly look really dated/frumpy.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        Exactly my concern. I’ve been eyeing this cardigan for months, but I keep thinking of the high risk of accidental frump. I think with the right modern accessories or an ironically fashion-forward bottom, it could be great, but I have neither.

    • I was thinking the same thing when I saw this on the BB website yesterday. Funny, because I like cable crew neck and v-neck sweaters, just not cardigans.

      • I got this sweater set a month or so ago, and it is beautiful! It does run pretty large, though – I got the medium, and wish that I had gone for the small (I’m a size 8-10).

  4. May re-post on the open thread later depending on when it goes up:

    My grandparents would like to get me a very nice bag for my 30th birthday (yes, I am grateful!). Looking for suggestions on a beautiful, classic black leather work tote. Budget between $1000-1500. Needs to be able to hold a 12″ (horizontal width) laptop, papers and shoes, and be a true shoulder bag (not short handles or cross body).

    These are my current front runners for looks (not sure what dimensions are, though):
    Ferragamo Aubry – (on NM website – this bag really caught my eye first)
    Ferragamo zip-top shoulder tote (I would remove the leather logo attachment) – (on NM website)

    Also thinking about the LV Madeleine GM (the Epi leather) – the leather is lovely, but I’m debating whether I think it’s TOO classic and bordering on plain.

    Suggestions are very welcome! LPC, this is right up your alley? I would characterize myself as a “Sturdy Gal” with an extra splash of feminine.

    • Personally, I love the second one though I don’t see the dimensions on the site.

    • Barrister in the Bayou :

      I think I like the zip-top shoulder tote. It won’t show nicks and scratches as easily as your first choice. To me the second one seems more supple and flexible, but not too casual.

      If you haven’t already signed up, you can probably look at gilt’s website. They have weekly sales of higher end merchandise. While you may not end up purchasing from the site, you can certainly look there for inspiration.

    • Check out the epi range from lv. They’re non logo and classy. There’s a style that fits your requirements in that range…

  5. Ladies — following up on yesterday’s post – what is the temperature where you are and what are you wearing today?

    I’m in NYC so the temperature right now is in the mid-to upper 90s (I just came from outside). I’m wearing a silk, short sleeve wrap dress with a semi-full skirt – black with beige polka dots – and nude-for-me pumps. I threw on a cotton light beige blazer over it for a meeting earlier this morning. I felt pretty underdressed in a room full of men in suits, but I was the least sweaty of the bunch, so I think it was worth it.

    • NYC. Totally dressed the most unprofessionally of my life today but I’m in my office all day, no meetings, and when I walked the dog this morning I could hardly breathe.

      I’m wearing a empire cut sleeveless brown jersey dress from Ann Taylor with a chunky necklace, 3/4 sleeve light cardigan, and sligback brown pumps. Also, I did the ugly when hair out of the shower, immediately put into a bun and then braced the subway.

      With a heat index of 112 if I get a look for wearing a jersey dress when I have NO meetings then I don’t want to know those types of people.

    • 97 degrees here in Southwest New Hampshire! I’m wearing a solid color, short sleeve cotton top, printed silk (full) skirt, and nude sandals. I am dressed up more than most people in the office today (since it’s Friday and SO HOT!!!)

    • Philly – upper 90’s – white sleeveless collared button-front and full lightweight cotton lawn navy skirt. Neat ponytail. Light tan flats. No risk of last minute meetings today!

    • Maddie Ross :

      Full cotton skirt by Milly and coordinating cardigan with nude-for-me peep toe heels. Very “lady who lunches,” but I’m comfortable!

    • NYC, in a paper thin Ann Taylor silk blend sleeveless top (my lowest cut item I’ll wear to the office) – cardigan on top while in the office, and a Halogen skirt (not THE skirt, but a similar one).

    • In Philly, 97 degrees. Cotton shorts, a tank top, and ink all over my hands from last minute bar flash carding. At least I get to be comfortable…

    • White cotton full skirt and a purple short sleeve smock top with white wedges. Also NYC. My company is business casual, but has casual Fridays. What I am wearing today would be fine on a regular day if I changed my shoes (as I usually do when I get to the office).

