Coffee Break – Bangkok Open-Toe Pump

I always like a light beige shoe, but the colorful pops of color here (choose either citron/green, pictured, or rose/salmon) are really chic. In addition to being cute peep toes, these shoes — like all others by olsenHaus — are 100% animal-free and cruelty free. They’re $210 at Amazon, but use code 2012MOM2 to get 20% off on this (and other shoes, handbags, sunglasses and more). olsenHaus Women’s Bangkok Open-Toe Pump

N.B. Know your office — peep toes are not appropriate everywhere.



  1. Response to "PCP recs?" :

    Response to your question from this morning —

    A physician friend there recommends the following four doctors:

    James Volberding or Kathleen Baugrud on E. Jefferson (414-272-8950)
    Mark Chelmowski or Jeff Bahr on Good Hope Rd. (414-352-3100)

    • lucy stone :

      My former PCP appears to not be there anymore so I can’t help – I’m sorry! I moved out of MKE 7 years ago and apparently so did my doctor.

    • Kimberly Hardy at Pro Health Care in Sussex. Worth the drive.

  2. Thinking about adding a mid-priced suit to my wardrobe. In the price range I am looking at (200 +/- ) I can only seem to find suits made of Polyester/Rayon. Will this look cheap? Will is last?

    • DC Darling :

      You should check out the Sales section on Ann Taylor online. There is an additional 40% off with the code on the site and most of the suits in the sale section are triacetate or wool. Just picked up a two piece navy lightweight wool suit for less than 100.

      • Seconding AT. They have sales all the time and you should be able to get a suit for roughly $200.

    • another anon :

      If you are not already on it, sign up for the Banana email list. They frequently send out coupons for 30 or 40% off. Not sure if that will get you into the $200 range, but it may get you close.

      Also, the Talbots ones can get pretty deeply discounted if you happen to hit a good sale. I think I got a jacket and pants there a few years ago for a little over $100.

      I am not a fan of rayon/polyester, or the AT triacetate for that matter, but that’s partly because it just annoys me to pay so much for something that’s made of a synthetic material.

      • Recently saw a bunch of Talbots items from last year – including some I bought at almost-full price- on the racks at TJ Maxx.

      • Second the BR suggestion. Because of the specials BR is constantly running, I recently got a black wool pants suit for less than $200 and a three piece (pants, skirt, jacket) navy blue wool suit for around $250.

        • And if it’s the navy blue suit I’m thinking of, it’s awesome and really high quality. It’s got enough character to be interesting but is still classic.

    • Talbots has 30% off all their regularly priced clothes online (today only, I think). I just ordered myself a pale gray pantsuit. I think it came to right around $200, with the sale price.

  3. I am sooo bored today. Someone say something funny.

    • Forecast – we’re in for a spell of bad wether.

    • I just went to a client’s home to execute estate planning documents. He is 93 and sharp as a tack. While going over the Advanced Healthcare Directive, we came to the part about donating organs. I reviewed his options with him and his response was “Why would anyone want my organs, they are really used!”


      • That page is blocked on my work computer, which reports:

        “This Websense category is filtered: Tasteless.”

        • That is hilarious. I’ve had some doozies blocked, including, which was labeled “p*rnographic.” But wow.

          But it’s not tasteless, seriously, this .gif is awesome.

  4. Anyone else have a slight aversion to peep toes at work? I think they’re adorable, but something about seeing someone’s toes in a professional environment (including my own!) weirds me out. (Not that I’d hold it against someone, I just can’t bring myself to wear them!)

    • I feel the same way, although I do admit that I sometimes wear them. But only because I feel like so many cute shoes only come in peep toe! I’d much rather that they were closed toe.

    • SF Bay Associate :

      I never wear peep toes at work, ever. Others in my office do and it’s totally fine, but for me, personally, no toes at work. I realize this makes me an outlier and I’m ok with that.

    • I completely agree. I am also very freaked out by toes that extend beyond the front of the peep toe!

