Coffee Break: Bezel Station Necklace

OK: I have three thoughts with this cute $58 necklace. (I’m sick with strep (joy) so thoughts are a bit more discombobulated than usual.) First: You guys have sung the praises of Nadri for affordable fake diamonds for years and I only recently bought some earrings (no longer available because they were on sale) and I really do love them. Second: Oooh, look, Nadri also has a station necklace for only $58, available in rose gold (pictured), white gold and silver plate. Third: I don’t have THIS necklace, but years ago my husband bought me a very similar 16″ station necklace (I’m 99% sure it’s a fake, in part because he doesn’t remember what it was) and it’s been one of my most-worn pieces — a round-shaped delicate necklace (versus V-shaped pendant necklace) is sometimes just what some collars call for, including crew necks, scoop necks, jewel necks, cowl necks, and more. Cubic Zirconia Bezel Station Necklace

Psst: just for kicks, here are some real diamond bezel station necklaces (including a slightly less traditional one that’s cool)…

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  1. London Recs :

    I’m heading to London for work next week, and I’ve decided to stay an extra night. Since my work hotel is pricey, I’m hoping to stay somewhere more affordable for my extra day. Any recommendations for a nice but affordable (under $125 per night ideally) hotel in London?

    Also, any recommendations for good restaurants (all price ranges) that wouldn’t be too awkward for eating alone?

    • Anonymous :

      Dishoom if you like Indian food.

    • givemyregards :

      The last time I was there I stayed at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City and it was really nice and really cheap – I particularly liked that room came with a smartphone that you could carry around with you to access data services like maps without running up your own phone bill. Would recommend the nearby Ottolenghi Islington restaurant – you can eat the counter alone and it definitely wouldn’t be awkward. Have fun!

    • joan wilder :

      Check into Kensington House Hotel. It’s been a few years but I stayed in a (very small) but lovely single room there a few years ago for I think around 100 pounds for the night.

    • If you are comfortable playing it by ear, you can try the Hotel Tonight app — I stayed at the Leonard Hotel for $150/night a few weeks ago. I had a backup plan, but you can use the app several nights out (which gave me the chance to cancel my more expensive booking).

  2. Thanks all for chiming in on my request for new and interesting recipes (I’m a good cook but in a bit of a dinner rut)

    I made a couple of new things I thought I should recommend back – they were delicious.

    1) melissa clark’s Vietnamese caramel salmon with jasmine rice and a cucumber salad. This is made in the instant pot and it is really, really good. My kids scarfed this down. If I do it again I’d do it closer to the range hood fan, because the fish sauce used in the recipe is really pungent.

    2) Claudia roden’s Orange Almond cake. This cake is amazing and healthy-ish. A small slice makes a great weekday breakfast. It’s made from two whole oranges simmered for 2 hours then blitzed in the food processor or blender, with almond meal, eggs and sugar. No flour so it’s gluten free too. I made the whole thing in the food processor.

    3) the mushroom, leek and fontina frittata from bon appetit. Delicious and super popular in my house.

    4) sweet coconut oatmeal from all recipes. It’s oatmeal made with a can of full fat coconut milk rather than water, and it is so satisfying that I don’t feel like eating lunch after having this for breakfast. I didn’t have any flaked coconut so I used a mix of dried fruits and did a little sprinkle of chopped toasted pecans on top.

    I bought the paprika 3 app as a place to store all of my favorite online recipes, but I’ve also been using the meal planning features so that it will automatically make a grocery shopping list for me.

    A flop recipe for me was the fesenjan from NY times cooking. I made it yesterday but did not serve it for dinner because it was just way, way too tangy. I’ve not used pomegranate molasses before so maybe that’s the issue, but this particular recipe calls for 2 c of the stuff. I used half that amount to start with and it’s still an issue.

    I had a lot of fun cooking this weekend. If you have any other favorite recipes please keep them coming!

    • cat socks :

      That salmon recipe looks great! I try to serve salmon once every couple of weeks, but it’s always with the same lemon/herb flavor. I already did my meal planning for this week, but I’m going to try this next week.

      The sweet coconut oatmeal sounds really good too! Thanks for sharing.

    • Wanderlust :

      I am not a salmon fan — do you think this recipe could be made using a different fish?

      • I’m sure it could. Just use a similarly dense fish with similar thickness.

      • I’ve substituted cod for salmon without any issue. I’ve also made this salmon recipe and it is really delicious.

