Weekly Round-Up

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– Ladies, toot your own horn — studies have shown that far too many career women work too hard and promote themselves too infrequently, meaning they work hard forever but never get ahead. [Jezebel, Downtown Women’s Club DISH]

– Business schools are bummed that their ranks are only about 30% women — compared with 47% women in law school — and accordingly are trying innovative ways to get women in, like giving them seven years to finish an MBA and having early AM classes (as opposed to evening classes) in their part-time programs. Sounds great except the program is becoming known as “The Mommy MBA.” Hmmn. [WSJ] If you’re thinking an MBA might be for you, you might want to check out the Forte Foundation’s upcoming panels on what an MBA can do for you… [Forte Foundation via Lindsay Pollak]

– From Marie Claire: The Smart Girl’s Guide to Negotiating Anything. In addition to the stuff they list, we would also add: jewelry. (A friend of ours just got 19% off a Cartier watch she bought for herself!)

– 25 Painless Ways to Free Up an Hour to Pursue Your Goals. [Zen Habits]

– England trash-talks the idea of “fast fashion,” a la H&M, Forever 21, Target, and other places where clothes cost next to nothing — apparently the Bangladeshi women and children who make the clothes are underpaid, the fabrics are horrible for the environment, etc, etc. (Not to even get into the ethics of the knock-off!) [Jezebel]

– Makeup Loves Me reviews the Essie colors for fall (pictured at top). Is anyone else freaked out that it’s only August but feels like October already, weather-wise?

– Huh: What to do with those semi-dirty clothes. [Jeri’s Organizing & Decluttering News]

– Are you bitter? And a lawyer? And perhaps bitter about becoming a lawyer? Check out Bitter Lawyer, a great new website on point. Our favorite section thus far is the interviews with ex-lawyers, although the columns are all great, as well. [Bitter Lawyer] (For more interviews but less snark, also check out JD Bliss.)

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