Weekly Roundup

– Floorcloths: just what your office needs to brighten it up. You can walk on ’em and clean ’em, but they’re beautiful and cheerful. [Hilary Law via Apartment Therapy] (At left: #20.)

– Lifehacker readers vote on the best personal finance tools. (We vote for MS Money.) [Lifehacker]

– Just what every young professional needs: a guide to power napping. [43 Folders]

– This site has a nice collection of links for those trying to decide whether to rent or buy. [Brazen Careerist]

– Oooh, a new Sarah Haskins video (the reporter who brought you the “Target Women: Yogurt” report. [Feministing]

– Great profile on Kelly Cutrone, the fashion publicist on The Hills: “[A]s a powerful female whose authority is never questioned or mocked, she is a near-anomaly on television. She boasts a what-the-fuck attitude that betrays punk-rockish roots.” We’ll admit it, we’ve got a girl crush. [NY Observer]

– If you haven’t seen it: LinkedIn is, like, way popular. [NYT]

– Six vacation spots to see before global warming destroys them. Make the time! [Smart Money]

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