        One thought though: I used to think of myself as a non-salmon fan and it turned I just dislike over cooked salmon. I had it cooked properly in a French restaurant and became a total convert. Maybe your issue is similar?

        Another recommendation: the chicken pho from the same Melissa Clark instant pot cookbook. We omit the jalapeños and other garnishes for my 2 year old, so it’s fine for kids too. I think we’ve basically made it once a week since getting an instant pot.

  3. on diamond station necklaces – my daughter was graduating from 8th grade and the day of I realized we hadn’t bought her a gift – doh! I was working in the NYC financial district and ran out at lunch to one of those small jewelry shops in an alleyway thinking I’d buy her some tiny diamond studs. Instead I bought her a white gold and tiny diamond station necklace that was on sale (around $400 I think) in the 16 inch length. I thought it was rather indulgent at the time but she is now a high school junior and has worn that thing every day since. she sleeps in it, she showers in it, she plays sports in it, you name it – a great deal on a cost per wear basis and she obviously freaking loves it.

    She is not a fancy kid at all. Most often she wears some sort of knit top with leggings or mom jeans, and vans or Birkenstocks. But these little tiny necklaces are minimal enough that she doesn’t feel dressed up wearing it.

    • I love good quality jewelry as a gift for occasions like that! Teenagers can frequently buy themselves <$20 super trendy pieces if they want them, but having a few nice pieces of real jewelry is so special. I don't have any jewelry from my childhood or teen years because it all either broke or turned green within a few months.

    • Minnie Beebe :

      I still have a pair of earrings my mom gave me as a teenager. I cannot remember the occasion. They’re simple, very delicate hoops made of three strands of gold (yellow gold, rose gold and white gold)– I’m certain they did not cost $400 (nowhere near that) but they’re real jewelry, purchased from a real jewelry store, and I still (now in my mid-40’s) wear them all the time. It makes sense to buy the real stuff!

    • This was what my mom did (still does, ha). She would let me buy myself trendy jewelry, which meant that it was up to me to decide how I was going to spend my babysitting money. And then she would buy me nicer items for milestones and birthdays. I still wear all of those nicer items and think about my 15th birthday, my 18th birthday, college and law graduation, etc. when she got me the gifts.

  4. Can anyone in the SF Bay Area recommend a lawyer to do your personal will, living trust, advanced medical directive, etc? Also, a rough idea of how much it cost you would be much appreciated. Thanks!

    • Depending on where you live – we used Duane Leonard in Berkeley. It’s all he does. I think we paid under $1000 for the whole package but it was a few years ago.

    • Anonymous :

      I just did it with my father (in MD, not helpful) and to do THE WORKS – DPOA, trust – with a sub-trust for my irresponsible sibling who my father wanted to protect, will, MD, etc. and it was $2500-3k

    • Anonymous :

      Gigi Orta in Piedmont. When I last priced this out it was $3000 all in, but that was several years ago.

    • I paid ~ $2k about 6 years ago, and I think (I’m sure) it’s gone up by then. Diana Dean Gendotti in Los Altos.

  5. I’m negotiating the terms of a new job at a new company. (I have the offer, they want me, and there is just one sticking point.) I’ve been to their offices a bunch of times throughout the interview and offer process, always wearing my one and only and despised suit. Now I have to go back in for a quick meeting to discuss the open point, but not with the senior people/decisionmakers. Can I wear pants, a shirt and a blazer that look professional but do not add up to a suit? This would make my life easier for various reasons. For some additional context, industry is formal, but the company is relatively relaxed (casual end of business casual).

  6. Hunger Cues :

    Has anyone experienced changes in their hunger cues? I had a sinus infection a few weeks back and had zero appetite. Ever since I recovered it’s like my stomach forgot how to tell me I’m hungry. I’ll go hours and not feel hungry or like eating at all, but then I’ll suddenly get dizzy and lightheaded because (duh) I haven’t eaten in 6 hours. I skip the “oh I feel hungry, time to eat” stage entirely. Have any of you ladies experienced something similar, or do you have any tips for remembering to eat when you don’t actually feel hungry?

    • Anonymous :

      Any tips for starting to workout? Currently I basically do nothing at all, ideally I’d go to the gym in my building 4 times a week. I’m struggling.

    • Marillenbaum :

      I’ve taken to using an alarm on my phone in those cases. One at 8 AM, noon, 3 PM and 6 PM so I have three meals and a snack. It really helps for when I don’t always think “Oh, I could just eat now.”

    • Anonymous :

      Drink more water – and ideally, add electrolytes.

