How to Get Your Style Groove Back

how to get your style groove backSo here’s something we haven’t talked about in a thousand years: how to reassess your personal style and, if necessary, get your style groove back. Some fun things we’ve discussed in the past include where to start when you need style inspiration, the weekend you vs. the weekday you, how to cultivate style (vs. following trends), “next step” brands (as in, I’ve graduated from Express — what’s next?) and, many moons ago, how to revamp your entire wardrobe.

I’m going through a bit of this right now myself. This is how I’m trying to get out of my style rut, but I’d love to hear your tips as well!

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How to Wear Scarves to Work

how to wear scarves to workWhat are your best tips on how to wear scarves to work, readers? What are the best styles — the splurgeworthy brands — and the best fabrics and shapes for scarves? How do you like to style your scarves in 2018 for a modern look? Reader D wonders:

Would you please do a piece on scarves? What are the best brands, materials, styles for the executive suite? Silk, cashmere, blend, wool?

Great question, D! We haven’t had a discussion on how to wear silk scarves in a few years, and I can’t wait to hear what readers say. While readers here have wondered if scarves are professional enough for work, Fortune recently(ish) called scarves the new power accessory for executives. Personally, I tend to associate scarves with style over trend because they really depend on the woman and how she wears them.

For my $.02, these are my best tips on how to wear scarves to work:how to wear scarves to work

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11 Life-Changing Style Tips from Pinterest

style tips from pinterest for working womenI was thinking the other day about some of the best style tips from Pinterest, particularly for working women — and because it can be such a pain to find them amidst the hundreds of thousands of things on Pinterest, I thought I’d do a post rounding up some of them, including some of my favorites from our Wear it to Work board. These are the style tips from Pinterest I thought were most useful — what are your favorites?

(Full pins embedded after the jump — credit given wherever possible to the original source. Please contact me if you’re the original creator and would prefer a pin to be taken down/credited differently!)

1. Choosing Necklaces for Necklines from Imogen Lamport’s Inside Out style blog. It’s super helpful to see all of the necklines and necklace ideas in one place! There’s also this necklace guide from Duet Handmade that’s very helpful.

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What Color Shoes to Wear with Different Colors of Pants

what color shoes to wear with different colors of pantsReader S wonders about what color shoes to wear with different colors of pants…

Could you do a story on what color shoes to wear with different color pants? I never know if I should find shoes that match the color of the pant, the color of the shirt, black or something else.

Interesting. I’ve seen a handy-dandy guide for men on Pinterest, but I don’t know if I’ve seen one for women.  In general, I’d say that the question also depends on the kind of pants — which color shoes you choose to wear with ankle pants or straight pants matters much less because there’s a stretch of skin; it isn’t a seamless look; on the other hand for a full-length trouser that is closer to the floor (generally a wide leg, flare, or bootcut style) you’re going to get a leg-lengthening effect if you choose the same color shoe and continue the line.  My own breakdown would probably go like this:

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Your Favorite Colors for Your Working Wardrobe

the best colors to wear to workHere’s a fun question for today: which colors do you usually buy for clothes for work? Do you buy different colors for the weekend you? What colors do you think you don’t look good in/do look good in? What color combinations do you find yourself wearing a lot? Do you think there are best colors to wear to work? (For example, here’s a whole Business Insider article about color psychology, suggesting that gray is unacceptable because it’s “too passive,” which kind of makes me laugh when I think about all the fabulous gray suits and trousers we’ve featured over the years!)

I was thinking about the my own color preferences for workwear while shopping at the Carlisle outlet last week — the brand was new to me until I saw that a reader had mentioned the outlet in our NYC shopping post. While perusing the store, I sort of felt like I was in Texas or somewhere, well, not New York — there were lots of light colors, floral patterns, and numerous colorful dresses and pants that I kept thinking, ah, that would be so cute if only it were black or navy. (I was also thinking a lot about our older discussion on whether colorful suits are primarily for older women!)

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How to Look Great for Work Every Day

How to Look Great for Work Every DayReaders, what are your best tips for how to to look great for work every day? What do you think is the key to being consistently polished and put together? I was talking about this with someone recently and some of my top tips would be these six below — but I’d love to hear your thoughts!

1. Wear a good bra.

If you want to see an immediate improvement in your appearance, get a new bra that fits well — everything you wear looks better! This tip is especially a good tip for busty women, but it’s true for everyone.

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