Accessorizing Fun: Kat’s Favorite Coffee Breaks

Kat's Favorite Accessories Recommendations of 2013 | CorporetteIn keeping with the theme of yearly look-backs, these are some of my favorites from the accessories recommended here this year…  (Here were the favorites from 2012 and 2010.)

Readers, which were your favorite pieces recommended for Coffee Breaks in 2013? Any favorites from the commenting threads or Hunts?

Alzare Wide Slotted Belt  Ivanka Trump Women’s Iliana Pump Madewell Ankle Strap Mini Wedge Rebecca Minkoff MAB Leather Tote
Stephen Dwecki Pearl Blue Agate Necklace Kirkwood-elaphe-pumps Ann Taylor Perfect Exotic Leather Skinny Belt Peal & Co Top Frame Briefcase
Bruno-Magli-Gabba-Wine-Calf-9 Gabriela-Artigas-Infinite-Tusk-Earrings-10.indexed Cole-Haan-Ainsley-Jenna-Shoulder-Bag 11 Kenley-Cashmere-Scarf


  1. Hi, get me back to NYC quick!!!!! This guy, Clem, keep’s following me around like a puppy dog, but his breathe smell’s like a combo of Cabbage and Cigarette’s! FOOEY! And he is NOT lookeing for a LT releationship, if you know what I mean, and I have NO intention of giveing him ANY “southern comfort” that he is askeing me to give him. DOUBEL FOOEY!

    I told Myrna never to let me go with her SOUTH again. We are very populear down here b/c alot of the women look like HONEY BOO BOO! No ofence, b/c we are Not Beauty’s, but PUHLEEASE, do something with yourself and take care of your bodies, ladie’s! No wonder Clem and other’s are taileing us like BLOODHOUND’s! TRIPEL FOOEY!

    I am comeing back on Sunday and it is NONE to soon. Roberta want’s me to stop off in Philadelphia to see her son, and he is lookeing better all the time. Yay for NYC!

  2. Sydney Bristow :

    I just saw this post about various studies of the impact of what you wear on the way you feel, how you’re treated, how you’re viewed, etc. Thought I’d pass it along! Link below.

  3. Wildkitten :

    Currently I have a professional coat and a puffy coat. I wear the puffy coat when it’s really cold (below freezing) and the professional coat when it’s warmer. Kate White has convinced me that it’s time to stop wearing the puffy coat to work. I know this question gets asked a lot – but what are the best professional coats for below freezing? J Crew Lady Day?

    • Stay warm :

      When it’s really cold, go with a down coat. Lands End has a couple of options that are not so sporty looking yet still warm. They are on sale too. I wear a coat like that with suits in the winter and I feel perfectly professional. I feel the same way about snowboots. I get ones that are suitable for the weather and change at the office. I don’t care if someone sees me during the commute because it is cold!

    • dream coat :

      I saved up, and used a gift certificate my relative gave me to Nordstrom’s …. and bought the beautiful long shearling coat that I will wear for the next 40 years. It is the nicest piece of clothing I own, and it still looks perfect after 6 years. It is classic, gorgeous, and much warmer then my down coat or my wool coats.

      • my dream coat... :

        Having trouble posting….

        Here’s the same brand as I bought, and the standard length is now on deep discount. This is an investment piece. There are several styles on sale….

        The hood/cape/neck warmer is just fabulous. For some odd reason, in this picture they do not show the coat in the most flattering way to wear it…. you button the top button and the hood/cape becomes a neck warmer and it looks very elegant. The cut of the coat is also clear when the neck is closed… it is actually a fitted coat and is very flattering.

        The version I bought is longer (past the knee to mid calf) and is dark/black suede with grey shearing lining. It is perfect.

    • Baconpancakes :

      I’m planning on going with the Patagonia Tres, but that’s not hugely more professional than one of the sleeker down coats from Lands’ End. The trouble with professional coats is that you really need a wind proof layer past a certain temperature, and no wool coat exists that has that, as far as I’ve found. But ethical questions aside, there’s always fur! I once wore a borrowed mink over a fancy, strapless dress in 10 degree weather, and my legs were the only part of me that was cold. Say whatever else you will about fur, but there is nothing warmer!

      • This is key – wool coats will be fine to about 20, maybe 15 degrees, but if gets below that – scr*w the fashion and go for warm and wear the puffy coat. If it’s windy, then you need to factor in wind chill and the fact that your wool coat is not windblocking.

        • Also, I think its REALLY city/region dependent. West coast, yes, it will look ridiculous to be wearing a puffy coat to work. NY – maybe, depending on the weather. Chicago and Minneapolis? No one is going to blink at you wearing a seasonally appropriate coat or footwear. I don’t know where Kate White resides, but I’m guessing she is focused on a very specific region.

          I think there is also a difference between having the nice professional wool coat you wear to court, or when temps are in the 30 to 20 degree F range, and then having the long down coat that you wear when it is freezing too cold. But you are talking to someone who has about 6 different coats to wear during the winter.

