Thursday’s TPS Report: Seamed Knit Skirt

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.

Halogen® Seamed Knit SkirtYesterday, readers were singing the praises of this great seamed knit skirt from Nordstrom — love that it comes in 6 colors (including fever pink, pictured, as well as black, gray, “grapevine” purple, “cadet” blue, and “chalet” green). It’s fully-lined, has lots of stretch, and comes in sizes 0-16 (reportedly running a bit large). Lovely. It’s $68. Halogen® Seamed Knit Skirt

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2014 Update:  This skirt is now so popular among readers that we call it The Skirt.  New colors are offered every season at Nordstrom; when old colors go on sale the skirt goes as low as $39 pretty regularly.


  1. This skirt also comes in petite, but not as many color options.

    I’m loving the purple, but reviewers say that the purple is not as dark as shown, and is in fact much more lavender. Anyone here actually own the purple?

    • I am so glad I saw SF Associate’s post about this skirt and ordered it on Tuesday. I’m afraid that now that Kat has featured it, it might get sold out! My order is already winging it’s way to me: I ordered two colors.

      Also, I ordered regular instead of my usual petite because I think the petite might be too short for work.

  2. Sorry, I look at a hot pink skirt and the only thing I can think is “Lawyer Barbie” or Elle Woods.

    • I was just thinking how much I like the pink one…

      • Me too! Pink is totally the one I would buy. I would wear it with a white button up and some pretty basic pumps, like my nude Cole Haans, and some great jewelry. That’s how I dress most days, so hopefully I don’t look TOO much like Elle Woods!

        If I hadn’t given up shopping for Lent, this would be on its way to my house in pink right this moment.

        • Anonymous :

          Wow, giving up shopping for Lent – that is hard-core. My husband gave up chili peppers (in any form), he’s already realized how difficult that will be for him when he couldn’t have Chinese dumplings last night!

          • This. Also “gave up” shopping for Lent. Added bonus in the “take on/do good/alms” category by giving the $$ not spent on clothing to charities within the Church rather than those more secular whom I usually support. Wishing you all the best this season…

          • Also gave up shopping for lent….so sad b/c this pink skirt is so cute!

          • I gave up sweets, and had to put all of my Girl Scout cookies in the basement freezer to strengthen my willpower…

        • I like the pink too, and stopped by Nordstrom on my way home with the intention of purchasing. Unfortunately, the color pictured is a bit off. Its super, super bright, almost neon. And, it’s more coral than pink. Sad. I totally would have bought it in fuchsia or hot pink.

  3. I tried this on at the store, and it’s a pretty, well-made skirt, but it just didn’t fit. Pencil skirts usually fit me decently well, so I was a little disappointed.

  4. I saw the purple in the store but did not try it on. The quality looked really great. I know several people who have sung this skirt’s praises, so it’s worth trying on.

    • Can you describe your body type in general terms — I am quite curvy and have difficulty finding pencil skirts that work, but am always on the lookout. If you had a more straight figure, I might try this one!

      • If you look at the blog link below, Sarah has a curvy figure and looks really great in that skirt. The Nordstrom reviews suggest that this skirt looks good on a pear/hourglass shape, not so much on a straight figure.

      • So. Done. With. School. :

        I’m pretty straight and I have this skirt in a size 0. I think curves would help keep it in place. I love the weight and structure of the skirt, but it does run large, and a little more shape might keep it where I want it.

        • I’m “so done with school” too! I’m on an hour countdown for spring break! 6 more hours!!!

          • AnonInfinity :

            You’re already having spring break?!?!?! LUCKY!!!!

            When is graduation? Mine isn’t until the end of May and it can’t get here soon enough.

          • I’m only a 2L so I don’t graduate until 2012! I think exams end on May 9th, but my winter break was like 2 and a half weeks!

  5. In case anyone is looking for extremely comfortable suede pumps, consider these:

    I am amazed at how comfortable they are. I bought them in the blue and the black. What do you ladies think of the blue? I like the color but am not sure what I would wear it with?

    • I would wear the blue with gray. Maybe white, if you wear white. If you have any dark purple pants (something in dark eggplant), I would try with that. Probably not with navy, but it really depends on the shade. I would not wear with black — too early 90’s. I also would not wear with brown, but that’s because I think blue & brown rarely works together.

      • soulfusion :

        I actually like blue and brown together – today I’m wearing a brown pin stripe skirt (that I rarely wear because it is the ridiculously wrinkle prone) with a blue cardigan and navy tights. I think it works and I actually really like varying shades of blue with brown.

        • I’m wearing blue and brown today, too! dark brown pants, brown and cream patterned top, and dark blue cardigan. I like mixing neutrals.

      • I wear blue and brown together at least once a week. To make it work, it needs to be a saturated brown, not a washed-out color.

    • Hmmm. Cute.

      Unfortunately, I simply cannot bring myself to purchase something that has Jessica Simpson’s name on it. Ick.

      • I have had a couple of pair’s of JS shoes (in fact I’m wearing a pair right now). I bought them begrudgingly due to the name, but I have really liked them.

