Coffee Break: Anika Curvy Pump

Anika Curvy PumpThe problem with shoes these days is that they all seem to be either under $150 or over $800 — it’s great to see a brand in the middle, like these $245 pumps from James Chan. There are only four reviews (and one of them seems, er, very enthusiastic) but the others all note that it’s like a designer shoe but for much less money. (OOH: and there’s a 2.75″ heel if the pictured one (4″) is too tall for you.) The pump comes in several colors, sizes 5-11. Pictured:  Anika Curvy Pump

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  1. Boden has a dupe of these shoes for about $150.

  2. how do I get someone to be my mentor? :

    This question might sound stupid, but is there a formal point in a work-relationship where people decide to mentor someone?
    I am going to meet with a former colleague at a conference soon. We get along well, have since both moved on to new jobs and he is two steps ahead of me on the career path that I would like to follow. I feel that he could be a good mentor for me, but how does this actually work? Do I flat-out ask him to mentor me? Do I just ask his advice on specific career questions?
    I myself mentor an undergrad, but we were officially matched through a career program of her campus.

    • Anonymous :

      Just keep up your relationship with him and reach out to him when you have questions, but make sure that you’re not abusing his time. I think it would be weird to specifically ask him to mentor you outside of some structured program.

    • AnonInfinity :

      Personally, I think it’s really awkward to ask someone to be your mentor. In the past, I’ve just developed a relationship with a person and then started asking him or her career advice in a slow and unobtrusive way. For example, don’t call with 1 hour of questions–just ask 1-2 questions at first. Be sure to let the person know if his or her advice worked.

    • I’m not a fan of asking someone to be a mentor. Let the relationship develop organically.

    • Agree with all of the above – don’t formally ask. It sounds like you have a good relationship and he is happy to give you advice. When you spend time together at the conference, just ask a few specific questions that you think he’d have good insight on. As you’re wrapping up the conversation, say something along the lines of, “Thanks, this was really helpful and helps me think about these things. Can I give you a call you in a month or two if I think of more similar questions?” That sounds casual and not awkward, but helps make the request specific – you’re establishing a time frame for ongoing contact, and given some idea of the types of things you might discuss.

      If this sounds weird because you already have a relationship where calling him every month or two for advice is a pretty ordinary thing to do, then congrats! You already have a mentor.

      The only other thing I would add is to not let the mentoring become a one-sided relationship. I get a little cranky about mentoring when the only time I ever hear from mentees is when they need advice. To avoid falling into that pattern, think about ways you can stay connected and engaged with this person beyond advice. Small things that can maintain that relationship are things like: sending updates on your work (that aren’t tied to requests), passing along an article that they might find interesting, sharing a specific instance where you followed their advice and it went great, congratulating them if you see or hear about a success of theirs, etc. No matter what level they are at, everyone likes to be told they are doing a good job and are appreciated.

  3. Comment in Question :

    For those who want to see the comment in question for these shoes:

    Confident. Sultry. Chic. Unapologetic. These are just some of the words that spring to mind when you open up that demure pink James Chan box to see these gorgeous shoes. These are the same words that come again as you imagine the kind of woman who might wear them. She is certainly stylish and definitively unafraid of the power of panache. I will tell you as a proud connoisseur of heels since the age of 6, first my grandmother’s wedges then my mother’s stilettos, this a shoe built with not just fashion in mind but quality, longevity and dare I say it, even comfort. The foot slides into the shoe without struggle, the lift of curved suede at the back ankle makes pulling it on easy and swift. While some shoes have a countdown from the moment you are out the door, this pump is comfortable out the box, even on stairs. These shoes will look as crisp with a striped pencil skirt and shirt set as they do beneath indigo blue jeans and a leather jacket. But be warned! Shoes like this come with a mood, a urge to maybe linger just a little longer in the mirror and admire the powerful feminine figure these shoes cut. Here the boldness of red meets the elegance of suede on these uniquely curvy pumps that take the tradition of beautiful heels and step them up to whole new level of stylish swagger.

  4. Does anyone have a recommendation for women’s compression shorts (or bike shorts or yoga shorts – basically like a mini-legging) in the 5-7 inch range in colors other than black? I have found tons of plain black options, but if I want any other colors or patterns or anything, it looks like those are only available in the 3 inch (or shorter) range, which is too short for me. Prefer options under $50 and under $30 if possible.

  5. Out of Place :

    These are really nice, but am I supposed to understand that less than $150 is just too cheap for a pair of shoes? Is that really the general thinking?

    • Yes, I’m having trouble understanding why this is a “problem.”

    • “What am I supposed to do with all this leftover shoe money? I just haven’t spent enough money on shoes! If only there were a way to spend more!” -Me, never.

    • I see a fair number of complaints around here about not being able to find shoes that have leather interiors. Those seem to be harder to find at the lower price point maybe? But yeah, I generally can find shoes for under $150

    • Rainbow Hair :

      i feel like it’s SUPER indulgent (for me) to spend more than $40 on a pair of shoes so… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • I typically buy shoes for under $150, but in my experience they are just much more poorly made. It is often worth it for me, especially for something trendy or impractical, but they can also read cheap. My shoes over $200 look better and hold up better than cheaper shoes, though I think it is a bell curve — I don’t see my super expensive shoes — say over $600 — holding up exponentially better (though they read much trendier and sometimes higher quality), despite the steep increase in price.

  6. Anonymous :

    This is my favorite comment on the Nordstrom website — I have been eyeing a necklace on the site for a while and every time I think I’m going to pull the trigger, I read this review, laugh hysterically, and don’t get around to buying.

    5 out of 5Gasp….gasp… They take my breathe away!
    I have drooled over these pearls for several years. I and my pearl pals aka Ya Ya’s if you will, have all been mesmerized by their uncanny beauty. And yes, I know they are not ” real ” however, I also believe beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That being said, all of the Pearl Pals have taken their husbands, partners, even fiancées to show them these at Nordstoms and Nordstoms on line.
    First, I should tell everyone ( please know that I am not bragging, don’t believe in and don’t do it ). All of the Pearl Girls have been blessed with multiple strands of gorgeous 8m-9m Mikimoto pearls. And we are all grateful that our husbands, partners, fiancee’s etc have all traveled to China many times in their baring lines of employment. These pearls in the round and baroque are take your breathe away, gasp gasp, magnificent in all the combinations.
    This past Valentine’s Day, we were all blessed enough to be together out to dinner in a lovely restaurant, we had finished dinner and we girls all decided to splurge on dessert. We thought it strange that six different servers approached our table in unison with covered platers, one youn gentlemen sai they were so sorry that they were completely out of Our dessert choices, however, and they all took the top off each serving platters as they said ( almost) in unison, ” we took the chance you might like this in it’s stead, and there were red Majorica boxes on each platter. We all squealed so loud in unison the entire dining room went silent. Yes indeed I love my man, as do the others their guys or gals. The dessert was served shortly thereafter to six ladies wearing beautiful Majorica pearls. We removed our other necklaces, as we all received different version of their preference. But we all felt like the queen of England or any country. Now you all buy these pearls even if you have to put them away until a special occassion. Or don’t wait , surprise them. The price point is absolutely perfect. You won’t be sorry. As a mater of fact you might feel great yourself. Life, love and laughter is so contagious. Thank you for your time and I wish you much love good health and happiness, I have found that there is something no matter how small to be grateful for everyday. Thank you Nordstroms for being mine on that particular day. Cheers

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