      • Ok, that would just be wrong. I have not seen that. I sometimes get weirded out, like if I cross my legs by bringing my ankle up to my knee. I’ll look down and think hmm, it’s like I just wanted to get my bare feet even closer to my face!

        But I love peep toes, I would say 80% of my shoes feature them and I’ll never quit!!!

      • ewwww me too. that one just grosses me out whether at work or not.

    • I have a general no peep toe rule for myself – my 2nd and 3rd toes are long and I always feel like I’m flipping people off with my toes when I wear peep toes.

    • Nope! I wear them all the time. :) But I don’t wear suits.

    • Our office dress code just changed from allowing peeptoes but no sandals to full on (dressy) sandals. Most folks were excited but feet kind of eek me out and I’d rather not see my coworkers’ toes but to each their own.

    • I probably shouldn’t wear peep toes to work but I sometimes do. I wouldn’t do it on the day of a big meeting. I presented at a panel discussion where the only other woman on the panel was wearing basically elegant flip flops and an Eileen Fisher linen-y type outfit. The men on the panel were all wearing dark suits, and I will always remember saying to myself, “NEVER dress like her!”

      I draw the line at full-on sandals at the office, though some people wear them. I’ll only do a peep toe, and it has to be a pretty small peep.

      • There was an occasion in a Superior Court in Oakland where a woman came in wearing basically flip flops with a kitten heel and a barely more than casual outfit. While I thought the outfit was amazing (in a wth? who does that!? kind of way) and way more appropriate for hanging out on the attorney’s sail boat on the weekend than for Court, my judge could. not. get past the shoes. He even thought about calling her firm to have someone tell her that if she wore those shoes again he wouldn’t let her in the courtroom but ultimately let it go.

        • Another Erin :

          He should have called the firm. If her attire is hurting her credibility and making the judge think she’s out of line, she should know about it. I would want to know.

        • I was at a docket call one day with an attorney in linen capri pant suit and flip flops. After her case was called, she left. The Courtroom was silent as she left because the judge was filling in an order. All you heard as she exited the Courtroom was the sound of her flip flops. Yuck.

    • In a customer meeting right now – peep toe shes (black, tasteful), and fishnet stockings!

      • Oooh, nice! I have a friend who wears funky/weird fishnets ALL THE TIME (I’m talking patterns, pictures, colors, etc…and I don’t think she even gets a weird look, only admiring ones. I’m thinking about adopting the style sometimes too! :-)

    • Former MidLevel :

      I’m with you. I don’t wear them, either.

  5. For the poster who needed a dress for a “rustic elegant” wedding:

    Please buy this one so I can live vicariously through you. So cute!

    • too freakin cute.

      • This one from the new Altuzarra collection linked to this morning at J-Crew might also fit the bill:

    • Argh! I’m on a self-imposed shopping ban. I am wishlisting this one, in the hopes that it’ll go on sale right after my ban expires. :-)

    • I wore this on Sunday to a christening:

      Wow, I got it on a major sale.

    • Love the dresses, but they don’t seem rustic at all to me.
      Maybe Laura Ashley of olden days, before they started selling jumpsuits…
      This one is for Bonnie’s challenge below:
      I don’t know if it is washable though.

    • Thanks, love this! I should have mentioned in my post yesterday, though, that the forecast for the wedding (it is this weekend) is in the low 50s. Can this (or similar dresses) be styled for that temperature?

  6. Shopping challenge: machine-washable maxi dress that can be worn with a regular bra and has waist definition. Go!

    • This one is cute — though the directions say its hand wash or dry clean, I bet you could machine wash it on delicate.

    • JCPenney yo.

      At this rate, I should totally be on their marketing payroll.

    • Oh, and this one is so pretty I’m going to share it anyway, even though it claims to be dry clean only (though I’ve gotten away with washing silk myself.)

    • Try Boden. I have a great maxi dress that I got from them last year that fits your criteria.

      • Second Boden. Their maxi dresses are really great.

        • SoCal Gator :

          Third! Just got a red maxi that I can’t wait to wear. This season’s styles ran short so I ordered a Tall length and it was perfect. Love Boden’s dresses, both long and short.

