The Hunt: Nude-For-You Pumps

Sure, we all know what wardrobe essentials for work professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Tis the season, ladies — to do a nude-for-you pump roundup! As we’ve noted before, a shoe that is a close match for your natural leg tone is a great way to elongate your leg and make it look like it goes for miles — of course you can always just wear a beige, tan, or brown shoe as a neutral as well (regardless of whether it matches your skin tone).  We’ve rounded up something for everyone, hopefully — affordable nude-for-you pumps, dark brown pumps, light beige pumps, medium brown pumps, and some super light pink pumps for the pasty-legged among us (including me!). Readers, are you in the market for a new nude-for-you pump? Which ones did you wear into the ground last year?

Some Hall of Famers, pictured above (clockwise): one / two / three / four

Psst: looking for nude flats? Check this roundup.

nude-for-you pumps 2018

Hall of Famers, pictured above, top row: one / two / three / four // bottom row: one / two / three / four

For our featured nude-for-you pumps this year, read on after the jump…

Naturalizer's Nude CollectionNaturalizer deserves a shoutout for their Nude Collection — they offer a huge range of “nude for you” shades for flats, heels, sandals, and more. The pictured pump has been around forever, and the teensy platform makes the heel that much more walkable and comfortable; it’s $80. Naturalizer Michelle
Astoria Pump I’m surprised to see that the Nine West mainstay pump (Margot) seems to be on the way out — but these affordable block heel pumps from the same brand are winning rave reviews and look polished and modern. They’re $89 at Nordstrom, Zappos, and Amazon (where some colors are as low as $45!). Astoria Pump
Sam Edelman Stillson These Sam Edelman pumps are high (3.5″) but look great if you can maneuver. I love this oatmeal suede, but they also have a beige leather and a dusty rose suede, along with otther neutrals (including a fabulous leopard print). They’re $120 at Zappos, available in sizes 5-11 in regular and wide sizes. (Amazon also has them as low as $54.) Sam Edelman Stillson
Everlane's Day Heel If you like the look of block heels, Everlane’s uber popular “day heel” comes in a TON of colors, including the “cognac” suede pictured as well as a “natural” suede, and various patents including “taupe” and “pale rose.” They’re $145, available in sizes 5-11. The Day Heel 
AGL d'Orsay heel Ooooh… if you are like me and have a wider forefront and narrow heel (I’ve heard readers call similar fit problems “duck feet” and thought, yep), an ankle strap can be a lifesaver — and coming from renowned comfort brand AGL, these shoes look fabulous if you’ve got fussy feet. I love the low heel (2.25″) and the modern look with the architectural block heel. They’re $345 at Nordstrom. (This very similar Cole Haan style is also from a comfort brand and is only $160.) Pictured: d’Orsay Ankle Strap Pump
Gucci Daisy Ankle Heel These pumps caught my eye because there are so many things I hate about them — yet the overall look is so chic. I hate logos. I hate super high pumps (4.25″, or 105mm!). And when choosing a ankle strap pump for myself I always try to be mindful of the fact that a darker strap will make my leg look stumpy — so I definitely would not choose a dark red strap like this. And yet… I’ve never seen anything quite like this shoe. Hmmn. Hmmmn. The pump is $1,150. Daisy Ankle Strap Pump

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It's here: our 2018 roundup of 25+ nude-for-you pumps -- a must-have neutral for every working woman, particularly in conservative offices!


  1. Kat, these pumps are so pretty! It make’s me think of springtime! YAY!!!!!

    Grandma Trudy introduced me to the grandson of her freind. The guy seems nice and works in NYC for some fund as a manager. He has curly hair and is not that young — I think over 60. He was MARRIED, but his wife divorced him and lives in the Hamton’s. He lives in the City, near the UN. He want’s to date me, and I said I would meet him for Deli at 2nd Avenue this Sunday. I hope he turns out OK — he has no kid’s but wants them IMMEDIATELY. I hope this does NOT turn out that his focus will be on that right away, b/c we need to be MARRIED b/f I start popping out kids for him. We shall see, but since there is no one else in the hoppa, I will give him a chance! YAY!!!

  2. My vote is for the Naturalizer Natalie pump. Good range of colors, pretty comfortable, classic style.

  3. I’m in a job where I like the work (fairly niche area), and work with good people at the associate level. The partners, however, generally are very difficult to work with, and there’s no one that I look at and think, “I want their life” or “I would love to ‘grow up’ and be like them in their career.” They’re ether workaholics, are very competitive/ manipulative, or are simply not pleasant to work for or with for a variety of reasons. In the short term, it’s perfectly fine, but I’m debating whether I want to stay for the long term in a place where I don’t have any real mentors or someone who I aspire to be like. Time to consider switching to another firm? Or am I overthinking it?

