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Ladies, it’s been far too long since we’ve had a check-in to see what you’re reading, what TV you’re bingeing on, what movies you’ve loved, and more (games?). What would you recommend? For my $.02, my television habits are probably more erudite than most of my other habits at this point. Right now, my husband and I love to watch great TV — anything mediocre seems like a letdown. (No judgment here, though — I’ve enjoyed plenty of not-as-great TV, too.) I’m talking about shows like Fargo, Big Little Lies, Game of Thrones … the usual heavy-hitters for awards. I’d recommend binge-watching Fortitude (Amazon), and I finally watched House of Cards (Netflix; not sure I’d recommend the last season).

When it comes to reading, I’ve been enjoying a ton of brain candy, romance-type books lately — a friend joked that it was similar to the “grief reading” she did when her father passed, and I suppose that’s true (no one died in our family; we’re just going through some slightly stressful family issues and general “2017 stinks” issues.) I can’t wait to read Big Little Lies, though, and Crazy Rich Asians is also on my list. (Trust me, this counts as “literature” compared to the other stuff I’ve been reading.)

Kate offered to share her current faves, too:

Reading: I have to admit that my reading habits of late have mostly brought me to online outlets rather than anything on paper, as well as shorter things vs. books: for example, articles in The Washington Post (especially because I have a free digital subscription for six months through Amazon Prime) and stories linked from Longform that have ranged from “Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age” from The New York Times to “The Story of the DuckTales Theme, History’s Catchiest Single Minute of Music” from Vanity Fair.

Watching: I don’t watch a lot of TV on the actual television, mostly because we don’t have cable — so everything I’ll mention here is streaming on Netflix. As a Marvel fan, I’m currently enjoying Daredevil, and I’ll start The Defenders once I finish (skipping Iron Fist, which was universally panned). I’d also recommend Jessica Jones (as a loyal David Tennant fangirl), which is now filming its second season, and Luke Cage (which features some great music, including Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings). I’ve also recently binge-watched Jane the Virgin (perfect escapist TV!) and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (yes, Marvel again). I’ve become reacquainted with Portlandia, which is a lot of fun, and I finally watched Black Mirror, which is equally entertaining and disturbing. I’m looking forward to the next season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend — Rebecca Bloom is a musical and comedic genius!

So, ladies: What did you find and devour on your summer vacation that you would heartily recommend? And looking ahead: What are you eagerly awaiting? What fall TV are you looking forward to the most — are there any fall premieres you’ve made sure to add to your calendar? 

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  1. Senior Attorney :

    We (Lovely Husband, my son who is hanging out for a month before moving into a new apartment, and I) just binge-watched Season 1 of Mr. Robot.

    Totally obsessed. Love it so hard.

    Don’t get most of it but feel like I’m in good hands, you know.

  2. Anonymous :

    An old – but addictive – Showtime series: The Borgias.

  3. I can’t wait for the new seasons of The Good Place, Jane the Virgin, and Crazy Ex Girlfriend. I’ll also be watching the final season of The Mindy Project. I recently finished the available episodes of Wynonna Earp on Netflix and really liked it. I’m currently watching Younger.

  4. I’m having a hard time getting into much of anything these days and feel like I’m living under a rock, pop culturally speaking. By the time I can sit down and watch anything, my tired, overstimulated brain is just done. I also can’t take shows that make me anxious, even if they’re good TV (e.g., House of Cards).

    I did enjoy Friends from College on Netflix recently. Horrible people, yet entertaining.

  5. cat socks :

    I’ve been re-watching Outlander in preparation for the new season. Also looking forward to This Is Us.

    A while back, I watched The X-Files on Netflix.

  6. GLOW on Netflix was funny, clever and quick. I love that much of the cast is considered “unknown”

  7. I got the NBC Gold Cycling Pass, so what I’ve been binging on is the Vuelta…but I suspect I’m the only one.

    • NO OMG ME, TOO!