    • Maybe keep some of your favorite foods or low-prep stuff on hand to encourage you to eat? This happened to me a number of years back after a terrible cold and it just took a while for my hunger cues to get back to normal. I think it was because eating was so uncomfortable while I was sick.

    • Anonymous :

      Is it possible that post-nasal drip has you subconsciously blocking out low-grade nausea? Even without the nausea, a bellyful of snot can mask hunger–I’m never interested in breakfast until my allergy meds kick in.

      Eating a something starchy and absorbent (3 crackers, a slice of bread) about 10 or 15 minutes before mealtimes can help, if you need to the hunger cues to kick in for portion size as well meal timing.

    • My hunger cues were completely messed up after the flu. I would go from zero to completely ravenous, and it all felt very off. Took about a month to reset.

  7. Anonymous :

    Any tips for starting to workout? Currently I basically do nothing at all, ideally I’d go to the gym in my building 4 times a week. I’m struggling.

    • Is there anything active you enjoy doing? Walking, running, biking, hula hooping? I would focus on 1) doing those things and 2) going to the gym to do things that will make you better at doing those things. For example, I like to run and the lower-body non-running exercises I do usually focus on hip stabilizer muscles to help with running. I don’t find going to the gym itself that motivating, and side plank leg raises suck. I do them so I can run better.

    • Walk every day, and use a FITBIT to track your steps. It is easy and try and if your dad is pushing you to get off your tuchus, make sure you do not tell your dad, b/c if he has a computer, he can track your steps, including when you are doeing them. FOOEY! I do 10000 steps a day, and I still must do yoga at home at night with Myrna b/c I am not looseing enough b/c I eat a lot of rich foods. I see you are struggling. If you get someone to do it with you, it will be easier. That is why I have Myrna. YAY!!!!

    • Hunger Cues :

      Don’t start with 4 times a week. Start with 2, and plan those days out to balance with the rest of your schedule. Personally, I like Tuesday and Thursday as a starting point- Mondays are a struggle anyway, it doesn’t get in the way of Friday plans, and you still have a rest day in between.
      Buy workout clothes you LOVE. Not like, LOVE. Make a rule that you can only wear them at the gym and keep them in a packed gym bag at work.
      Have a plan before you go in. There’s nothing worse than making it to the gym and then just wandering around before doing a lukewarm half hour on the treadmill. Look at some online workout plans and come up with one that meets your skill level.
      Reward yourself. Use an app to track how many times you successfully go to the gym twice a week. After a set number of times, you get a treat. Maybe after 2 weeks, you buy a fancy sheet mask. After a month, some nice new workout socks. Repeat with longer and longer periods of time.

    • Anonymous :

      Find something that you enjoy doing. If you struggle to go to the gym in your building, maybe you find it boring?

      • Anonymous :

        Yeah I feel like how do I implement this though? I like be Zumba, there are zero classes near me at times that work. I enjoy swimming, there are no pools. Fundamentally I don’t like fitness or this wouldn’t be such a struggle.

        • Anonymous :

          Keep looking. Comb through studios you find via google, the Mindbody app, etc. Look for chain gyms that may host their own private classes or check out the zumba website. Be open to different ideas that you might enjoy – maybe a yoga or pilates class might be fun, or maybe you leave work half and hour early one day a week to make it to zumba. Probably something will work, unless you live in a very rural area. I personally find attending classes way more interesting than machines.

          • Anonymous :

            It seems like it should be possible and yet it isn’t. I’ve tried.

          • Anonymous :

            If it exists, I’d just go to whatever class is available that seems ok even if you’re not that excited about it and even if it’s not at your ideal time. If there are literally no classes at all of any type within a half hour commute, convince a friend to sign up for a 5k with you and then you’ll be peer pressured into training.

      • Sloan Sabbith :

        What about something like ClassPass? Mix up what you try, and maybe you’ll find something you really enjoy.

    • Have you had any sort of exercise routine in the past? What do you like to do?
      For me, I like lifting weights, spinning, and can tolerate the elliptical. Finding a program/routine that I like helps motivate me to work out harder and more frequently than just walking aimlessly into the gym and bouncing around from one piece of equipment to another. Record your progress so that in a few weeks you can look back and say hey, I added 10lbs to my leg exercise, I increased my plank time by 20 seconds, etc. Give yourself little rewards like investing in comfortable clothes, finding a good playlist or podcast to listen to if that’s your thing, etc. Going from 0-4x/week is a big jump. Make a deal with yourself that you will go 2x and work up from there.

