Coffee Break: Suede Tote

I always think of Clare V. as being known for her clutches, but there’s really been a groundswell of these Simple Totes lately. They all have a wonderful French look, and a lot of them are suede or haircalf, with some canvas. If you’re looking to carry files to and from the office, these bags give you a modern, clean, and minimalist way to do it. The prices for the totes range from $325 to $525 at Shopbop; the one pictured is $499. Clare V. Suede Simple Tote

Here’s a more affordable option.



  1. Sydney Bristow :

    I saw a tall tote in a Banana Republic ad recently that looked really nice. I love bags with clean lines.

  2. Public Speaking Help! :

    The best boss I’ve ever had is retiring and her farewell party is tomorrow. I was asked to give a speech, so I’ve spent literally hours working on it … only to find out that there will be no podium or mic available at the venue! So, I need to go way shorter and simpler. I’m comfortable doing work presentations without a podium because I’m speaking from my expertise, but this is different. I’m already really emotional about her departure and was counting on being able to mostly read my speech, with some style. I’m freaking out about how I’m going to keep my composure without a safety net. A small index card might work for remembering some salient points, but — ugh, this is as bad as giving a bridesmaid’s speech, which I’ve always hated.

    Help! What do I do, and how do I focus?

    • Practice, practice, practice. My work bff is accustomed giving 30 minute presentations, but when he found out the format for one of his most recent gig was “TED talk” style, he flipped out. They didn’t even allow a single notecard. He just practiced his presentation the night before in his hotel room, over and over, until he felt comfortable. I wasn’t there for his talk, but he said it went really well, and it was actually freeing to talk more off the cuff.

    • Will there be a table that you can place your notes on the corner? With no podium it seems that it may be fairly informal. I don’t think anyone would criticize you for placing your notes on the corner of the table and working from that as if it were a podium. Yes, you should think of this more as a bridesmaid’s speech and less as a presentation– be lighthearted and heartfelt. It’s a party!

  3. Winter coat recs? :

    Just catching up on the winter coats post from this morning. I’m looking to pick up a three quarter length parka this season but I don’t want something that is shapeless. Most of my coats currently are wool coats that still show the waistline somewhat even though they don’t have belts. I’m in Canada, looking for something affordable preferably not beyond $300. Any specific recommendations, bonus points if one can also order online. Thanks!

    • I might be too late for you, but I like Marmot’s Chelsea coat. It’s very warm, and not completely shapeless. I am a pear shape, and this one fits me better than other brands like Patagonia. It’s $380, but I would bet you could find it on sale somewhere for your price point.

  4. Dreaming of the beach :

    I’m heading to someplace beachy next month and am looking for a sundress or two. Any suggestions based on the limited supply of what’s in stores now? Preference for being bra-friendly (not particularly busty but post kids need support and dislike strapless bras). I’m a size 2 and looking to keep this under $100 but will spend more for something special.

    • following this with interest… going on my honeymoon next month and would love some sundress/cover up suggestions.

    • Athleta has some on pretty steep sale at the moment, though not a huge selection.

      They have the “Martinique Dress” in a few colors and prints I think are cute. Looks very bra friendly and comfortable. I don’t have that specific dress but I have several other styles from there and can vouch for comfort, quality, and durability of their dresses generally.

    • Land’s end always has some version of this dress, which I use as a sundress, and it is definitely bra strap friendly. It’s nice enough to go out to dinner but is also just fine over a swimsuit and not too dressed up.—print/id_284770?sku_0=::3J6

    • Was also going to suggest Athleta, could check Title 9 as well. I really like the Margot dress from Patagonia. I have 3 in different patterns. Looks like they’ve changed it a bit from what I have to be slightly more coverage on top, but still looks nice. Here it is on sale in web specials:

    • Depending on your style, you might like Christy Dawn dresses – I love her wrap maxi dresses & have this one for warm climates – it’s really well made & the fabric is lovely, so it holds up and I can rewear it throughout a warm vacation:

      • Bought it! Despite being double my target price, it’s lovely and I like to support good independent brands where feasible

    • I was just looking at Lord & Taylors clearance. There are lots of summery skirts. I bet dresses would be the same.

  5. I’ve noticed that when I sit in front of my work computer, I have a tendency to furrow my brow throughout the day, which is then probably related to slight but still annoying headaches during the day. When I catch myself doing it, I relax, but realize it’s happening without my noticing. Anyone find a way to keep this from happening or have tips? I don’t know that it’s related to vision and squinting to see the screen/type.

