Bargain Friday’s TPS Report: Dialogue Elbow Sleeve Ballet Neck Ponte Knit Dress

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices.
DRESSReader M suggests this lovely dress from, as she says, an “unexpected source” — QVC.  She writes: “I love this dress so much, I bought it twice–once in black, and again in charcoal–something I never do.  It’s easily dressed up or down by adding a scarf, brooch, pearls, a cardigan, belt, or jacket.”  We agree–between the flattering neckline and the ladylike length, it’s a great basic for work. It’s available for $40, in sizes XS-3X, at  Dialogue Elbow Sleeve Ballet Neck Ponte Knit Dress

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  1. This is a cute dress, but it is waitlisted in all of the sizes except for the plus sizes.

  2. Adorable, but the smaller sizes are all waitlisted…Le sigh.

  3. I even watched the QVC video. I agree with the salesperson that this dress is very Jackie O-ish.

  4. None of the reviews indicate how well it comes out of the wash — does anyone know?

  5. Depending on the fabric, some knit dresses get stretched out in the butt area as the day goes on and then just look weird. Anyone have any experience with this fabric?

  6. At that price, wear it for a few months and if it gets saggy toss it.

  7. I’m short (under 5’4″). It looks like it may be a little long for people like me — can anyone attest to whether this is too long for the “petite” catergory? (I’m not sure if I’d want to pay to have a $40 dress tailored.)

    • I’m short too, and think it looks too long as well. But still, if you pay to have it shortened its what, a $50 dress? Still seems like a good value.

    • Fullnelson :

      I’m 5’5″ and the dress hits me right below the knee.

  8. Does anyone have a reasonably priced tailor in NYC? Mine is ~$45 for dress shortening and ~$35 for skirt shortening. I would love to find someone willing to do this for about $15 (I’d use my regular guy for especially nice / expensive pieces still). Am I being too cheap?

    • CorporateTool :

      Eva, just don’t go in midtown. Really anywhere else is cheaper. Depends on the neighborhood, but generally a bit further uptown (and not one of the “organic” dry cleaners) is better.

      • I did a little research a while ago but haven’t followed up to make sure these places exist and try them (nor can I remember where I found the recommendations) – but Orchard Street Tailors at Orchard & Rivngton, and Amy’s Cleaners at 7th & B, are places that I read somwhere were cheap and decent. If you go, please email me at [email protected] and let me know how your experience was.



  9. I used to live in Park Slope Brooklyn and there were good tailors for the prices you are hoping for, depending on the place. Probably too far if you live uptown, but you could save up pieces and make an afternoon out of it, visit cafes, parks etc. I live in Seattle now and found the same thing- my high-end neighborhood’s are wayyy overpriced, so I go to a place a friend recommended near my office and the Asian district who is amazing and inexpensive. It’s worth it as it adds up over time because I need to get everything shortened.

  10. Brownie D. Light :

    I own this dress! The photo doesn’t do it justice–it has a slightly empire, banded waist, and beautifully tucked pockets. So comfortable to wear, too, because of the flattering length and the breathable ponte knit. And it’s a steal at $40. Strongly recommended!

  11. Thanks for the tailoring recs, all! I have a new Brooks Brothers skirt bought on huge clearance ($30, down from $150 or so) that’s an inch or two too long, but I was reluctant to spend $35 shortening it.

  12. love it – of course it’s great to get investment pieces but you can’t go wrong with the above or this BB Dakota dress. Tried it on, for $70 it’s a steal!
    see it here: