Coffee Break – Academy coat

Academy coatHooray for coat season! I’m really loving this simple “academy coat” from J.Crew.  In particular, I dig the sweater sleeves, which double as fingerless gloves — it’s a great way to get the bracelet-sleeved look of Mad Men without the fuss of wearing long gloves. The coat is $325 (online only) and available in sandstone (pictured), black, navy, and pine. Academy coat




  1. Jacking this thread immediately to repost this, because I’m that grumpy…

    Okay. So it’s been 3 days since I went in for the 4th round. I thought it went well, but I expected to hear from them. And now I’m starting to get pissed. I went through 4 rounds. I took 2 separate days from work. They owe me an email, at least.

    And, to top it all off, my cupcake hasn’t arrived! It’s employee appreciation week. We’re all supposed to receive cupcakes from our managers (the department heads, not our actual managers) at 2:00 today. The cupcakes are supposed to be accompanied by a “thank you.” And, yes, I was really annoyed to discover that my actual boss wouldn’t be delivering the cupcake and the “thank you.”

    Oh, and also… while I love camel hair coats (I have one from llbean), I think the sweater sleeves are weird, mostly because I don’t own a camel-colored sweater so they wouldn’t match the one I was wearing.

    • Waiting is the worst, whether for job news or cupcakes. *hugs* to you today, Bunkster!

    • Good luck Bunkster.

    • Don’t freak out yet. I imagine you’ll hear something by the end of this week from the job!

      I ordered a coat with sweater sleeves and really didn’t like them at all. I thought it would be hard to actually wear a sweater or anything long-sleeved underneath.

      • Diana Barry :

        Ditto – the sweater sleeves are just annoying. You have to pull on your sleeve in order to get whatever you’re wearing underneath to not ride up your arm. Plus those sweatery sleeves pill and get crap on them (eg when I spill coffee). I like normal wool coats! :)

        Bunkster, good luck on the job!

    • I want a cupcake, too!

    • Well, I’ve been interviewing (using multiple vacation days) for a job I’m really interested in since August. The last interview was 3 weeks ago. But I just got word from the recruiter today that they are not actively interviewing anyone else, and they are still very interested in me! They need some more time to make it happen, but it’s looking good. Wish me luck. So hang in there. None of these things work as quickly as we’d like them to. Yes, they owe you an email, but some HR people just don’t care if they leave you hanging. I’ll bet you hear something by tomorrow. Just try not to think about it in the meantime.

      • Good luck, BB and thanks for the reality check. My mother reminded me that while the organization in question is very large, it’s technically a non-profit, which probably has a different and slower hiring process.

        For those in the MA area, while I’d be in Charlestown at the IT office, there are entities across the state, including Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

        Oh, and I got my cupcake, but it wasn’t hand-delivered and I didn’t get a “thank you.”

        In other news, I had my first mammogram just a couple of hours ago. Wish someone had warned me how painful it would be…

        • It’s funny how good HR intentions go bad with these “thank you” efforts. The same type of thing happens in our company all the time. We like to do handouts at the security gate, and certain execs are known to show up for the photo opp and then leave immediately.

          And mammos suck.

  2. Corporate Tool :

    Since we’re threadjacking, I just took the GMAT this morning, and I got a 730! And I can’t talk about it at work, so I’m having my little happy moment here.

    And Bunkster, I’ll totally buy you a cupcake.

    • WOW. Congratulations – that is an amazing score!

    • Congratulations – great score! What did you do to prepare?

      • Corporate Tool :

        I borrowed a friend’s Manhattan GMAT materials, and spent 2-3 hours each weekday reviewing them, and did every problem in the GMAC guides, and the GMATPrep software. I’d estimate 100 hours of studying. I think you could get away with less if you took a course, which I didn’t want to spend the money on.

      • I took the GMAT almost 20 years ago. I just used the Princeton Review books. I don’t know if the test has changed, but my scores were in the same range as above. I actually had the highest scores in my B-school class.

    • That is a fabulous score, good job!