    • What is your reading glasses situation? I got reading glasses a few years ago, and I can physically feel my forehead relax when I put them on (versus trying to read the screen without them). If you already have glasses, it might be time for a new prescription.

    • I do the same and botox helped. But I gave up botox, mainly because of the expense, and now I find that using a larger font size and wearing glasses helps.

    • Anonymous :

      Definitely get an eye exam if you aren’t wearing glasses already. Headaches + squinting = you need glasses.

    • BabyAssociate :

      I find I do this when my eyes are just dry, try grabbing some Visine.

    • Anonymous :

      try adjusting your monitor settings for resolution, contrast, brightness, etc? I really had to play around with mine, as well as get some monitor stands.

    • I have set the brightness of monitor to minimum – no more and itchy eyes, no more headaches. FWIW, I do not wear (do not need) glasses.

  6. Buying Property with Rental Unit :

    Has anyone bought a property with the intent to rent out part of the property and live in the other part (e.g., renting out one apartment in a multi-family house and living in the other)? Any tips/lessons learned? Would you do it again?

    • Fixer Upper :

      Yep, I’m currently doing this. I learned after buying my property that it’s called “house hacking”. It has worked out great for me. I live in an area with high rental demand and little inventory, so I was able to pick some really good tenants out of a large pool of applicants. My tenants’ rent basically covers my mortgage payment, so I only pay insurance and tax (and of course all the maintenance). We split utilities as it’s not separately metered.

      Since this is different from having an off-site rental property (here you’ll have the tenants basically living at your property), pick your tenants carefully and have a very good lease in place. I allow a dog for these particular tenants (because they are so great and I want to keep them) but for new tenants I would not allow any pets. (Barking dogs etc would be a huge nuisance at my place.)

      Figure out how you want your tenants to handle issues, e.g. a leaking toilet. Do you want them to contact you or a property manager? Also, how will you share outside spaces (yard, deck etc) if any?

      I can recommend it and I would do it again, but if you’re a person who likes a lot of quiet and privacy, then probably not. There’s always a certain amount of coming and going (they have dinner parties etc) and some noise transfer, but they have to put up with the same from me and my guests.

      • Fixer Upper :

        Also, I make sure to be very respectful of my tenants’ space – I give them 24 hours notice before I have to enter their property (unless it’s an emergency) and I give them plenty of notice and heads up if anything is changing or if I’m having any work done.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      I rented a mother-in-law cottage that was attached to the main house where my landlords lived for 2.5 years. It was a really great situation for me as a tenant, and hopefully they felt the same way.

      We had very little contact, which suited me very well. They charged me a flat rate that included trash, water, electricity, and cable. The only thing I was responsible for was internet. I don’t know if the meters were separate, but I liked having a flat rate every month. I dropped off my rent check monthly in their mailbox and typically emailed them if I needed something done. The fridge died while I lived there and I think they had a new one in there within 48 hours. I can’t remember anything else that required maintenance, but based on the fridge, they were responsive to my maintenance needs, which was important to me.

    • This is how I grew up. I now understand the rental unit paid the mortgage basically helping my lower middle class parents work towards an early retirement. Brilliant really. A few key things to making it work is picking the right people, try to minimize turnover and be handy yourself. Also obviously a good lease.

  7. Question for Corporettes in the DC/NoVA area, where can I go to get a professional headshot for my LinkedIn profile? 2016 was a sh*tstorm of a year for me professionally, and I am looking for a new job.

    • I don’t have a recommendation for a specific place, but I have been looking on photography deals on Living Social for something else and saw several for headshots in the area. Might be worth checking out and then looking to find reviews to see if any might work for you.

    • Eric Reiffenstein [w w w(dot)reiffenstein(dot)com] brings an artist’s eye to black and white photography.

    • We loved our wedding photographer, Aimee Custis, and she does professional headshots also. She does them outdoors, so they’re maybe less formal than indoor shots, but more flattering IMO.

  8. This tote looks like a Bally or Gucci poorer cousin. And LOLS to carrying work files/laptop with a bag that you hold with your had or that has a very thin pseudo-shoulder strap. Not with the sad amount of paper that I schlep home often.

    • Yeah, me too.

