Coffee Break – Bandolino Shelley Pumps

Bandolino - Shelley (Dark Brown Multi/Black Synthetic) - FootwearWe love the look of these peep-toes from Bandolino and, judging by the 46 glowing reviews on Zappos, they’re not just another pretty shoe.  We like that they come in a zillion colors (including the almost tortoise-shell-like print pictured), and the price is great, ranging from $53.06 for some colors to $58.95 for others. Bandolino – Shelley (Dark Brown Multi/Black Synthetic) – Footwear
N.B. Peep toes are not appropriate for every office!


  1. love them, espec. the tortoise shell print, but have wondered if peep toes may be on their way out. I’ve been not adding peeps, and would love feedback regarding this concern.

    • Interrobang :

      Peeps are *only* appropriate in the following forms: pink bunny, yellow chick, and the elusive orange cream egg.

      And even those are questionable.

      Carry on, darlings.

      • well there you go! Now I know! :)

      • Too funny ;-) (Also funny – the myriad websites devotes to Peeps!)

        I think peep toe shoes are okay during the warmer months (obviously your workplace/day will dictate appropriateness)

      • Interrobang, you’re kind of my hero =)

    • What’s wrong with peep toe shoes? I wouldn’t wear them during trial but they’re completely appropriate for status hearings or witness meetings.

      • Notwithstanding Interrobang’s hilarious exhortation to the contrary, I agree that peeps are ok for most office and meeting situations (not court). I see lots and lots of peeps in the office (Fla.) and even in court (sometimes worn by Her Honor) – maybe it’s regional. But – waah – I can’t find any of these in my size (11 reg) except pleather (just CAN’T) or some awful color/combo (red patent???). Any other Sasquatches out there finding any good, reasonably priced peeps? I would LOOVE the ones pictured, or a nice reptile, in my size.

        • s in Chicago :

 see the “dark natural multi” color choice (top right)

          Granted, they’re “plake” skin. But I still think they’re REALLY cute.

          • Thanks so much s! I went there and now they say that size/color is unavail, but I am determined!

        • gorilla body :

          along with not being able to ever find cardigans, or pants, i rock size 11 or 12 tootsies, which makes shoe shopping just that more fun. i swear by for shoes. it’s a little more expensive, but i almost cried when i found it – literally saved me from a life of men’s shoes, stripper platforms, and SAS purgatory.

          • Nordstrom, JCrew, Land’s End (cute ballet flats), zappo’s, endless,…there’s way more options than when I was a wee teenager with giant boat feet. Try!

        • LInLondon :

          Be grateful that you don’t live in the UK!! I have to do almost all my shoe shopping when I go to the States, it’s nigh on impossible to find anything over a 10 here and if you can, they’re always made for wide feet.

          • There’s a shoe store in Marlybone for giantesses. A lot of their stuff was heinous, but I found some good black ballet shoes. It’s a stone’s throw from the (also horrific) Long Tall Sally.

            Also, you may be able to squeeze into some LK Bennett stuff. I could!

          • Thanks everyone for the suggestions and empathy for *ahem* a ‘well-grounded’ circumstance. I can do okay with Nordstrom ‘in-store’ (bless them, the first to venture past size 10 in regular retail, I think) but it depends on the store. And there is more out there for us boat feet than there was 15 or so years ago, thank goodness. Glad to know I have ‘company.’

            Uh, ‘Gorilla Body’ – should we work on this name? I share your physical attributes…but I am thinking you do not really resemble a gorilla…please don’t take this the wrong way, just wondering if there is something easier to call yourself? Like GB (great beautiful?). Dunno, just seems like we give ourselves a hard enough time most of the time without making it harder. Please consider this only a friendly, positive comment.

        • Also BR (online) and Nine West carry larger sizes. NW up to size 12.

    • Hm, I can’t recall a time when peep toes weren’t “in” — or, at least were so unstylish that they weren’t continuing to be worn regularly. But maybe I’m just too young?

      • No, they’ve been “in” for decades. I have a pair of vintage peep toe pumps my grandmother wore in the ’50s. Designers feature them more prominently in some seasons than in others, but they certainly aren’t a trend that will look dated at any point.