      I think if you had a blazer on, you were fine for your meeting.

    • anon-oh-no :

      Im in Chicago and its 95 and thunderstorming. I’m wearing a full black and tan skirt (20 bucks from H&M about 5 or 6 years ago); a white BB non-iron button down, tucked in with the sleeves rolled up; and a pair of black peep toe patent pumps.

      • DC – it’s pretty much the surface of the sun. (I think the heat index is around 115 today?) Wearing a patterned skirt that hits about 3” above the knee that is straight-cut, but not fitted like a pencil skirt, with a ruffled white tank top. Threw on a lightweight cardi when I got to the office and cooled down a bit.

        • Houston, TX with air you can wear … but we are used to it, in a way. 98+ today … been this way for two months now with little rain. Talbot’s shell with a few ruffles at the collar, Elliott Lauren light twill navy long blazer (cold AC is a requirement in all Houston offices it seems), the skirt! Yes, THE skirt. My “uniforms” can also include patterned light cardis from Boden and AT. Love my swishier nic+zoe skirts with solid cardis or jackets. The looser, lighter weight skirts are better for getting in/out of the car and walking outside, imo.

          Hosiery (my professional preference), the Prixie pumps from P.LaVictoire. Love them; can’t find any more in 8s. Seen any? Although I love the heel height, I typically wear much higher…hope their fall lines are less trendy.

          Happy weekends –

      • New to Chicago :

        We’ve had some fabulous thunderstorms this AM! I’m enjoying the lightening show out the window of my office on the 45th floor, and very glad that it didn’t hit until after the morning commute- unlike last Monday.

    • NYC (current temp — 100, but “feels like” 112)

      Three quarter sleeve patterned dress from the Gap, grey flats. It’s polyester and fairly loose and drapey so I’m hoping I don’t die of heat exhaustion when I go buy my lunch.

      picture of dress:

      • Cute dress! Is it as short as it looks? I’m 5’10” and wondering if there’s any way I could pull it off!

        • Anonymous :

          On me it hits about two inches above the knee… but then again I’m 5’2 so I think it would hit higher on you.

    • In Tn, and it’s only 85 (Say what! That’s a cold spell for us this time of year.) My office has been chilly of late (though on Monday I wore lined pants and sweated all day, so who knows), so I’m wearing black suit slacks, a long sleeved button down, and black peep-toes. Shivering a little, so debating whether or not to put on my blazer (I’ve been keeping all of my suit blazers on the back of the door lately, since I’m not wearing them to and from work).

    • Midwest, upper 90’s, in a 3/4 sleeve jersey dress (A/C is powerful here) and sandals.

    • It’s currently 98 degrees with a feels-like temp of 101 here in the StL. I’m wearing jeans, gray flats, and a three-quarter sleeve striped t-shirt. I love casual Fridays!

      Also, it may be miserable outside but it’s especially cold in here this morning. :(

    • Seattle – 56 degrees and sunny. Wearing cardi, blouse, grey pants.

    • Texas – 21st day in a row of 100+ degrees, with no end in sight. We’re used to this weather, though. So I’m in jeans, cobalt cotton tank, black drapey short sleeve cardian, and black sandals. Comfortable for going from my AC’d house, to building parking garage, to AC’d office, back home to AC. It only gets to 84 or so at night, so I do miss the outdoors sometimes.

    • Washington Post is reporting that DC has the highest heat index in the country. I’m avoiding looking at the actual temperature.

    • It is currently 80 here, which is mild because we finally got rain! Should be up to mid-90’s today. It is rather cold in my office though with the a/c so I have on a 3/4 length lightweight sweater and trouser jeans with flats.

    • nyc, elevator screen said 97 when I went down to get lunch. i’m in a black sheath dres from Target, but our building is overcompensating with the air conditioning and freezing, so i’ve got on a sweater and a pashmina around my legs.

      not looking forward to the commute home, though. I may have to take the ferry to avoid the subway, which is a good 10 degrees hotter.

    • DC, heat index is currently 114 with actual temperature of 99, wearing a Marilyn Monroe-style sundress and sandals. I have a cardigan, but am enjoying the AC so much after walking outside to get lunch that I’m not wearing it. Currently do not give a crap about the dress code.