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      The bra part is questionable here (spaghetti straps… hmm) but how about this one:

      This is less summertime fun but could be accessorized so

      And Old Navy has a bunch that I like

      This one is hand wash but I still dig it.

      • Alex Mack :

        I have (had) an Old Navy maxi in the same fabric as this last one. I did not hand wash (because I am lazy), and the dress is now full of holes. They aren’t kidding about hand washing.

      • Rural Juror :

        I have that ON maxi (top link) from a few seasons and I love it. So comfortable

      • $247 for that jcrew dress?!!?! It doesn’t even look good on the model!

    • momentsofabsurdity :

      Damn, moderation. But Old Navy has a few that could work.


      • I ordered a maxi dress from Target – cowl neck, ruched at the waist. I think it was Merona, or maybe Mossimo (sorry, don’t feel like dealing with Target’s messed up website right now). It’s really nice drapey jersey and the ruching is very flattering. The cowl neck is also very flattering, modest, and bra-friendly. Plus you can sort of hike up the skirt and tuck it under the ruching, so you can adjust the length of the dress!

        It comes in at least black and gray, not sure about other colors.


      • This one comes in more colors, which you can see if you go to Target’s main dress page.

    • This one?

    • Thanks all! I’ve tried the Boden ones but they look like maternity dresses on me. I always forget about Old Navy for casual clothes and just placed a big order. I have hopes for this dress: Hopefully the wide waist will decrease the is she or isn’t she look. This skirt also seems like it would be great for the summer:

      • Unfortunately I tried that ON maxi and it looked (on me) exactly like a maternity maxi I bought from them a couple of years ago. :-( I can’t wear anything with an empire type waist because it just accentuates my little leftover belly and makes me look pregnant.

  7. Does anyone have experience with Land’s End shoes? I have a couple in my cart to try but I’m not sure which size to get… the reviews aren’t that helpful, either. I’m usually a 7 or 7.5 depending on the brand.

    • Francie N. :

      I have a pair of Ballet Flats that run small both width and length a half size or so…

      • lucy stone :

        Agreed. I have two pairs of ballet flats and order up a half size to get a good fit.

    • I am between an 8.5 and a 9 and Lands End usually fits me in an 8.5.

      • Wow, I am apparently a total weirdo compared to everyone else. I have never tried their ballet flats, just casual shoes.

    • they run narrow! (this may be a good thing?)
      I am a 6, sometimes a 6.5, and Lands End ballet flats fit me best in a 6.5W.

    • Thanks everyone! I ordered the 7.5s :)

  8. Accountress :

    HUGE props to the Tahari Women line (at Nordstrom, Bloomies, and Saks).

    I just spilled Coke all over the skirt of my “Ellen” sheath dress and bottom of the Kische cardi I’m wearing over the dress. The cardi is soaked. The lining is soaked.

    But the skirt? It does not show a demmed wet spot or anything. The soda just rolled off the fabric and landed on the carpet.

  9. Not to brag but am on my first vacay in almost a year and it is amazing. In Vegas, was at the pool for most of the morning, after a breakfast at Bouchon. Peeked into work email, saw no crises so will continue to just chill. If you can get away for even a few days it is worth it!

    • Also as a Canadien-être, am super excited to hit the outlets Thursday! Will let ppl know about bargains I score.

      • Aahhhh! I am going to Vegas on Thursday and am totally planning (a) Bouchon and (b) shopping as well! Are you going to the North or South outlets? If North, we may just run into one another. I hope you brought your blue nailpolish and hair tie.

        • Vegas Baby :

          I live in Vegas and I’m super jealous of both of you. Also, please go to the North Outlets. You’ll have much better luck. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  10. Anonymous :

    Just accidentally posted this on the last thread instead of this one.

    Networking question, particularly for any of you DC ladies. During my second year of law school, I externed at my government dream job and had a great supervisor who said she’d be happy to be a reference, etc. I’ve kept in minimal contact with the externship supervisor – mostly using her as a reference for clerkships and bar apps. During my third year of law school, I took a very small class with an adjunct professor who is a supervisor in the same division/agency. I haven’t been in touch with him since. I graduated last year and I’m clerking this year in another state. Due to a hiring freeze, working at this agency after my clerkship wasn’t an option, so I am going to BigLaw in the same field – just on the other side.