        • I used to feel the same way, and then my husband asked me why she was different than any other designer trying to make a buck. She (or someone who works for her) has design talent, and her shoes are very reasonably priced. So what if she is a little ditzy? She used to be known for her figure and for being married to Nick Lachey, but now she has made an independent name for herself and has been working really hard. I think that’s respectable.

          • SF Bay Associate :

            I’ve never tried her shoes, but I wonder just how much of a ditz she really is, as opposed to her public persona of a ditz. Her product lines sold $750 million last year and is expected to be the first celebrity line to clear $1 billion in one year, making her an incredibly successful businesswoman whose sales have far exceeded “more famous” and “more popular” female celebrity fashion lines (JLo, Madonna, Gwen, Kate Moss come to mind). And she’s only 30. I might pretend to be a ditz in public too if that meant I could dive a la Scrooge McDuck into my money vault when I got home.

          • It’s the Dolly Parton business model. Ditzy public person; privately hard-headed and very successful businesswoman.

            Although, without Dolly’s songwriting skills.

          • “The bigger the hair, the closer to heaven.” Love Dolly. Also have a lot of respect for Jessica Simpson.

          • @ SF Bay – that Scrooge McDuck reference just cracked me up.

      • I felt the same way, and then I bought two pairs of JS platform pumps at Marshall’s, and now those shoes are worn probably 4 times a week. It’s hard to separate the person from the designs – but I really realized I was being hypocritical about Jessica Simpson when the whole thing with John Galliano blew up. I always really liked Dior designs and bought some small items with the Dior name on them, and then it turns out John Galliano is a drunken bigot. With JS stuff, I figure if I like it and it fits, and the price is right, it shouldn’t matter that I think Jessica Simpson is a ditz.

      • Agreed. While I feel bad for her in some ways, her way of “marketing” her ditzyness as part of her branding is, in my view, the wrong way for women to get ahead. It’s like she thinks that acting ditzy is a way to be liked, and that’s exactly what I’m trying *not* to teach my daughters. b23, I disagree with you that she has any talent or that she’s working hard. Sorry.

        • i think she’s also tried to stay away from the spotlight in recent years (at least i havent seen much of her aside from the ‘mom jeans’ episode). staying out of the limelight must be helping her brand.

        • You have to question how much independence she had in creating her “ditzy” brand – both she and her sister were under tight control of her
          (crazy) agent/father during their heydays. Who knows how much of that is actually her real persona. And she should be able to capitalize on whatever she wants, so long as it’s ethical and legal. Isn’t feminism about encouraging the spectrum?

      • I have a Jessica Simpson purse, a big bag I like to use on casual days when I want to carry a bunch of stuff like a sweater or extra shoes. It might actually be my most complimented accessory — and I have some beautiful “real” purses in the competition.

      • MDChristina :

        I was at Nordstrom’s one day looking for a red peep toe shoe and made a similar comment about one of her shoes. The woman at Nordstrom’s mentioned that JS uses the same company that produces BCBG products and simply puts her name on pieces she chooses. I’m simply relaying what was told, so I’m sure of the validity but they do have a similar quality/look and this may help you get around the JS “label”.

  6. After my disappointing experience ordering the BR suiting skirt last week, and after all the raves here, I was actually considering getting this one (not in pink) instead. To those who have it or have seen it in person,
    1) how is the sizing, and
    2) how is the fabric — is it so stretchy that it seems a bit cheap? I normally prefer all wool skirts and am concerned this would be too slinky.
    Also, if anyone has the blue, is the color true to the one pictured?

    PS: Tried on the Martin pants I ordered and — big sigh of relief — they still fit perfectly!

    • This woman loves the skirt and has lots of pictures with her wearing it:

      • CaribbeanGirl :

        I’m loving both the green and lavender color on her! Thank Clerky! I was worried this may be too short on me but based on where it hits on her (just above the knee) I think I might have to stop by Nordies over the weekend.

      • Yes, tks Clerky. This answers my color question (from above).

    • I had the same Martin pants experience lately – thank goodness they still work for me! They are about the only ones out there that do!

    • I just got my BR suit in yesterday and the jacket sleeves are too long even though I have another BR jacket in the same size that fits! I was so annoyed! I have to try everything else on, but I was pretty disappointed. It might be ok for now since it was on sale though.

  7. Tahari dress :

    I was the one who posted the link to the black Tahari dress a few days ago (it looks like it is now sold out). I got in the mail and it fits great! I’m somewhat of a pear shape and the dress fits surprisingly well. It’s just a tad bigger on the top for me than the bottom, but I don’t think altering it is necessary. I also like the fabric – unlike most Tahari dresses, it’s not that typical crepe fabric that I happen to dislike.

    Just thought I would let you know that it’s a great dress!

  8. The comments are disappearing!

    • Sorry about that — I’m hoping/expecting a possible spike in traffic today (I may be mentioned in a NYT article) — so I’ve got the cache settings set extra high today in an attempt to keep the site up and running.

