Coffee Break – Aquamarine Pump

Seychelles – AquamarineFor today’s coffee break, I’m in the mood for something bright and colorful — and this vibrant yellow heel from Seychelles quenches that thirst. Love the way the vamp is high enough so you can walk in it, but not so high that it strangles your leg, and love the low, solid heel. It’s on sale at Zappos — was $90, now $72 (also available in seafoam green, a beige “vacchetta,” and black). Seychelles – Aquamarine (Mustard) – Footwear

N.B.: Peep-toes may not be appropriate in every office. Know your office culture!



  1. Intrigued :

    On further reduced sale @ 6pm(dot)com!! Sixty-three bucks there (but without the free shipping and returns–though shipping is currently down to about 5 bucks).

    Just discovered 6pm in the last year so always happy to spread the word–pretty sure it’s the outlet version of Zappos! (Same videos, etc., just can’t read reviews).

  2. Any tips on how to close a gaping wrap top on a dress without safety pins? I put on the dress and thought, “Wow, I don’t even need a cami with this!” Got to work and caught our cute new VP looking straight down my top. Day’s almost over but I’m mortified and want to fix this pronto. Can I use a stapler?

    • AnonInfinity :

      Is there any way to rig up a paper clip or a binder clip so that it doesn’t show?

      • i would tape it or staple it

      • I have teeny binder clips. I’ll try it.

        • Make it work :

          Would sew on a snap on it for future purposes. I end up rarely wearing my dresses / blouses that I have to pin because the pinning each times takes too much effort for me.

          • Yep, already have snaps at home for this reason. Just didn’t think I’d need them on this dress, or I would’ve taken care of it before I wore it!

        • AnonInfinity :

          Did the binder clip work or did you have to resort to the staple? Now I am curious!

          • The binder clip worked – then I accidentally pulled a file drawer into my chest and OW!! I have a mark now where the binder clip mashed into my skin. Lesson for next time – dresses require camis until proven otherwise!

    • What about fashion tape? Usually sold at CVS. Works pretty well (essentially just double sided tape) but you may want a back up plan. I use it when i’ve got a gaping button down.

    • Double sided tape? Or if you don’t have double sided, regular scotch tape rolled into a loop?

    • I’d like to offer a different opinion: maybe the VP is the one who needs to check himself. What was he doing looking straight down your top?

      • AnonInfinity :

        I totally skipped right over that part of the OP. *shudder*

      • Hear, hear!

      • I dunno – with most guys, I think it’s kind of like if I see a really nice Bottega Veneta bag – as much it may be inappropriate to sneak a peek at it, I do anyway. “Staring” was probably too strong a word but there was definitely some peekage at the boobage.

    • Sorry about your awkward situation. I have to do “discretion checks” prior to leaving my house, since I’ve gone through similar wardrobe issues wrt looks from men. There’ve been a few last-minute clothing changes because of this. On the flip side, though, I’ve had to catch myself from checking out an attractive guy or two while in a professional setting- or at least not looking too obvious. Humans are visual creatures and it’s tough to avoid sometimes. :)

  3. Threadjack!

    I need help from the corporette hive-mind! I’m a 2L at a T-50 school and I’m not on a journal. It seems that every job interview I go on, I am asked why I’m not on a journal. The truth is, I didn’t grade on to law review and didn’t get selected after doing the writing competition. My school doesn’t have “walk on” journals so there is nothing that I can just join. Does anyone have any advice on how to respond to this question or any advice on what I can do to compensate for this lack on my resume? I think it is really hurting my chances at some jobs.


    • Make it work :

      I had this same problem and was still looking for jobs late spring as a 3L. Fortunately, I was able to get an article published in a journal (selected for publication during my 3L fall) that I wrote for a class during my 2L year and submitted through an online system — I forget what the system was called but it made it very easy to submit to a lot of publications at once. Then when that question came up, I said I was focusing my time working on my article on XX, which has been selected for publication by XX journal for its XXX issue. Obviously you can do the same with any other accomplishment but feeling a little “journal inadequate” this was the one thing that made me feel like I was on more even footing.

      • lawyerette :

        You’re thinking of ExpressO

      • I’m wondering – how did you decide what journals to submit to? Is there a list anywhere of journals that are welcoming towards (outside) student work? I know a lot of journals just won’t publish it…

    • If you have something else you can talk up, I’d do that. A group you work with? Volunteer work? Anything that takes up your time?

    • That’s a weird question to ask. Every law school is different – some have way more people than journal slots, and entry is quite competitive. At other schools, participation is truly a choice. Most people I know who were on a journal hated the actual work and mostly want the stamp. I agree with other suggestions that you should talk about what you did with the time that you weren’t spending checking other people’s citations–maybe working at a clinic at your law school, at a legal internship, or volunteering somewhere.

      An interviewee once asked me why I didn’t have a better grade in X class. I figured I didn’t want to work for the kind of person who would ask that question.

      • AnonInfinity :

        A lot of my friends who are not on a journal have been asked this question during an interview. I think it’s an unfortunate question, but not unusual.

        • Unfortunatly, I think they may be trying to suss out those who tried for journal and didn’t make it and those that weren’t interested in doing it. It is hard to say which is better in the firm’s opinion. I’d be cautious about saying what other things you did instead, implying you didn’t apply because that could seem dishonest.