      • Yeah, I went with a floaty maxi skirt. The thought of anything more close-fitting than that was unbearable (and my office is super casual anyway).

    • 98 degrees in Boston with a heat index of 107. I’m wearing a sleeveless textured cotton Boden sheath in a navy print with nude-for-me open-toed heels.

      • Boston – “nice” AT Loft tee with a 50s style wide Anthro skirt. Totally slummin’ it today, but there aren’t lots of ppl in the office.

    • Always a NYer :

      I’m in upstate NY and its about 95 at the moment. I’m wearing a bright pink cotton polo, khaki cargo pants with purple wedge sandals and my hair is in a ponytail. My office has casual Fridays and I was a bit iffy on the cargo pants at first until I saw a woman in senior management wearing a sleeveless mini-dress with 5-inch espadrilles on a Tuesday! Maybe it’s me erring on the side of conservative for work but espadrilles, are those ever appropriate for the office? Please let me not be the only one who thinks so.

    • 97 and humid as heck here. Wearing the Mossimo/Target jersey draped front dress with the exposed zipper, a white bracelet sleeve chino jacket with the collar popped, and a white enamel bib necklace very similar to the necklace Kat posted a few days ago.

    • Santa Monica, 63 degrees and a heavy marine layer. (But it will be hot in the valley when I get home tonite :)
      Black small dot Talbots trousers from a suit I bought probably 10 years ago, black tank, white Classiques Entiers 3/4 lenght jacket, black flats.

    • DC – 99, feels like 115 last I checked. I’m a uniform diva, so I’m wearing what’s required, but I have traded out the usual heavy leather shoes for some flat canvas sneakers. I wish I could wear a skirt, even lightweight pants are feeling hot today.
      Some of your outfits sounds so pretty. Mostly I read corporette because I’m prepping for the day I get moved out of store operations and into the corporate home office. I’ll be bookmarking this thread for ideas for sure!

    • Philadelphia, current reports are 100, feels like 115. Black A-line skirt with a bit of swoosh, sleeveless cobalt blue shell with neck detailing that extends to cover my shoulders. Black closed-toe kitten heels. I am thrilled to report that my office is very comfortable temperature-wise today!

    • Ruthy Sue :

      I’m in the bay area, so it’s 59 and foggy. I have a casual office, so i’m wearing trouser jeans, black ballet flats, a black and green leaf pattern blouse and black cardigan. While i’m not jealous of the extreme heat everyone else is getting (hang in there!), I would like at least a couple of days of summer this year!

    • NYC, 100 with a heat index of 116, silver gray tee from Loft, chartreuse voile skirt, also from Loft, and silver flip-flops from Gap.

    • 105 here in the desert of California, though this weather is pretty typical and we don’t have much humidity. I’m wearing a black cotton wrap dress from Ann Taylor which I’m loving (though it’s a little lower cut than I would normally wear, but it’s casual Friday, so I think I’m ok).

    • Anonymous :

      So funny story. I work in a VERY casual government office just outside of DC (not an lawyer), where my boss routinely wears shorts and Hawaiian shirts during the summer. So since it’s hotter than Hades today, I decided to wear a seersucker sundress I have with a cutout in the back. I had a cardigan over it earlier, but when we went to lunch, I accidentally left it in my car. I mentioned to one of guy friends that I work with that I thought the back might be a bit scandalous for work, and he replied that at least I wasn’t wearing a dress with a zipper all the way down that looks like it would just fall to the floor like someone else in our office. I started giggling thinking about all the conversations here about those kinds of clothes, and I figured there was no way guys really noticed them. Apparently they do!

    • I’m somewhere between D.C. and New York. For the trip I’m wearing a Target jersey dress I bought on a whim thinking I’d wear it a couple times. It has become a summer staple.

    • Lana Lang :

      London, balmy 67, almost clear skies. Feels odd after about three weeks of constant grey cloud and rain!

