Coffee Break: Suede Snakeskin Belt

Brooks Brothers suede snakeskin belt Brooks Brothers has a number of items on clearance, including a ton of cute belts. I like these 3/4″ suede snakeskin belt, which comes in grey (pictured) and a very versatile “natural” taupey/brown. Was $148, now marked to $74. Suede Snakeskin Belt


  1. Anonymous :

    It is really cute, but I would not wear this to work. It’s fine on the weekends, or for after work @ a club, but not for work.

    • I think it depends. If the rest of your outfit is conservative, I don’t think most people would bet an eye at a belt like this. If you’re wearing matching snakeskin shoes & a purple blazer . . . well, that’s a different story.

      That said, I am not a fan of the buckle. I know it’s probably really boring, but I wish there was a company like American Apparel (before it got all strange and gold lame, maybe) that made just great quality work basics. Perfect black belt, perfect gray suit, prefect white button down . . . No frilly extras allowed.

  2. I collect belts and would definitely wear this one to work – particularly like snakeskin belts in general, so classy – to my eye. Would wear with black pants, or over a sweater.