      • SF Bay Associate :

        So should we try to repost our disappearing comments, or will they reappear on their own?

      • Associette :

        Congrats! That is exciting news. If you are in the article will you post a link?

      • Sweet! Congrats, Kat! And good thinking ahead.

        • Ok, changed some of the settings — they were driving me bonkers. I could see on the backend that there were 74 comments, but when *I* loaded the page I could only see 2. Hopefully this will help.

          And yes, will definitely post a link if/when I see it!

          • Up until about 10 minutes ago (It’s 2 18), I could only see 2 comments also.

          • I was wondering what was going on. It didn’t seem possible that there would only be 2 comments.

      • How exciting! Please let us know if it shows up.

  9. Well, I did it. I bought my first “designer” purse. It’s this one:

    I can’t quite believe I spent this much on a purse. Oh well. You ladies are a bad influence on me. :-)

    • I love that! Great choice! Did you buy the green?

    • I saw the larger tote advertised here last week and seriously, seriously, seriously considered it. Did you get the green? I am still obsessing over it…and did you get the green? (see what I mean about obsessing?)

    • Gorgeous! Enjoy!

    • soulfusion :

      I feel like this exact bag (in green!) has been screaming my name the last couple of weeks cropping up all over the place. Very jealous!

      and tempted

      • PSA: Cole Haan is offering 25% off all items in their stores tonight.

        • soulfusion :

          wow, not sure if I’m happy or upset that you told me this . . . Cole Haan is on my walk home.

        • Thanks! I got the green one too . . . can’t wait until it arrives from another store. The 25% off tip was great!

    • So gorgeous. Love the green. FWIW, my first Cole Haan bag lasted me for almost 3 years of solid use (w/o me getting sick of it).

    • Yes…I bought the green. Or “amazon” if you prefer.

      I saw it in the Cole Haan store window last weekend and it was like a siren calling my name. I mean…pretty.

    • Sydney Bristow :

      Wow I love that! Its a good thing I have no extra cash right now because I would definitely be buying it myself!

    • Does it seem like it would be big enough to fit a laptop? I am loving the brown.

      • As long as it isn’t a big hulking Dell, I think it would. Part of what I liked about it was I was pretty sure it would fit a red well.

  10. Does anyone know how long this skirt is? I like it, but most skirts of this style are too short on me unless I get a tall.

  11. Need some advice re: mediations.
    I have my first mediations tomorrow where I’ll be representing one of the parties. Should I wear a suit or business casual? FWIW, the opposing party in one case is pro se and is represented by counsel in the other. There’s enough time between the two mediations for me to grab lunch and add/take off a jacket if need be.

    • Suit. Depending upon the setting, you can dress up or down. But you’ll be sitting a lot, so wear something that doesn’t bother you to sit in–pants are my choice b/c I don’t have to worry about how I sit, or if I have to use my desk as a lap to sort through the file. I assume you will have clients with you–they may be in biz casual, but you should look like a lawyer, esp. because you are newish. :) Good luck!

    • Kanye East :


    • Pantsuit for sure

    • Def. suit. I am constantly floored by how terribly attorneys (and I hate to say this but it’s usually only women) dress for mediation and settlement conferences. It makes a poor impression.

      • Ugh, there’s one woman I always see at settlement conferences who wears a brown suede calf-length skirt and a mustard sweater. It must be her special settlement conference outfit. It completely boggles my mind. And these are proceedings held at a conservative federal agency in D.C., in no way generally informal.

    • Hey JessC, If you are going to Upchurch, etc., remember that they basically set up a ‘comfort zone’ (homebaked cookies and all that – trying to get everybody in a good, conciliatory mood)…so I say dress down/comfy/bus cas, unless you are dealing with super uptight client or sr. partner. If you are unencumbered by those considerations, you might even do nice dark wash jeans/soft cardi and tee, which is not a bad statement in mediation sometimes (message = we’re “friendly, laid back AND confident”). My $.02. Hugs and good luck :)!

  12. Threadjack: I am applying for jobs and have a dilemma. An organization has two research jobs for which I would like to apply. Job A is full-time, the education required is “Phd or equivalent.” I have two masters, finished my doctoral coursework but didn’t write my dissertation. I don’t have a strong background in the subject matter, but that doesn’t appear to be a requirement. I could very arguably do the job and ordinarily wouldn’t hesitate to apply and make my best case and see what happens. Except for Job B. Job B is part-time, requires a masters but “doctorate is a plus.” I have a very strong background in the subject area and the trick will be figuring out which of my relevant experience to highlight, since I could go on and on about it. Salary for both is the same (pro-rated for the part-time position.)

    The half-time salary looks to be 70% of my current FT salary and husb and I have agreed that we could live on that and quality of life improvements would make it worth it. But the FT one would be a 40% increase, and that would be nice too. Postings say “reply to Jane Smith, HR Director.”