      • Anonymous :

        Nope. Because I hate it. If I liked it this would be way easier!

        • Anonymous :

          I hate it too. I liked lifting a little better than cardio, and I like yoga, but I hate the whole rigamarole of fitting it into my life. Having said that, I started doing walks 2x/week with neighborhood friends and it has been awesome. I don’t think we’re getting a killer workout or anything, but it’s fun and it gets me moving and there’s nothing like accountability to help you pull it off.

    • Good comments above, especially workout clothes you LOVE. 1) small goals, 2) accountability, 3) rewards. Make yourself go down and walk on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then you can leave or decide if you want to stay longer. This keeps you going on days when you’re exhausted. It’s just 30 minutes! Or do 15 to start. If you enjoy lifting, try to exercise one muscle group per day (4 days in a row would be a lot though). Maybe do 3 rounds of 10 reps squat one day (that takes like 30 minutes max), then one day of treadmill walking/running, then bench the next day. The key for me was just making myself go, after that I could find stuff to do. Tell a friend your commitment and text him/her every night after you’re done. Then go to happy hour together on the weeks that you make it all four days! You can also do a non-food reward like a pedi or new jewelry or something. Good luck!

      • Anonymous :

        Thank you!

      • Along the same line as “workout clothes you love”, try “makeup you love’ if that’s your thing. I go to the gym before work, and the makeup bag that comes with me to the gym contains some splurge products – Marc Jacobs mascara, NARS blush, etc. My daily stuff that lives at home is more like Cover Girl mascara, etc. which works fine. I can only use the nice makeup in the gym bag if I actually go to the gym, which is a surprisingly effective incentive for me.

      • anonshmanon :

        Also, get a tv show or podcast that you really love and that you can download or stream on your phone. You are now only allowed to watch this show in the gym.
        It is really impossible to start small. Consistency is WAY more important than intensity. 15 or 20 minutes walking (not running, not marching) on the treadmill is PERFECT, and when you do that 4 times a week, you can slowly up the speed.
        For me, tracking my success is super helpful to see how I’m doing, especially when I don’t feel that motivated or good about myself. The simplest you can do is to mark each day of working out in a calendar or planner with some color or symbol. I’m more of a spreadsheet person, so I would put in how far I walked each time, and at what speed. There are probably good apps for that, too.

    • Not at all sure if this applies to you- but in case it’s helpful to someone else…

      I just signed my family up for a gym that comes with childcare. My kids (4,2) are obsessed and ask every single day if they can go. This weekend DH and I had to/got to go to the gym *three times* (sat AM sun AM sun PM) because the kids wanted to go to the kid place and then there was a soccer class my 4 y/o wanted to do Sunday.

      It’s spendier (and not quite as nice from an equipment standpoint) than other local options but my kids now ask to go after dinner (childcare is offered 8-12, 4-8 weekndays and 8-1 on weekends). Gym also has a decent snack bar where I can get the kids food that pass for dinner (hot sandwiches) … have yet to work that intonour life yet.

    • Anonymous :

      I’ve been going to the gym regularly for about 6 weeks now. The only thing that has worked this time is doing it as a group. DH, DD and I don’t necessarily do things together once we are there, but having someone else say that it’s time to go helps a lot. Get a buddy system and that might help you feel accountable without having to pay for a trainer.

    • I just got an app at the beginning of the year called Aaptiv and I really love it so far. I find that it gives me a lot more motivation to go to the gym more regularly. I think it’s because I don’t have to *think* about what to do, I just pick a few of their programs and do whatever they tell me. For me, I like classes, but cannot commit to times due to my job, so this is like having a class (or trainer) on-demand and in the gym.

      It’s all audio classes (no video) and they have them for all different types of equipment. (Treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine, body weights, dumbbells, etc.) The trainers instruct you on what to do and have pretty fun, good playlists for each workout. So for example, if you want to do the treadmill, you can select a program you want and then get on the treadmill and there’s a trainer talking over the playlist telling you when to increase speed and incline, walking you through sprints, etc.

      I think they have a free trial, so you can check it out. I’m finding it makes going to the gym easier and less overwhelming.

      • Nikki Marie :

        Few days late but seconding this in case anyone is still reading!! Aaptiv has been game changing in actually getting me to work out more this past twelve months than in my entire life, outside two years with a good (and VERY expensive) trainer. It’s awesome!