    Given that former supervisor and professor currently have my long-term dream jobs, I would really like to cultivate them as mentors and contacts. But I feel like given the fact that I externed and took their class 1-2 years ago, it’s a little awkward to just email them out of the blue. I know they are both also really busy, so I am unsure if asking if they have time for coffee or a chat some time is going to be a huge imposition. They are both in fairly senior roles. Do any of you have suggestions on how to connect with them?

    I will have some time in DC post-clerkship and pre-job, so I was thinking of sending either (both?) of them an email then updating them on what I’m doing and asking if they’d be willing to meet sometime for a kind of informational interview/catch up. Is there a better/less awkward way to connect again?

    • I think that sounds like a great idea. They probably remember who you are, but it wouldn’t hurt to put a little reminder like, “You may remember me from your Spring 2011 course on XYZ” or some such. If they are too busy or just don’t want to meet up for whatever reason, they can just say no. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

    • Adjunct Professor :

      I don’t think the timing is “out of the blue” at all. I have been practicing for 17 years and have been adjunct teaching for 8. I get calls and emails from former students and former junior attorneys sometimes years after I last spoke with them, and I am always happy to help out or talk or meet for coffee or whatever. A year or two is nothing. I promise.

    • Former MidLevel :

      Email them, but do it separately. I contacted a bunch of my professors after 2-3 years, and it was fine.

    • I asked my thesis adviser from undergrad for a letter of rec for law school applications this past fall. I graduated undergrad six years ago in June, and hadn’t kept in touch with her at all. She was thrilled, and very happy to help. My dad (a professor) has had lots of past students contact him for a reference, letter, advice, etc, and has no issues helping out, even if people haven’t kept in touch. I would guess that if you had a relationship with them at the time (not just anonymous student in the class) they would be happy to meet up.

    • Do it. This is called networking. Use it to its full advantage!

  11. Embarking on the post-grad housing hunt… If any Corporettes know of anyone hoping to move to Lower Pac Heights in San Francisco this summer that is looking for a roommate, would love to have someone to look with! Contact me at [email protected]

    • SF Bay Associate :

      If you’re flexible on location (Why lower pac heights?? Transit access is not great and it’s far from the freeways, though obviously a super nice neighborhood), my friend has a room available now in her Hayes Valley apartment. She’s in biglaw and is awesome.

  12. Arrgg!! I hate banks. I had autopay set up for my student loan. The loan got moved to another servicer. On my desk? Last months check sent back to me from the old servicer. The problem? The money has already been removed from my account. I’ve been “chatting” with a bank person for the last 20 minutes. I’m getting no where. And he won’t put it back. So so so frustrated.

    • This is the whole AccessGroup to ACS changeroo, isn’t it? I’m starting to have to deal with that and NOT looking forward to it. I hated ACS sosososo much when they serviced my undergrad loan.

      Motivation to get this one paid off ASAP, I suppose!

      • Its actual not the lenders fault at all; the autopay paper check arrived after the loan had been switched and they mailed it back to me. NBD, except the bank has already removed the money from my account and it took them 25 minutes to tell me I’d have to stop payment on the check (which is a physical check, an actual piece of paper) even though it’s never been cashed. Lame!!

        • Ah, that does sound more like a bank issue. Too bad, I can get a good steam of righteous hate up for ACS! :-)

        • Jenna Rink :

          That is BS. Keep pushing up the chain. If they really have their system set up so that is the only option, they need to waive the stop payment fee. If they are sending out paper check for your auto payments and deducting the balance when the check is mailed instead of when it is cashed, they are artificially reducing the interest they pay on your account. Not ok!

