Wednesday’s TPS Report: Brooks Brothers’ Cashmere Twinset

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. We begin the week in splurge mode, with our most expensive suggestions, and wind our way to Friday, where a less expensive item of clothing might be just what you need to make it to the weekend.

Brooks Brothers Cashmere CardiganOk, stick with us here — we know the picture at right is a bit frumpy. But: we present you with a Brooks Brothers Italian cashmere sweater set, available in many sizes in white (camel as well), deeply discounted. (The cardigan was $248; now $99. The shell was $188, now $75.) We suggest buying the pair. As a twinset, winter white is all the rage; you can also wear it to spring indoor affairs where you’re not quite sure if the AC will be blaring prematurely. The shell can be worn year-round — we suggest layering it on top of a button-down shirt or blouse (particularly one that’s on the chiffon/see-through side); this academic look brings class and sophistication to an otherwise iffy blouse. And as for the cardigan — well, we don’t need to tell you how freezing offices can be in the summertime. A white cashmere cardigan can be the perfect office staple to go over any outfit. Available for $174 (together) at Brooks Brothers. Cashmere Cardigan & Cashmere Shell


  1. Discounted cashmere = always good. Love the idea of wearing the shell over a sheer-ish blouse–I’m thinking one with a tie-neck scarf in a neutral print.

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