    • one thing that has really helped me is redefining how long a workout has to be or making excuses that oh, I only have 20 minutes, so working out isn’t worth my time. if you only have 20 minutes, great – go spend 20 minutes on the elliptical or treadmill or whatever. Don’t let not having an hour of time to devote to working out derail you from your plans. 15-20 minutes is better than nothing and can help you get into a consistent routine

  8. LeCreuset and Lodge :

    I’ve been a Lodge devotee (large Dutch oven and chicken cooker with skillet lid).

    I use the chicken cooker and lid for searing steaks (ultra-high heat) and then throwing them into a 425 degree oven. Or for searing meat. Sometimes for general cooking (ditto the Dutch oven: oven cooking and/or searing roasts).

    I have a new LeCreuset enamel Dutch oven (small for a Dutch oven). I assume that I can’t use it for my steak-cooking technique and should continue to use the Lodge one for that. Can I safely brown meat in it (e.g., browning meat for Bologne sauce?)? Or for general oven cooking and non-searing stovetop cooking?

    It is sure pretty right now and I don’t want to ruin it. I just need to know where I can safely add it in to my lineup.

    • You can definitely brown meat in a Le Creuset. I’m not 100% sure of this, but I don’t think it gets quite as hot as your unenameled cast iron, so may not get you the same results for steak, but I brown meat in mine all the time for various recipes.

      It will also begin to develop a patina on the inside and outside as you use it. Don’t panic! It’s what’s supposed to happen.

      • Oh, and I should add that one of the main reasons I like my enameled cast iron is that I can clean it by leaving soapy water in to soak off stubborn stains, which would ruin any seasoning on unenameled cast iron.

    • You can totally sear in le creuset. They’re made for braising and the idea is that you sear in the pot to form a “fond” (brown ugly stuff on the bottom of the pot) that you then deglaze to make a delicious sauce or braising liquid. Don’t skip using that stuff! It’s delicious. Here’s my approach for steak:

      Cook the steaks as you normally do. While they’re cooking mince a shallot. Take the steaks out of the pot when done, pour off all but a tablespoon of fat, and throw in the shallots to caramelize a little in the far. then deglaze the bottom of the still hot pan with a bit of red wine (or broth or water) over a medium flame. Really scrape that brown stuff into the bubbling wine. It will not only make a nice sauce but it will clean your pan. Reduce the wine by about half. Finish the sauce with a pat of butter (optional) and some chopped parsley or thyme (optional). Taste for salt and pepper. Pour over steaks or put in a little spouted bowl like a creamer or small gravy boat and pass separately at the table.

      • The other thing I want to mention is that the white enamel inside your Le Creuset will not be so pristine over many years of cooking. That does not mean it’s ruined. It just means you loved the pan. Mine aren’t going to win any beauty contests but they still perform amazingly well.

    • I use Lodge cast iron to sear steaks, burgers, chicken, brussels sprouts, and other things I want a really, really hot pan for. But if I’m going to deglaze and make any kind of sauce or gravy, I use the Le Creuset, and browning in it is absolutely fine.

  9. Travel Blazers :

    I’m going to a 3-day conference. Fairly formal industry – generally women wear blazers to these events. Activities with same people all 3 days. Question: do I really need 3 blazers? They are bulky. Can I get away with 2, not worn on consecutive days?

    • Yes, no problem. Especially if you change the blouse underneath the repeat blazer (dark one day, light the other day), or wear it once with pants and the other with a skirt.

    • For stuff like this I bring two suits, my grey suit and my navy suit, several blouses that go with both, and one or two pairs of shoes that go with both. Mix and match. Statement jewelry if desired.

    • For sure. The men are probably only bringing one.

    • Anonymous :

      Do they have distinctive details on them? Because is someone really going to notice that you wore the same black blazer three days in a row? (I say this as someone who only owns one blazer, but I work in a more casual field/setting, so the need for a blazer is slim.)

    • Anonymous :

      I go to a loooot of conferences for my work and I find that the last day of the event is always more casual than the other days. If the conference is suits, by the last day most people seem to be in separates (and there are always men in jeans and a sports coat – so jealous of that). SO, a) if you feel comfortable, you could plan to do a step down on the last day (ie, a jardigan instead of a blazer), or wear a business formal dress with sleeves on the last day.

      My other strategy for things like this is to pack one suit blazer and one non-suiting blazer (usually with an interesting texture or color) that is more versatile and looks dressy when worn with work clothes but also looks okay with jeans and a t-shirt to wear on the plane or out and about in the conference city.

