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Bad Habits and the Office

Bad Habits at the Office: Nail Biting, Cuticle Picking , and More | CorporetteReader E has a question about bad habits at the office, from nail biting, cuticle picking, hair twirling, and more…

I must not be the only nail biter/ cuticle picker. What do all the over-eaters, hair twirlers, nail-biters do? I think it’s incredibly unprofessional to be nibbling at my hands all day….

Great question, E! I think there are two parts to this question: defining what is a “bad habit” for office purposes, and then fixing it. There are a lot of problem-specific fixes (for example, for nail biting there are clear nail polishes designed to make your nails taste bad). (Pictured:  Untitled, originally uploaded to Flickr by Rachel A.K..) But for my $.02, these are my two thoughts re: bad habits at the office:

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