      • Congrats Corporate Tool! That’s a great score.

        On a related note, can anyone speak to whether 700 is too low a score? I’m targeting NYU, Columbia and Berkeley and trying to decide whether to retake the test.

        • 700 should be fine for those schools.

        • Corporate Tool :

          700 is totally within range, and fine unless you need to make up for some other “hole” in your background. If you have good grades and experience, you’re in as strong of a position as you can possibly be.

  3. Mini vent of my own. If I made the changes to the brief that you asked for, don’t change the entire brief on the second revision.

    • So true. . . so true. Also, yelling at me for edits that you made that are “wrong”, also annoying.

      Oh and asking me to write a brief for a case I’m not working on, not telling me anything about the case, I find a case management memorandum (filed with the court) outlining the facts, then giving me crap about my fact section because I included things that are inappropriate (hello, the court already knows them).

      Bad day here, can you tell?

      • Another Anon :

        Or, after you’ve had verbal diarrhea in a meeting for 30+ minutes, looking at me and asking why I’m not participating in the conversation.

        Bad day for all. Bunkster, good luck (and now I want a cupcake, too!!)

    • econ prof :

      And don’t give me an outline and then–after sitting on it for 7 weeks–reject the brief I give you that follows the outline

  4. BIG upcoming, highly publicized, two week trial coming up. As a new not-quite-attorney (pending bar results), I’m the gopher for the two actual lawyers on the case. That being said, I still anticipate being in front of the jury, dealing with exhibits and technology and the like. This means I also (gasp!) run the risk of being on TV, since the whole thing is being televised.

    Question: what are a couple quick things that will perk up my pretty much exhausted appearance? I normally wear glasses, is this the time to switch to contacts? Hair normally half up, should I change it? I have to stick to conservative skirt suits for the jury (office policy and just a good idea), should I be trying to liven them up at all or just dress to fade into the background?

    AND to top it all off, bar results are set to come out in the middle of our trial. WHAT THE CRAP UNIVERSE.

    • AnonInfinity :

      Exciting times!

      My 2 cents (for what it’s worth) — No contacts unless you want them. If the trial is very soon (like, the next couple of weeks), absolutely NO contacts if you’ve never worn them before. Some people do not tolerate them well, and you definitely don’t want to look like you’ve been crying.

      Blend into the background. You want the people arguing the case to be center stage.

      GOOD LUCK on the bar exam! At least you will have a good distraction all day.

    • AnonInfinity :

      Forgot the hair — Do whatever you’re comfortable with. With the caveat that I think you shouldn’t wear it down if you are prone to playing with it.

    • What fun! (She said semi-facetiously). Seriously though – this is excellent experience and first-hand participation and observing a trial is an incredibly helpful way to learn how to practice.

      I’d stick with glasses, especially if that is what you’re used to. Ditto the hair half up. You’re going to be pouring through boxes, transcripts, documents, etc and the last thing you want is your hair in your eyes or getting greasy from you constantly trying to push it behind your ears. As for suits – blend, blend, blend. Unfortunately, a jury trial is not the time to try and liven suits up. You never know *what* jurors will fixate on (a colleague of mine lost a case in part because the jurors hated his large college ring…no joke) and discretion is the better part of valor here.

      Good luck – and at least you won’t be sitting at your computer, hitting “Refresh” on the bar results websites for the three days leading up to results being posted.

    • Don’t worry about your hair or glasses. Trial is not the time to mess with this tomfoolery. Stick with what you’re comfortable with and will cause you the least amount of grief in the a.m. I would recommend one of those under-eye caffeine gel roll-on sticks. I use Clinique’s (love) but have heard good things about Garnier’s. Helps with bags under the eyes. I use it not so other people will notice (or not – nobody pays as much attention to me as me) but so that I feel better and more confident when I look in the mirror.

      Good luck and knock ’em dead!

      • AnonInfinity :

        Do those roll on sticks help with puffiness or dark circles?