      I was a all about my Tumi totes for year, but this year I bought this bag on a whim

      It’s larger and cheaper than the Tumi and the leather is gorgeous. I used the tan color this fall, then asked for the black for Christmas.

      I carry a laptop and several files every day, as well as a water bottle and wallet and cord case and makeup case etc, and it all fits. I can shove my scarf in there too.

      • Oh–I really like the tan and the brass. Less so the silver. I am preppy and this is bordering on boho chic, but I love the variation in the leather. Thank you so much for posting!

        • You’re welcome. I love this bag so much, I’m happy to spread the word. It’s funny you think of it a boho (and I guess that’s how it’s styled in the pic). I think of it as western, like a saddle. Either way I am a pretty tailored business dress person, and I still love this bag.

  9. Anyone find a great staple belt lately?

    I wear a lot of black and white, some jewel tones. Looking for medium to medium/wider belts to wear with my ankle work pants that have some interest. I need waist definition due to body shape. Appreciate a belt with texture/interest….. but classic. So a great reptile print (ex. black and white snakeskin) or ostrich.

    • Shopaholic :

      I actually have had a lot of luck with belts like that at H&M!

    • S in Chicago :

      Have you checked out Macys? I almost never shop there anymore, but they are by far the best for belt options. Like ridiculous amount of options. I always come away with a handful because I can’t decide.

  10. Ever been to a doctor that makes you nervous? Moved to a new city which is pretty small so it’s been hard to find someone taking patients. Found one who is experienced, super thorough, came highly recommended for bedside manner etc. And yet — she makes me nervous. Asks rapid fire questions. You can almost see the wheels turning re major issues to test for etc. I feel well cared for so it isn’t that — but given her personality — makes me nervous, then my heart rate goes up, then more questions from her re that . . . . WWYD? So hard to find someone here that switching isn’t an option the way it was in my last city.

    • I think having a good doctor is more important than your emotional reaction to her style. if you think he’s thorough and good and really checking for everything, that’s why you go to the doctor! I wish I had your doctor! You need to work on you. What are you worried about, what’s the worst that could happen, and then what is actually truly likely to happen (nothing).

    • Anonymous :

      Yeah every doctor. I value competence and care a lot higher than bedside manner. I don’t need you to make me feel emotionally awesome, I need you to keep my health on track.

    • Anonymous :

      She sounds potentially good, particularly since she comes highly recommended. Give yourself time… after a few visits, you will begin to feel more comfortable with her.

      I am always surprised when I ask people why they like a particular doctor. Even very intelligent people can give very superficial answers …. “He/she is so nice, friendly” …… when what really matters is how smart they are, how thorough, how well they listen etc..

      And to answer your question….. ALL doctors make me nervous! I hate going to the doctor, and the essence of seeing a doctor is the implication that you have a problem. Not good for my anxious personality! But if I find a good, thorough doctor that I trust…. I hang on tight.

      Many people feel as you do when they see their doctor.

    • OP here — To be clear — I’m not looking for a doctor to be a buddy. I’ve always looked for top notch/experienced doctors — I don’t care if they’re chatty with me or not. Just saying that this is causing the physical reaction of palpitations — and this isn’t the type of dr. who easily says “oh you’re nervous” and brushes it off; and I also have (minor) cardiac issues so then it becomes a matter of sorting out whether it’s just nerves (it is — but she doesn’t want to brush it off that way) or something that needs to be evaluated . . . .

      • Anonymous :

        Then you need to treat the cause of your palpitations/anxiety…. not choose a slower talking, less thorough doctor.

      • I get what you’re saying — it’d be perfect if you could have a dr. as thorough as her but just a bit calmer and gentler so that it would be “easier” for you. But that combo is rare everywhere and even rarer in small cities where there are fewer doctors, many not taking patients. So your options are: (i) a super thorough dr. who happens to make you nervous with her thoroughness; or (ii) a nice and fun dr. who may or may not be thorough enough. I think you know that (i) is the better option and the one you should stay with. Give it time — it may not feel like it at the moment, but her double checking to make sure your palpitations aren’t anything serious IS a good thing.

        • +1

          Also, doctors are under a lot more pressure to see more patients in less time. These days, I’m happy if my doctor sits down when she comes in the room! Talking faster… which is common with a lot of smart, organized, efficient doctors… is even more common these days.

          I do know what you mean though. A fast talking anxious person actually makes me anxious… just to listen to them!