        • Hey! Out of my closet!
          Glad to know I’m not the only one sporting her grandmother’s shoes.

  2. I love these shoes but I just wish they came in their non-peep toe counterparts. Why is it that the only cute low-heeled shoes are peep toed???

    • They don’t have the cute tortoise-shell-like print but they have lots of other colors in a non-peep toe option!

    • I have the Berry’s in several colors. Got them for $20 a pair at Macy’s right after Christmas. The grey herringbone are especially fun. I love the short heel, and they’re very comfortable – especially for that price!

  3. I have these shoes (I’m wearing them right now) and after a brief breaking-in period, they are the most comfortable dressy shoes I own. I LOVE them. I also like the peep toe, but only for summer.

    • I have similar shoes from Cole Haan – Air Carma i think…they look lovely…

  4. LegallyBlonde :

    Here are the tortioise color ones for $26.00:

    Zappos also has the same style in a flat.

    • Thank you so much! I was one of the lucky two sizes they had left, so I ordered them!

  5. I looooove Bandolino brand, and all but one of my pairs of work shoes is Bandolino. They are extraordinarily comfortable and at a great price point that never makes me flinch. The tips of the heels tend to wear down quickly, but I just get them replaced. Some of my older pairs of Bandolinos have been with me for 4-5 years now.

  6. Good to hear the Bandolino reviews — I’ve never owned a pair (that I remember anyway) and I’m always curious about quality … nothing sadder than a cute pair that you splurged on that dies halfway through the season …

    Amazon has them for $17.50 for select colors – free shipping if you spend over $25! (yes, that ! was due to my impending shopping glee)

    • I wore a pair of bandolinos as my interview shoe through a heavy interview season (12 interviews, all day affairs, often with long walking tours of hospital/med school). And loved them, they were super comfortable, wore well and did not break the bank. They also, by some miracle, matched my navy pinstripe suit exactly. It was five years ago (yikes) but I would get another pair again for a similar situation.

  7. IMHO, Bandolino is a great brand for its price point – similar or even cheaper than 9 west, and 10 times better in terms of quality and comfort, at least for my feet!

    Peep toes are fine in my office, which is “suits only” but takes a pretty liberal approach to what constitutes a suit, and the ladies tend to go nuts with accessories.

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for the open-toed sandal hose (the kind with a “toe thong”)? I’ve been buying the Hue brand at Macy’s, but find they run really easily and was hoping for either a more durable or cheaper brand.

    • Don’t do it!! That is not ok. Skip the hose or wear different shoes.

      • i agree. hose with open toes is not ok ever. even if it’s in thong variety.

        • Noooooooooo! No hose with open toes (or slingbacks either….).

          Do you have to wear hose no matter what? That would eliminate peeps from your work wardrobe….

      • Really? I have various skin issues and can never bare-leg it. I’m not talking about sheer-toed hose – I’m talking about open-toed hose, where the hose end at your toes (this part is covered by your shoe). If they are clsoe to your skin color, its pretty unnoticeable.

    • Donna Karen The Nudes. They look completely sheeer and come in the thong variety, and they lasted me a really long time.

  8. Hate that they’re pleather (ducking eggs for my eco-unfriendly state of mind)

    • Agree, my piglette’s do not want to be encased in pleather especially since they can afford otherwise.

      • VeggieLawyer :

        I’m a vegetarian with vegan leanings (so no leather for me) and I love when cute things are animal friendly. Different things for different folks and all that :).

  9. A-non-lawyer :

    Since it’s not polite to bring these things up with classmates, I just wanted to brag for a moment and say that our class ranks came out today, and I am #1!!

    That is all.

  10. Wow, stylish and brilliant. You will truly be a force to be reckoned with. Congrats!!!!!!

  11. Forestgirl :

    Just wanted to second all the comments about Bandolinos–I own mutliple pairs, and they are super comfortable and hold up extremely well. Also, props to Bandolino for making cute shoes with 1 to 1 1/2 inch heels!