      I love the dynamics and politics of the peloton, but I’ve been unable to convince anyone else that it’s not exactly like watching paint dry :/

      also: #saveargyle

  8. Calibrachoa :

    Reading: the antagonists series by Burgandi Rakoska for the first time. Lovely series centering around a young woman in a wheelchair who becomes a supervillain after the so-called heroes spurn her.

    Re-reading: the Laundry series by Charles Stross, in which Lovecraft was right and there’s a British intelligence service that deals with it. A++ series, the newest book just came out and I am happily re-reading the whole thing from the beginning.

    Watching: LAST SEASON OF TEEN WOLF *dying whale noises*

  9. I loved the handmaids tale! Its pretty dark, but totally recommend it if you can stomach it.

  10. Books:
    the Elena Ferrante Amy Brilliant Friend series
    And Life after Life by Kate Atkinson. Took me twice to get into it but it really engrossed me once I got going.

    Insecure, as discussed in the AM thread
    The Americans
    Catastrophe on Amazon
    House of Cards (all seasons)
    Very excited about the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm
    And, not gonna front, I watch Real Housewives too

  11. I’m a total sci fi nerd. Lately it’s been Killjoys and Dark Matter. My favorite shows lately have all been produced in Canada, and apparently sci fi tv is a small world, so there are a number of actors that are on both (as well as other favorite Lost Girl). All three are delightful escapism/brain candy for those who need it.

  12. Sloan Sabbith :

    Reading this summer (highlights):
    Outlander (just finished the first one last night, swooooooon for Jamie Fraser)
    Option B (Eh)
    The Hate U Give (Must read, for everyone)
    Born a Crime (liked it a lot- South African apartheid culture is fascinating)
    Truly, Madly, Guilty/Big Little Lies
    Modern Romance

    Orange is the New Black Season….whatever, finished it a few weeks after it came out
    Shooter, the USA Network series. Really liking it.

  13. Anonymous :

    Bojack Horseman
    Rick and Morty
    They both remind me of the book Catch-22 in the way they use slapstick surrealism as counterweight to some pretty dark human and existentialist elements. They have both, at times, left me completely slack-jawed from the emotional realness, in between the stupid animal puns and sci-fi hijinx.

    • squirrelmonkey2 :

      Yes! Rick and Morty is my escape show. I can just watch it and be happy. My husband downloaded seasons 1 and 2, so I’ve just been bathing my brain in it. It is nice to laugh and be distracted when everything else seems so serious.

  14. Day by day :

    Read this summer:
    A Gentleman from Moscow–wonderful book, sorry i waited so long to get it
    In the name of the Family–historical fiction about the Borgias
    The cafe by the Sea- a nice light story

    I love British series on PBS- Grantchester, Endeavour
    Game of Thrones
    Man in the High Castle

    • Nylon girl :

      Watching Younger, Odd Mom Out, and Suits. Reading the loveliest chocolate shop that is based in Paris. A nice easy read.

  15. Coffee Queen :

    I am loving Midnight Texas right now. ..
    and am rewatching Friends on Netflix.
    Handmaid’s Tale was better than the book (that is high praise from me) I think it really made it more creepy than what the book was
    Can’t wait for the Good Place, Superstore and Will & Grace to come back.
    Outlander- can’t get into the TV show but the books were amazing
    Also looking forward to Ghosted and The Orville.

    I find I can’t get into a lot of drama here lately, I want to laugh.

  16. Ms. Legal Officer :

    During this summer I finally binged The Crown and Big Little Lies, in my opinion both deserved all those Emmy nominations. BTW, The Emmys (Sept. 17. this year) is always a good inspiration when I am looking for new shows to watch.
    For the fall I am looking forward to the new seasons of Madam Secretary (favorite!), The Good Fight (not as good as the most exciting seasons of The Good Wife, but I still loved the first season) and the final season of Scandal.

    • How do you watch The Good Fight? I was so excited when it first came out but don’t see it available to watch anywhere.

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