      • I’ve learned how to do my mindfulness/breathing relaxation exercises in the waiting room. It helps! Also, if you are taking a beta blocker for your heart issues, maybe take it before the appointment that day. It will help keep your heart rate down. Also, cut down on your caffeine right before the appointment. That also increases your heart rate. And stay hydrated.

    • Meg March :

      Can you find ways to identify and address what is making you nervous? Are you nervous that you might forget something she says? take notes or record on your phone. Are you worried that she’ll skip over one of your issues? write them down ahead of time– and write down as many details as you can think of. Maybe you can’t process what she’s saying at the time, so you’re worried you’ll have questions later and just can’t think of them right that instant–ask if you can call and talk to her (or a nurse) if you have followup questions, without having to make another appointment.

      • Anonymous :

        Also consider

        1. Bringing a checklist of informed consent questions to use as a discussion prompt–e.g., why do I need this treatment? what are the alternatives? what are the risks and benefits? what if we wait? You should be able to find some good lists on line. I think Kat even did a post on this a while back, maybe on the moms page.
        2. Taking along a close friend, family member, or partner as an advocate. Your advocate can ask follow-up questions you don’t think of in the moment, take notes, etc.

    • Anonymous :

      I would bring a written note with questions and symptoms for every appointment and hand it to the doctor. The doctor can read and process the information.

      If she’s getting into rapid-fire questioning, slow her down. Ask her to clarify her question, to provide context, or to just repeat the question. Heck, even just ask that she slow down a bit.

    • I think it depends on the type of doc. For a PCP, bedside manner/communication is huge for me. In my family, that is my OB and the kids’ ped.

      For specialists/surgeons, I want the best regardless of their bedside manner.

    • New Tampanian :

      Tell her.

      Explain what is happening to you when she does that and request that she slow down and provide more info. She cannot know unless you discuss. Also say you really value her and her work but that you need her to slow down with you. I have told doctors before that I need more context or for them to thoroughly explain what they are doing when they do it so that I can process.

  11. Local Hotel :

    Here’s a question I would like some input on. My supervisor has agreed with me that taking a particular continuing ed course would be a good idea. It’s a three-day intensive thing, and available in two cities.

    Option 1: Los Angeles. I live arguably in the LA area, but not really. Like think Irvine. So driving in and out each day is possible, but miserable and stressful and a huge time suck. When I have meetings in the LA area it means leaving extremely early and it’s generally an annoying day. But I wouldn’t have to fly anywhere, and the sleep I would get each night would be in my own bed.

    Option 2: Boston. Fly there, stay in a hotel, focus on learning, call it a day. The downside is flying across the country, of course.

    Option 3: Get a hotel in L.A. Is it absurd to ask my employer to pay for the hotel when it’s sort of the same place I live? It would definitely be the least annoying, most conducive to learning option, but it does seem a bit absurd.

    • I would get a hotel regardless of whether your employer is paying for it or not. But if they’re willing to send you to Boston, which would involve airfare and hotel, then they ought to be willing to pay for your local hotel.

      • +1

        Just ask. If they say no, what’s the cost of a nearby air bnb? If you factor in the gas money you would be spending driving yourself and the time savings, it has to be worth it even if you have to pay out of pocket for it.

    • business travel :

      They might not pay. My employer will pay for one conference a year, but if I go in NYC I don’t get to stay in a hotel (living in NJ suburbs and commute can be 1.5 hours each way, depending). But if I choose to go to a different conference on the West Coast, everything’s paid for.

      • Local Hotel :

        Ugh this is my concern. If, for example, only the Boston one was feasible on my schedule, it would be a no-brainer to go. But since I *could* drive to LA each day… I should just ask my supervisor’s opinion, probably. He’s a reasonable guy.

      • You live in the suburbs of NJ! I thought I was the only one! Everyone seems to live in NYC, DC, Boston, L.A., etc. It’s very hard to find like-minded people in my location.

    • lawsuited :

      Simply from a numbers perspective, surely your employer would rather pay for a hotel in LA than pay for a flight to and hotel in Boston? I’d ask for that option, explaining that otherwise it would mean extremely early mornings and late nights, and see how far you get.

    • OCAssociate :

      *Waving to you from OC*

      I’d ask for a hotel in LA – most companies understand that commuting to LA from here is difficult and won’t mind putting you up in LA, especially with the cost-savings of not flying you to Boston.

      • Hi from OC too!