    • Depends on what your ultimate career goals are. Working with partners I like and admire is important to me when I’m considering building a career at a firm rather than just using it as a jumping off point for something else. I’ve found that workaholic, competitive, manipulative, mean, [insert undesirable trait here] is often a symptom of a bad firm culture from the inside out. I left a firm in part because I saw how firm culture/attitudes/expectations rewarded bad behavior and pressured good people to act in bad ways. I didn’t want to become a person like that. I left for a firm where firm culture requires and promotes good behavior.

    • Frozen Peach :

      How long have you been there?

      • Five years- up for partner in about four years. Now would be the time to move, as far as opportunities go, I think.

  4. Junie (Sam Edelman) :

    I just bought the Junie in nude on Nordstrom for under $50. (Link to Amaz0n:

  5. Anonymous :

    How do we feel about peeptoes in 2018? I’ve been holding onto a pair of beloved Cole Haans from their Nike collaboration in a nude patent leather that are the only heels I’ve ever been able to tolerate, but they’re starting to feel dated. :(

  6. So, last summer I figured out the best Nude for Me shoe was bronze snakeskin.

  7. Bathroom Rug Recs? :

    I need a bathroom rug recommendation. I have very cold tile floors in a cold climate. My master bath is oddly shaped: small vanity to the left when you walk in, larger vanity to the right, angled shower stall ahead, WC is separate.

    I cannot figure out a rug situation in the main part of the bathroom. I’ve tried a long, rectangle but it doesn’t work at all.

    The floor is freezing and I would like to avoid having too many separate rugs. I wear slippers but my husband just sort of scoots a small bathmat around. There has got to be a better way!

    • Small round rugs? You could do several and make them look like stepping stones or polka dots?

    • Custom size?

      I have no experience with this brand, but it came up as an option when I googled.

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve heard from decorators that custom rugs are less expensive than ppl think. I’d google around for custom options. Long term, think about getting heated floors installed, it can be done! (and it is also less of a big deal than ppl assume). Heated floors in the bathroom are such an achievable luxury!

      • Bathroom Rug Recs? :

        We are going to need a remodel one day and heated floors are on my list. Everything about the bathroom screams 1994 right now. I can deal with it for a while but, in the meantime, I want warm feet!

        I also truly had no idea that custom bathroom rugs were a thing. I don’t know what shape I would need but maybe something big enough would work.


    • Here’s what I did: Buy a bath mat in the approximate size you need and cut off the part of the rug that doesn’t fit. I hand sewed the cut-off side, but you could probably hot glue the ragged edge if you flip it over and glue near the rubber part. Once you flip it back face up you’ll never know it was glued/sewn.

    • Buy husband slippers

  8. Anonymous :

    I don’t know. At this point, nude pumps are looking awfully dated to my eye.

    • Ditto.

    • Anonymous :

      I think they are kind of classic like black pumps. They have their place, gotta have a pair, and it’s how you wear them/the outfit that determines the look.

    • If that’s the case, what’s the replacement look?

      • What I like about nude pumps is that it’s my summer uniform shoe for the office. I have nude pumps and pink flats for summer. Then black pumps, suede strappy heels and black flats for winter. Yes kinda boring, but I’m looking for corporate invisibility in my dress for the office, not a creative outlet. I do not want to expend more energy than necessary choosing my footwear.

      • Cork. It’s nude with visual interest.

    • I don’t know, I think for most of us there’s a difference between being dated and just not being on trend. To me beige shoes are like normal sleeves: not trendy, but something that people wear and look totally normal wearing.

  9. Anonymous :

    I love the look of a classic white button down, but decided I needed an undershirt or some item to keep the lines of my bra cups from being visible.

    Does anyone have a go-to? I’m thinking of buying one of these:

    but 60 dollars is alot for an undershirt.

    • Look at Uniqlo’s line of tees. I actually use one of their nude for me camisoles with a built in bra to wear under my white button downs.

    • I wear camisoles or tank tops under everything. There used to be a soft Jockey one that is still my favourite, but the Jockey supersoft classic is an acceptable replacement (except for the non-adjustable straps). Alternately, when i’m running a long trial in my robes and need something plain, I wear men’s tank tops–a five pack was about $10.

    • I just wear tight women’s t-shirts from H&M or Gap underneath my dresses or shirts as undershirts. They’re about $5-6 a pop. Gets the job done.

  10. I’m honestly impressed that multi-colored nudes were presented here, it’s shocking. And I’m sad that I’m shocked. One day, I know that MY nude will be offered but still, very pleased.

  11. I persoally prefer more of a pinkish nude/ blush , any reccomendations? Blessings and Regards
    Briony J Shutt

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