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bodysuit– We’ve feared this for quite some time: the bodysuit is back. [Refinery 29] We like them when worn with a high-waisted skirt or pants, but otherwise: blech. At least the one pictured at left comes with a twinset. (from Opening Ceremony, $185.)

– The boyfriend suit is also back. If they start telling us to wear a bodysuit with them, we think our heads will explode. [NYT]

– The Chicago Tribune has tips on how to store your winter clothes. [ChiTrib] Like them, we suggest laundering your winter gear before you store it (removing all plastic before you put it in the closet).

– Oooh, handy: seven questions to help you pick a financial advisor. [WSJ]

– Why that big meal makes you hungry (or, more evidence against bread and potatoes). [WSJ]



  1. Whoa whoa! Why are bodysuits bad again? Granted, I was into My Little Ponies when they were first popular, but I totally welcome the return: shirts are hard to keep tucked in to women’s lower-rise trousers and wearing them untucked isn’t always appropriate. Patrizia Pepe recently made some button down shirts as bodysuits and I literally bought out every style the store had. They are the most treasured part of my work wardrobe. Just sayin’: don’t label an item by its worst incarnations.

  2. I love love love bodysuits. There are a ton of really cute ones on chadwicks.com.

  3. But that picture did make me vomit in my mouth a little. The last time I wore a bodysuit I was in high school ballet and it was called a “leotard”; it was an embarrassing experience then and I expect it to be no less so now.

  4. i must admit i love a bodysuit. i wish i still had the same body i had the last time i wore a bodysuit. but i’ve just started p90x so i better get there again soon. heh heh.

  5. Oh definitely, big meals make you hungry! Not to mention I have a sneaky suspicion that big meals also stretch the stomach somehow, also making you eat more just to fill it up next time. I starved myself for a few days once (big stress situation) and I was amazed how little I needed to fill my stomach afterwards! But that went after the first big BBQ.

    My great-grandma used to tell how they’d get pigs fat, back in the village she was born in. They’d feed them lots of hay and grass and peels and such, to stretch up their stomachs. Then, they’d switch them to high-cal food like potatoes and spoiled milk remains and such. They’d continue to eat as much as they used to when they were eating grass and peels, but now they’re getting much more calories from their food – without starting to eat less! So they’d be fat in no time.

    It’s totally the opposite of the effect we ladies want…

  6. divaliscious11 :

    Sorry, but Gucci has sucked it since Tom Ford left….I loved Duran Duran too but I don’t want to dress like Simon LeBon…..

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