        • AnonInfinity :

          I feel like I’m all up in this thread, but I’m also excited to learn everyone’s advice. I’m going to my first trial in a couple of weeks, though it will certainly not be as high-profile as OP’s. And I already spent the 3 days leading up to the bar results hitting the “refresh” button.

          • I’m assuming since you’re going to trial, you passed, so congrats! I didn’t think of it, but now that others have pointed it out, I’m oddly glad that trial will keep me from getting refresh button fever.

            Good luck on your trial, too! YAY GO TEAM CORPORETTE

          • AnonInfinity :

            I did pass! What a freaking relief.

            Agreed! Corporette ftw!!!!!!!!

        • Puffiness. I use concealer for the dark circles.

    • Recently Downgraded :

      I echo the stick with your glasses advice. I rarely wear my contacts anymore. Glasses do a fine job of hiding dark circles when you’re stressed, overworked and running on not enough sleep, which it sounds like you will be. Good luck and congratulations – that’s an awesome opportunity so early in your career. Also, leave your electronic devices at home on results day. No need to get bombarded with texts/emails/FB updates from classmates when you need your full attention on the trial.

    • Good luck and Have Fun! One thing related to appearance (but not style) – a partner was talking about trial strategies with me today (he’s one of those “war story-tellers”- which is great, because he’s got a lot of experience and they’re full of tips and such), and he mentioned that you should always look full of confidence and like you’re winning in front of the jury, even if something bad happens. He specifically said that if you ever conference with the judge, go back to the jury looking as happy as can be, to give them the impression that the judge just completely ruled in your favor. He thinks that juries respond to that sort of thing quite a lot.

    • Long trials can get pretty boring and it can be hard to look interested. The jury gets bored too and will be looking at you. Take notes on the witness testimony, exhbits, etc., to look interested. I think makeup can help as well. I like this eyebrightener
      It’s easy to apply and makes me look more awake. Also, keep a poker face no matter how much a witness may be destroying your case.

    • * as long as your hair is not hanging on your face, it is fine. 

      * glasses because you are used to them

      * POWDER so that if you end up on TV you are not shiny. Ditto eyeliner so you look like you have eyes and lipstick at all times. I like Fresh Sugar Plum lip balm because it has enough color to look “done” but not so much color that you can’t apply it with one hand, while walking, without a mirror. It is also really smooth. 

      * Keep a bankers box in the courtoom with: stockings, tissues, tampons, bandaids, water bottles, little bags of almonds, pens, stickies, paper etc. 

      * no high contrast or prints. They look awful on camera. 

      * if you wear your hair down, dry it straight. That always looks better on camera. 

      Good luck!

      • OP here. Thank you all so so so much for the great advice! I knew that I could count on Corporette for this type of thing. Trial starts Tuesday after the long weekend, so I’m taking a little bit of time to myself this weekend (I’ve blocked off an hour for mani-pedi time with no talk of trial or bar results).

        I am this weird mixture of excited and nervous and happy and terrified that I think only comes from super high stress situations like this, so your advice and kind words are wonderfully calming!

    • one word: blush!
      (to help not look tired)

  5. OMG, my clients of 2+ years are killing me today. It’s a beautiful day out, my house is sparkling clean because my cleaning lady just left, and yet I still want to beat my head against the wall!!!

  6. Just a quick note…I turned 30 today and I couldn’t be happier. I felt such a sense of ease this morning. I think I may have finally reached a point in my life were I am ok with who I am! I have gone through so much as we all have and have come to see that I am only hurting myself in the worst way by comparing myself and my life with others. Alot of this new outlook has to do with reading Corporette and you wonderful ladies you make me laugh and most of all inspire me to be better each and everyday. Thank you so much ! Ok, sorry not a short note :)

    • This is awesome! Happy Birthday! My 30th is coming up soon too, and I anticipate feeling the same way. I am so glad to be getting older, truly, because it keeps getting better. Not easier, necessarily, but better.

