Coffee Break – Faux Pearl Necklace

Amrita Singh Faux Pearl NecklaceLoving this great bib necklace from Amrita Singh, which strikes me as the perfect thing to wear with a wide v-neck or to dress up an otherwise simple outfit. It’s available in a faux white pearl (pictured), as well as a faux gray pearl, a dark blue lapis, and a black resin. All were $300 and are now marked to $83.98 at — nice. Amrita Singh Faux Pearl Necklace



  1. Gorgeous, totally love it. Swoon.

  2. I’m not a fan of the bib necklace look for me. Possibly because I have a long, thin neck. I’ve seen some other women rock it out and it looks amazing, then I try it and it looks weird. Maybe it’s what I’m trying to pair it with? What do you ladies pair this style of necklace with?

    • Anonymous :

      Simple shapes. Let it shine. In a v-neck (wrap dress, shift) or over a bateau.

    • I like to wear them with very high boat neck tops and dresses (like the Gathered Hemlock dress at Anthropologie), at least for work. I’ve only tried them with v-necks, so the necklace is over my skin instead of the fabric, but I get this sort of chainmail/armor vibe…I’m okay with it for casual wear, but would personally feel weird styling a larger bib necklace like this for work.

  3. Anonymouse :

    After days of stabbing stomach pain, I finally went to the doctor and found out I have ulcers. He gave me some medicine and a bunch of diet restrictions, including absolutely no caffeine.

    I’m studying to take the Bar in a week and have been drinking tons of Mt. Dew to stay awake, using chocolate as study rewards, and taking lots of Excedrin to combat those brain-exhaustion/I’ve-been-staring-at-my-computer-screen-for-15-hours-straight headaches. Now that these unhealthy habits have caught up with me, any tips on how to make it through the next 9 days alert and functioning while dealing with caffeine withdrawal?

    • Water and peppermint tea.

    • I was going to suggest Aleve but I don’t think you can take aspirin/blood-thinners with an ulcer so there goes that. Something that sometimes helps me is a head massage, whether somebody does it for me or I do it for myself. Take a brush and slowly/softly massage the bristles in a circular motion on your scalp. Yes, this will knot your hair but the short break from massaging/detangling your hair will really make you feel better. Drinking lots of cold water helps me, too and sometimes keeps me more alert than a cup of coffee would.

    • Oh dear – Ive been right where you are, if that’s any consolation. Got to the point I could not take it anymore, a few days before important * exams and was given the same diagnosis.
      I was given some pretty strong pills to take and the usual antacied to relieve the pain also.
      Mine disappeared soon as the exams were over so hopefully yours will too! Actually very likely since the stress and the precipitants in your case are mostly temporary.
      I ended up switching from chocs and coffee to starchy things and specifically Ice-cream – which might not be too much of a killer over 9 days. I found that very soothing.
      Doing without coffee is definitely hard. I found that ground coffee gave me less trouble than instant, and putting a bit more milk in there helped too. I must confess I didn’t really quit the coffee though – no mean feat since it has likely got to the point you are mildly addicted. And yes, caffeine can and does cause mild *addiction*

      • Antacid, oops!

        And ditto Ru’s suggestions for stress relief – the less stressed the better you will cope with the pain.
        I think I found water helped me too! But partly I get to the point I am so nervous I need to keep sipping and cold water was an alternative.

    • I like 5-Hour Energy Drink. Helps wake you up w/o the jittery/overcafineted feeling. It has some caffeine but it’s mostly b-vitamins. My daughter had colic when she was little and this really helped me get through a full day of work after being up most of the night w/ a crying baby.

      • anon-oh-no :

        FRS is similar — a little bit of caffeine w/ lots of vitamins and it works wonders — i take it almost every morning. no side effects at all.