  12. Love Bandolinos! They are my go-to heel I can actually wear. I have had such luck that I don’t even try them on anymore when I buy standard heels. I am THAT confident that they will fit and feel fabulous!

  13. Love Bandolinos, and love the non-peep toe option. My office is not super formal, but peep toes are a no-no, for some reason. Every now and then I’ll wear mine on Friday, but I’m always nervous I’ll run into one of the folks who would care.

  14. I will chime in with the praise for Bandolinos, and add that I think Bandolino is owned by the same folks that own Easy Spirit (and Nine West, I believe). Just an interesting tidbit…but I have definitely found Bandolinos to be some of the best work shoes I’ve owned. As a side note, I recently got these Easy Spirits:,default,pd.html?cgid=50485996&itemNum=3&variantSizeClass=&variantColor=WHEAFRP

    They are seriously like walking on little pillows, and just as cute as many of my Bandolinos, IMOP!

    • PS — I got them in the black…

      • s in Chicago :

        I always thought “Easy Spirit” was a brand for seniors or something. I never would have even given them a thought. Thank you so much for the link. Those are absolutely ADORABLE.

        I’m getting them in the black, too!

    • I love Easy Spirit! I have a pair of black slingbacks that I’ve had for at least five years… maybe more, and they still look/feel great — keep your eyes out at TJ Maxx for them as well

  15. I have a narrow heel but average-to-wide toes, and I also love Bandolinos! I have them in a 3.5″ heel, and they are my “comfort” shoes. I will need to buy more…

    As to quality, I have taken off some of the (p)leather on the back of the heels (darn rolling chairs), but I just use a sharpie in a similar color to cover it up. It wouldn’t be good for court or an interview, but it’s fine for an everyday shoe. They are stiffer than real leather, but they break in well and don’t eat up my feet.

  16. Random, urgent (and likely hopeless) question… I need to increase the appearance of my age tomorrow from 16 (my only slightly cynical take on my own appearance, since I dress very professionally but have the complexion of a teenager, UGH) to mid-thirties. I generally wear my hair in a bun for work, but could wear it down (it reaches my bra strap) and straight or curly. I generally wear black, 2.5″ pointy-toe pumps, and carry a large ivory leather bag that fits files. I will be wearing a navy suit and a white 1/2 sleeve knit top underneath (high-ish rounded neck), as I feel the button-front option makes me look even more like an intern.
    For what it’s worth, I’ll be meeting with a Catholic priest regarding marriage preparation, and my issue is that I need to get a previous marriage declared invalid, or annulled. I want to project age, wisdom, and maturity, and I suspect that any instant aging I could give myself will be a result of hair, makeup, and styling.

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks in advance!!

    • Hmm… I find that a dark shade of lipstick can instantly add some maturity (a nicer way of saying it seems to age people). I wouldn’t suggest going bright, but maybe something like the “Pigalle” or “Sephora Flame” shades of NARS lipstick:

      FWIW, what you’re planning to wear sounds perfect. Adding a single strand of pearls and pearl studs might be another way to achieve the look you’re going for. As far as hair goes, I’ll leave that to wiser commenters as I don’t have much insight there. Good luck!

    • I almost think in this situation, you may want to look less stylish, and more just plain older. This sounds different than what you’d wear to work or court – you’re not wanting to look smart and capable (like at work), but older and wiser in your personal life.

      I’d almost dress a little on the frumpy/dowdy/older side that day, just to convey the message that you’ve grown up significantly. Like, no pointy heels, for instance.

      (FWIW, I’m know a woman who is an Episcopal priest, and women clergy have fashion blogs of their own. One of them is called and while there won’t specifically be tips for you in there, you might get a feeling for what your audience wants to see.)

      • Duh, that should be “I know”, not “I’m know” above. Sorry.

      • Episcopal priest is very, very, very different from Catholic priest. For one, its a minister not a priest. Completely different audience.

    • Anonymous :

      One thing to consider is your voice. Speak slowly, avoid the ums, and if you have a high voice, try to lower it a bit (without sounding forced).

