The Top Posts of 2013

 Top Posts of 2013

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  4. How Often Can You Repeat Your Outfits at Work?
  5. The Best Camisoles for Layering
  6. How to Look Professional in Flats – All the Time
  7. How to Wear Cropped Pants to Work
  8. What’s YOUR Annual Clothes Budget?
  9. The Best Simple Sheath Dresses
  10. When Do Girly Clothes Become Unprofessional?

I also thought I’d round up a few of my personal favorites, after the jump…

 Kat’s Favorite Articles from the Past Year

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Pssst: Happy New Year’s Eve, guys!  Any fun plans for tonight?


  1. Good morning! I just thought I’d drop by to say hey-o now that I finally feel like I have my feet under me. Man, being a working mom is no joke. I can’t imagine what it was like twenty years ago! Kudos to you who paved the way for us. :)

    • Hope you and your sweet baby are doing well! Your blog continues to be great, I hope you’ll keep it up for those of us who eventually hope to dip a toe into maternity wear. You have great style. :)

      • Thank you! It has turned out to be more work than I expected so I’m always tempted to let it go, but your comment encourages me to keep it going. I really appreciate it!

    • Clementine :

      Forgive me for taking advantage of your wisdom, but I need a sounding board and right now I’m ‘being discreet’.

      A dear friend of mine just told me she is expecting and I wanted to get her a little something. So far I’ve gotten a few ideas:

      Ginger and Lemon kit filled with little bags of crackers, lemon candies, ginger tea/ginger altoids, etc.

      A card and a funny pregnancy book.

      A pedicure.

      I feel like I’m not being creative and this is honestly my best friend. I’m hesitant to get her any ‘baby’ things until she’s announced it to her family, etc. What would you have liked in your first trimester? I’m used to getting gifts later on and have that pretty covered, but normally I just go with a card when people tell me.

      Also- is there an appropriate time to offer to host her baby shower? I was thinking 4 months along I would offer.

      • I recently bought my pregnant best friend a gift set from the Honest Company (I think it was called the Pamperking Kit). It had body wash, chapstick, lotion, etc. for pregnant women. She loved it because she’d been wanting to try out the products for herself/her baby, and the products were “safe” for use during pregnancy.

        • Anon for this one :

          This. I’m in a similar boat except on the other side and one of my sisters got me a belly cream and The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy, together with a sweet card about how excited she was to watch me go through all this and become a mom. I was sort of nervous to start getting this stuff for myself because I didn’t even know where to start and getting a little care package like this made me really excited to start doing these new little things for myself and the wee babe. I’m very into organic, non toxic products, especially now that I’m expecting, so if thats important to your BF, I can highly recommend the balm she got me and it came in a really cute package, too:

          Whatever you get though, it’s really the thought that counts. Truly!!

      • I recently watched The Business of Being Born and I wish I had watched it very early in my pregnancy, before allowing myself to get so frightened by all of the pregnancy literature (which also covers labor & delivery). I wish I would have chosen to have a midwife instead of a doctor, and I ended up switching doctors half way through my pregnancy (which was a challenge and a half). I also would have loved a prenatal massage. Honestly, the best thing my best friends have done for me during my pregnancy is just ask me about the HUGE changes in my body and be interested in my progress. Congrats to your friend!

  2. Dear wise hive, I bought a handbag at tjmaxx sometime last month. It is a fossil brand with calf hair on the flap. Some of the calf hair has worn off already. I don’t have the receipt but I put the purchase on my tjmaxx card. Do you think I could or should take it back? I am disappointed because this was a big spendy purchase for me.

    • You could do that. You can also call Fossil and ask them to replace the bag – they have a pretty good warranty/guarantee.

  3. Kat, I just started getting some pretty risque adds for League of Angels. Just thought you’d like to know!

    • Anon Not Preg :

      Some cartoon is trying to give me a l*p dance.

    • Which spot? The box or leaderboard above the fold (with the site logo in view) or below the fold? Tx

    • Jessica Glitter :

      For me it is coming up at the bottom of the comments.

    • Its coming up for me in the space above the comments and below the post, and the first slot in the right column under “more sponsors…”

  4. For a laugh:

    Happy New Year!

  5. Where is everyone today? Don’t tell me you all have the day off!!!

    • I have been off since Dec. 18th and all of the things I had planned for today turned out to be unnecessary. So I am laying around like a lump. I wish the gym was open just so I’d have a reason to get out of the house. My neighbors normally have an open house this afternoon but they seem to be out of town. I’m totally pathetic! Maybe I’ll clean the tub.

      • How is the gym not open on New Year’s Eve?! Its total resolution time. That is shocking to me!

        • It’s the university’s gym. They’ve only been closed a few days over break but this is one of them.

    • Jessica Glitter :

      I was wondering the same thing!

