Plants, Points, Portions, and More: A Diet Open Thread

corporette diet open threadI’ve seen a lot of commenter threads about different diets lately, and I’ve been looking into them myself, so I thought I’d start a diet open thread to collect everyone’s thoughts in one place. At the outset, I just want to remind everyone this isn’t necessarily about weight loss — some people try different diets as a way to eat healthier or break bad habits. If you aren’t interested in changing your diet, or if this talk is triggering to you, please skip this thread. In case it needs to be said: this thread is not about looking “perfect.” Bodies come in all shapes and sizes; please strive to love yours no matter what size.

But, for those of you who WOULD care to discuss it, let’s hear it, ladies: Have you tried to change your diet lately? What diets did you consider, what did you end up doing, what good habits have managed to stick with you? What’s your bottom line in gauging success of a new diet (like seeing the scale move, losing weight, getting rid of a food-sensitivity symptom like bloating or fatigue)? What role do expense, convenience, and rigidity play — as a busy working woman do you dismiss out-of-hand a diet that requires you to prepare everything at home or allows no wiggle room?

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Reader Mail: When Should I Give Up and Buy a Larger Wardrobe?

When to Buy Larger Clothes | CorporetteWe’re curious what the readers have to say about today’s reader mail:

This is embarrassing, but I’ve been fighting a losing battle with my weight for a while now.  Before the holidays, I had about a week and a half”s worth of clothes that still fit.  After the holidays I’m now down to a few pairs of pants and a very stretchy skirt. I wore a summer dress (t-shirt material!) the other day because it was the only thing that fit and was clean!!  Should I just give up and go buy new clothes?  I don’t have any major meetings or suit-wearing things coming up, and the only person at work who sees me on a daily basis is my secretary.

Eeeesh, we hear you, sister — the holidays were not kind to us either.  For our $.02, you’re treading on thin water with such a limited wardrobe — even if no one sees you regularly, we feel like people will start to notice.  Besides, it’s always more professional (and flattering!) to wear clothes that fit, rather than stuff yourself into clothes that are too small.  But in terms of whether you have to give up the ghost and go buy new clothes… our answer to your question depends on a number of factors.

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10 Things About… Trying to Diet While Working a Corporate Gig

N.B.: I still stand by this advice on how to diet while working a corporate job (and links have been updated as of 2016), but you can also check out our 2016 discussion on how not to gain weight during the summer recruiting season

Amazingly, everyone I know right now is either trying to get their eating under control (the Fourth of July was apparently a very happy one for everyone!) or outright diet. This can seem like a nearly impossible task if you’ve got cocktail parties, catered dinners, and three-course lunches on a daily basis — especially since so many diet programs require you to cook (or at least eat specific foods that can take a ton of time to prepare). What’s a working girl to do? Here are my tips…

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