      • Always a NYer :

        I was just looking at the weather for London and am so jealous!!! What I wouldn’t give for that kind of forecast…

    • It’s 100 here in OKC, 103 heat index, and I’m wearing a short-sleeve coral button-front shirt dress made out of a lightweight gauzy fabric (lined) with a flared skirt, belt, nude patent pumps, and a cream silk twill blazer that I take off and put on depending on the air conditioning (we are in a 100 year old brick office building, the ac is a little tempermental – it’s cold, then it’s hot). I stayed at my desk for lunch, and am dreading getting into my car after work. I park behind our building, in an open lot. With the concrete and asphalt, the temp on my car thermostat yesterday when I left was 113. Oh joy.

    • Mountain Girl :

      Colorado – 90 or so in the city. Wearing white cotton trouser and black cotton gauze top over a cami with strappy black sandals. But we are admittedly business casual so this isn’t extreme.

  6. FYI: If you have long arms, I’ve tried on this sweater and the arms are ridiculously short on me. It looks like I outgrew a childhood shirt. Even on the model thee sleeves are pushed up, but only slightly, as if the arms would not be long enough. And they are not 3/4 sleeve, they are just some awkward 2 inches above the wrist length. And I’m not particularly tall or long armed (5’8″).

    • Thanks – that’s a deal killer for me. Otherwise I was seriously considering it.

  7. Boston, 103 w/ heat index factored in, but 67 inside according to the office thermostat. Beige tropical wool straight skirt, ivory silk tee, bright blue braided belt, nude for me pumps, and a pashmina indoors.

    • Was thinking of this picture when I got dressed this morning:

    • that sounds lovely!!

    • Ugh.. that was all supposed to be a reply to Janie. Not sure why it showed up where it did.

    • Ack – 67 is too cold for any time of year. And then a 30 degree temp jump just to go outdoors. Yikes.

  8. MaggieLizer :

    I received my Nordie’s order last night (yay!) and wanted to share my thoughts:

    The Halogen skirt (297557) everyone has been raving about was fabulous. I ordered a size down and it was just about perfect. It’s still a bit big through the hips but I couldn’t take it any smaller in the waist. The yellow raisin and dark amethyst are both lovely.

    I ordered the Halogen grandpa cardigan (351040) in both a petite and regular. The regular had longer sleeves (as another commenter mentioned) and, strangely, more room through the waist. There isn’t much of a difference in length, which was my concern. I ordered the blue and gray (which is a nice dark gray, not sweatshirt-like). The cardigan is a bit more casual than what I normally wear to work, but with an appropriately dressy shell I think it’ll be fine.

    The Halogen sweater jacket (351060) fit me perfectly, but I can see how it might not fit others very well. The buttons are strangely high and it sags a bit if you leave it unbuttoned. I’m high waisted and larger busted, so it worked great for me. Again, a bit on the casual side, but last fall/winter I found myself wishing I had more sweater jackets for less formal days so this was a great find. I got it in magenta.

    I took Kat’s suggestion on the Halogen bow shirt in ivory (351146) (I know, I really cleaned up with Halogen). It definitely needs a cami but it’s not as sheer as I feared. The bow also lays flat so it’s not like a giant white flag sticking off of your chest, which was also a concern.

    The big disappointment was the Calvin Klein dress (356688). The fabric, fit and color (cobalt) were great. I was really excited about it… until I looked in the mirror. The pleats in the front poofed out at the belly and made me look preggers. Not really what I’m going for. To be fair, the poof is probably more noticeable to me than it would be to others, but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing it.

    Can’t wait to hear about every else’s orders!

    • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

      How vibrant are the colors on The Skirt? I want to get the same colors you did, but most of the women in my office wear very muted colors and I don’t want to stand out too much.

      • MaggieLizer :

        Neither were super vibrant imho. The yellow raisin was pretty true to the color online, perhaps not quite as bright. The dark amethyst is grayish but not so gray that you can’t tell it’s purple.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      Mine comes today!!! Slightly (ha!) excited :).

    • I tried on the Calvin Klein dress in the store and had the same experience. Horrifying!

  9. Thoughts on this dress?

    Bought it for work and slightly torn…

    • SF Bay Associate :

      Sorry, but unequivocal veto. It looks like a bathrobe. If it was red, Hugh Hefner would wear it.

