The Best Personal Style Blogs – For Officewear?

Although I occasionally post pictures of myself on Corporette, I’m the first to admit that this is not really a personal style blog — i.e., where you see one woman’s actual clothes and outfits every day or two.  So here’s the question for today’s open thread — which are the best personal style blogs for officewear — the ones you read to get inspired for your professional fashion game?  We haven’t talked about work fashion blogs and corporate style blogs since 2009, so I thought we’d revisit…

Some of my favorites include:

9to5Chic.  I had the pleasure of meeting blogger Anh at a party a few Fashion Weeks ago, and she seems extremely sweet (and super tall!).  Her closet is full of a mixture of designer items and more affordable items from mass market chains.

The Hsu Closet.  Again, I know blogger Carolyn personally — I was a big fan of her other site, The Daily Obsession, for a few years before I started Corporette.  In real life she’s soft spoken, thoughtful, and very smart; her closet showcases her love of high style. She was nice enough to take a week of TPS reports for me when I was on maternity leave.

Extra Petite.  While Jean is petite, I think women of all sizes can take a few notes from her outfit posts — she loves to mix Ann Taylor and other affordable basics with high-end bags such as Chanel.  She always looks graceful and well put together. She was also nice enough to share with us her tips on how to get your suit tailored.

There are numerous store-specific blogs, such as A JC Shopping Habit (for J.Crew), and a number of other blogs that feature more business-casual looks, such as I Am Style-ish and YouLookFab.

All right, ladies, let’s hear it — which are the personal style blogs that you use for outfit inspiration for workwear?  In general, which are your favorite personal style blogs?

The BEST Personal Style Blogs for Officewear | Corporette


  1. I love Capitol Hill Style, even though I’m not in DC and can’t imagine working on Capitol Hill. She just knows what will work for an office environment, and I love the different price points.

    • I second this.
      I also like that I can either just scroll and look at the pretty outfits if I need to relax for a minute, or read every detail if I have the time.

    • TO Lawyer :

      Third this. She’s very judgey but I like her outfit posts and her choices in different price points.

      • Same. Judgey and VERY defensive — I have yet to see her acknowledge a reader viewpoint in the comments — but cute picks.

        • Yes. This is the reason why, despite the pretty outfit posts, I don’t visit any more.

      • hellskitchen :

        THIS! I find her tone to be very judgy sometimes but still like her site so I visit everyday but don’t comment, no matter how great the temptation. I used to read You Look Fab a few years ago but I was turned off by it too. It’s always read to me more as ladies who lunch then professional women.

        • Agreed, I’m glad there are others who think the same! The judgey, I’m-better-than-you tone is a big turn-off. I know that some think that snark is so brilliant, but often to me it just comes across as mean. That’s why I’m a fan of sites like Corporette, because it’s encouraging and gives great no-BS advice, but never mean or condescending like Cap Hill Style!

    • More happy, less judgy:

  2. lucy stone :

    Does anyone have a Talbots discount code that is still working?

  3. transition :

    As it’s an open thread, I hope no one minds the threadjack. An incredible friend of mine passed away suddenly this weekend, at age 35. COD not yet known. He was an activist and a poet, hired to perform his work all over the country. I’ve been watching some of his youtube performance videos and came across this one: For as much as we talk about the prejudgements in the office, in our personal lives, etc. I wish I could be so open with who I am and the things that make me who I am. (FYI, the language is NSFW)

    I know this is a place to discuss which scarf to wear with what and I appreciate that, but I thought I’d take a moment to think about how short lives are and to tell you all how much I really cherish each of you and the ways you contribute here; whether in sharing your struggles or in helping others with theirs, myself included.

  4. One of my favourite blogs is Already Pretty:
    Great wardrobe ideas and also a refreshing focus on body acceptance.

    • Pass.

      • Phone help :

        Pass + 1. I never find this woman to look put together.

        • Pass +2. The outfits are odd and often a mess. Also, past posts have occasionally featured entirely too much TMI. I don’t need to read the details of your lady problems.

      • anon in-house :

        LOL, I remember the drama when she guest-posted.

      • I fall somewhere in the middle here. I don’t care for her style 95% of the time, but I do enjoy reading her.