      As a side note unrelated to fashion, I was shocked (but happy) to find out that my fiance’s former marriage did not count in the Catholic Church. He was married in a civil ceremony and since he didn’t partake in the Rite of Marriage, he wasn’t married in the eyes of the Chuch. I was prepared for a long, drawn-out process to get an annulment, but at least per our local church, we’re good to go – no annulment necessary. Don’t know if that applies to your situation, but if you have a more liberal local church, you might be ok.

      • It’s funny you mention that — my former marriage technically is not valid in the eyes of the Church, as he was Catholic (I wasn’t, at the time) and we didn’t have the “Rites of Marriage” as it was a civil ceremony. The catch: his Baptismal certificate is required. And we aren’t in touch. And it’s in Lebanon. Somewhere. So I *might* be stuck in the lengthy annulment process… Sigh. You’d think the Church would want people, not drive them away!! But no…

        Anyway, that was a GREAT idea with the darker lipstick. I’ll also be careful with voice pitch, as it’s an emotional situation and my pitch can sometimes go up during those…

        Thank you ladies so much!!!

        • Just read this. You’re in a pretty good situation, actually – you KNOW your wedding was not valid. You just have to prove it. A lot of people seeking an annulment don’t know whether the wedding was valid or not, and go through the whole process with a lot of trepidation and fear, and sometimes discover that their marriage is valid and they can’t be married again. You just need to track down a baptismal certificate. I know it’s daunting, but you at least know that you’re free to marry.

          Good luck!

        • Clarification here:
          The Church does not want to drive people away. Just because you (along with most people) do not understand the Church’s reasoning behind something does not mean the reasoning is wrong. An annulment is granted when there is evidence that no sacrament occurred, therefore there is no marriage. I understand this must be a difficult time for you, and please know that our prayers are with you.

    • I think that the white top under a dark suit actually looks young. It’s the classic “I only own one interview outfit” look. I’d add a colorful top, and a silk scarf. Even with the white top a silk scarf will make you look more elegant and mature. It’s not a teenage look. A classic brooch might have the same affect. I’d choose hair up rather than hair down, as hair down seems more girlish to most people.

      Really though, unless you’re totally disheveled or something, the priest isn’t going to be looking at your outfit that closely. Most priests I know (and I know quite a few) would wear plaid shirts with striped pants if they didn’t have to wear their clerics every day. Also, he’s probably just going to be giving you information tomorrow. Your parish priest has no control over your annulment – your situation will have to be decided by a marriage tribunal. So tomorrow’s not a make it or break it day for you. Just so long as you’re comfortable and appropriately dressed, you’ll be fine.

    • I went through this process myself a few years ago, and just wanted to say good luck. I promise it won’t be nearly as bad as you expect! ;)

  17. Threadjack alert …

    Can anyone help me find a mostly wool navy 3 piece (2 or 3 button jacket/pants/skirt) suit in petites for under $400 or so? Jcrew has one but it has stitching over the lapels which I hate. Brooks Brothers only has it in pinstripe (and also with stitching I think) and AT and Banana don’t have any in navy right now. Where else should I look? I’d love a Theory one but it’s too expensive. Should I be going to outlets instead of online? Another store?

    I’m considering ordering from these guys since they are roughly in my budget, but I’m quite hesitant because of the wool blends (80/20) and because I have never heard of anyone using them before.

    • I have a couple of ASL Tahari suits in a wool blend. I got one at Filene’s and one at Macy’s. They might be what you’re looking for.

    • Biglaw Refugee :

      You could try Macy’s – Liz Claiborne, Jones New York & Calvin Klein suits there. Talbots might also have navy.

    • Talbots had one in the spring collection and may still have some lucky sizes in petites in their sale section.

      • It seems to be out at Talbots unfortunately, but I’ll be watching for it in the winter. Thanks!

    • I have the J Crew navy wool gabardine suit (in petite no less!), and the stitching isn’t really noticeable – it’s not contrast stitching, it just provides a little extra weight so the lapel lays flat. It’s a great suit; I love the contrast lining in the jacket, the lined pants (which I usually hate…), and the cut of the pants, which is flattering but not form-fitting.

      • Thanks for that review … I might have to order that suit to try it out. Now to wait for a coupon code (since I hate paying full price!)

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