    • I had a similar problem before and researched this issues back then. The bank will put back the money after 90 days (depending on the bank) if the check is not cashed, even if you don’t do a stop-payment. But that still really is bad since no one cashed that check. So after that I looked for a bank that does not withdraw money until the money is actually cashed by someone, but to my knowledge, every bank does it this way, since that way they can make money off your money until the money is actually taken out (sorry for too many confusing terms).. A few small banks may not do this but most do.. horrible..

    • Ugh. I’m a ACS/AccessGroup change hater.

      They switched over my EFT electronic payments, but now they’re twice per month instead of once per month. I actually appreciate that, but would have liked to know ahead of time.

      And they sent me statements with interest rates that are like 1.5% more than I should have. So I called them, and they said I had the lower rates. But refuse to send me that in writing. Whaa?

  13. I’ll probably repost this on the weekend thread, but are any ‘rettes going to Point to Point?

  14. Point to Point? :

    Apparently ‘r e t t e s gets you in moderation now. Sigh. Sorry for the double post… is anyone going to Point to Point?

  15. Anxiously awaiting my official job offer. The background check is currently taking place. I’m sure it will be fine, but I’m stressing about it, on top of the ptsd from my accident.

    I cannot wait to give notice. Had a rough day today. The junior developer on my team violated the unwritten developer code. My boss asked him to make a couple of minor formatting (fonts, borders) changes to the big report I just built because I was working on another project. He changed the code completely, removed whole sections, etc. My code was working and approved. His code is no better, just different.

    The equivalent to this would be if one of you asked me to review a document you created (a big document, the culmination of 4 months of work) and I revamped it completely, removed sections, etc.

    I’m livid. When I spoke to him about it, he could change it back, but the production release date is tomorrow so we’d miss the deadline.

    I need to get out of this place.

    • Oh, that’s infuriating. A paralegal once made changes to my document after it had been approved by approximately 47 different levels of supervisors, and I went through the roof.

      Sorry you are having such a tough time lately, and I hope the official offer comes through soon.

    • That sucks. We’re all waiting for you to get out of there.

    • I’m sorry. Hope you get the job offer soon so that you could officially hand over your 2-week notice and then… simply not care about your current work :)

    • I hope you get the job offer soon so you can finally tell us where you *used to* work.

    • What. A. Tool. You’re almost out of that toxic environment, hang in there!

    • FOOEY on them!!

    • Bunkster – I’m sorry for all of your troubles lately, and I really hope that this new job signals the start of a new chapter in your life. I wanted to warn you that if your boss is truly as horrid as he sounds, there’s a very good chance you will be dismissed as soon as you give your two weeks’ notice. I hope that doesn’t happen, but I wanted you to be prepared just in case. I also hope you’ve thought of that possibility yourself and I look sort of ridiculous posting this.

      • I was thinking the same. Bunkster, I’d have your personal belongings packed up before you give notice (moved out the day before and already at your home if you can swing it).

        • Yes, I did this when I left my last job although my boss ended up hugging me and offering me a job in perpetuity. It was annoying for the last two Weeks because I’d deleted everything off my computer!

  16. Has anyone here successfully negotiated a title change when considering an offer for a new job? I’m a “Director” at my current job, but I’m in the running for a “Manager” position at another org. Wondering about the possibility of asking for the position title to be changed to “Director” if I get an offer…

    • You probably want to look into the logistical differences between the two titles at your new position. At my last job anyone with a “director” title could get fired for sneezing the wrong way and had a very short lifespan at the organization, while anyone with a “manager” title had a lot more job security and could be there for years.

  17. DC Darling :

    Anyone know of a good (but affordable) beauty blog? I need some suggestions as I am woefully ignorant of makeup and which brands/colors/etc work on whom.

    However, if anyone is in love with their makeup, I’ll take recommendations as well!

    • I’m not sure exactly what you’re looking for, but I highly recommend Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer as a great basic product. It provides some hydration, spf, and light coverage. I don’t like the pancake look and it is really good for evening out your skin tone. I use the Laura Mercier Secret Camoflage to cover up dark spots, undereye circles, etc..
      I also really like the Benefit liquid blush and Nars the multiple

    • If you’re willing to spend department store money rather than drugstore money on cosmedics, you can make an appointment with a Nordstrom beauty consultant. Most stores have one. They represent the entire department and will help you create a whole look using many different lines. I did this when I first started working my downtown financial district job when I was 31 (I’m 47 now) and I still use most of her recommendations.