    If I were Ms. Smith, my 1st question would be “why is this woman open to either position? What does she want?” Should I even raise the issue in my email to her (instructions are to send letter of interest and resume to Ms. Smith – just once, I’d rather it be an impersonal online application process). The positions are in different program areas, so I’m assuming two letters of interest are called for. It just feels wierd to be writing one letter that says, “I really really want to do X and here is why I’d be great at it” and another that says, “I really really want to do Y and here are different reasons I’d be great at it.” Am I over-thinking this?

    • Maybe the first thing is to ask yourself why you are interested in both positions. Is it just the financial aspect that makes the FT job more appealing? Or are you interested in focusing on new subject matter. If its purely financial, you may have a difficult time (there are a lot of unemployed/underemployed people with PhD’s and experience). It’s also possible that if they have money for a FT and PT, if the perfect person comes along for the subject area posted as PT, they might switch responsibilities.

      Since the contact information is for an HR person, it may be best to just get in touch and be honest about where you’re coming from. She probably has the best insight into what they are looking for and what makes sense in your situation.

    • Valleygirl :

      Just a note – if you are apply for the FT one you can put ABD (all but disseratation) after your name or listed with your edu on your CV/resume. I’m in academics/research and it’s fairly common to see ABD – you should expect that they’ll ask you when you plan to finish if you include that – so you’ll need to explain you didn’t complete the PhD.

    • Valleygirl :

      Also, since I’ve been in this position (applying for two jobs in dif program areas at the same org) – the format I use for 2 cover letters is as follows:

      Dear blah,
      Paragraph 1: Here’s who I am and I have 2 masters and am ABD in related edu field to this program. I’ve done awesome stuff including X, Y, Z with these orgs.
      Paragraph 2: Either here’s an example of a cool thing I did related to this position OR I admire your company and my skill set would be a good match because of X.
      Section 3: “As position I can provide the following: and list about 4-5 bullet points that highlight main skills (i.e., advanced quant and qual research experience; experience working with a broad spectrum of stakeholder groups, etc.”
      Paragraph 4: Wrap up, I believe my skill set and experience with X would be a great fit for the position. thank you so much contact info.

      Just make sure you tailor each CL to each position and really focus on why you’d be an equally good fit for each one. That way they get you’re open to both position and have the skills needed for each position.

    • I would see if the same people are reviewing both positions. If so, I would imagine a joint cover letter. “I have [all these] qualifications for PT job. But I’m also very interested in the new area of FT job. I’d love to meet with you to discuss the job responsibilities of each and where I’d be the best fit.” (But more elegantly worded than all that, of course.) That gives them the option to meet you and assess you for both positions rather than thinking you’re being dishonest or disingenuous. Once you’re in the interview, you could play up one versus the other based on signals of which they think you’re best suited for.

  13. I am waaay to curvy to wear anything described as having “lots of stretch” to work–but I am loving the colors for the weekend!

  14. Anon for obvious reasons :

    Saw this skirt in store yesterday, and I really liked it. Would have tried it on, but I didn’t have time.

    Now, for my threadjack! I’m curious to know how corporettes have dealt with hiding pregnancy through social situations. I work in an industry that involves dinner and drinks quite frequently, and people who know me know I love to have a glass of wine. Are there any elegant ways around this? Same goes for hanging out with friends. I don’t want to be a recluse for the first trimester, but when alcohol is on the agenda for everyone else, it’s hard to not stick out. Thanks in advance for any advice!

    • No advice as I have always wondered how people pull this off, but wanted to pop in to say congrats!

    • Ballerina girl :

      You could say you were taking antibiotics? Of course that suggests some sort of illness, but that works!

    • Aspiring Writer :

      I don’t want to get flamed for this, but I thought you can have one glass of wine when pregnant.

      • Comfort levels with this vary, and the advice differs depending on where you are in the pregnancy.

    • Congratulations on the bun in the oven! Very exciting :-)

      You can ask the bartender to help you with this at work gatherings. Tell him your situation and that you are keeping it on the down low for now. He can make you a drink that looks like a gin and tonic, but is really just tonic/soda water. Non alcoholic wines and beers are also a good choice, but don’t taste very good. Maybe the bartender can mix up something in a wine glass that looks real but is just juice? The trick here is to get to the bar alone initially to make this arrangement, then just order “another of the same.”

      It’s much trickier with friends who are serving you in their home. You could claim migraines or a desire to cut back on calories as an excuse not to drink. Your friends will figure it out pretty quickly, though.

      • AnonymousFRA :

        “Your friends will figure it out pretty quickly, though.”

        Yes, this.

        I think this is one of those situations where anyone with half a brain will figure it out, and anyone with half a brain will know better than to say anything to you until the day you announce you are expecting :)

    • Lent!

      • So. Done. With. School. :

        That’s exactly what I thought! It buys you 40 days at least :-)

    • Congratulations! You can always claim (to friends) that you’re very hungover, on a detox, coming down with a cold, etc. It’s not easy. I’m in my third trimester now and when I refused a drink in my first trimester a lot of my friends said something along the lines of “You’re not pregnant, are you?!?” Um, awkward.

