What to Wear to Work When It’s Unseasonably Warm

What to Wear to Work When It's Unseasonably Warm | CorporetteI don’t know about you guys, but I can barely believe it’s November — it feels super warm to me. We’ve talked before about when there are arbitrary date cutoffs on clothing (such as when to stop wearing tights, and whether you can wear bare legs in winter), but not in a while — so let’s discuss.  Ladies, how many of you have done the seasonal closet shift and put away all your warm-weather clothes — and how are you adjusting? Are there any clothes you haven’t seen for a few weeks that you’re excited to wear again? On the flip side — are you rolling your eyes at anyone wearing things that you think look ridiculous considering some stores are already blaring holiday music?

For my $.02, I’m excited to pull out some of the longer cardigans that I’ve put away already because they look silly with my shorter winter coats — and I may just have to pull out my favorite sandals when I go out on Friday night.  (Must. paint. toenails.)

Pictured: Misplaced snowman, originally uploaded to Flickr by Richie Diesterheft.



  1. I put my summery items away, but I’m continuing to wear midweight fall-color items, like what I’d choose in early October typically. So, this week, I’ve worn lightweight wool pencil skirts with sheer hose, or ankle pants, with darker-patterned lightweight blouses or short sleeved tops. And enjoying ducking outside for lunch coat-less while I can! In a few weeks when the chill settles in, I’ll use these pieces with black tights and sweaters.

    Definitely not getting a pedi for a few days of Indian summer, though! Flats w/o socks feels plenty celebratory.

    • I agree with Cat — yay! Except for the pencil skirt’s. When it is THIS warm out, I get very warm walkeing down from 77th street to my office wearing a pencil skirt. Unfortunately, my leg’s are a littel to stubbey to walk long distances with a pencil skirt on–I now have been abel to convince the manageing partner to let me wear sweat pant’s into work as long as I change when I get in, and I MUST get in by 8:15 if I am weareing sweat’s b/c he does NOT like to see me NOT made up properley. Frank alway’s is here so he alway’s likes to peek in when I am out from the ladie’s room b/c I do NOT change in there any more — just wash up and shower. Frank loves to ooogle me and I think he is abel to see what I am doeing even with the door closed. FOOEY on Frank.

  2. heatherskib :

    A city in Florida had temps over 100 this week. We’ve been stuck at a conservative mid 90’s for the past several weeks in the panhandle. I’ve pulled out my sweaters for usage if/when the temps dip again, but that’s the extent of it here.

  3. I’ve been doing a lot of skirts but sticking to fall colors and using lighter jackets/cardigans. Flats over boots for the three hot days.

  4. It’s usually 72 or so in the office –and if you arrive around 8 or 9, and leave around 5 or 6, you’ve missed a lot of the outdoor heat. So I dress for the office.

  5. Anonymous :

    I dress for the weather not the calendar, so short sleeves all week. I’ve been wearing boots or shoes instead of sandals since its still in the 50s on my way to and from work. I also don’t put my summer or winter clothes away, I never understood why people do that. I don’t have a ton of space, but I don’t have a ton of clothes either.

  6. I also dress for the weather not the calendar. I live in NorCal so the seasons aren’t that discreet, and there’s no real summer or winter, so my closet never changes. I also travel for business a lot so I wear what is appropriate for the weather where I am. This week I was in the midwest and it was unseasonably warm. Last week I was in SoCal where it was seasonably warmish. Same grey suit with dark maroon blouse worked for both, although I wore more summery shoes in SoCal since it was a conference near the beach.