Muse Giveaway!

Thank you all for entering the Muse giveaway — there were 1148 entries, and #803 was randomly selected.  The winner has been notified by email.

If you’re one of the 1147 people who DIDN’T win, though, don’t fret: Muse is offering 25% off your entire purchase by entering CORP25. Offer valid till 12/30/2011 5pm EST. Code cannot be combined with any other offer. One time use per customer.

(Pictured: my favorite Muse cocktail dress: it’s $158 at the website.)


  1. I just got a new in-house attorney position (yeah!), but I will have to travel to a facility in Cleveland once a month and I have no idea what people wear for business in Cleveland in the winter. When I was interviewed, some of the attorneys here in the CA office had on jeans, so it seems like a fairly casual environment. All suggestions welcome!

    • Congrats on the new job. I’m in a smaller city in Ohio, not Cleveland, and of course I don’t know anything about your new company but I feel confident that things are less casual and more conservative there than in California. I’m in a small and definitely low-key firm, but there are no jeans here except on casual Fridays. I’d err on the conservative/ businessy side for your first trip, and then get a sense of the office environment. This is the Midwest, so super-formal (or super-expensive) probably would be out of place in an in-house position — no Armani suits required. Also, Cleveland can be COLD and windy, especially if the office is downtown. (The main business district is essentially smack up against the edge of Lake Erie.) Think about maybe a skirt suit with a turtleneck or light sweater instead of a blouse and knee-high boots, or a pants suit or pants/blazer combination. Good luck with the new post!

  2. Wait, so the point of collecting entries was so that Muse could spam us in the future?

    • They can’t send you any emails, if you haven’t specifically given them permission to (per the CAN-SPAM law).

      • I got an email from them today as well (subject line – Our Holiday gift…). Annoying but not too surprising. Whatever – unsubscribed.

  3. Does this mean that Kat/Muse broke the law since we haven’t given them permission to?
    There is no agreement to release my e-mail to be spammed….

    I like participating on this site in comments beyond just give aways but if this means spam. I’ll think twice.

    • I can explain the CANSPAM law if you’d like, but the easy option is to just unsubscribe. To answer your question, no Kat did not break any law and depending on the content of the email Muse sent you, they probably didn’t either, but since I didn’t receive an email from them, or participated in the sweeps I can’t say for sure. Either way, just unsubscribe and you won’t hear from them again – no biggie :-)

      • Blonde Lawyer :

        I’d love to hear more about the CANSPAM law. I had someone call the other day asking how he could get his $1000/spam award since he had repeatedly unsubscribed to something but still got emails. It’s not the kind of law we do and referred out but it got me curious.

  4. I don’t like (for parties) that raw-boned look with short metallic dressy dress, bare legs, and prominent knee bones. If a person wanted to wear a short metallic party dress – let’s say for New Year’s Eve – there are always metallic hose to match that you can wear to complete the look, preferably sheer ones for a dressy occasion.

  5. Nice pendleton jacket on lightning sale on (link to follow) – allegedly 64.99 once its in your shopping cart. Should show up as “Pendleton Women’s British Twist Zip Jacket”


    • Sorry – That was supposed to be in reply to the post about the Pendleton Jacket (clearly I haven’t had enough coffee yet this morning)

  7. Ooh, there are some cute work dresses on the Muse site. Does anyone have experience with the brand? Feedback on sizing (TTS), overall fit (better for the straight or the curvy girls), length?