Bargain Friday: TPS Report

For Friday, a shirt dress from Liz Claiborne. Yes, yes, the brand is slightly stodgy, but Tim Gunn’s in charge now, and for $89 this dress is a nice steal. Fit is key, however: the hem should be tailored to sit just above the knee, and the body of the dress should be fitted. Bare arms aren’t appropriate for the office, of course, so we’d pair this with a structured cardigan (like something from Iisli) or a cropped navy jacket. We also like the way the dress invokes the classic men’s seersucker look without sacrificing an ounce of femininity.

Thursday’s TPS Report: Twinkle

Twinkle cute blue topLook, a cute blue top by Twinkle for $183.  We like the details: the abstract print, the sheer (but still demure) top portion of the top, the slight flutter to the cap sleeves.  We’d wear this under a suit for day — either a nice wide pantleg or a pencil skirt — and then remove the jacket to go out for drinks afterwards.

Wednesday’s TPS Report

Soia Kyo trench coatIt’s been chilly and gray where we live, so it’s been great to watch all the women in their trench coats. We loooove this one by Soia & Kyo. Gunmetal gray, really well fitted, and oh so glamorous. If only we held more meetings outside!

Friday’s TPS Report

Anthropologie ShirtHere’s a fun and slightly different t-shirt to wear underneath a suit jacket or cardigan. We’d wear it with a white or black camisole underneath, at least the first time it’s worn — we’ve been burned by Anthropologie before. We think the square neckline would look perfect with a nice pair of pearls, or even a tasteful pendant necklace.

Thursday’s TPS Report

ladies cufflinksWe used to buy those tiny fabric knots to wear with the French-cuffed shirts we got at Thomas Pink, until a friend who’d made a move to a more relaxed lifestyle sold us her cufflink stash: beautiful, feminine cufflinks she’d collected over the years that turned out to be 200x easier to get through the darned holes. These cuffs were so beautiful AND so much easier to work with that we are never going back to those tiny fabric knots (for $10, too!) again. Today’s item of lust is Vivre’s collection of cufflinks. We’re fond of the clear rock crystal/jade combo, but we do note that they have them in rose quartz (which, in times past, was thought to increase one’s chances of finding love) and lapis lazuli (sometimes thought to be a stone of great power).

Wednesday’s TPS Report

One of the things we’ll be doing on this site is looking at one piece of office-appropriate clothing each day, in a range of prices. Mondays will be sky’s-the-limit; Fridays will be “trying to get out of debt to quit.” Today’s find is a beautiful David Meister sheath dress in a happy blue. It’s knee-length, which is appropriate. When you buy it you shouldn’t buy it too tight — this thing will hug your body. I think it would be great paired with a khaki-colored jacket, or a navy or black cardigan. (Definitely cover the arms at the office, though — sleeveless is not appropriate unless the air conditioning is malfunctioning!

She looks a bit uncertain on those heels...

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