    • I love the dress but am fairly certain it would make me look 10 sizes larger than I am. But I love it, would wear it to work. I think its fashionable enough that those in the know would “get” that its not dowdy. But has that dowdy thing going on so that those not in the know would just think its conservative.

    • It’s a beautiful dress, but I think the silk + its loose cut could veer into silk robe or evening territory. Obviously, it depends on your office, but I think I would have a hard time pulling it off in mine. I am sure you can find lots of occasions to wear it, though, it’s lovely.

    • I purchased this dress last week, and it arrives today. I’ll let you know what I think. I’m actually most concerned about the collar. It may trend too 70s for my taste. But, with easy returns at Nordstrom, I thought it was worth the risk.

    • Holy crap, is that a dress? At first I thought you’d accidentally posted a link to a bathrobe, until I saw the item name. Maybe it doesn’t look like a bathrobe on you, but it looks like one on the model.

    • I vote “no”. If it was from H&M or F21 and cost $25 I would say keep it and don’t worry if you only wear it a couple times. However, not for the $229 pricetag. (And it does have a “Hugh Hefner” look to it!)

    • i really like it! i think the bathrobe factor other commenters are seeing could be avoided if you got the sleeves taken in a little to reduce how flowy they are, or converted into short sleeves.

      i work in a business casual office and would definitely wear this to work, maybe with a cardigan for day.

    • spacegeek :

      I think it looks too big on the model. Prob size down and it would look fine.

      • It is not as flowy on me as I sized down and it is more normal looking but not tight. It is comfortable but as someone said, it is the price I am hesitant more so about as I am torn about it.

        With the Hugh Hefner reference now in my head, I think it has to go back! ha!

  10. Kat – have you really had good luck with silk/cashmere knits? I haven’t. I’ve had more problems with pilling with this blend than I’ve had with any other knit fabric. How do you prevent or deal with this – or has it really not been a problem for you?

    • Just wanted to say I have that same issue, plus the silk cashmere knits I have bought seem to stretch out/don’t hold their shape, on top of the pilling. I generally avoid that blend, but maybe this one is a better quality.

  11. Question: are nude pumps here for the long term?

    I work PT from home, so I have not had many opportunities to wear office-appropriate dress in 3-4 years. Thus, any office-appropriate gear I purchase must be good for the long term. Recently, due to some personal business transactions, I’ve found that I need to ‘dress’ a little more — not quite office conservative, but certainly a step up from the preschooler/playground look I’ve been sporting recently. I’d really love to buy some open-toe nude pumps, but fear wearing them once and then donating them to Goodwill. Thoughts?

    • MaggieLizer :

      I think it’s here to stay. I could be wrong, but it seems like the trend has been around for a while and it’s just now really picking up momentum. I have 4 pairs of nude pumps (different heel height, straps, some peep toe and some not, etc.) but I only bought one within the past year. My favorite of the four I’ve had for 4-5 years and the pair I’m wearing today I bought at a sale the summer before last (both are Enzo Angiolini, incidentally).

    • Nude shoes are a wonderful options – very versitile and make women’s legs look longer (something I find helpful at 5’3″!). I hope they stay stylish for a long time!!

    • I’m of the impression that they’re relatively timeless. Sure, they’re very “of the moment” right now and may not be so hot a few seasons down the road, but I can’t really imagine them ever being totally out of style. They’re so versatile and go with everything. I personally wear mine 2-3 days a week, so I’ll probably never give them up!

      • I have nude platform shoes that I bought at least 5 yrs ago because they would make my legs look soooo long. I think they will be around for awhile.

    • I’ve been contemplated the same as well and decided that while they will look dated eventually, they’ll be around for at least 5 years or so. Especially since the Duchess seems to love them. I just got a pair from the Cole Haan sale and love them.

    • If this helps, I just donated some work clothing from before I had my daughter (she’s 10 now) and when I pulled out a particular suit, I remembered that I used to wear nude shoes with it. So that must have been in 2000 and I was wearing them way back then. Of course the SHAPE of the shoes is no longer current – one of those straight up-and-down thick heels and a snipped-square toe.

      So for mny $.02, it’s not the color but rather the style of the shoe that will go out of style. I really, really don’t think there’s any such thing as a truly classic shoe, unless you’re talking Ferragamo bow pumps.