    • I like Already Pretty, but I don’t think of it as dealing much in officewear – I don’t think her look would be appropriate for a lot of the people who read here.

      • Lady Harriet :

        I agree! I enjoy her fashion advice, but she doesn’t seem to be very office-oriented, especially since she went to full-time blogging. I love some of her outfits and loathe others, but I just scroll past a lot of the touchy-feely body image posts, which aren’t really my thing. It’s a fun blog, but definitely a different target audience. I think it is how I found this blog, though!

  5. Miss Cellaneous :

    Stylish Petite-
    She dresses a little more conservatively (or maybe just more formally) than these three but is still fashion-forward. Her style is also pretty attainable but looks very high-end. She wears lots of Loft, H&M, and Forever 21 mixed with carefully selected Chanel and Loubitons.

    Veronika’s Blushing-
    She’s preppier than the usual style blogger but also wears outfits that I find much more realistic. My personal style is very much like Veronika’s (though my office is a bit more formal), so I really enjoy seeing what someone else is doing with many of the same clothing pieces that I own.

    • Stylish Petite is guilty of ripping of Extra Petite. She used to go by “Really Petite”, just do a google search and see all the plagiarism that pops up.

      • anon in-house :

        Yes, I am so against her blatant misappropriation of every idea and outfit Extra Petite puts out. There is a lot of controversy about it, I feel bad that she has to go through with it and has little recourse to put an end to this copycat.

    • I’m not a fan of Stylish Petite. I find she has very little sense of fit & proportion – too many of her clothing choices are way too short, & way too tight for her body shape. Worse, jackets routinely look a size too small & don’t close, & skirts have flash potential when she sits because of the length & tightness. Just not office appropriate.

      • Miss Cellaneous :

        This is probably completely right. I’m meticulous about the way my own clothes fit but bad about mixing colors and patterns, so I only ever skim the pictures for inspiration in those areas. Now I’m going to have to look harder at the fit and the length of her clothes… If I look at all. The plagiarism issue is troubling. I had no idea that my suggestion was so controversial.

        I still don’t see any reason to dislike Veronika. Glad I can stick with her blog! Her style is much more livable too. (Just re-read. In case anyone wonders, no I’m not Veronika. I don’t even know her. I just read her blog. I don’t even comment since she doesn’t allow anonymity.)

    • +1. I think it’s become pretty much an open secret that Stylish Petite / Really Petite has been egregiously ripping off Extra Petite for years. I don’t get why she continues to censor comments and doesn’t just own up to the copying.

  6. Extrapetite is my favorite of this type of blog, she gets the age-appropriateness & modesty factors right. A lot of the “officewear” bloggers I’ve seen tend towards far too short skirts, and way too high heels for the kinds of work environments I operate in. I’ll have to check out Capitol Hill Style, that’s a new one to me.

    • I agree re: Extra Petite. Even though I’m on the other end of the height spectrum, her tips about fit are very useful. She also manages to pull off color and still look appropriate for a conservative office.

    • hellskitchen :

      Seconded. Extra Petite really gets how to be appropriate for a conservative office. I like 9to5 but some of her pieces are too trendy or donated from obscure/expensive designers that I can’t access, whereas EP usually buys mass market stuff.

  7. I already follow Extra Petite. While I’m not petite, she is focusing her blog more on how to alter clothing yourself, which I find extra interesting! One of these days I may try it myself.

    • Hi Cat #2 – I agree w/ you. Jean’s intelligence really comes through in her writing and approach to tailoring and wardrobe budgeting, IMO, and she handles negative comments very graciously.

  8. downstream :

    does anyone else find it strange that all three bloggers are Asian?

    • I noticed that too! Interesting :)
      I don’t regularly follow a lot of Asian style bloggers for the sole fact that my body shape and skin type are so different, I can’t use any of the tips they give (I say this having tried and failed). Which sucks, because a lot of times they seem like great tips!

    • scientist :

      I’m curious. What do you mean by strange?

      • downstream :

        strange (strnj)
        adj. strang·er, strang·est
        1. Not previously known; unfamiliar.
        a. Out of the ordinary; unusual or striking.
        b. Differing from the normal.

        I mean 2a.

    • I’ve noticed that there are a lot of kickass Asian fashion bloggers out there. I have no idea if that’s because there’s more of them, or just because they’re better at it and therefore get more attention. I lurve ExtraPetite.

    • why was this necessary to point out? if all three were caucasian, would you have written this comment?

      • Well, Caucasians make up 70+% of the population. And I’m not even white – I’m black. Honestly, I think it would be great if the picks displayed more racial diversity and body size diversity. I don’t even mean plus size. All of the bloggers are petite and small chested. They all have similar skin tones. Their picks would only work on a small proportion of women. It’s great to show capes and turtle necks but as I said earlier, I would KILL for a blog by a curvy woman or a Latina or black woman.

    • Yes, I found it strange and also limiting given they all have straight.. ish body types.

  9. Midwest Attorney :

    couldihavethat dot blogspot dot com

    More wishlist than practical, and also lots of lifestyle mixed in, but often very lovely photos, and some good ideas.

  10. So many petite blogs! I’m not exactly hip to all the personal style blogs, but still–I had no idea!

  11. Diana Barry :

    I like extrapetite sometimes, but I usually can’t abide outfit-of-the-day blogs. They make me feel not so put together and blah!

    Did anyone look at the wardrobe makeover thing in Lucky this month? They put a woman who was used to wearing wrap dresses and sheath dresses (great) in separates that were ALL too tight and mostly too short. Rrgh.

    • Research, Not Law :

      YES! I felt badly for her because she was darling and they put her in clothes that were clearly two sizes too small.

      I cannot get over the inappropriateness of Lucky’s ‘work’ recommendations.

      • Yep, I was flabbergasted by that skirt with the frill at the bottom that they put her in. The point was for her to create an updated BUSINESS style not to make her look like a little girl. I thought she still looked good in the outfits they chose (the ivory dress with black accents was very pretty) but conservative office-appropriate? No. She is beautiful and I thought her original wrap dress was very attractive on her.

        Slightly off-topic, but I have been disappointed in Lucky overall. I just got a subscription after a couple years without (It was $5 for 1 year so I figured why not?) and am appalled by their fashion advice. “Show a fun bra through your clothes!” “Wear fur vests everywhere!” WHAT??

  12. I love Colorful Corporate! It’s a mix of business casual and less-stuffy business formal. I love her combinations and colors!

  13. Legally Brunette :

    Girls With Curves. She has an incredible sense of style and is stunning. I enjoy looking at her daily outfits even though we have very different body types.

  14. i follow extra petite (as i am petite and asian), but i do think her tips about fit and appropriateness are universal. i also like her instructions on alterations and her shopping approach.

    i also follow www[dot]wendyslookbook[dot]com. her style is definitely more aspirational and not always office appropriate, but she has an amazing life story and her youtube videos are cute and informative. for example, she has a video tutorial re 25 ways to wear a scarf and how to buy high end things on ebay.

  15. These are all amazing but my body is about as far away from being petite and Asian as is possible! Does anyone know any bloggers who dress curvy (but not plus size) women?

    • Actually rephrase that – does anyone know of any other bloggers like GirlsWithCurves? Plus size or otherwise? I LOVE her personal style.

      • Sorry to post again. Just remembered: is a really great blog by a Biglaw Associate in DC.

      • Amen! I’m waiting for that magic fashion blog for professional women with with curves. I can imagine it now: “Busts, Buns, & Brains.” Oh my.

        • Research, Not Law :


          I’m waiting, too.

          • +101

            While I’m in awe of these blogs, they just make me want to give up. I know that clothes will not look as good on my big, bulky frame, so why bother ?

            A curves-friendly, fashion-forward, work-appropriate fashion blog would be awesome.

            A lot of “curvy” fashion blogs I’ve visited tend to be colorful and retro-inspired, which is totally cute but not my style.

      • Elle, you may like The Style Climber Curve-friendly and super fashionable!

    • I really enjoy going through the archives of Petite Early Morning Style. To my eye, her sense of proportion is excellent, and the variety of silhouettes showcased is inspiring.

