Coffee Break: Oversized Sunglasses

red oversized sunglasses for $12I forget where I read it (Fashionista maybe?) but somewhere, a while ago, I read about how great Old Navy sunglasses are. I happened to notice these while hunting for classic sheath dresses today, and they struck me because the red ones look so similar to my MIL’s fancier designer sunglasses.  Either way: it’s hard to go wrong with oversized sunglasses for $12 — great if you tend to lose ’em, or find yourself in situations (whether it’s a rare sunny day at work, or a trip to the beach) where you wish you had cheap ones to leave. (Either in a “keep your beach bag packed by the door for the rare occasion you get to go” kind of meaning, OR the “hide your valuables and wade into the ocean” kind of meaning).   Oversized Sunglasses

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Coffee Break – Butterfly Sunglasses

LC Lauren Conrad Butterfly Sunglasses Without opining on the celebrity or her brand (I’ve actually never watched The Hills!), I like the look of these butterfly sunglasses from LC Lauren Conrad. An oversized shade s always a fast way to add glamour to a summer outfit, and for the inexpensive price point plus ultraviolet protection, these don’t disappoint. Were $30, now $16.99. LC Lauren Conrad Butterfly Sunglasses


Coffee Break – Round Metal-Hardware Sunglasses

Old Navy Womens Round Metal-Hardware SunglassesCall me cheap, but I hate spending money on sunglasses.  It was one thing when I was a lifeguard (as a teenager) — but these days I just am not outside often enough to warrant a pricey, fancy pair of sunglasses.  These simple ones from Old Navy have 100% UVA protection, and are $9.50 — plus an extra 20% off with code BRONGAP20 through 4/27, online only.  Nice.  (They’re also available in brown.)   Old Navy Womens Round Metal-Hardware Sunglasses


Reader mail: Which sunglasses are best?

Women: Women's Metal-Trim Sunglasses - Black
Even though summer’s over, UV glare is forever, so we thought we’d address this question we got a while ago…

Was wondering if any of you have ideas about where to get a pair of decent sunglasses (polarized, but nothing fancy) for $20-$50 or so. I just don’t like to pay more because I always seem to break them often, and I’m not so picky on the style. I’ve been looking and finding either way too cheap and shoddy ones, or far too pricey for designer ones. Any suggestions are appreciated! I live in Seattle where we have most major stores.

(We actually saw our eye doctor yesterday, and asked him about sunglasses — are some better than others? ” Nope,” he answered: “At least not for my purposes.”)

Sunglasses really are a totally personal choice and one where — unless you get really wacky — you can express some personality. Are you the hipster with the Ray Bans? The hippie with the grandma glasses? The weekend warrior with the wrap-around glasses? Personally, we prefer to wear Jackie-O type glasses–the larger the frame, the better. We have prescription ones that we wear most days (we highly recommend spending the bucks if you don’t wear contacts all the time), or a pair of Old Navy ones ($9.99, recommended by Bunnyshop a few years ago) that we keep kicking around the inside of our bag for when we wear contacts. We’ve spent money on sunglasses that were supposed to be better for your eyes–
Maui Jim
and Hobie back in our lifeguarding days–but we must say, we’ve never actually bought “designer” sunglasses.

While we don’t really care what sunglasses you wear, we do encourage you to wear SOMETHING, because UV rays really can damage your eyes (even in the winter and, if we remember correctly, even on cloudy days).  (We have another, sillier reason for wearing them (with no actual proof behind it):  squinting can cause wrinkles, and we don’t want any wrinkles we haven’t earned.  Laughlines we will take aplenty, frown lines if we must–but no squint lines, s’il vous plait.)

Readers, how about you — do you let your personality shine through in your sunglasses? Do you swear by a certain brand?  How do you feel about a “label” pair of sunglasses?

Pictured above:  Women: Women’s Metal-Trim Sunglasses – Black, available at for $9.50.