    • Anonymous :

      I have given up alcohol on occasion for diet/workout reasons. I don’t like to share that I’m on a diet, so I just said “I’m on the wagon for a little while” and no one asked anything more. “Really?” was the most intrusive question. Of course Lent starts today, and I don’t think you have to be Catholic to say “I’m giving it up for Lent” and then blow off any further inquiry if you’re not Catholic with “It’s just an experiment.”

    • Congratulations! Maybe you’ll have better luck, but my close co-workers figured out I was pregnant within three happy hours (when I was 8 weeks preggers). I used the “I’m taking meds” line, but I suppose my friends at work knew something was up because I love my happy hour cocktails. I was also dealing with morning sickness after week 6, so that made it more obvious, too. If people don’t know you as well, it’ll be a lot easier to keep it a secret.

      You are allowed to have a tiny bit of wine, but do it at home as people will judge you harshly when they do find out you’re pregnant. People get all up in your business when you’re pregnant and/or have a small baby.

      • recently preggers :

        my friends figured it out the first time we went out. i think the thing is not to worry about it. if you dont want to tell people, just tell them your a little under the weather and if they figure it out, just go with it. your friends will be there for you even if something bad happens. if if they figure it out though, most of them will let it slide and tell you later anyway.

    • Congratulations!

      Could you deflect by saying you have a pile of work to do at home that night, or something like that? The non-alcoholic subterfuge idea above is great and sneaky, but I’m imagining a moment where once your co-workers know you’re pregnant, they do the math and start wondering why you were drinking while pregnant.

    • s in Chicago :

      Most people aren’t likely to notice if you order something non-alcho in advance and sip it. If you’re stuck in a group, order some non-alcho and say afterward “I just took up running and don’t want to be dragging tomorrow.” Convo then switches to running. There’s always a few runners around who will hear “newbie” and immediately want to to talk about how they train.

      Or there is always “I’m so tired already. I just can’t since I …need to get up early/ need to get home and finish some work/have a long drive.” People get that and truthfully use it all the time. Bonus is you come off looking pretty responsible.

    • You could always just order a glass of wine and not drink. Taking 1-2 tiny sips — if there’s a toast or something — ris not going to affect you or the baby. That’s if you really don’t want anyone to know. If someone asks why you didn’t finish, say you didn’t like it.

      • This is what I was going to suggest. No need to even take real sips if you’re uncomfortable with that. Just hold the glass a bit.

      • And dump some in the bathroom sink everytime you go.

    • Bk foette :

      Agree with talking to bartender to work with you in crafting a drink alibi. OJ in champagne flute would be a good cover — just say you are feeling brunchy. I love bloody marys as well, so I would order that without alcohol too.

      If at somebody’s home, you could get a glass of wine, pretend to sip, go to the kitchen bathroom etc and dump out 1/2 the glass. Return with people being none the wiser. Also, if out at dinner with hubby, you can do this same kind of thing, he drinks 1/2 the wine in his glass — he deposits it near your wine glass, you pick up the 1/2 empty wine glass and put it squarely in front of you.

    • Anonymous :

      Club soda in a rocks glass with ice, say it’s a vodka tonic if anyone asks.

      • This was my tactic. It worked. Make sure not to forget the lime on the rim of the glass.

    • Club soda in a rocks glass with ice, say it’s a vodka tonic if anyone asks.

    • I had my husband order me cranberry juice. Everyone assumes there is something mixed with it, and my sister even took a since once and didn’t realize there wasn’t anything in it.

    • If you’re just holding a glass, a tall glass of club soda with a lime in it passes. But really, if you’re known for having wine and now you don’t, it will be noticed.

    • I’ve heard from women who have done the bartender fake-drink trick successfully.

      Also, at least in some situations, you might be able to adapt the “pushing food you don’t like trick” from childhood. That is, take a glass of wine, try to limit the pour as much as possible, and just occassionally raise it to your lips, sipping water in between. Most likely, no one will notice that you didn’t finish or refill your glass.

      Congrats and best wishes!

    • Get a glass of wine, and pretend to ‘nurse’ it. Or say you’re trying to lose weight but in this case people will know that you lied. Tough one.

  15. Threadjack for resignation advice, please.

    I’m an attorney working for a solo practitioner. It’s just the two of us, and we are busy. My boss is in a big trial right now, closing arguments scheduled for tomorrow, Friday 3/11. I just received and accepted an offer for a new position starting on 4/1 (three weeks from tomorrow).

    I don’t want to tell my boss while he’s in trial–too big of a distraction. I do however, want to give him as much notice as possible and I would love to make 3/25 (two weeks from tomorrow) my last day. Lots of questions:
    – Is it bad form to give only two weeks notice?
    – Would you tell him on Friday afternoon, even if it will either be ruining his win from the trial, or heaping more bad news on top of a loss? Or should I just wait until Monday morning?

    Any advice would be appreciated–I was able to give six weeks notice at my last job, but everyone I talk to (one lawyer friend included) has said that two weeks is sufficient and I shouldn’t feel bad about taking that extra week, especially since I’ve taken very little time off in the year I’ve been here.