      Trish McEvoy is the one line I’m most loyal to. Any of the makeup artist lines – Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier or Trish – will have a higher level staff and can also help you create a complete look. I caution against Sephora – I just haven’t found their staff to be very well trained. I’d go with the department store on this one, at least to get started.

      • correction – beauty director, not beauty consultant. I just remembered her title. By the way, it’s free, like a personal shopper.

      • DC Darling :

        This is exactly what I was afraid of in terms of asking from just one counter. There is a guy at mac that is really great that I trust so I might just hunt him down. When I’ve sat down for one of the counters to make me up I end up looking like a high end runway model…….the night after. No matter how many times I say professional chic they bust out the glittery blue eye shadow. I think I’ll go ahead and make an appointment. Thanks for the tip.

        • Don’t go to MAC! Go to an artist you’d like to look like when she’s done with you. :)

    • Former MidLevel :

      I love love love Bare Minerals. It’s super-foolproof, but not as long-lasting as I would like. When I want more coverage (or to look a bit more polished, as in recent job interviews), I wear Clinique liquid foundation, applied with a #56 Sephora brush–but only where I need it.

      But in my experience, makeup takes a lot of trial and error (mostly error). If I were you, I would go to Sephora and load up on samples. Then play with them. Beauty bloggers are great, but they’re no substitute for really trying things.

      Also, it’s worth investing in quality. For example, my sisters-in-law don’t get why I like Bare Minerals. That’s because they went and bought some cheap drugstore substitute. Not the same.

      • DC Darling :

        I have heard really great things about this line and am keen to try it out. I usually can’t stand the heaviness of liquid foundations but the powder ones just wipe off by midday.

      • anon in SF :

        I really like Bare Minerals too. You can control how sheer or heavy you want the coverage, and mix colors if need be. As a bonus, it has titanium oxide, which provides a full spectrum SPF coverage, but which doesn’t raise the same concerns as oxybenzone/avobenzone.

    • I recommend Nouveau Cheap if you can get past the Ellen-ish writing style.

    • Ars Aromatica has some interesting write ups on basic stuff like base, brows, eyes etc:
      Can’t guarantee affordability, though.

      Britishbeautyblogger reviews both high and lower end stuff with swatches, and Londonmakeupgirl writes about more unusual, natural lines quite often.

  18. Continuing on the hate-reading Cap Hill Style from this morning…anyone care to comment on Belle’s guidelines for shorts?

    Signed, someone without the thighs of a Brazilian supermodel, but who is going to wear shorts anyway, thank you.

    • DC Darling :

      I get the sentiment and I didn’t think the tone was as high and mighty and it usually is but if clothes were meant to be worn exclusively on supermodel body types we’d all be sh*t out of luck.

    • Tired Squared :

      I only wear shorts for exercising — and if you’re out for a run or something, you wear those shorts and do whatever you can (within reason) to stay cool!

      With regard to non-exercise shorts: I think she’s a little nutty on the supermodel leg thing. I’ve never seen someone in shorts and thought, “how dare that non-supermodel-thighed woman wear shorts!”

      … I do, however, generally think supermodels would enjoy a cookie.

    • I kind of agree with her on this one but for different reasons. For me, it has nothing to do with the hotness of your legs. Shorts just look juvenile to me on an adult women when worn other than as exercise clothes.

    • Meh. I’ve never given a thought to the appropriateness of my 3″ brightly-colored shorts until reading that. I’m hyper-aware of the appropriateness of my work attire, though, and will continue to compartmentalize. They’re my comfy casual clothes; I don’t want to worry about that kind of stuff on my own down time, and people can judge me if they want to. Outside of work and other situations where there are certain attire expectations (special events, places of worship, cultural stuff, I dunno), wear what you like.