    • Congratulations. Two years ago, I turned thirty, and also felt a sense of relief. I felt like, “At last. What took me so long to turn thirty?”

    • Happy birthday Anon!
      I found my 30’s were when I really came into myself and found a lot of confidence by realizing that I really did know a lot (professionally speaking) and that I was just fine the way I was. Men (even beyond my husband!) found this confidence sexy, and things have only gone up from there. You sound like a smart woman, and your reading and learning from all of these amazing ladies on this blog (as I still do @ 50) proves it to be the case!

      Hope you have some fun plans for the rest of your day!! Enjoy!

    • Hey, I felt that way at 40 too (specifically, I thought I had earned the right to tell people to f**k off), so it’s not all downhill from here!

      Happy birthday!

      • Anonymous :

        That’s EXACTLY how I feel approaching the big day.
        Related: F5CK off, WordPress, I am not posting too quickly.
        I remember someone telling me that no man wants you when you’re 40 — which (bragging) clearly is utter crap.

      • spacegeek :

        Me too (at 40)! Finally don’t have to apologize for being a strong woman–this is Who I Am. Love it or leave it! Good things ahead and happy birthday!!

    • Happy Birthday! I actually can’t wait to turn 30, I’m sure that I’m going to feel so relieved.

    • karenpadi :

      Yes, it does feel really good to hit 30. For me, I was finally in a job I could see myself staying at and was looking for a house to buy. After moving apartments every year in my 20s, and changing jobs/schools almost as often, it feels good to know that everything (finally) came together!

      Happy Birthday!

    • Happy Birthday!!!
      One of the professors at my school told us during convocation about the women in the play “Uncommon Women” (based on my school and yes I am basically a child compared to some of you :)) who constantly said “If I make it to 30 I’m going to be pretty f-ing awesome”
      I think it sounds like you’re well on your way as is everyone else on this thread!!

      Have a fabulous night for yourself!

    • econ prof :

      Cupcakes for everyone, and 2 for you and Bunkster!!

    • Happy birthday! I’m 31, and so far, I am LOVING my thirties. I feel more grounded and centered, and am finally learning to let go of what really doesn’t matter.

      Also, since this is a fashion blog, I’ll also say that I have found my thirties to be so freeing, clothing-wise. Young, super-trendy styles were never my thing, so I ended up in boring t-shirts and jeans a lot. Now, I have the maturity to pull off the looks I was drawn to all along.

  7. Law Student 2L :

    Re-posting this even though I already got some great suggestions yesterday:

    Curious, how many of you are in Denver? I’m going to Denver next weekend (14th-18th) alone, and I would love some good recommendations of things to do while I’m there. Also, are there any unsafe areas? I’ve traveled plenty, but this will be my first time staying in a hotel for a few days alone…nervous!

    • Please take this as basic and probably unimaginative advice from someone who has spent all of 48 hours in Denver. I really enjoyed walking around Cherry Creek (the homes and the commercial district) and down through/past the highland park area, if that is what it’s called. Denver also has the largest REI store in the country, I believe, if you’re into that. All super safe and pleasant. If you’ve got a car I would also recommend driving to Boulder for a day. Great town.

    • I live in Colorado. I don’t know Denver super well, but I would recommend renting a car and getting up into the mountains. You will only have to drive an hour and a half or so to see some seriously amazing views. If you enjoy hiking I would suggest the Brainard Lake area just West of Boulder. It’s gorgeous and has a ton of trails to a variety of alpine lakes. Boulder would be a fun stop for brunch and shopping along Pearl Street.

      You could also drive up I-70 and do a day trip up in Summit County or even up to Vail. Most mountain towns will have great deals on restaurants at this time of year since it’s between seasons. Plus, if you love shopping, there are is an outlet mall in Silverthorn, and you could take a daytrip combo of sight-seeing, eating out, and shopping.

      Good luck and I hope you have a blast! The local magazine 5280 has a ton of great ideas too. You might want to check out their website for more Denver stuff.