    • I’m going to swim against the flow here and say I think they will look dated in about 5 years. If you can get your money’s worth in that time frame, go for it. Otherwise, the only color pump that has truly stood the test of time is black.

      I wore gold shoes in 1985 and we all told ourselves that gold was the perfect neutral and would become a new classic neutral. Uh, no.

  12. I still wear the Prada open toe nude pumps I bought 6 years ago. They weren’t in style then and I plan to wear them for years to come.

    I am not sure why people are so crazy for them all of a sudden, but nude shoes are a wonderful option.

  13. Lefty lawyer :

    Saw a prosecutor on her way to court this am in Phila wearing a strapless sundress and a shrug!

    • The City Hall air conditioners are notorious for not working. On the other hand, if it was fed. court down on Market, she’ll be freezing her butt off once she gets inside.

  14. I have this cardigan in the lilac! LOVE IT. Have been contemplating the baby pink too because it is too cute – always get complimented and the quality is amazing. Really good bargain Friday pick – more like this please (i.e. not Target Merona polyester things)

  15. Speaking of cardigans, what do you think of twin sets as appropriate law office wear? I work in a government law office and I like twin sets as a more comfortable alternative to suits or blazers , particularly if I’m in the office all day and don’t have meetings or court. Also, I used to be a fan of Lands End cotton twin sets (they don’t sell them as twin sets, but I mean a fine gauge cotton cardigan and matching short-sleeve sweater or shell). But I’ve been frustrated by how quickly the sleeve cuffs and bottoms bag out. Any alternatives? And I am too fleshy to go for the thin sweater sets that Talbots has been selling lately. Ah, Talbots! That’s a whole ‘nother rant.

    • I think they are great for a law office, as long as you pair them with more modern/edgy things – not pearls! Back in April or May I bought some nice shells from Brooks Brothers Outlet that had matching cardigans – they have held up very well for me so far. I believe commenters here have said that BBO always has these.

    • Anonymous :

      I think last discussion determined they were a bit matchy-matchy for current trends. Try mixing up some of your sets or wearing cardis over a blouse or a coordinating (not matching) shell to avoid the all-one-color look.

      • That’s what I generally do – wear the shell with a suit, and the cardigan with a different color shell under it (usually white or black).

    • I think they are appropriate, but I don’t think they are fashionable. But I certainly wouldn’t think someone was inappropriately dressed if they wore the twinsets (which I think is your question).

  16. Thanks for the heads up, Kat! I love silk/cashmere blends, especially those like this (70%silk/30% cashmere). I’d never thought to check Brooks Brothers for this. I just bought one in navy because, having an inverted V shape, I don’t look that good with light colors on top. I appreciate the V neckline of this cardigan, because it breaks up the width of my shoulder line. I was also encouraged by a couple reviews on the BB site. A fellow petite shopper said it wasn’t too long on her. Another reviewer said hers shrank a lot even though she used cold water and laid it flat to dry. Since a 5’8″ Corporette commenter above said the sleeves were too short, maybe that means the sleeves will be the right length on me. (Broad shouldered people have shorter arms than narrow shouldered people of the same height.) You have no idea how hard it is to find cardigans when you’re short, petite, and shaped like an inverted V. I don’t have a single one! Keeping my fingers crossed the BB one works on me. BTW, if you haven’t registered on the BB site yet, click on their $10 off $50 for registering offer in the upper left corner. You can add a $9 washcloth to cross the $50 threshold and get $10 off!

  17. Oh, Kat, I forgot to weigh in on your delicious birthday bag dilemma. I love all the bags you listed, but I think the Salvatore Ferragamo Zip-Top Shoulder Bag is most versatile. I can imagine you sightseeing in Europe with it, going around town during an ordinary day, or attending business meetings with it. It seems flexible enough to look smaller when you don’t need a lot of stuff, whereas the other bags, being more structured, seem quite corporate (SF) or dressy (LV). Just my $0.02.

  18. And thanks, Kat, for pointing out the FABULOUS price on the cardy! This is exactly the kind of bargain I love, and I would never have looked at Brooks Brothers otherwise. So, thanks!

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