The Top Posts of 2013

 Top Posts of 2013

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  1. Business Casual for Women – Without Being Overdressed
  2. Is Ombre Hair Professional?
  3. The Best Button-Down Shirts For Women
  4. How Often Can You Repeat Your Outfits at Work?
  5. The Best Camisoles for Layering
  6. How to Look Professional in Flats – All the Time
  7. How to Wear Cropped Pants to Work
  8. What’s YOUR Annual Clothes Budget?
  9. The Best Simple Sheath Dresses
  10. When Do Girly Clothes Become Unprofessional?

I also thought I’d round up a few of my personal favorites, after the jump…

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Kat’s Favorite Suits of 2013

Best Women's Suits of 2013 | CorporetteIn keeping with the theme of yearly look-backs, these are some of my favorites suits recommended here this year…  (Each picture links back to the original post… and of course, don’t forget to check out The Corporette Guide to Basic Women’s Suiting.  Here were our roundup of favorite suits from 2012 and 2010.)

Readers, which were your favorite suits recommended in 2013? Any favorites from the commenting threads?

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Accessorizing Fun: Kat’s Favorite Coffee Breaks

Kat's Favorite Accessories Recommendations of 2013 | CorporetteIn keeping with the theme of yearly look-backs, these are some of my favorites from the accessories recommended here this year…  (Here were the favorites from 2012 and 2010.)

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Kat’s Favorite TPS Reports of 2013

Kat's Favorite Wear-to-Work Recommendations of 20132016 Update: These pieces are still some of our favorite workwear from 2013, but you may also want to check out our 2016 roundup of favorite workwear suggestions

Every weekday here at Corporette, I offer one suggestion for an item that I would wear to work. Sometimes readers love the item, and wow do you guys hate it sometimes. Sometimes *I* love it, sometimes it was just the best I could find given the restraints (for those who haven’t noticed, Monday and Tuesday tend to be pricier items, Wednesday is in the $100-$150 price range, Thursday is in the $50-$100 price range, and Friday is in the “under $50″ range.) Still, as the end of the year approaches I thought I’d look back over the past year and choose my personal favorites from the things I recommended… each picture is from one month, and the picture links back to the original post.  (Most are sold out, but some of the later months (like the blue pants) are still available.)

(Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to do this in 2011 due to some tech difficulties, but here is the roundup from 2010 and 2012 if you’re curious.)

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Kat’s Favorite “News” Stories

how-to-buy-a-great-blazerThese aren’t top news stories, per se, but they are the stories that I’ve thought about over and over throughout the year.  Readers, which were your favorite news stories of the year?  List ’em here.

  • Real Simple told us how to assess quality in blazers.
  • Angie at YouLookFab knew the secret to scrunched sleeves.
  • Funny, funny: the WSJ heralded the “triumphant return of the skirt suit,” wherein the author began with the sentence, “The last time any fashionable woman took a skirt suit seriously, Melanie Griffith and Sigourney Weaver were clobbering one another for corner-office rights in the 1988 film ‘Working Girl.’”
  • Extra Petite researched how to prevent “bag sag” so you don’t have to.
  • I liked this amusing essay at Jezebel from a woman tired of being told she “doesn’t have to dress up” for work.  Also amusing: Above the Law shared a fun Clifford Chance memo to their women attorneys, offering tips such as don’t giggle, don’t show cleavage, and “think Lauren Bacall, not Marilyn Monroe.”
  • The Washington Post wrote about the red sneaker effect; a study found that a business woman wearing red sneakers with her suit was thought to have higher rates than a business woman wearing regular shoes.  Very interesting — I’ve written before about my theory about “the eccentric genius” personality, but I’ve often thought it’s much harder for women to rock.
  • Above the Law reported on a judge who reprimands women for showing elbows.  Meanwhile, SF Gate reported on a CEO’s tweet where he correlated IQ with heel height.
  • Slate had an interesting article about women breadwinners, with survey results from many couples where the woman makes more.
  • This is actually a really important (but long) read — the NYT covered Harvard Business School’s recent drastic efforts for gender equity — I was shocked that this was 2011, that HBS women were so hesitant and intimidated by the boys’ club mentality, and that the school found that these efforts actually made a change.  Stunning.
  • Erin Callan wrote in the NYT about her regret for letting her job take over her life (and her child-bearing years). Scientific American had an interesting guest blog with one of Harvard’s youngest faculty members advising women on work/life balance (lots of great tips, even if you’re not interested in becoming an academic). Meanwhile, the NYT looked at how “the opt-out generation wants back in.”
  • This was a great article from Working Mother about how you should be in the “business of the business” if you want to be an executive (instead of a “support” role like finance, accounting, HR, marketing, etc).
  • Vivia Chen at The Careerist examined how to find a career coach.
  • Hunched in front of your computer all day?  Lifehacker told you how to fix your aching back.
  • The Atlantic had an interesting article about alcohol as an escape from perfectionism — a sobering read for all us Type As who enjoy a glass (or 3) of wine a night. Lisa at Privilege has some fantastic advice for how to cut back when your beloved glass of wine a night may have turned into a tumbler of wine.
  • Finally, you must check out this Buzzfeed collection of pictures and .gifs from the 2013 Running of the Interns.

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