        +1 to this. Especially if it’s for 3 days and having to reimburse for mileage.

  12. Meg March :

    This feels silly, but how do you keep white sheets clean? And how do you get them white again if you screwed up already?

    We wash our sheets regularly every two weeks, which is what we’ve always done with sheets, but we just got white sheets (start of November) and they got dingy so fast! Pillowcases especially. They don’t seem to get whiter when we wash them. It makes me feel like we’re just super dirty people, which I know we’re not.

    • Bleach and/or vinegar and hot, hot water. I wash the sheets separately.

    • I assume you’re washing them separately from colors. I think even if you wash separately, detergent can leave a grayish residue. Try an extra rinse cycle and use the warmest water the fabric will allow.

    • This won’t help your current situation, but we are not white bedding or white towels people for this reason. Some people love them and how fresh and clean they look – I can’t seem to keep them perfectly clean, and then it drives my type A brain crazy. See also: why I don’t own white clothing.

      Greys are my bedding/bath neutrals.

    • Oxiclean!

    • Soak in water and oxygen bleach for several hours, or overnight.

    • Anonymous :

      Only wash with whites

      You could try….



      Bluing agents

      Or stay away from white.

      I basically replace my white towels/facecloths regularly

    • Anonymous :

      Old fashioned laundry blueing. It’s potent, but it counteracts the yellow. Also, too much bleach can turn white sheets yellow.

    • Anonymous :


    • Baconpancakes :

      Oxiclean. When I had white sheets I automatically added a scoop to every white load. It’s like magic. And surprisingly not terrible for the environment, particularly the “free and clear” one.

    • Shenandoah :

      Oxiclean. Should brighten your current sheets even if they’ve already run through the dryer and come out dingy/yellow looking.

    • Wash weekly, hot water, with Borax.

  13. Power is Out... :

    The d*mn power went out at work. Again. For the second time in a week. No advice needed, just venting. It’s COLD, we have no computers or phones, and they want us to stay until the electrician gets here in awhile. My office is clean since this happened last week.

    Grrrr. I have so much to do and I can’t do any of it.

  14. Does it ever get easier? The cycle of dating and feeling like you’ve found IT but then realizing you didn’t and trying to separate and heal and reimagine your future solo, only to start all over… does it ever get easier? Or do you just have to get hard and uncaring and lose the hope and figure out how to be solo forever and let go of the idea of partnership and just wait to get old enough to become a Golden Girl and live with friends?

    • I’m sorry. Yes it does get easier for the majority of people, after you’ve kissed all the frogs. But prince charming is a myth and marriage is hard, so you get a new kind of challenge.

    • :(

      I don’t know. I think it does not get easier (your friends eventually pair off and find someone and all conversations eventually turns to weddings/marriage/babies, and the couple friends start forming exclusive little groups, leaving you feeling even more alone…). But maybe it gets easier after 35, or 40, or something.

      And here, we’re not alone:

      • Very, very anon for this :

        +1 re the Ask Polly column, but for a different reason:
        After many years of what looked like Living Happily Ever After (sometimes it was, and sometimes it wasn’t) my spouse was diagnosed with an almost-always fatal disease. It’s still early so the sickness hasn’t completely taken over, but for various reasons some days are very hard. It helped me to read Polly’s advice to embrace life despite its imperfections rather than spend all my energy pretending that everything is perfect.

        I hope this doesn’t seem like barging in. I know that facing years of being single by default, not by choice, feels different from facing years of being widowed. I just wanted to reinforce that although there’s more than one road to an unwanted future, we can still try to find and enjoy some happiness along the way. (And who knows? Perhaps something totally unexpected will come along. It may not be a life partner, but it could be deep friendships, or a completely absorbing line of work …. we have to save some room for hope.)

        • Very, very anon for this :

          Good wishes to you. I hope you find multiple reasons–expected, unexpected, and perhaps something you never, ever imagined–to be happy.

        • I’m so sorry to hear that, and no, you’re not barging in.

    • I dropped out of all that when my son was born (actually, a couple months later when I realized his father would not be raising him with me). He is now 14. I’m contemplating getting back in the game. I’m much more interested in calling up someone who I really liked, but it was the wrong time in our lives, than I am in finding someone new. But I’ve never had problems going to dinner alone or spending evenings at home. Good luck to you!