    • I agree with her. She didn’t say that non-supermodels shouldn’t wear shorts, just that they shouldn’t wear ridiculously short shorts. 3inch shorts are too short. They don’t look flattering on anybody. 4 inch shorts are far superior for all body types. I have seen women with too short shorts on and they look awful.

    • Link, please? I tried finding this and couldn’t.

      I’m in the same camp as AP. During the weekends, I’m chasing 3 kids, sometimes with a dog in tow. I wear what I like and what’s comfortable. Period.

  19. Ladies, last-minute reminder that tomorrow is Administrative Professionals Day! Do NOT be the one in your office who forgets :)

    • so anonymous :

      You bet I’m going to “forget” it. Considering I share my admin with about 40 people and she spends most of her time on people more senior than me, I really don’t see the need to pat her back today.

  20. Is there a way to lose five pounds by Saturday? Or even just 3 maybe. I just feel so bloated and have a wedding to go to. I tried by dress on and have like a large potbelly which I usually dont have. ugh.

    • Gail the Goldfish :


    • Try this one:

    • cut out salt. drink lots of fluids. natural diuretics. assuming it is bloating, that should help.

    • I keep meaning to try this, it’s from Jillian Michaels.

      60 ounces pure distilled water,1 Tbsp sugar free cranberry juice, 1dandylion root tea bag 2Tbsp lemon juice. Drink every day, try to only eat veggies and lean meats. Drink as much water as possible and no alcohol. You can google it for help too.

      • As a powerlifter who cuts water weight a couple of times a year to make my weight class, I can attest to something like this working. Lemon and dandelion root are both natural diuretics, and will help you drop water weight if you (somewhat paradoxically) drink lots and lots of water. The downside: you’ll be in the bathroom all. the. time. You also need to be careful not to OVER-hydrate, so stop drinking water if you feel nauseous. But in order for this to work, you need to be taking in 1.5-2 gallons of water per day.

        Your diet is key, too. Cutting carbs will help you drop water weight, but will (obviously) decrease your energy. Avoid starchy carbs like bread, potatoes (but sweet potatoes are OK), pasta, and rice. Doing all of this works like magic, but again, it’s not really sustainable for the long-term.

        To the poster below who asked about calories in, calories out: no, it’s not that simple. Your body is not a debit card. It is a living organism that is capable of constant adaptation, and your metabolic rate changes throughout the day depending on what you’re doing and what/how much you’re eating. If you just stop eating, your body will go into starvation mode and burn as few calories as possible… and even worse, it will fuel itself by breaking down your muscle tissue, which tanks your metabolic rate in the long run. So yah, don’t do that. Eat more protein, reduce your carbs, track everything you eat, and be patient.

    • Can anyone help me understand the maths of weight loss? Is it only calories in/out? If those BMR calculators tell me that I use 1750 calories a day (which they do, and I’m 5’10 and slightly overweight), then if I don’t eat at all for two days I would lose a pound. So the maximum weight I could lose in a week is 3.5 pounds, and that’s through not eating ANYTHING at all. Obviously people lose a bit of water weight etc, but how does anyone lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks of ‘real’ weight?!

      • I guess you wouldn’t lose that much, because your body will quickly reduce its metabolism as much as possible to adjust for the starvation. You will then feel awful, cold, light-header but wouldn’t loose that much “real weight”. However, you’ll probably gain some when you eat again.

      • Merabella :

        Please don’t do this.

    • Merabella :

      Avoid bread and foods that cause gas – like broccoli, try to eat lean meats and veggies and drink lots of water. And if that fails to attack the bloat, grab a pair of spanx.

  21. What? Really??? But the meal plan seems totally doable. But 10 lbs???? In 3 days????

  22. What? Really??? But the meal plan seems totally doable. But 10 lbs???? In 3 days???

  23. Merabella :

    An add for Metallic Leggings just popped up. What have I clicked on today that makes the internet ad world think I want/need these in my wardrobe?

  24. The healthiest way to lose 10 pounds in 3 days is to give birth.

  25. You are so obnoxious. Please stop posting this on every single thread.

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