    • Ms. Basil E. Frankweiler :

      I’m in Denver, if you have time (and a car) I suggest checking out Cherry Creek Mall. There is an actual mall and then a mini outdoor mall on the north side of 1st.

      City Park at Colfax and 17th is awesome for hanging out in, plus the Museum of Nature and Science, an IMAX, and the Zoo are all in that area. If you want to venture downtown 16th Street Mall is a good walk (or they have free Mall Rides that run all the time and stop at every intersection). If you’re into walking around in historic areas, LoDo (the lower part of downtown is very nice).

      Also, the library at 14th and Broadway is gorgeous (if you’re into that sort of thing) and the Art Museum and History Museum are in the same general vicinity.

      If you’re looking for a good place to have breakfast (or lunch) I strongly suggest Waffle Brothers (www (dot) wafflebrothers (dot) com. If you go, you MUST try the original waffle. They use special Belgian sugar nibs on the waffle maker so some create a “crust” on the waffle and some melt in for crunchy goodness.

      If you’re into the arts, the Colorado Ballet Company is going to be doing Swan Lake while you’re here. Other places that have good shopping are Stapleton, 29th Street (29th and Quebec), Northfield, and the Outlets at Castle Rock (20-30 minute drive on I-25 S). Sorry for the brain dump, just kept remembering great things to do.

      If you have more specific questions, you can email me at cbwpa_cliff_effect (at)

    • another anon :

      The mint is pretty interested if you’ve never been before. But you have to call your Senator or Congressperson to get tickets (they do a background check). I haven’t been for a while, but I *think* that last time I went it took less than a week to get the tickets.

      I would also hit the Tattered Cover (on Colfax) if you’re into books. It’s a great store that has been around in Denver for ages (though it’s location on Colfax is relatively recent). Personally, I would skip the actual Cherry Creek mall (it’s not that different from malls elsewhere, IMO), but there are some unique shops and restaurants in the Cherry Creek shopping area that is just north of the mall.

      If you have time, I second the suggestions to head up to the mountains. Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park is not far at all, and you can often see amazing wildlife without even leaving your car.

  8. I keep going back and forth on this coat. Honestly, I think it’s just too much to pay for a trend. And I think there would be many, many times I would put on a different coat because the sleeves would be too annoying if I want to wear my own gloves that would actually be effective at keeping my hands warm. Plus I don’t like the length. I like mid-thigh and longer, or hip length, but nothing in between. I’m picky about coats, I guess, but I figure they should last 5-10 years, so it’s ok.

    • The hemline is cropped, the sleeves are cropped and the buttons are set high. It looks like she’s wearing a child’s coat. It wouldn’t really work for a day to day coat, but more of a novelty.

    • I LOVE the coat but agree, it’s just too much to pay for the trend. I would definitely get it if it was in the $100-130 range (but that’s also my budget). I need a new late fall coat, and my hands are so dry, I really adore the fingerless glove idea, but it seems long sleeves would bunch in the coat. I don’t know. Doesn’t matter, can’t afford it.

      Another note – anyone considering the Kindle Fire?

      • The coat is lovely, but too expensive for something that probably won’t keep you warm past late October (in NY, anyway). I like the design though and if it was warmer/thicker/lined, the price wouldn’t deter me …

        Kindle Fire. Considering it, but nixing it because i need something with 3G capability. I’d be using it during my commute, when wi-fi is not an option. Fantastic product though, and a brilliant move from Amazon .. (with all respect to the iPad and its dearly departed creator)

      • Yes, I really want a Kindle Fire for sitting around the house and goofing off. Probably will get a KF and an iPad at some point in the next 6 months, for different applications.

      • I ordered one for my mom for Christmas. She really wanted an iPad, but couldn’t justify it. She’d mess around with it periodically, so the price just seemed ridiculous for how little she’d actually use it. I’m personally really excited about the idea of it, because for obvious reasons, the iPad is also appealing to me and I am a HUGE fan of the Kindle. I figure I’ll mess around with hers (someone has to set it up anyway — perk? downside? of being an engineer, you’re expected to take care of all technical gifts/purchases), and then see if I want one of my own.