    • S in Chicago :

      I had a major health problem arise suddenly a few years ago and had to cut caffeine cold turkey. I would try to taper down slowly, if at all possible. A few things that helped me were exercising/walking when I was feeling restless or fatigued, replacing my diet Coke with sparkling water so at least it still felt bubbly and I had something to sip on, and (I know this may not be the healthiest) swapping other types of candy for rewards (jolly ranchers were my new poison–probably not good for someone with ulcers though). A lot of computer headaches are compounded by neck strain. Try to watch your posture when sitting at the computer (keep your shoulders down), keep your feet flat on the ground and your back vertical, and give yourself some breaks (if I ‘m at home, I’ll sometimes rest flat on my back on the floor). Eye strain also can be a contributor, so take frequent breaks and stare at something in the distance. It may even be helpful to put prompts on your computer so you don’t just stare at the screen for hours and lose track of time. Anyway, just my .02. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

    • Maybe decaf coffee, which I think still has a tiny bit of caffeine. Tea also has much less caffeine than coffee. A hotel I once stayed at for a meeting had one of those big fancy glass jugs of water in the lobby, filled with orange and lemon slices and mint leaves (and lots of ice). I found that the combo of cold-citrus-mint really made me feel more alert, I didn’t need nearly as much coffee as I usually do to stay awake at meetings.

      • I don’t think any type of coffee would be okay, since it is acidic even when decaffeinated. Red tea is basic if you’d like another warm drink to maybe help sooth the pain. I’m not sure about ulcers, but in general warm drinks help me when I have stomach aches or hyper-acidity bout. Hope you have a swift recovery!

    • Anonymous :

      Sleep to combat the fatigue. Brief stints of exercise and water to combat the restlessness/stave off the screen-staring headaches. Really, adding more sleep and more breaks at this point will be more beneficial than an extra 2 hours of studying.

    • karenpadi :

      Second the water and mint tea suggestions. Also, try some emergen-C (packets of vitamin C powder). Those little packets of powder pack a huge punch after a late night (alcohol-related or not).

    • This might not be possible, if you can’t have any caffeine, but espresso has much less acid than drip-brewed coffee, because it is pressure-brewed. I can’t drink regular coffee, but lattes don’t bother me at all.

    • Another Sarah :

      I was also given a diagnosis a couple days before the bar and had to start detoxing. Ditto on the ice-water, and lots of it. Lots of sleep, even if you don’t think you can afford it – you can. If you start to get a headache from brain drain and 15hrs of staring at the computer, that’s when you should stop and close it up for the night. I know it’s hard, but you can do it.

      Does your MD know you’re about to take the bar? If you’re still going to be in pain next week, ask if you would be able to take anything for the pain. I had to take the bar needing painkillers but not able to take any, and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Obviously, if they would do more harm then good, it wouldn’t be worth it.

    • Acidophilus & probiotic pills and/or kefir. And decaf green tea?

    • Anonymouse :

      It sounds like I’m going to be very well hydrated this week :) The meds and diet changes have already made my stomach feel worlds better, so now I just need to get over this give-me-coffee-or-I’m-going-to-die hump. Thanks so much for the suggestions, everyone!

      • If you cut caffeine cold turkey, you’re going to have pretty bad headaches. (I went through a Mt. Dew stint in high school, and then cut it, and it was awful.)

        I’d make sure your doctor knows you’re taking the bar, and ask for some relief.

        But yes – sleep and water. And honestly, if you don’t know things after Friday, then you won’t ever know them. You shouldn’t study at all this weekend. Just use it to relax, whatever that is for you – reality tv, being outside, making music, whatever.

  4. She’s completely over-saturated the accessories media/blogs, and even though her pieces are beautiful, they are all starting to look alike to me.

  5. Threadjack – Does anyone have any recommendations for good traveling shoes? I’d love to be able to pack shoes that (1) I can walk around comfortably in all day; (2) are waterproof; (3) could even do a light hike in, but (4) look reasonably cute and don’t make me feel like a tourist. I’ve searched zappos etc. but nothing is jumping out at me.

    • found a peanut :

      Crocs satisfy every element except for the “reasonably cute.” If you are willing to forego aesthetics I would get a pair of Crocs.

    • Cole Haan Air Tali Sport Mary Jane flats. I can walk all day in these and they don’t look like sneakers, but golly do they feel like them. They aren’t really “waterproof” any more than a regular sneaker, but you won’t get your feet wet like you would in sandles.

    • Corporate Tool :

      I have Merrell ballet flats, which I use for commuting shoes, but I’ve walked miles in. Not waterproof, but not bad even while wet.

      I think they’re pretty cute. Also, Crocs has some cute ballet flats. Can’t speak to comfort though:

    • somewhere(less)cold :

      Have you looked at Merrell and Keen shoes? If you end up with a pair of Keens, be careful packing them. I had a pair of mary janes, and the rubber toe got pushed in while in my suitcase and they never felt the same afterwards.