          • Also, I bet you money that Kate White takes a cab to/from work in the winter.

      • Diana Barry :

        +1. If it is below 25 I wear my down coat – the lady day is NOT WINDPROOF and is only so good with suit jacket, hat, scarf, mittens.

    • How cold is below freezing for you? I wear a Lands End wool coat, and it’s definitely warm enough for me above 0 degrees F. Below 0, I’d just wear the puffy coat and be warm.

      • One more thought: what you wear under the coat really matters. If it’s cold, I can’t wear a thin sweater or blouse and expect that my wool coat will be warm enough. Layer up, and make sure your wool coat is big enough to allow layers.

    • My formal coat (which was not that cheap) is a winter wool. It is surprisingly warm for how thin it is. I think the key is to get a really high quality wool or cashmere (with a nice lining) – and then double up with a scarf and a hat.

      But, I have to say, my husband got me a quilted, slightly puffy coat from Coldwater Creek for my birthday and its nice and warm and, I think, perfectly professional. You know, for getting from the ELEVATOR to my DESK. Lol. I think the key to keeping a puffy coat professional is that it still fits to your body a bit, either because of a belt or the cut.

      Anyway, those are my two cents.

      • I think color and maybe shape also play a role. To me, “unprofessional” would mean a bright yellow northface – maybe – but if you’re wearing something in a neutral-ish color, all you’re demonstrating is good judgment. I think it looks far more ridiculous to come to court with bare legs and stilettos in cold, snowy weather than with a puffy coat and winter boots.

        Either way, there are a ton of warm and “professional” options out there. I really don’t think this has to be and either/or proposition.

    • I really hate to say something like this but when women state and believe sentiment that results in form over function, it really makes women appear……illogical? irrational? not concerned with reality? I don’t know what the proper word is. Point being, when it’s THAT cold, men are also wearing puffy coats, even in business formal environments. Why are we literally torturing ourselves to fit some ideal of fashion that is physically harmful to us?

      • Diana Barry :

        +100. Smart lizard!

      • Wildkitten :

        Thanks, genuinely. My current coat is short and puffy. I wanted to know if there is a professional coat for below freezing I didn’t know about. I’ve learned a lot from this site. I think a longer fitted down coat might fill the niche.

        I’m junior midlevel at new workplace and walk by my boss sometimes omw to the door. I am somewhat uncomfortable calling attention to the fact that I’m leaving if I leave before him, so I’d like yo at least look professional, if possible.

        Kate White probably takes a black car to work. I can’t do that, but still want to look professional.

        • I would probably agree that a longer fitted down coat in a “professional” color is best but please, don’t freeze yourself!

    • Manhattanite :

      I’m on the side of wearing the puffy when it’s super cold! But I have a j crew thinsulate-lined wool coat and it keeps me warm enough for my short commute by subway. I just got a j crew puffer for weekends when I’m outside for longer periods of time and when it gets into the teens for my commute. (As an aside, j crew is my go-to for winter coats because they have coats that fit the xs petite such as myself!)

    • A puffy vest might help? I have the ultralight down from Uniqlo and it makes a huge difference, although we’re only at -2C here at the moment.

      • Love these. I have them in matching colours for pretty much all my dress coats now, which pretty much solves the problem of staying warm and formally-dressed for me.

    • Kate White who took a car service to and from her magazine job every day before she got fired? I’m not following her.

  4. Stay warm :

    Ooooh that sounds fabulous. Which one did you get?

  5. We are at a Piggly WIGGELEY getting a gift for Myrna’s boss! We ate HANGER steak last nite. FOOEY! Way to fatty for me. CLEM kept following me and wanted Me to be the mother of his children!?! I think he JUST wanted me to take my JEAN’S off. DOUBEL FOOEY!

    Can’t wait to get back and tell the hive about this place. Yay!

  6. Baconpancakes :

    Are nude for me shoes ok with a red dress for NYE? I really don’t want to wear black, and I’m kind of sick of shopping at this point, so looking through my closet that leaves nude. Or I guess there’s always zappos. I don’t want to do gold, because I’m wearing silver jewelry, and everyone wears gold with red. I love love loved these ridiculous bling-covered silver shoes at Nine West, but they were impossibly narrow and felt like walking on knives uncomfortable. I was thinking nude might work because I used to wear blush sparkle shoes with red and they looked great, a little unexpected, but very cute. Thought, ladies?

    • Miss Behaved :

      I think so.

    • If it means you don’t have to do any more shopping, I say nude shoes are fine! I’m so over shopping myself.

    • hellskitchen :

      I love blush and red together, so if nude for you is blush, I think they will go really well together. And silver, blush and red sounds like an unexpected but beautiful combo. Rock it!

      • Am I too old school for loving gold with red? And there are a lot of different shades of gold to bronze, depending on skin tone. I love the metallic nude for me look for parties.