      • So excited about the Kindle Fire, but I’m going to hold off until they come out with a 3G version. I’ve never been dissatisfied with Amazon’s products or services and absolutely love my current Kindle, but now that I’ve been spoiled with 3G Kindle service, I know I’d need it on a Kindle Fire.

        • MissJackson :

          That’s how I feel. I was pretty much ready to buy until I realized that there’s no 3G. I’m hoping that’s up next.

      • Alanna of Trebond :

        I’m also going to buy one for my mom. I have a third generation Kindle with 3G, and I LOVE it, but I feel like she’ll like the fact that you can watch movies and do whatnot on it. It costs about as much as an iPod touch, so pretty reasonable.

  9. That coat is gorgeous.

    Here is my threadjack: I’m a recent JD/Master’s grad, just passed the bar and got sworn in, looking for work. Yesterday I had a meeting with one of my old law professors about who he knows in town that does this very particular type of law that I’m interested in. He gave me the names of some people/firms he knew to try to contact, which was pretty helpful. This morning he called me to tell me of an attorney he knows at a firm that is looking for an associate in that exact practice area, and he gave me the firm info and the guy’s phone number. So, and pardon me if this is a really dumb question, but is it appropriate to just call this guy, or should I type up a letter/email to send over, or some combination of both?

    Also, this is going on in the background: the day after I set up this meeting with my law professor, the new manager of the department at the company I worked at before law school called me to set up a lunch meeting…they’re spending more money than they want to on lawyers right now, and they’re interested in finding a place for me. I thought the meeting went pretty well, and I would be totally thrilled to go back to work there. So my other question is how to keep the job search going while there’s something with strong potential in the background. Is it rude to contact people and be like “I’m totally interested in your practice group!” and then a week later say “Oh yeah, I just took job somewhere else”?


    • AnonInfinity :

      For the contacts from your professor, I would email and send a letter (noting in the email that I’m also sending a letter with my resume enclosed). I don’t think a call would hurt you, I just feel more comfortable through email, so that’s what I would do.

      For your other question — Keep looking. Surely employers expect that you are looking all over the place for a job, especially in this market. It’s not rude to apply for a job and later withdraw your application at all. As for how to conduct the search, just keep on doing what you’re doing. I wouldn’t cut back on my efforts at all for a position that has not even really been created yet.

    • I’m not in law, but my opinion is that everyone knows how bad the economy is, how hard the job search is, etc. No one is going to blackball you because you got a job elsewhere. If anything, they’ll be relieved at your good fortune, because they may or may not have room for well qualified candidates.

    • Job searching is all about options so don’t feel bad for looking at multiple opportunities – that’s what you’re supposed to do. Don’t you think those companies are considering multiple candidates? (And for you single ladies out there, remember that men do the same thing .. but I’m digressing)

      Polish up that resume, attach it to a nicely written email and send it to contact # 1 from the Professor. Mention the Prof’s name and ask if/when he’d be willing to speak with you, or if he can refer you to the appropriate hiring manager. The point is that you’re qualified and interested.

      At the same time, write a thank you note to the former manager, attach your latest CV and .. same thing. Qualified and interested.

      Be polite and respectful to everyone, and be thankful that you’ve got options. Until you’ve got offers, you have no business turning any good opportunity down.

    • karenpadi :

      I would email the prof’s contact and attach a resume. Use the body of the email as a cover letter. Be sure to mention that you were referred by Prof X. In fact, I’d make my subject line something like, “Referral from Prof. X for Associate Position.”

      No one will blame you for taking a job with someone else, especially if they needed time to make things happen. In the doldrums of the recession, I interviewed with two firms based on a referral by a single contact. During the interview, I did let them know that I was also interviewing at the other firm. The first firm needed some extra time and I ended up taking the other firm’s offer. Now I work at the other firm and communicate frequently with the partner at the first firm. I haven’t noticed that there is any hard feelings.