    • Ballerina girl :

      I was in a similar situation. I just gave five weeks’ notice. It makes for an uncomfortable five weeks, but I think it’s best to give as much notice as you can. I think the momentary pain of hearing the news is better than feeling screwed by someone leaving quickly. Just my two cents.

      • I get that, but the new job has a start date of April 1. So the choice is either two weeks or two and half weeks.

        I’m struggling with that, as well as when to tell him. Friday, right after the big trial ends, or Monday, which gives him less time to work on getting someone to replace me.

        • Ballerina girl :

          Yeah, and I think that’s fine. But I would tell him as soon as possible at this point. He may want to think about it over the weekend. When Monday comes around and things are busy, he may lose the week to work.

          • Ballerina girl – is this the position that wanted to talk to your boss before they gave you the offer? How did that end up working out – did you give them past performance reviews instead?

          • Ballerina girl :

            Oh, someone remembered! It worked out very well…at least so far. I got assurances from the new employer that I was the final candidate and that I’d get the job as long as my reference was consistent with what they had heard from my other references. Then I told my boss, which went…okay. He was very understanding but it was an awkward conversation and I don’t think he exactly loved talking to the new employer–like he was helping me get the job. The new employer said the reference was great and we’re moving forward now with the details of the new job. I’m giving formal notice next week. Not sure yet if my bonus is in jeopardy–will find out all too soon. Thanks for asking!

    • Tell him ASAP. He may know of someone today, but will not be there tomorrow. Don’t worry about the litigation. It is not as important as having a 2nd person. If your whole firm is 2 people, loosing one is a very big deal.

      • Jade Moon :

        I disagree. This actually happened to me. I was the lawyer in trial and my associate debated telling me he had a accepted a job in Japan. The trial dominated my life . . . every minute. . . and I’m so glad that he waited to tell me until after closing arguments. I would have been very distracted mid-trial. Let your boss finish her trial; then tell her the news.

        Maybe you want to post your job location so some of the un- or underemployed corporettes might apply.

        And congratulations to you!

    • Two weeks is fine. Tell him Friday so he can get the posting ready for Monday.

      • lawtalker :

        I had to tell my last boss I had a new job on the phone while he was on a trip to deal with the estate of his best friend who had just died suddenly. It was not entirely unexpected since the friend was elderly, but it was still a terrible time for him. I felt awful but I had to tell him right away and I did not have time to wait until he was back. Ultimately, I think you should tell your boss as soon as possible and do not worry too much about the timing and the impact of telling him. It’s like ripping off a Band-Aid. The pain and shock are over in a jiffy.

  16. Threadjack: Probably a stupid question, but I’m still kind of new…

    A vendor of ours suggested a lunch meeting today, and I don’t know who pays. I wrote a whole blog post on awkward business meal situations, so the details are there as well. Basically, I’m a pretty important gate-keeper (usually forward on 2-3 of 10 possible options to the final decision-maker with strongly-heeded recommendations), and the invitation was, “I’ll get some samples for you and drop them by. Perhaps we could do lunch and talk about these items, say, Thursday?” So…. who pays for that? Her? Me? Split the check and then I turn in an expense report? Me personally with no expense report? It is a business lunch to discuss items for the company, so I would assume expense report at the very least?

    • Vendor pays if vendor invited.

    • CaribbeanGirl :

      Vendor should pay if they invited you.

    • Vendor paying seems a little sketch to me, personally (“the vendor bought me lunch and then I recommended their product”) — check your company’s ethics/procurement guidelines if they have some, or ask someone in HR or above you.

    • s in Chicago :

      Vendor will pay. If it’s at a “nice” restaurant, however, then you probably should pay your own way lest it seem like your opinion is being swayed in anyway.

      Personally, I wouldn’t expense it. But maybe that’s just me. I could see it going either way depending on what the culture is like where you work.

    • Vendor pays. It’s a sales call

    • My company has a policy that covers this very issue. Yours probably does too.

    • I agree. My experiences have always been vendor pay (unless vendor was visiting my corporate office, then I would take them to our cafeteria).

    • If your company doesn’t have a policy on this (check first), I’d vote for avoiding even the appearance of favoritism in awarding contracts. Pay for yourself and submit the expense report — it’s definitely a business lunch.

      • Thanks for the advice everybody! When I mentioned I was going, my boss kind of cleared it up by asking, “Where’s she taking you?” It was definitely a sales call, and she did in fact pay without issue when the check came. I appreciate the help, as I said, I’m still a little new to how these things work sometimes. Regarding the company policy, we pretty much follow the industry, which is very schmooze-heavy. It’s not so much lunch in exchange for million dollar contracts, but more like lunch as a thank-you for using us for the past 6 months and discussing items that I’d already ask them to quote.

