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  • The Careerist ponders whether tights (even colored tights?) are acceptable with open-toed shoes (and quotes me!).  Meanwhile, Fashion Pulse Daily has the scoop on fleece lined tights under $10.
  • SheFinds rounds up some of the best beauty hacks.
  • Road Warriorette has five tips for people about to take their first business trip.
  • Ask a Manager is asking her readers for the coolest Excel tips they know.  Funnily enough, I barely used Excel at all until a few years ago when I got staffed on a miserable reinsurance case, but now I use it almost every day, and it’s MS Word that I hardly ever open up.  Readers, are you on the Excel-is-awesome train yet?
  • Speaking of BigLaw, Above the Law has the scoop on bonus season. (Those of you lucky enough to get a bonus this season, you may want to check out our prior advice on the best resources for financial newbies, as well as this specific post on when to save versus when to pay down debt.)
  • Finally, Lifehacker tells you how to peel an orange (this sounds brilliant, if it works; I haven’t tried it yet) and POPSUGAR Smart Living rounds up a million different uses for vodka (including using vodka to get smells out, something we’ve discussed before).

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  1. Love the Excel discussion. Array formulas and VBA have saved me so much time through flexibility and automation.

  2. I’m firmly in the camp of no nylons, tights, or socks of any kind with sandals or open toed (including peep toe) shoes. I have very few hard and fast black line rules but this is one of them.

  3. Sydney Bristow :

    CreativeLIVE is doing a class on using Excel Dec 17-19. It’s free if you watch it live online.

  4. ExcelNinja :

    Ummm… :-)

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