Suit of the Week

For busy working women, the suit is often the easiest outfit to throw on in the morning. In general, this feature is not about interview suits, which should be as classic and basic as you get — instead, this feature is about the slightly different suit that is fashionable, yet professional.

albert niponWe know, we know: not everyone here is a size four. But if you ARE, then it is your lucky day, because that is the only size left available for this week’s Suit of the Week. (We normally don’t like to be so exclusive, but, hello, the suit was gorgeous and the only one even slightly interesting this week.) This lovely Albert Nipon suit in the almost-neutral color of raisin has clean, flattering lines — in fact, it is so clean that we can even let the tonal trim pass, despite the fact that it might be interpreted as frilly on any other suit. And the discounts, ye gods! It was marked at $380 at Neiman Marcus, but is now marked at $152. Take another 25% off at checkout, and it comes down to $114. Lovely.  Albert Nipon Pleated Suit

P.S. Please try to ignore the small furry handbag the model is carrying.


  1. Neiman Marcus has excellent customer service. The last time I saw a suit on this blog that was linked to NM, I went to the site but they didn’t show my size in stock. I chatted online with their customer service rep who specially ordered one for me in my size and shipped it for free! I might try the same tactic with this beautiful suit.

  2. Hi, I’m new to dressing like a Grown Up. What is up with suits coming in one size for the top and bottom? The majority of women are not the same size top and bottom. I was just at Macy’s and they had a bunch of suits on sale but all were single sized sets that could not be broken up.

  3. Love love love this suit! And even though I’m not at all a size 4, I love seeing ideas like this because I can always find pieces that suggest the same shapes that will fit me, too. But Jennifer does have a great idea – good luck getting it! *And I’d love to know if it works this time, too *

  4. Love it! Note that it’s not black but actually a dark purple. Still think it’s great though.

  5. Lovely suit!

  6. I can’t tell if the skirt’s hemline is asymmetrical or if it is just a poor choice in pose making it look diagonal…

  7. A fantastic find…I can second the excellent service comment for NM.

  8. Jennifer was right about customer service. I just spoke with a customer service rep and he was wonderful. He was unable to help so he gave me the numbers of two stores in state. Unfortunately, both of those ladies were not so friendly nor helpful. I am remembering why I primarily shop online. Oh, well. Next time I will be prepared and try to order immediately.

  9. Sad, now it says not available at all. That said, I’m always wary of ordering clothes that are only shown in such a dark color that you can’t really see the detailing. It says the skirt is pleated, but it just looks like a big block of color to me….or maybe it’s my monitor?

  10. If you shop around, there’s a few Nipon suits on sale at Neiman—at ALL sizes….

    What are your thoughts on a colorful suit for a conservative office?


  11. I just contacted Neiman….the suit is already sold out! =(

  12. jennifer, i’ve actually had TERRIBLE neiman marcus customer service. to make a long story short: last year i ordered a pair of marc jacobs sunglasses that arrived in the wrong color, 3 hours later the customer service reps were openly still calling me a “liar” claiming i just didn’t like the product and was using this as a guise to complain about it. apparently my e-mailing them my order confirmation with the correct color that i actually ordered was not good enough, they claimed i altered the e-mail. apparently, when a color sells out at NM online, their computer (only on THEIR end) defaults to whatever is left in stock and changes your invoice only on their side. eventually, all i got was 50% off for my inconvenience and i kept the item because i ordered them for a cali vacation i was going on the next day. sigh, it still boils my blood!

  13. Anonymous :

    i love the aquamarine suit! but, i wouldnt be able to pull it off. I’d be too self-conscious. For someone without such “issues”, I think it’s fantastic.

  14. Me:

    I think the aquamarine one is fantastic. I love it. Plus, it is natural fibers. I tend toward conservative, but wear aquamarine in the spring and summer. It’s either that or dark blue all year round. Ick. Aquamarine, or light blue are acceptable colors even in conservative offices, I think.

  15. Me,

    I thought that first one was just gorgeous, too. The second one, while a pretty color, does not appear to be nearly as well made. I don’t know if it’s just a bad fit, or the suit looks wrinkly, or what, but I didn’t like it!

  16. Delta Sierra :

    Me: yah me too I like the aquamarine one. Beautiful cut. NM does need to improve its zoom and enlarge features, makes it look as though they’re a tad late catching up with online shoppers’ needs. Seeing a fabric in extreme zoom tells you a lot.

  17. housecounsel :

    Both of the linked, colorful suits are lovely. I can’t see myself wearing either, but I think I’d admire any woman who did. I guess I picture these worn by women with southern accents. I can’t see them in a Chicago courtroom.

  18. I’m a size 4 – but that suit is GONE! :(

  19. candeejaye :

    it says the suit isn’t available if you click to buy it :(

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