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Corporette has been called the “go-to source” for professional but fashionable women, and was #2 on Forbes’ list of the Top 10 Lifestyle Websites for Women.  The site has been recognized by the ABA Journal as one of the “Top 100 Blawgs” for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, and has made Forbes’ list of the Top 100 Websites for Women in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013.  Back in 2009, we were honored to be nominated for a Bloggie for “Best-Kept Secret Weblog.” We’ve been honored to receive mentions in The New York Times, CNN/, Real Simple, The ABA Journal, The National Law Journal, Forbes, Above the Law, Jezebel, Lucky Magazine, People StyleWatch, Glamour Magazine, Allure, Working Mother magazine, the Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog, the Wall Street Journal’s “The Juggle” blog,’s Careerist Blog, The Huffington PostLearnVest, and more.

Recent Press


  • Michael Peggs talked to Kat about creating an online community during an episode of his personal branding podcast, “You University.”


  • The Work at Home Woman named Corporette one of the 50 Best Blogs by Women.
  • Real Simple quoted Kat in their guide to Work & Your Wardrobe (September 2014 issue).
  • LJNRadio spoke with Kat about dressing fashionably but professionally.
  • Business Insider focused on Kat’s advice in an article on what not to wear to work in the summer.
  • The Careerist quoted Kat in an article on nail polish at law offices.
  • FlexJobs named Corporette one of the 5 best blogs for working moms.
  • Fashionista quoted Kat in an article about the best stores for women’s workwear.
  • Corporette made Working Mother‘s list of 25 sites that are “best of the net in 2014.”


  • People StyleWatch quoted Kat on five ways to look great at work.
  • The ABA Journal picked up our discussion on how to express gratitude for bonuses.
  • We’re honored to be nominated as a Top 100 Law Blawg again by the ABA Journal!
  • The Careerist quoted Kat in an article about tights with open-toed shoes at work.
  • REALTOR Mag quoted Kat in an article on finding the right balance between chic, classic, and comfortable.
  • Kat’s journey from lawyer to blogger is included in Liz Brown’s new book, Life After Law.
  • Money Under 30 asked Kat for some tips on how to build a work wardrobe on a budget.
  • Diane Gottsman, modern manners and etiquette expert, included Corporette in her list of Facebook links to include in your routine.
  • Forbes named Corporette to their “Top 100 Websites for Women” list for the fourth year in a row — what an honor!
  • Become Gorgeous included Corporette on their list of the Best Women’s Blogs to Follow.
  • The ABA Journal summarized Corporette’s article on how to recommend friends in a professional context.
  • Canadian blog Precedent featured Corporette as one of the best work-style blogs.
  • The ABA Journal pondered how much you spend on work clothes, and cited Corporette.
  • The WSJ mentioned Corporette as one of the presenters at the Fashion 2.0 awards.
  • Entrepreneur Magazine rounded up Kat’s tips for how to dress as a women entrepreneur.
  • Levo League quoted Kat and Corporette with advice on how to dress professionally in bad weather.
  • The Grindstone quoted Kat in an article about whether coworkers judge you based on your engagement ring.
  • The Jane Dough quoted Kat in an article about whether loving fashion was anti-feminist.
  • Cosmopolitan Magazine quoted Kat in an article about how to be a great mentee.
  • Independent Fashion Bloggers quoted Kat in an article about covering brands or products that you don’t like.


  • What an honor: for the fifth year in a row, Corporette was nominated to the Top 100 Law Blawg list by the ABA Journal.
  • Kat and Corporette were mentioned on, What Your Business Card Says About You.
  • Kat is featured in The Financial Times article, Bloggers on Fashion’s Front Row.
  • Kat is quoted in The Grindstone about wearing fur at the office.
  • Kat is featured as a style expert in the October issue of Real Simple, opining on “What Your Work Look Says About You.”
  • Kat appeared as a talking head on Huffington Post Live, talking about whether men embellish their resumes more than women.
  • Kat was cited in September’s People StyleWatch, weighing in on cocktail meetings with coworkers.
  • xoJane called out Corporette in their recent roundup of blogs worth checking out, noting that “Corporette is all-around great reading for babes with jobs as well as babes who may be looking for jobs.”
  • The Grindstone and Business Insider quoted Corporette and Kat in an article about curly hair at the office.
  • Kat was quoted in the August 2012 People StyleWatch on how to wear prints to the office.
  • Kat was featured in an article on about when to go pro as a blogger.
  • The Grindstone quoted Kat about whether high heels can make you seem more career savvy.
  • Forbes named Corporette to its Top 100 Websites for Women for the fourth year in a row.
  • CNN and quoted Kat in an article about “the new rules about what to wear for a job interview.”
  • The Grindstone interviewed Kat.
  • Jezebel quoted Corporette extensively when a professor recently advised female law students to wear skirt suits because they were “more appealing” to men.
  • Radio station WTOP cited Corporette as a resource for interns to know what to wear.
  • Above the Law quoted Kat in an article about what to wear to the office pool party.
  • People StyleWatch interviewed Kat about work trends in their June 2012 issue.
  • Reality Chic interviewed Kat on blogging, NYC, and more.
  • Kat was quoted in an article in The Grindstone regarding whether women lawyers have the strictest dress code.
  • Kat’s style advice is featured on The Limited’s Facebook page.
  • Kat was featured as a style expert in the May 2012 issue of People StyleWatch.
  • On January 25, Kat was featured in the “professional blogger spotlight” on Independent Fashion Bloggers.