    • Senior Attorney :

      I’m at work. One of my colleagues is retiring and today is her last day, so we (the few us us who are here) set up a red carpet from her parking space into the building, and are taking her out to a fancy lunch.

      Hopefully I can finish up early and get to my New Year’s Eve party in time for the 5 p.m. kickoff of the Chik Fil A Bowl.

      • Workingmomz :

        I love that you did that!

        • Senior Attorney :

          It was awesome! And she is so funny: We were all playing papparazzi, and somebody shouted “Ms. X, who are you wearing this morning?” and without missing a beat she shouted back, “Kohl’s!”

      • Wow, that’s awesome, I will try to remember that next time someone I know retires.

      • Sweet knee :

        That is so awesome! What thoughtful co workers you are .

      • Hey Senior Attorney – have fun tonight! I’m so glad you have fun plans for NYE. One of my girlfriends spent the day at the aquarium with her grandsons and her ex-husband – he is visiting and her daughter had to work. She is going out to a friend’s tonight just so she doesn’t have to spend NYE with her ex! I told her I’d rather eat dirt than spend NYE with my ex. The weather here is soooo yucky. I’ll probably stay home even though she invited me.

        • Senior Attorney :

          Aw, thanks, NOLA!! Have a great night whatever you decide!

          It’s been a super tough year, but about a month ago I turned a corner and tonight my predominant emotion is just plain relief and happiness that I don’t have to deal with Mr. Senior Attorney tonight or ever again (at least once the divorce is final)!!

    • I’m here but leaving early so I can take a nap before tonight’s party. Getting old.

    • I’m at the office, ferociously resisting everyone trying to make me work.

    • Day off, because I worked Christmas ;=)

      spending it writing things and cleaning and me-timing.

    • Working today. Need to work out at lunch since the gym is closing at 4. I had last Wednesday and tomorrow off. Last week was pretty dead but almost back to business as usual this week.

    • Miss Behaved :

      I didn’t realize there was a new post yesterday or I would have posted. The office was closed yesterday. I’ve actually been off since the 20th.

      I spent yesterday helping my mom dealing with a family crisis involving her siblings. My mother is a sweetheart, but a pushover and her siblings bully her. She tries to be the peacemaker and they walk all over her. I had to help her compose emails responding firmly but politely. The only sibling who is in agreement with her lives in Paris and can therefore watch with amusement from afar.

  6. When can I follow up after a second interview I had on Dec 16? Sent thank yous but originally they wanted someone to start in Dec so I know they are behind on their timelines. Can I send a message that basically says “hey have you picked me” but more polite haha.

    • Few businesses are able to really get into hiring during this time of year. You should probably just wait until next week to send a quick note asking about the timeline. Ask a Manager has good recommendations for how to word your email.

    • If it is past the original deadline when they indicated that they would get back to you, I would send a polite note to the hiring coordinator reiterating your interest in the position and asking if they have an updated timeline by which they expect to make a decision. Then wish the person a happy new year.

    • Workingmomz :

      I wouldn’t follow up until next week. Nobody is in crunch mode now.

      • Workingmomz :

        Well some people are in year-end mode, but if they are, they aren’t in crunch mode for hiring :)

        • We in finance laughed at your first comment and agree with the second. I agree, send an email on the 6th of january or if you can’t wait, on the 3rd. As long as you’re not bugging them weekly, a polite inquiry is fine.

  7. I am sitting here trying to think why my boyfriend does not want to meet me for a romantic evening. He says he is “exhausted” but has not worked in 6 months and has not seen me for 3 weeks. Any ideas on how to cope with this situation? After all shouldn’t he be with me for new years eve?

    • Holiday blues :

      Two thoughts… He is depressed or is seeing someone else.

      No work + feeling exhausted+ winter + holidays = depression! unless proven otherwise

      I wouldn’t be up for a new year ‘s celebration if I was in his shoes…. and he might have trouble affording it. Sounds like time for a home cooked meal, chocolate and wine, an escapist movie, snuggling et al… And the next day, then start telling him you are worried about him, and lonely……

    • Anonymous :

      That sucks – it’s absolutely not unreasonable for you to expect him to spend time with you tonight, especially if you haven’t seen each other in weeks.

      That being said, is it possible that he’s stressed about money given his ongoing unemployment? At least around here, dinner for two at a decently nice (usually $30 entree) restaurant for NYE will set you back $500 after drink markups and seating fees. Is it possible he’s dealing with depression? When mine acts up I usually feel overwhelmingly exhausted for no “good” reason. Is he introverted and not up for a night out with the loud music and crowds? Maybe he would be more receptive to a quiet night of television reruns, champagne, and cupcakes at his place?