        • hellskitchen :

          Not at all. I don’t think red and gold looks dated… it is a classic combination for a reason. I personally wear my metallic bronze pumps everywhere I can. But if the OP plans to wear silver jewelry, then nude for her shoes will work better than gold or bronze.

        • Baconpancakes :

          Not at all! I’ve just worn gold with red for the past 75,032 times I’ve worn the color, so I wanted to try something new.

  7. I’m not a big fan of nude shoes in the winter, but if you like it, go for it.

  8. Regretting coming in to work today. There is nobody here and time is crawling.

    • Seriously. I am here only to avoid burning vacation days.

      • Same. I thought going through my email would take me at least until lunch but I’m already done. Guess it’s time to tackle the tasks I’ve been putting off.

    • Word to your mother. And of course the tasks I do have are DEATHLY boring.

    • Diana Barry :

      Busy doing end-of-the-year stuff here, but I am hoping that everything will be done by the end of the day so tomorrow I can get out early.

    • I’m annoyed that people are slowly coming back. I want to go back to spinning in my chair all day.

      • Does Godzilla use its tail to spin the chair?

        • Sometimes, yes. I just have to make sure that my tail doesn’t accidentally thwack the garbage cans or piles of contracts chilling in my office (huge rolls of engineering contracts, not eeentsy lawyer contracts).

    • Senior Attorney :

      I am working all week. I have things to do, so that’s not really a problem.

      But I am worried about what to take to the potluck New Year’s Eve party that starts right after work (Chick Fil A Bowl starts at 5 p.m. our time and it’s a football-watching crowd). I’m thinking a fancy dip and crackers that I can make ahead unless anybody has any other awesome suggestions.

      • Buffalo Chicken Dip (google it). I prefer it with ranch. I also increase the ratio of hot sauce to ranch/cream cheese. It is delicious. You can make it the night before and then reheat in the oven or microwave.

        • Oh, and I’m not trying to be a jerk when I said to google it – recipe websites are blocked at my workplace (for time wasting reasons, I suppose) so I can’t send you a link.

        • Here’s the link and it looks sinful:

          • It is delicious. Equally good eaten with tortilla chips, crackers, celery sticks, or spooned straight from the dish to mouth.

        • I saw tubs of this at Costco last week. (east coast, though.)

        • Senior Attorney :

          Good grief, that looks delish! I may have to give it a try!!

      • Another option is to pick up a sandwich tray or even Chik-fil-a nuggets/strips tray. Sticking with the theme and all…

        • Senior Attorney :

          That would be hilarious, although I am not a Chik-fil-a fan for various reasons…

      • IT Chick in MN :

        If you don’t want to worry about the dip sitting out, google for vegan dip recipes. I’ve done a curried carrot dip and a white bean/lemon dip that people were eating by the serving spoonful.

  9. Any recommendations for a family physician in NYC? Preferably a woman, but I’m open. Looking for someone who will listen and their first instinct isn’t just to give you a pill.

    • I use Michael Kim after I found him through zocdoc. He’s a listener, not a pill popper; but not a woman.

    • I used to see a group of nurse practitioners affiliated with Columbia. It’s called CAPNA.

      I really liked all the providers there and they have some MDs on staff if you are not comfortable seeing only NPs. Only reason I am not currently seeing them is they don’t do OB stuff and I’m pregnant. Once I have the baby, will probably go back to them as my PCP.

    • I really like my PCP — Dr. Megan Thomasch, 200 W 57th St, (212) 765-5151.

  10. I just got a small bonus I wasn’t expecting. I started this job at the beginning of December and my offer letter said I wasn’t eligible for a bonus until next year. This is awesome, and I think indicative that I made a good choice leaving my old firm, but my question is – do I say thank you? I work in a satellite office and have never met my boss in person so it would be over the phone at our next weekly meeting or by email.


    • I think the general consensus is that you do not thank for bonuses.

    • Although the general consensus is that you don’t need to say thank you for a bonus, I do think given your circumstances (newly hired in December and offer letter indicated not eligible), you should pick up the phone and simply say thanks for the unexpected bonus. That’s it.

      • Agreed. I’d also add a line about how you’ve enjoyed working there and are excited to get more involved with/start working on xyz.

      • workingmomz :

        I agree that this is a case for thanking and saying how you’ve enjoyed your time so far blah blah blah. And good for you for getting a small bonus so soon after starting!

    • Thanks guys! That’s what I thought, so thanks for the confirmation!

  11. How soon before buying a home did y’all talk to a banker? I’m starting to wonder if my husband and I are way off in our estimates for home buying.

    • We didn’t talk to one until when we were writing an offer and needed a pre-qualification letter. We had owned a home previously and were pretty confident about what we could afford. A loan officer should be able to run some numbers for you quickly if you need a ballpark figure.

    • Senior Attorney :

      If you are uncertain, I can’t imagine it would do any harm to talk to somebody and get a reality check.