          I would say that you were very interested in journal but it is very competitive at your school and you weren’t selected. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise because instead you spent your time doing x, learning x, etc.

          Some places may think it was responsible to skip journal try outs to have more time to work, etc. Others may think that person was shying away from hard work. Others may not want to hire those that didn’t make the cut as sad as that is. It is hard to say why for sure they asked.

          I personally did not try out for journal, though I was encouraged to by the faculty advisor. I worked for a firm and was a non-traditional student with outside of school family responsibilities that took up my time.

          I explained that at an interview and got the job though I have a feeling lots of other answers would have been acceptable. It is just something for them to talk about.

    • Can you do moot court? At my former BigLaw firm, the checklist asked journal OR moot court. And it seems rare for people to do both, since both are so time-consuming.

      • That’s what I did, and when asked, explained that I felt I needed to work on my courtroom skills, since writing was my strength, so chose moot court instead of law review. I got several offers.

      • At my school, Moot Court was considered one of the “journals,” that you had to grade onto or write onto. I felt like I constantly had to explain to prospective employers that I chose to participate in the activity that honed my advocacy skills rather than spend my time cite-checking. Luckily, I think it was a benefit since I wound up litigating instead of doing the transactional work I’d planned on doing.

    • Respond honestly and then change the subject.

      “Actually, I wasn’t successful in the writing competition. But as you’ll see on my resume, I’m on moot court, and this year our case involves products liability under Iowa law. I spend about 10 hours a week on moot court activities, and am very proud to tell you that we’ll be competing in regionals next month. Blahblahblah…”

    • You are attending the wrong interviews. Some lawyers don’t give a shit about journals or law review as long as you have practical legal experience. Try interviewing for state jobs or small firms.

    • You are attending the wrong interviews. Some lawyers don’t give a s*** about journals or law review as long as you have practical legal experience. Try interviewing for state jobs or small firms.

    • I didn’t journal while I was in law school, but I worked remotely for another law school’s publication. It was a great experience and I feel like I got some solid writing experience. I got the position through my network of contacts, I would suggest that you do work your networks, and see what experience you can pull up.

    • Bk foette :

      Oh man – I feel your pain. I was 2 slots away from grading on and did not get on via the write-on competition either. I had an entire monologue devoted to my improved writing — in my first year I did not have good writing grades (other people in my writing section were newspaper editors in college, English majors and so forth — not that I would ever give this reason as it sounds like an excuse), but in 2 drafting classes in my second year, I got As and CALIed the other.
      So I had a 30 second spin on how writing was a process for me and it took me a while to figure out how legal writing actually occurred, but once I figured it out, I excelled.
      Good luck to you!

  4. I really feel for you-I was also at a T-50 lawschool and decided I just “didn’t feel” like doing the write on completition. Then the economy crashed. Yeah!!

    I didn’t get asked why I wasn’t on a journal, so I can’t comment about that-I would, however, look for ways to get writing/editing experience-I was a research assistant for a professor and did a clinic that involved some advocacy writing, did a couple moot courts things-just focus on what you have done. Hugs, though, I know it sucks!

  5. Also, I didn’t get a job until May of my 3L year. And it involved widening my job search to out of the big city where my fiance and i had lived for awhile and where I went to school.

    • Thanks for the comments everyone! I’ll see what i can do regarding the journal experience. I might just write my own note and see if i can get it published outside of the school journals.


  6. Does it bother anyone else that these shoes are called aquamarine and they are definitely not aquamarine? Now THAT would be happy and bright.

    • Yes – serious cognitive dissonance!

    • yes. And the closest color they come in to aquamarine is “seafoam.”

      Though aquamarine might be a little bright for a shoe… But it would remind me of vacations and beaches.

    • Yes, I actually asked a friend if (a) I was crazy and aquamarine is actually yellow or (b) I need a new monitor before I clicked on the link and figured it out.

  7. I say this with love both as a fellow pasty girl, and because I feel like I know the model after spending way, way, way too much time on Zappos & 6pm: now I understand what Kat means about certain shoe colors being unflattering for certain skin tones. That yellow is really not so great on pale skin. Really cute though!

    • Really cute *on others*, that should have said. Though maybe I should try the black…

  8. I have been wistfully thinking about a nice bright turquoise/aqua shoe lately, and was excited by the headline, but the shoe is (IMO) kind of awful. At least I’m not tempted to buy it.

    • spacegeek :

      I don’t generally like sling backs but I’ve been looking for a teal shoe. These might fit the bill!

  9. These look like geriatric shoes to me.

    • Makeup Junkie :

      I thought these were “comfort” shoes when I first glanced at the photo. Not that there is anything wrong with that – I have a few pairs of Clarks

      • Yeah, Seychelles heels generally have a more clunky look to them. They do make some great flats, though — not necessarily office appropriate but fun.

    • Grandmother styling, even if they don’t have the SAS sole and heel.

      • Associette :

        OJ, I agree with you. These remind me of something my Nana, RIP, would have worn. She was stylish, but that doesn’t mean that we would wear the same clothes.

    • This!!!!

  10. BAM! and just like that, i ordered them! in the mustard, too. sooo cute with slacks and i’m envisioning with jeans and swingy tops on the weekends!