  17. Threadjack: Probably a stupid question, but I’m still kind of new (and this may post twice since the comments are a little off today)

    A vendor of our set up a lunch meeting with me today, and I’m wondering who pays? I’m a gate-keeper (I forward along 2 or 3 of 10 possible options to the decision-maker, they take my recommendations in most cases), and the invitation was, “I’ll get some samples and bring them by. Perhaps we could talk about it over lunch, say, Thursday?” Does she pay? Do I pay? Do we split the check and I do an expense report? Do I pay with no expense report? It’s a lunch to discuss things directly related to my job, for the company, so I would assume expense report at the very least!

  18. Threadjack: I’m signed up to take the patent bar in a few weeks, and I was wondering if anyone had any tips about taking it? I’m freaking out about it — it has so much information! (My boyfriend keeps saying state bars are worse, but I’m only a 2L, so I’m not there yet!) Thanks!

    • Esquirette :

      The best advise is to do the old exams over and over again. There is a finite pool of questions that are drawn from for the exam so you will see repeats. Knowing the answers to those or ones that look very much like them will buy you time for other questions. If you don’t have them, Google and you’ll find them (I think they’re on the PTO website, amongst other places). Become generally familiar with the main MPEP chapters where the questions frequently come from so you can try going straight to certain chapters to search instead of going through the subject matter index (e.g., note this as you go through the old exams – e.g., 600, 700, 2100). Practice using the find function to answer questions so you get good at it. If you took a course, you’ll have the PDF of the MPEP, but you can also download it from the PTO too. I found becoming very familiar with the Patent Rules (CFR) section to be very helpful — the rules are what the MPEP is based on so I often found I could quickly find an answer in the rules without having to go into any other chapter of the MPEP (this is not a universal short cut though). Get to know the filing rules for PCTs because the old tests online don’t have a lot of PCT questions but this is regularly tested now. Basically, you ideally want to be in two situations on a questions: either you want to know the answer based on having seen the question or something similar before or you want to know pretty much what chapter to go look in to find the answer. If you’re not in either category, the subject matter index is your friend, so being generally aware of the types of information in the index will be helpful (but you can always search). Good luck!

  19. Is anyone else having comments only showing up on the mobile version of the site?

  20. Is anyone else not getting any comments when they load the site? I need my daily threadjack break!

  21. somewherecold :

    Threadjack: I was hoping to restart the Clarisonic discussion from yesterday and ask what product(s) do you use with it and how often do you use it?

    Right now I use mine (I have the Mia) every night with Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash, although I’m looking for a cleanser change.

    • I’m also interested in this–can anyone comment on the Sonic Infusion system? I had a Clarisonic facial brush a few years ago, but the movers lost the box it was packed in (ugh). I am trying to figure out whether I should buy a new one (my facialist says she doesn’t think it is worth the $), if I do whether I should go for the Mia or the Classic, and/or whether I should buy the Opal. I have very fair skin and break out as part of my cycle and in response to stress.

      • I bought one last year, and now I don’t need a facialist. That may be why your facialist is not so hip to recommend them. :) I love my Clarisonic; have read such mixed reviews about the Opal that I haven’t wanted to try it. FYI for the OP – I also use Bliss Fabulous Foaming wash with mine, alternating with a Peter Thomas Roth beta-hydroxy wash.

        • To clarify – I just have a Clarisonic, not the Clarisonic/Opal system. I don’t think the Opal is worth it, from the reviews I’ve seen.

    • If I’m taking makeup off, I use this: and then Cetaphil.

      If I’m just cleaning my makeup free face, I use only Cetaphil.

    • I actually have a question about this as well. I don’t get acne (I’m extremely lucky in my skin) but my husband has very, very bad adult acne. He doesn’t want to use most of the heavy-duty drugs that could help because of the side effects.

      Basically, I’d like to know if anyone has any experience with men using Clarisonic products. All of the products I see online are very “girly” looking.

      I’m sorry if this question is very ignorant, I don’t know anything about acne treatment since I’ve never had to deal with it myself.

      • somewherecold :

        This might be silly, but has your husband been to see a good dermatologist? I’m not sure if the Clarisonic is really supposed to be a treatment option for serious, recurrent acne, although I could be wrong. A derm could get your husband some prescription cleanser and maybe some topical cream.

      • Kanye East :

        Agreed; he should see a dermatologist. I started using a Clarisonic Classic about 4 months into my 6-month course of Accutane last year. At that point my skin had really started to clear up so I wasn’t worried, but a lot of reviewers recommend *not* using a Clarisonic brush on skin with cystic acne because it can spread bacteria around.

        I understand wanting to avoid side effects, but I suffered with awful skin through my 20s, trying everything short of the Big Guns, and after a single course of Accutane in my 30s, I only wish I’d done it sooner.

        Apart from that, I love my Clarisonic brush. I use it every day, and think it was worth every penny.

        • Anne Shirley :

          Ditto on the Accutane. I had an excellent dermatologist who made me very comfortable with the treatment, and now people tell me they are jealous of my skin. Still seems like they must be talking to someone else.

      • There is a gray version of the plus or pro designed for men. You can find it on Amazon. No advice as to whether it will suit his skin. Sorry.