    • is curvy and has lots of work appropriate outfits. I wish there were more non-petite work blogs though…

  16. Wow Kat! Thank you so much for the link. So honored to have made the list with 2 of my other favorite bloggers :) xo

  17. I forgot to say in my other comment that I love Extra Petite! I am on the border for petite and regular sizing (5′ 4″) so her sizing reviews are helpful to me. She also combines items in a way that I wouldn’t necessarily think to do with businessy clothing, so that is nice.

    I really like PhiPhi but her outfits are usually more appropriate for casual/creative office environment or weekend wear.

  18. Neysa Alsina :

    I love City and Burbs! Diana’s style is impeccable and affordable.

  19. Extra Petite is Nice And i Am on the Border also but can still use the Style Tips and Looks

  20. I love Wardrobe Oxygen. Her looks run from business/office wear to her casual weekend outfits. Great advice along with the daily outfit posts. (And it doesn’t hurt that she’s the most similar to my body type of all the bloggers I read.)

  21. On the Manolo shoe blog, there is a “Manolo for the Big Girl” section. I love the writing and I love that it embraces the possibilities of dressing well regardless of size or age. I started reading it when I was pregnant (and had the crazy idea that I didn’t need maternity clothes, just a few Hermes scarves to distract people from the fact that my clothes didn’t fit any more) and haven’t stopped.

    I also read Extra Petite from time to time.

    FWIW, I am outside of both blogs’ demographics, but I love the writing and that they make me smile and get me to think. Once I do that, I feel mentally reloaded.

  22. MacKaylaLane :

    This is all such a rabbit hole. I’m loving the stuffjewishgirlslike blog (thanks for the tip). As for Jean of EP, she just hits the right price point for quality/yet managing to save for real life, it seems.

    As much as I like Wendy’s (lookbook) outfits, it just doesn’t work for NYC law. or non size 0-2. or paying back law school loans.

  23. she posts work outfits once in a while and buys all her clothes at amazing bargains

    • I like Js Everyday Fashion. She seems really down to earth. Not all of her stuff is necessarily work appropriate but I dig her blog. I also like The Budget Babe occasionally.

  24. I like mix and match fashion, capitol hill style, and marionberry style for work appropriate looks.

  25. I like,, and for office looks.

    • Smiley: Thanks for those suggestions! I always love looking at how other women dress for the office. I actually started up my own online webstore to cater to professional women who want to express their personality in more then black pants and shirts. Please check it out and give me your feedback:

  26. I like to read Extra Petite also. I’m not petite but she has some great ideas on fit and putting different outfits together. She’s very informative and thorough whether it’s clothes reviews or about things she has done. I also like how she mixes high-end pieces with more affordable ones.

  27. Not So Petite :

    I’m not petite, so I follow girls more close to my body size.

  28. I really like – I found them on this site (they offered some great advice), and have been following them ever since. I work in Finance in NYC and feel that they really understand the industry’s style. Enjoy!

  29. I really like

    I discovered her after seeing her 25 ways to wear a scarf.

  30. fabgabblog :

    You forgot to add FabGabBlog into the round-up! I’ll forgive you if you stop by and remember me next time *wink

  31. You forgot to include FabGabBlog into the round-up!
    I’ll forgive you if you stop by and remember me next time :)

  32. nice tips for office wear. your blog give the full tips for office wear cloths. thanks.

  33. I like Wardrobe Oxygen. Her wardrobe is a mix of mid to low end retailers. While not appropriate for the boardroom, she fits the mid level career woman spot well.

  34. Thanks for sharing. I had no idea there were corporate fashion blogs out there. As an image consultant focusing on appearance and image for entrepreneurs and small businesses this is great information I can share and learn from. Thank you!

    P.S. I also love your blog, keep up the good work.

  35. I would like to add my blog to the list: Project Style.

    Project Style covers inspiration on professional and fashionable workwear for women working in corporate, casual and creative business environments as well as health & beauty tips, inspiring stories, interesting news…

    Come and have a look! I would love to hear your feedback!

    Friederike for Project Style

  36. Any blogs specifically for pear-shaped and/or tall women’s work wear?

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