Coffee Break – Fierce Pump

rsvp – Fierce (Dark Purple Eel Skin)Love these dark purple eel skin pumps from RSVP. Like the slight point to the toes, as well as the high heel (3.75 inches), and the price. Note that for some reason several customer reviews mention a bad odor with the shoes — so be sure to air them out (I would also imagine it would go away after you spray them with waterproofing). They’re $79 at Zappos (also available in black, black snake, bronze textured, dark brown eel, natural snake, and pewter textured). rsvp – Fierce (Dark Purple Eel Skin)


(If you’re looking for a more basic pump, have you checked out our Guide to Comfortable Heels?)


  1. Yogi_Lawyer :

    SLIGHT point to the toes?? More like a crazy witch shoe point. I don’t care what Stacy London says, pointy shoes are the worst. I’ll pass on this one.

    • I was just about to write the exact same thing! TOO pointy, a real witches shoe.

      • Alias Terry :

        Make it a trifecta.

        No way, no how.

        • I’m just wondering what a real pointy toe is if this is considered “slight.” I can’t remember seeing any toe pointier than this.

      • Especially in *my* size… I’m 5’10” and let’s just say: Feet Proportionate To Height.

  2. Anonymous Lawyer :

    What’s the deal with pointy toed shoes? Are they back? I’m seeing rounded and almond shaped toes in stores except for kitten heels, which are pointy. Hoping pointy shoes are not back. They’re SO uncomfortable!

    • I keep seeing pointy toe flats on the street again. Makes my toes hurt just contemplating it.

    • Anonymous :

      that’s weird that you think they are uncomfortable. I have lots of point toe shoes and none are uncomfortable. Plus, they make your legs look long and skinny!

      • I think it just depends on your feet. I have a wide toebox and narrow heel, pointy toes are torture for me.

        • Anonymous Lawyer :

          Yes, my toe box is on the wider side (though I don’t have wide feet), so pointy toed shoes squeeze my toes so that they hurt. I can never really break them in. Plus, they make my feet look extra big. I’m already an 8.5 shoe. I really don’t want my feet to look any bigger! As an additional annoyance, the extra toe area also gets scuffed on escalators because I have a hard time judging where to stand so that I don’t damage my shoe.

        • Alias Terry :

          Second this. Pointy toed shoes KILL my toes and make my feet, not my legs look that many inches longer. So not only do they hurt, they are ugly on me, too.

      • Agreed. I am not a fan of the “witch” pointy, but regular pointy or almond is quite comfy (assuming the shoe is itself comfy) and makes your legs/feet look way better than rounded, esp. with skirts/dresses.

        Also, I can’t help but feel like a child or Minnie Mouse when wearing rounded toe flats (and even some rounded toe heels), whereas a pointy-ish flat still feels formal and dressed up.

        • I completely agree on both the pointy and the round! FWIW, I don’t find the pointy toes uncomfortable; I just think that they look silly (at least on me). I like round toes with jeans and casual clothing, but I feel like a kindergardener when I try to wear them professionally.

        • Almond toes are the best – sophisticated, mature, classic. While I’ve stocked up over the years, you’d think that this style would be more ubiquitous than it is.

          • Agreed! They’re my favorite style and I always try to snap them up when I see them.

      • I think it definitely depends on your feet – and your toes. If you’ve got crazy long toes (like me), they tend to get scrunched. And when you already have boats for feet (like my size 11), I’m not really looking for the extra length in the foot area. I already have a hard enough time not tripping over my own feet, nevermind the 2 inches of shoe hanging off my toes! :)

    • I stuff the toes on my point toe shoes with wool. My problem wasn’t that the pinch normally, but if they slid on my foot even in the slightest, then they would squish the toes too much. The wool prevents the sliding and makes them much more comfortable.

      • What kind of wool do you use for this and where do you get it?

        • Something like this (found via google):

          You can get it on Amazon.

        • I just get it at the local cvs/duane reade/insert your pharmacy of choice. It’s with the gel inserts and what not. It just says lambs wool. Alternatively,a dance supply store would have it, I assume, since point dancers use it.

    • Almond shaped toes are so much more comfortable.

      • If pointed toe shoes are killing your toes, that means they’re too small. The last is built the same for pointed or rounded toe shoes so the width in the toe box is the same. Pointy toed shoes just have an extended toe, which your actual toes are not supposed to go into.

        • I’ll let gravity know that, then. My feet slide down into the point no matter if the shoes are too small, too big, or fit just fine.

          • Seriously. I can’t figure out how you would prevent them from sliding, short of stuffing something in the toe box! mamabear, let us know your trick.

  3. Makeup Junkie :

    I have a pair of RSVP heels with a swirly black, purple, and green pattern. They are fierce all right, but they hurt like a b!tch.

    • Pictures please! I’m so intrigued!

      • Makeup Junkie :

        I just looked for them on and and they’re not there, probably because I’ve had them for a while. But I just realized that Fierce is the shoe model, not a description of the style. Oops!

    • Agreed, rsvp shoes hurt my feet too.

  4. I love these, but can’t do a 3.75 inch heel!

  5. Shoe Help :


    What color shoes do I wear with a light sand/off white colored suit? Black looks to harsh (unless I go with open toe sandles, which I can get away with at the office); nude makes the shoes or suit look dirty. I’m really bad with shoes and this suit is not helping matter–although I do love the suit.