      • I bought one for my teen-age son, he seems to like it and it helped his skin. I got a white one, though, not the pink.

    • I use Cetaphil (the oily skin variety – the regular Cetaphil is hell on my skin).

    • I use mine every night and usually just use it with Clinique’s mild cleanser. I got mine for christmas (I have the Plus with the three speeds), and I think it’s helped. I don’t know if it’s made my pores look smaller (I thought it did at first, but now I don’t notice much of a difference), but I’m pretty acne-prone and have definitely had less breakouts lately. I don’t know if it’s a result of the clarisonic or maybe just finally outgrowing acne (at 26), but if nothing else, I think the clarisonic removes makeup better than not using it.

      • Do you use all 3 speeds? Do you think the Plus (with 3) is better than the Mia (with 1)?

    • soulfusion :

      I used the clarisonic a lot when I first purchased it (a few years ago now) to combat some abnormal (for me) breakout issues. I used it with my regular cleanser – Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleansing gel (at night) and the Botanical Buffing Beads (in the shower in the morning). My face cleared up and now I continue with the same cleansers but only use the Clarisonic if my skin acts out (and I remember to charge the Clarisonic, probably not the best idea to store it in the shower and neglect it for months at a time).

    • Kanye East :

      I think Clarisonic’s own products are quite good, actually. They’re free of parabens (unlike Cetaphil), which some people are very sensitive to. Parabens are used as emulsifiers in lots of products to give a creamier, richer texture, but they’re almost guaranteed to clog sensitive pores, too.

      Any oil-free cleanser will probably work great, but my favorite products are Arcona. They’re wonderful.

    • Has anyone tried the Olay version? I have always wanted the Clarisonic but I don’t think I can justify spending over $150 on it right now. Maybe as a graduation present to myself :)

  22. I am wearing this skirt today in black and was thinking (before reading this post) that it is the MOST COMFORTABLE skirt ever. Doesn’t wrinkle, stretches, looks professional. Really inexpensive.

    If you buy it – It runs large – I usually wear a 10 and got an 8 in this. Also fits an hourglass shape well – meaning it does not gap at my waist and fits at my hips (which are 13″ larger than my waist). If you have a straighter figure, it probably won’t fit well.

  23. threadjack – Just got my second “seatbeltbag” from Harveys. I used mine all spring and summer in 2010. But with needing to carry less (to fit into the DH’s prucahse of the bag from Istanbul), I am sticking with the leaner contents. So I needed to change from upright/square to their “large satchel” which, IMO, is just a rectangular bag. Love it so far.

    Yes, I am in a looser environment with business as in some suits, and mostly skirts with suit jackets or pieces mixed not matched.

    Question – what might the forum (given those caveats) think about two tone or the three tone seatbeltbags? I saw the pink w/ floral at Nordstrom Rack but didn’t get it and I’m sorry I didn’t. While I am on a shopping fast right now, I am looking in the bakery window … for the next, let’s see, 39 days. I hate to buy a patterned seatbeltbag off ebay. How would I “know” and “trust” that? Those of you who buy high end from ebay, can you give me pointers?

    Thanks so much … it will make the quest easier!

  24. I think you have to look at the seller’s reviews, ratings, and return policy. If you skim through all that before submitting a bid, it should give you a pretty good indicator of what (or who) you are dealing with.

  25. I’m in love with the pink. I can’t decide whether I want to be talked into buying or talked out of buying it.

  26. Does anyone know a good brand of Vodka? I cannot taste the difference, but do not want to buy something for my boss’s holiday party only to find out it is not well received. So far, people have recommended Tito’s, Smirnoff and Wolfschmidt’s. Can anyone tell me which is the best value?

    • I mean, I guess the question is how much you’re looking to spend. I think Smirnoff is pretty safe if you’re looking for cheaper (I’ve never heard of Tito’s or Wolfshmidt’s…). On the cheaper end of the spectrum also is Absolut, which is pretty non-offensive and everyone likes.

      If you can afford slightly nicer, I’d go with Stolichynia (Stoli) or Grey Goose/Belvedere. Both are nice and quite good, plus the bottles are pretty. :-)

      The attached list seems pretty complete:

    • If you can find it where you are, we like Luksusowa, which is a potato vodka from Poland.

    • Husband is a vodka-martini guy and he likes Hangar One and Chopin.

    • I’d skip the 3 you were mentioned. Chopin, Belvedere and Grey Goose are all good smooth vodkas. Luksusowa is a good vodka as well but has a bit more of a bite.

  27. goody two shoes :

    Where is the TPS for friday????? I miss it

  28. Whoa, where did all of yesterday’s posts go? And where’s Friday’s post? And what am I supposed to do during my lunch break now? Waaaah.

  29. I bought this shirt this weekend in light grey (cliff), which I think will be very versatile for all seasons. I was so happy that I found it in a petite. I have a very curvy figure, and the skirt runs big. I normally where a 10P, but the 8P fit like a glove.

    I was also lucky enough to find another Halogen skirt that fit well and was on sale for $37.

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