      If you can eliminate the above and he’s not willing to compromise, his refusal to spend time with you seems to be a pretty big red flag to me. I’d say this warrants a face-to-face conversation (not tonight, but maybe in a few days) and some serious contemplation about the relationship as a whole and how you want things to be in 2014. And in the meantime, make some fun plans for tonight (are any of your single girl friends going out?)

      • Anonymouse :

        Dude, I’m so glad I don’t live in NYC. Here in the South, a “decently nice” restaurant is $150-$200!

      • Seating Fees? :

        I have lived in Manhattan as an adult, and I don’t know what these are? What are they?

    • Anne Shirley :

      You know, there are all kinds of reasons he might not be up for this (no money, depression, other illness, doesn’t like NYE, can’t handle the pressure of a romantic date), but I really think at a certain point you just need to ask yourself- is the ability to show up and have a good time with me when I ask you to important to me in a relationship? If the answer is yes, then why are you dating someone who isn’t meeting that need? Why aren’t your own needs important?

      I vote throw on your party clothes, get yourself to a bar, and kiss someone at midnight. He hasn’t seen you in 3 weeks and you don’t know a solid reason why? You are worth more than that.

      • Anonymous :

        +1 ! Agree. No matter what the circumstances he could see you if he wanted to. Doesn’t want to go out? Can’t or doesn’t want to spend money? Good! Have a low-key NYE in. Done. Tired? Take a nap. Drink a 5 hour energy or a cup of coffee. It’s not rocket-science.

      • I agree with this. New year’s aside, 3 weeks is a long time not to see someone who you consider a boyfriend/girlfriend without a good reason (intractable distance, extreme-extreme work requirements, quarantine of a serious illness? – other than distance, I actually can’t think of much).

        I completely get staying in on NYE, but if he’s not interested in doing something together, there’s something wrong.

    • Senior Attorney :

      If I hadn’t seen my boyfriend in three weeks and he was choosing not to see me on New Year’s Eve, I would conclude he was doing The Fade and was no longer my boyfriend.

      You are definitely worth more than that.

      • Agreed. Sorry, but unless you’re long distance or he’s swamped with a project at work/ family crisis 3 weeks seems like a long time.

      • My first thought on reading this was “Are you sure he is still your boyfriend?”

        3 weeks of him not seeing her sounds like an exit plan, not a relationship.

    • Killer Kitten Heels :

      You shouldn’t have to be “trying to think” why your boyfriend doesn’t want to see you on what is a pretty standard “date night” holiday – you should be comfortable enough in your relationship to be able to ask him, and should trust him enough to actually believe the answer that he gives you.

      If he’s depressed, or broke, or whatever other reason we can all sit here and make up, it’s something the two of you should be able to talk about – if you can’t/won’t have those kinds of conversations (or you’re willing to but he can’t/won’t), this isn’t a solid relationship, and I’d probably start moving on from this guy if it were me.

      Hasn’t worked in 6 months + hasn’t seen me in 3 weeks + gave me a nonsense reason instead of the truth for not wanting to be with me on a holiday after I’ve told him I want to see him = not a very good boyfriend.

      • This is exactly what I was trying to figure out how to articulate. Although, a post below suggests to me that some people think Alma is a troll, even if she is, I think this advice could be helpful for others in similar situations.

        • My boyfriend must be cheating because he only has come around when he wants sex. And that has not been for weeks now.

      • Anonymous :

        Summer’s Eve perhaps?

    • “Alma” is back. Y’all are very nice to offer her advice.

    • Anonymous :

      It sounds to me like he is depressed. I know I have given those close to me similar troubles when I have been depressed, and it was difficult for the other person to understand. It was never about the other person but me, my headspace, and feeling most terrible inertia weighing me down heavily.

  8. Dress Shopping! :

    Anyone still around want a shopping challenge? This is for my sister. Freshman in college and she needs a “business or conservative cocktail” dress for a sorority event. We are in the south so while it is “cold” for us …that means 30s-50s.
    Thanks ladies!

    • Maybe this with a sweater or wrap?

      It’s more conservative cocktail than business.

    • marketingchic :

      I love this at BR:

    • Or this?

    • Wildkitten :

      I loved going greek but doing it again I’d get a gel manicure at the start and a blow out towards the end.

  9. Baconpancakes :

    PSA: Lo & Sons is offering 25% off for their post-holiday shopping with code LASTMINUTEGIFT.

    So, the only question now is, Army Green or Black?

  10. Long sleeve t-shirt recs? :

    Any recommendations for good quality long sleeve t-shirts? Everlane only has short sleeved shirts. Thanks and happy new year!

  11. quick etiquette q :

    A friend of a friend passed away from breast cancer over the weekend – I didn’t know the woman who passed but she and my friend were very close. Her family has asked for contributions to be made to a foundation to help defray the expenses for her medical care – would it be appropriate to make the gift on behalf of my friend? I plan to make a small contribution either way.