    • I would go with something fun like yellow or red if you can get away with it. If not brown is usually a safe color.

    • Anonymous Lawyer :

      I agree – I’d go for brown or a fun color.

      • Anonymous :

        This also sounds like a perfect opportunity for a textured (think snakeskin/ostrich/fabric) or patterned shoe (with brown or tan/off-white in it), since the suit is somewhat sedate (though probably quite elegant).

        • If you have a local Aerosoles outlet, I just found an awesome pair there that would go perfectly with that suit (I actually bought them to go with a very similar suit that I have). They’re brown suede wedges, but the wedge part of the heel is snakeskin. From a distance it looks like wood-grain, so they don’t “read” as wild, but up close you can see the real pattern and texture. I call them my mullet shoes – business in the front, party in the back!

      • Alias Terry :

        Bronze might be nice. Something subtle, not too shiny or glintzy.
        Navy or a muted blue may be cool if the brighter colors don’t appeal and the underlying tone is cooler or grayish.
        What about a camel or tan if the sand is a warmer shade (yellowish).

    • How about a shoe like this? It’s neutral but the texture adds some interest.

    • Do you have bone/pearl colored shoes? I have a pair from Brooks Brothers and find they go well with colors like that. What about light brown? I also think shoes in any pastel color would look nice (like light yellow, light blue). Vince Camuto has a few pairs of basic pumps in really light, pastel shades and I think they would go well with your suit.

    • Red or Green

    • Olive! Which is actually a fairly versatile color for a shoe.

    • Grey shoes!

  6. Frustrated :

    I placed a $400.oo order on Ann Taylor yesterday. It has not been shipped. I called to cancel the order and they refused to do so! They said my card will be charged and that there is nothing to do.

    • evil

    • Your order is probably somewhere already being filled in a warehouse. It may not be possible for them to track it down at this point.

      • Frustrated :

        I cannot afford it and at 12:30 am, had a lapse in judgment.

        • Its frustrating but just return it when you get it, if you do it in store it usually goes back on very quickly, so it should be off your card in under a month

    • found a peanut :

      you can just return it when you get it?

  7. Too Much To Ask? :

    Does anyone know of a fashion/lifestyle blog for petite but not thin women?

    • Try asking again in the morning, when more Corporettes are at work. I think a lot of us have gone home by now (it’s almost 5 PM on the West Coast as I type this.)

      I like although as you’ll see, she’s pretty thin. Seems like a good starting point, though. (I’m petite only from the waist up and definitely not thin.)

      • Anonymous :

        I like her too. She stresses the importance of having clothes that fit perfectly.

        • Ohhh, I adore her! She’s so pretty and funny, personality-wise.

          However, I can’t afford the clothes she buys other than Target and H&M. Also, I tend to avoid alterations like the plague and she doesn’t shy away from them.

          • Anonymous :

            She seems to “thrift” and buy used, and save like crazy for the big purchases.

    • Makeup Junkie :

    • alterationsneeded on blogspot

  8. I don't get Danskos :

    Everyone’s always talking about how comfortable they are. I bought a pair of wedge sandals to wear for my commute — wanted something comfy and with enough of a heel that my tailored-for-pumps pants won’t be dragging on the ground. I’ve worn them two days now, and I have to say that I don’t find the soles comfortable at all. They’re from Nordstroms, so I’m thinking about returning them now. Should I be giving them more of a chance?

    • What is your issue with them? If the arch just doesn’t work for your foot that’s probably not going to change. But when I first got a pair, I found the soles weird because they were a different weight than I was used to and that took me a while to get used to. Once I adjusted, they were great.

    • I love my Danskos. I have two pairs of clogs and one pair of boots. I have never tried the sandals, so I am not sure how useful the rest of my comment will be.
      Danskos are super-popular among doctors, teachers, and chefs because if you have the right kind of foot for these shoes, you can stand in them comfortably all day long. However, in my experience, walking long distances, especially in the clogs, can get very uncomfortable. The shoes are heavy and the sole is completely inflexible. I find it that it takes a while to break in the shoes and learn how to walk in them.

      • They are designed primarily for standing, not walking, you’re right – but I’ve walked 7 miles in my clogs and felt fine.

    • I love the clog styles (the classic stapled clog and the newer Sausalito, which is lighter weight than the classic wooden sole). They’re super supportive for people with arch problems and they have roomy toeboxes and don’t rub on the heel. Sounds like you got one of their trendier styles, not the clogs. At any rate – it took me about a week with my first pair of Danskos to get used to the support that the sole provided. It actually hurt b/c my foot wasn’t used to being so supported! I’d give it a week, and then take them back if you still hate them.

    • AnonInfinity :

      My husband is in a profession that requires a lot of standing and walking, and people rave about them. He got some and hated them. So, you are not alone, OP.

    • I have foot issues, sadly, and Danskos do nothing to help me. I twist my ankles in them. The soles are not flexible so they just kind of pound along when walking. And they’re heavy.

      Although as a former shoe snob it pains me to say this, check out Aerosoles for wedge sandal alternatives. They’re more flexible and lightweight.

      • Co-signed, for everything you said. The shape and size of Dansko soles are murder for anyone with ankle instability, and there’s really not much support if you have high arches. I haven’t had a pair for about 10 years, but now they’re even worse because they’re manufactured in China.

        Aeorosoles has some great stuff. It used to pain me to say it, but I’ve been converted.

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