    • I love the Merrell Marina in the silver birch/white color (and I do NOT, as a general rule, like Merrell shoes). They are incredibly comfortable, and I’ve walked in them all day. While not waterproof, I have gotten caught in the rain in them and found they dried quickly. They are comfortable in the summer due to the mesh, and study enough that I’m sure you could do a light hike in them. Bonus: they’re even kind of cute!

    • Ecco flats (e.g. Keystone or Boullion, both SO comfy) or sandals, treated with the waterproofing agent of your choice, are1,2, and 4 together.Great for walking but probably not hiking… actually, there is any shoe that will truly hit all of these marks? Seems to me that a true, waterproof “hiking” shoe will probably look touristy, but not necessary bad, in a city, for example.

      • Second Ecco. I have a couple of pairs of Ecco flats (including some very cute lace-ups) of various styles and have walked everywhere in them, including hiking around (a) the Tuscan countryside, and (b) the hills in
        Edinburgh. They are light, comfortable, and kind to your feet. But do break them in before you do any serious walking, same as you would for other shoes (ask me how I know)!

        • Third Ecco. I agree with Nonny that you probably want to break them in first.

    • Thanks for these suggestions – more welcome (!) – yeah, I think you’re right AEK, I need a cute walking shoe and separately, if I want to hike, sneakers or something to hike in.

      • Check out Puma. I have the Karlie ballet flat and the Rudolf Dassler Rhythm ballet flat, and they’re both great. The Karlie is more cushioned/comfortable for lots of walking. I have it in black (there are a couple of very bright color combos, too). They’re very light and packable.

      • I loved these shoes so much that I bought a second, identical pair when the first pair died:

        I have them in “metal”, which is sort of silvery black (more black when they arrive, as in the picture, and then turn much more silver over time, with a bit of black shot through). I know that not everyone loves the look of these but I do, and I have literally walked 10 km in, happily. The straps are leather though, so not exactly waterproof.

        Have a great time!

    • Try Keens. They meet all your criteria.

  6. A general rant, for the life of me, I can’t understand how Amrita Singh can charge the outrageous prices for what is basically glass and plastic. Original $300?? She is frequently on sale on Rue La La and Ideeli and if you zoom in on photos and look closely, the workmanship of the pieces appears very poor. Don’t understand how designers get away with it…

    • Anonymous :

      Completely agree. You could buy actual pearls for $300.

    • Agreed…I ordered a few pieces off HauteLook and wasn’t impressed with the quality. Disappointing because the aesthetic and colours are great.

    • Co-sign. I also feel that way about David Aubrey. Not all of it is 100% fake but it all looks that way.

      There are such fabulous things out there and yet this stuff sells like hotcakes. I don’t even have a problem with “fake” but can’t it be done better?

    • You’re completely right, but it’s very easy to get carried away (or disgusted) once you realize the markup on jewelry and accessories. My husband is sick of me throwing catalogs across the room while yelling, “I could make that!”

    • I’ve bought a couple of Amrita Singh pieces from Hautelook on deep discount and was still not impressed. With one of the rings I bought, the stone fell out of the setting *while I was taking the ring out of the packaging*. Give me a break. The zoom-ins on the pieces are accurate – they are not well-made, even the things that are made out of real stones. And most of her jewelry isn’t, it’s resin. I think $90 is still too expensive for this – there’s an artisan jeweler in my city where you can get pretty nice real silver pieces for that much money.

    • It is typical Indian costume jewelry. Pretty, but never worth the asking price.

      • This. And the design is like wedding jewelry so I’d feel over dressed at work.

    • PSA: try nice stuff, low priced, stylish.

  7. skippy pea :

    Gah, my whole comment disappeared!

    Anyway, I am looking for such shoes too! Mine need to do double duty as okay workout shoes plus okay walking about shoes. I am ready to sacrifice some cutness for not having to carry two sets of shoes.

    I like Skechers Bikers so far. They are not bulky nor too ugly.

    I am interested in finding out what other corporettes recommend!

    • skippy pea :

      Srsly Kat, why is my comment in moderation for such a long time? I see other posters reply and their comments being replied to already!

  8. If you google smartbargains and then click on the links, you’ll get additional savings. Depending on the link the savings could be an additional 15% off or free shipping. The discount displays in a banner.

  9. Oh my gosh, what a GORGEOUS necklace! I totally want it, but I don’t know that I’ve ever spent more than $20 on any single piece of jewelry I’ve bought for myself!