Laughter, Anxiety, and the Overachieving Chick

"Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas"I’ve been thinking lately about how important laughter is — specifically, how important it is to have an honest-to-god giggle fest or a nice deep belly laugh. For my $.02, I feel like it helps me manage anxiety and stress, and for some reason it puts things in perspective. Even if I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, a bit of laughter reminds me that it isn’t quite so bad. At various points in my life I’ve tried to ensure that I get at least one good chuckle a day — in college it was watching a Simpson reruns; in later years it was reading TiVoing The Daily Show, or reading The Onion or Go Fug Yourself.  It’s a habit that has fallen by the wayside as life got busier, but that I’d like to pick up again.

So, ladies, which are your favorite spots for a good chuckle or pick-me-up? I swear, I am keeping the Banana Slicer bookmarked for my next rainy day — and I hate to admit it but this video (“Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas”, embed below) makes me die laughing every time. A few other favorites I’ve linked to in the past:
Mean Kitty
Target Women: Yogurt


What are some of the funniest things that you’ve seen on YouTube, or read on the Internet?  Where do you go for a good dose of laughter?


  1. Sort of a threadjack, but it sort of pertains: Just got an email from my supervisor that she would like to try to promote me up to the next grade level this year (I’m in the top half of my grade level now). I totally did not expect this. I’m excited, but also filled with anxiety as I contemplate having to set goals and achieve them.

    Plus with wacky Congressional hijinks pretty much ensured this year, I’m not sure where this will go. Still, it’s nice, although surprising, to contemplate.

    For background, I think my work style is very different from my supervisor’s, but I have tried to work with that. Also, my subject matter expertise is a quite a bit different than hers and I never thought she valued it much, mostly because she doesn’t really understand it. Guess I was wrong.

  2. Dr. Katz Manatee is my go to. I can recite the whole thing and share it with everyone I know. But I laugh loads anyways. I have at least 1-2 tears running down my face laughs a week and those normally keep me going (yes, I’m the crazy person at my desk laughing because I remembered something funny). I have really funny co-workers and generally find life pretty entertaining.

    The weird thing is that I’m pretty literal and don’t tend to get jokes. It’s funny voices and really stupid jokes that get me laughing versus something more sophisticated.

  3. I am also a huge fan of the Daily Show for laughs. (Also helps me keep up on news although I probably shouldn’t admit that).

    If anyone has any good sitcom recs for laughter I’d love to hear them. I’m not a huge tv watcher but sometimes it’s the perfect thing and my old stand by for laughs is not as funny as it used to be.

  4. Arrested Development, for sure. I hadn’t watched it in a bit and found season 2 on sale this weekend. Popped it in as background while doing housework and I couldn’t stop cracking up, that show is fantastic.

  5. I realized at one point last year that I was regularly going several days at a time without laughing at all and started watching old episodes of Who’s Line is it Anyway on YouTube to remedy this issue.

  6. Thanks a bunch for sharing the banana slicer reviews. Sarcastic product reviews is becoming one of my favorite comedy genres.

    The Daily Show and the Colbert Report are great! For those who are called hipsters and those who live among them, Portlandia is quite funny. Hipsterdom is like fight club, nobody admits to it in earnest. A friend of mine enjoys listening to comedy on Pandora.

    Time to sign up for an improv class!

    • long time lurker :

      LOL on Portlandia. I just discovered it and watched a marathon of episodes. I live among the hipsters and have some (aging) hipster elements in my personality as well.

  7. I’ve had to go to cuteoverload and also dogshaming several times in the last stressful week. Sometimes I go to those sites right before a difficult call. Puppies to the rescue!

  8. Sorry for the grammatical error. *are*

  9. I’ve been listening to Kate Nash’s “Made of Bricks” album on repeat for the past month. It is too funny and it takes a lot of effort not to dance in my seat at work on the train. Favorites include The $hit Song, D!ickhead, and Pumpkin Soup. I don’t like the “My Best Friend is You” album as much.

  10. www . CuteOverload . com

    Some funny, lots of adorableness. :)

  11. Research, Not Law :

    thankstextbooks on tumblr, awkward family photos, cake wrecks.

  12. I’m sitting at my desk with people around, it’s quiet as a library here. I started to read the banana slicer comments and had to exit out I was laughing (quietly) so hard I was about to start snorting. So I clicked over to the baby trashes bar video, thinking ‘oh it’s a you tube video, they’re never funny’. Wrong! I had to exit out of that within the first 2 minutes, I was crying! Thanks for brightening up my day, I just bookmarked this page for future reference … like when I’m alone!

    • Research, Not Law :

      OMG, I just died holding in laughs watching that baby video!! I didn’t think the start was funny, but then the hilarity snuck up on me. One of my coworkers just checked on me because they thought I was crying, so we watched it together and cried until we were crying.

    • I missed the BANNANNA Slicer last week, but it IS Funny!

      I can think of a couple of GUY’S that I’d LOVE to try that thing out next time they try and wave there bannanna’s at me! FOOEY on there weenie’s!!!!

      Mabye I should get one and keep it in my apartement, so when a guy get’s fresh, I can pull this out and tell him that it doe’s a GREAT job on BANNANNA’s so does he want to try? Yay!!!!!!

  13. Francie Nolan :
  14. I Can Has Cheezburger is my distraction of choice!

    I also love product reviews. Uranium Ore on Amazon is my favorite.

  15. When I was stressed in law school, there was a you tube clip I watched called Laughing Yoga that killed me. It’s basically a grainy video of an old swami just going nuts with laughter. Very contageous. Highly recommend if you need to brighten your day. It should be the first thing that pops up.

  16. What Should We Call Me on tumbr is hysterical! I subscribe to that and Daily Squee (a Cheeseburger site) on Google Reader and check their feed when I need a laugh. (Now adding Thanks, Textbooks!)

    The Simpsons, Arrested Development and How I Met Your Mother are always good for a laugh. And a David Sedaris book always does the trick!

  17. I needed those! My dad has been in town for about a week bouncing between my house and my Aunt’s house, and he and his girlfriend just really take over a place. My house is 720 square feet, 1 bathroom, and the bathroom has been clogged twice (5 years in that house, never had a clog before…). (I do have a secret “shop bathroom” down in my unfinished basement no one knows about, thank goodness!) Poor DH had to go buy a snake! I’m also finding scratches/gouges in the wood furniture…oh and if I don’t want to cook or eat fast food, I get to buy. Argh. I’ll be glad when the guest room with bathroom over the garage is finished this summer!

  18. Is a 4K premium for a business class seat worth it on an 11+ hour flight?

  19. Anything written by Jen Lancaster (I have all her books on my Kindle), and I’ll also read the Oatmeal, the Bloggess, and re-read Hyperbole and a Half. I also will watch Arrested Development and the various tumblr sites that people have recommended here always make me laugh (Life in Biglaw, whatshouldwecallme, myfriendsaremarried, etc).

  20. I read Get Off my Internets for hilarity. It feeds my snarky side which isn’t what needs feeding, but the posts and the comments really can be funny.

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