      Kind of off-topic, but if you are interviewing at a number of places, be honest about where and who you are interviewing with. When I interview, I ask about who they are also interviewing with to get an idea of which firms we are competing with in terms of recruitment. If I know anything firsthand about the other firms, I pass that information on. I can also compare my firm to the other firm by saying something like, “You know, their billing goal is 200 more hours than ours. So you’ll be making more money but you won’t have as much free time.”

      I have done “team interviews” with a colleague who knows most, if not all, of the firms in the area and he actually provides some good input about questions to ask at other firms.

  10. Just moved here, need the inside scoop. Does anyone have recommendations for the following things in DC:

    – maid/maid service
    – laser hair removal place
    – anything else that’s awesome/helpful


    • i got a groupon for ruff plastic surgery for laser so i’ve been going there, and i really like it! no idea how competitive the prices are without the groupon, thought.

    • In the District in DC or ‘burbs (re: maid service)? No laser removal recommendations, sorry. I actually need a dermatologist that does multiple things so I’ll be watching to see if you get any recs on this.

      Other stuff: Dupont Circle FreshFarm Market is awesome (so I hear). Sweetgreen is awesome for salads (and apparently the yogurt is good, I haven’t had it). What else?

      • DC — Dupont/Kalorama area. I’ll check that stuff out. Thanks!

        • Lots of great stuff in Dupont – you will have no shortage of restaurants to try out and there is pretty good shopping in Dupont and just south (AT, Filenes, Brooks Bros., even a nice Benetton! plus some smaller shops). Logan Circle/14th St. is close and pretty busy and busting with stuff to do right now, all the way up to U St. Both “new” (up and comer-type) areas. There is a Whole Foods on P between 14th and 15th plus that particular block has a Lululemon, Sweetgreen, Starbucks, yoga studio, liquor store and a couple local restaurants! Dupont is a great central location.

    • There is a DC Corporette meet up soon too! Oct 18.

    • Welcome to the neighborhood! Not for laser hair removal, but for waxing and nail care, I’m a huge fan of R&R Nails at Connecticut and R. It’s a step above the similar places in the area. My usual nail tech is Thao but everyone who’s worked on me there was great. I would advise you to avoid Mimosa nail salon on Connecticut; it’s not every clean and they pack clients in there like sardines.

      What other things would you like recs on? I’ve lived in the neighborhood for several years and I love it.

      • Oh, the Washington Sports Club at Connecticut and T is really, really nice, if that’s close to you. I love it. And I practice yoga at Yoga District, which is a nonprofit and has a studio right on Connecticut. Stroga on Adams Mill Road is a pretty nice yoga studio, too. Mint gym at 18th and California has good spa services, including massage and facials, and you don’t have to be a gym member.

        • Thanks! Very helpful. I can’t think of more at the moment but I’ll ask if I do!

  11. Just wanted to say the napping poll and article linked to from a few years ago was awesome. I am a regular office napper and now feel totally justified!

  12. Hi – another threadjack, anyone have a dentist in SF they like who in addition to cleaning & the like does teeth whitening/some cosmetic work?

    • SF Bay Associate :

      In case this gets put in the wrong spot: re: SF dentist. I, my parents, my sibling, my aunt, my cousins, and now 3 of my friends all go to Dr. Cindy Kami on California Ave next to Laurel Village. Been going 10+ years now. I don’t know if she does cosmetic work, but she will give you a very trustworthy referral if she doesn’t. Highly recommended.

      • THanks for the rec SF Bay! I lurk on this board & love your comments. Thanks to MJ too – I’ll check both those out.

  13. Sutter Dental. Gary A.

  14. Marie-Christine :

    “fuss of wearing long gloves”!! Are you mad? So much pleasure in a mitten collection (easy fast knitting, shots of great color) and matching it to our mood.. I say fingerless mittens because gloves are too constrictive and real fuss, while mittens are appropriate for a much wider range of temperatures and activities. Check them out.

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