      • Yes this is so true. All of my conferences are like that (I’m a speaker so I attend at least 6 three day conferences most years. Sometimes more, rarely fewer)

      • Travel Blazers :

        Fantastic advice, thank you!

  10. Searching for Shoes and Confidence :

    I’m going to a cocktail party for like the first time ever, even though I’m 30 and a lawyer. I have so many questions. I think I found a dress: Does this work? Or this one: They are both coming in the mail so I’ll know more after trying them on. Do you have better ideas? Also, how do I stay warm? Can I wear either of those dresses with black hose and black shoes? Finally, can you help me find some shoes? I would love something comfortable but still attractive. I injured my knee so stilettos and heels >3 inches are out. Thank you!

    • Two questions:
      * Is it a work event?
      * How tall are you?

      Regardless of height, if its a work event, I’d probably go for the first one.

      The floral dress is more casual (by virtue of being patterned) and super super short. I’m 5’8″ and on me a 35″ dress would be “nice top but, you forgot your pants” territory.

      Shoe suggestion:

      • Searching for Shoes and Confidence :

        Thanks for replying. It’s my boyfriend’s work event. I’m 5’1 and most things are way too long on me, but I’ll definitely make sure the dress covers everything before leaving my apartment. I do really like those shoes!

    • No help on shoes, but what sort of industry is your boyfriend in? I’m not sure either of these would be quite right for a work event in my field (finance), even one billed as a ccktail party. Honestly, I’d probably wear a business casual black dress with sleeves to such an event. But if it’s a less stuffy industry where bare shoulders are no problem, I definitely vote for #1! #2 re
      ads more brunch party / shower to me.

    • I also vote for the first one for your boyfriend’s work event. Also sending some sympathy about dresses being way too long on us short girls. Once I got tired of returning 90% of regular sized dresses, I finally admitted to myself that I can only shop petite for dresses that hit right above the knee.

      PS: If you are looking for more responses, post in the morning thread. Things get quiet around here after work hours.

    • Not trying to hijack your confidence, because I know how hard it can be to dress for an event. But, I’d think about who your audience is here, and what you’re trying to say with your outfit. If its your boyfriends work event, then think about what you want to say about yourself and about your boyfriend. Is it that you’re sweet, friendly approachable? Is it that you want to look nice for him? Is it that you want to be the center of attention at this event?
      The dresses you picked would be great for a wedding or a date- I’m not sure they’re serious/confident enough for a work cocktail party. (caveat that this is TOTALLY dependent on where in the country you are).
      I’d wear something like a really simple and slim boatneck or vneck sheath, with sparkly earrings, metallic heels or print heels and a pashmina in a complimentary color. If its a weekend event, people will be more dressed up – something like this (bring a pashmina) would also be nice.

    • Lyra Silvertongue :

      I’ll be honest, both of those picks read rather juvenile to me. I think you can do much better! Some options just from AT petites sale section:

  11. Hugs to Kat! Feel better soon! It is awful to have Strep throat! I had it a few year’s ago and I could NOT do any depo’s or motion’s for a week! FOOEY! I think the HIVE needs to read your p’osts more carfully b/c I did NOT see any one commizerating with you. And, since you are staying home, none of the hive need be exposed to the virus. FEEL BETTER SOON, KAT! We want to have you well so that you can be 100% again. Mabye Kate can pick things up for a few day’s while you rest! I recomend she does this for you. I am goeing to repeat this 2 more times so that other’s in the HIVE will see this and wake up! YAY!!!!

    Hugs to Kat! Feel better soon! It is awful to have Strep throat! I had it a few year’s ago and I could NOT do any depo’s or motion’s for a week! FOOEY! I think the HIVE needs to read your p’osts more carfully b/c I did NOT see any one commizerating with you. And, since you are staying home, none of the hive need be exposed to the virus. FEEL BETTER SOON, KAT! We want to have you well so that you can be 100% again. Mabye Kate can pick things up for a few day’s while you rest! I recomend she does this for you.

    Hugs to Kat! Feel better soon! It is awful to have Strep throat! I had it a few year’s ago and I could NOT do any depo’s or motion’s for a week! FOOEY! I think the HIVE needs to read your p’osts more carfully b/c I did NOT see any one commizerating with you. And, since you are staying home, none of the hive need be exposed to the virus. FEEL BETTER SOON, KAT! We want to have you well so that you can be 100% again. Mabye Kate can pick things up for a few day’s while you rest! I recomend she does this for you. YAY Kat!!!!

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