    • Anonymous :

      hopefully you are learning something new with each relationship. my theory is that once we learn our lessons and get to our best selves, we meet the right person. (or, more accurately, we are able to recognize a healthy, compatible person and act in a healthy, loving way toward that person….I don’t think there is just one.) if you don’t feel like you are growing with each relationship, it may be time to talk to someone and get a different perspective. Best of luck.

    • Anonymous :

      Do you make good money? The Ask Polly column is actually correct, in terms of valid advice and an outline of potential outcomes, provided that you make enough money to take advantage of all that life offers. I say this as someone who is 39 and single. I have accepted that I won’t have kids, and that it is very, very likely that I won’t get married. However, life can turn out fine if you are able to support yourself. The Ask Polly column mentions buying a house and fixing it up. It is actually a valid suggestion, if only for the sake of distracting you from your thoughts, provided you have the funds to do so. At this point, for me, the focus is on trying to make more money so that I can start to participate in life. I have learned that it isn’t really not having a partner which prevents me from doing that, but rather not having money. Having a husband (who presumably would earn some sort of income) gives you a safety net and the flexibility of two salaries. Married couples are more likely to take risks–there is more slack in the budget for risks when you have two incomes. My theory is that having that flexibility to take risks (like fixing up a home or buying a vacation home or adopting a kid) is a big part of why partnered couples are happier. With one income, and no help around the house, life feels more strict and like it is dragging on.

  15. Planning a weeklong vacation to Prince Edwards Island in Aug with family. Has anyone been? I liked the books when I was 10, but not sure if they hold up. Any recs welcome!

    • Aunt Jamesina :

      The books ABSOLUTELY hold up! :-) I haven’t been, but it’s on my bucket list.

    • Lorelai Gilmore :

      We went to PEI for a summer vacation a few years ago and I adored every minute of it. We stayed at Shaw’s Hotel, which was charming and rustic. The beaches were lovely and swimmable. (I had no idea that it could be that warm in the north Atlantic!). We enjoyed exploring Charlottetown, going for long lazy drives through the countryside, spending a day at Green Gables, eating fresh oysters, going to a lobster supper, and lots of beach time. Cavendish (where Green Gables is) is very touristy, but I enjoyed seeing Green Gables itself and exploring the other Montgomery sites. We skipped some of the mini-golf and amusements :) I still think of that vacation as one of my favorites.

    • Anonymous :

      Of course the books hold up! And if you last them when you were 10, you definitely need to reread them. I bet you will have a different take this time around, since at 10 you probably weren’t that interested in much past the first book.

    • I went this summer and it was great, very relaxing. We rented a cabin in th south side of the island, further from the big attractions but right near the beach and it was great. We found a really quirky nearby tea house and the schoolhouse where L.M. Montgomery actually taught. Also spent a day in Charlottetown and another driving the northern coast including getting tea at Dalvay by the Sea. Would definitely recommend it.

    • My home province! All of these suggestions above are excellent. My favourite beach is on the east end of the island, called Basin Head.

      You won’t regret it.

  16. Emergency flats without shame :

    I’m getting those flats that fold up & fit in a purse for an upcoming formal occasion. I know there are a couple different kinds. Any suggestions on which is better? My feet are usually fine without special arch supports or anything. Also, I know they aren’t the sturdiest, but would I be able to wear them as shoes the next day? I don’t want to take along a third pair of shoes for a one-night event if I can avoid it. No special plans for the next day, just don’t want to look like I’m doing the walk of shame back from the frat house.

    • I had some. I kept them in my desk in case of fire drill and 5 flights of back stairs. But they are a lot like going barefoot. Very thin soles and no support. So I guess it depends on whether you’re comfortable barefoot. I am not.

    • Anonymous :

      Tieks! They are splurgy but fold up (into their own little bag) and I can wear them for days in a row. I have slightly narrow feet and they stretch out too much for me to justify a fourth pair but they are very comfortable, nonetheless.

    • Anonymous :

      No. They are okay to walk a few blocks. You cannot wear them as actual shoes the next day.

      • Emergency flats, no shame :

        Because the shoes wouldn’t hold up or my feet wouldn’t? Out here in Carlandia, I don’t know if my walking adds up to more than a few blocks a day anyway–mostly to the car and back across the parking lot, and some indoor walking.

  17. Any excuse? :

    This jacket is so cute! I would love to get it, but really can’t justify buying more clothes unless they are for work (I have a legit small work wardrobe). Can you think of any way this could be styled for work?

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