Coffee Break: Sidekick Shoulder Bag

The Row Sidekick Shoulder Bag | CorporetteThe Row kills it again with this gorgeous yellow suede shoulder bag. Love the goldtone hardware (so chic with yellow!) and all of the pockets. Gorrrrgeous. It’s $2,700 at Barney’s New York. The Row Sidekick Shoulder Bag

A few lower-priced options are here, here, and here.



  1. Day trip ideas :

    Looking for budget friendly ideas for things to do on a day trip to Portland, Maine and Block Island, RI. The group is mainly grad students. We would not be going to these places on the same day.

    Portland, Maine: I have driven through Maine once but never really visited a specific place. I’m thinking Portland because it’s about a 3 hour drive from where I live. Right now all I can come up with is lighthouses.

    Block Island, RI: Heard some great things but never been there. I know the beach is supposed to be great, other ideas?

    • Yay! This is realy a Great Shoulder Bag, Kat, but for $2700, it is well beyond my price range. And I am NOT in love with Yellow Suade, b/c it can get ratty when it get’s wet. But there are peeople here who are partner’s at big firm’s that can aford it, just not me! FOOEY!

      As for the OP, I have been to both Portland Maine and Block Island, Rhode Island. Portland has alot of seafood places so you can eat pretty much what you want — subject of course to your Tuchus expanding beyond belief from the Fried Calamari. As for Block Island, it is good for food, but you can also bicycle all day and lay around in the sand dune’s. I ate so much there that I had to sleep all the way back on the ferry ride back to the Mainland. FOOEY! I was suposed to be whale watching, but Dad said it was OK, b/c he kept lookeing at me and my tuchus. That he said was the same thing. FOOEY on Dad b/c he knows I am sensitive to my wieght.

    • Walk around the Old Port. Great shopping and eating.

    • Lots of Portland, Maine food and brewery, etc., ideas here:

    • I think this got eaten up in moderation because of the link, but look at Adventurous Kate’s post about Portland, Maine.

      • Food for days. Grab a lobster roll from the Bite into Maine truck at Fort Williams Park with requisite lighthouse. If you like beer, the Allagash tour is pretty great. Hop on the mailboat and see the islands if you have a couple of hours. Otherwise wander around the Old Port and eat all of the things.

      • Anonymous :

        Also consider the lobster shack at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth.

    • For Portland Maine, you should take a look at the portland food map, which is an amazing website that displays food & beverage options.
      If you’re interested in beer, there are m
      any good breweries to check out: Rising Tide, Bunker Brewing, Shipyard and the Urban Farm Fermentory are all near the East End (walking distance from the Old Port).

      Have a beer made by the Bissel Brothers while you’re there. Everything I have had from them has been fantastic, but I don’t think its distributed outside of Maine.

      You can also take the ferry out into Casco Bay (either to visit Peaks or another island, or just to get out on the water).

      Such good food and drink in Portland, whatever you budget. Enjoy the trip!

  2. Anonymous :

    Portland has a few breweries, I think. You could do a tour of Allagash.

  3. Anon for this :

    Total threadjack, has anyone here purchased one of the Clearblue Fertility Monitors? If so, was it worth it? I have been using the Clearblue Digital Ovulation tests and never get a result indicating that I am ovulating. Looking for any and all suggestions/advice/.

    • I used a friend’s for a while (after resetting it). I have very long cycles (45 days or so) and it had a hard time detecting ovulation.

    • Anonymous :

      I used this for both pregnancies, and it accurately predicted ovulation for me. My cycles were long-ish (just coming off of the pill), but it still managed to predict accurately after the first month of testing.

    • Josie Pye :

      A friend gave me her Clearblue monitor, but I prefer the cheapo Wondfo strips from Amazon. I like seeing the lines myself on the Wondfo strips (for example, on the day my LH surge is the strongest, the test line turns pink before the control line does), rather than relying on the machine to read them for me.

    • I did, with success. I found it really liberating to not have to deal with temping and OPKs, and I liked that you get a 3-4 day warning window, which is especially helpful if you have irregular cycles.

    • Yep, used it with both pregnancies with success. Loaned it to my cousin who also used it to get pregnant.

    • FYI – The monitor does not work if you have PCOS. It’s also shoddy if you have longer than average or irregular cycles.

      I also second the Wondfos! They are cheap (but work great) so you don’t feel bad for using two a day!

  4. The discussion about whether lace is appropriate for work made me second-guess some of my skirts. Is something like this pencil skirt work appropriate?

    • I think it is more appropriate in the cobalt, but I would wear that skirt to my business casual office. It’s pretty!

    • PM in Toronto :

      Pattern doesn’t feel “lace” as much as “modern flower” and in cobalt I am tempted to get one too! Great skirt.

    • Anonymous :

      Totally appropriate and gorgeous. I think lace is inappropriate if it in anyway resembles lingerie. Nothing about this resembles lingerie.

    • I want that skirt. Love it.

    • I’m one of those who said all-over lace is never appropriate. That skirt is beautiful and could be styled for business casual.

  5. PM in Toronto :

    Shop with me! :-)

    So, I’ve made a pretty big career move into the type of consulting I’ve been wanting to do for a while: business travel & facetime with clients every other week and a casual base office. I want to give myself a bag-present.

    Requirements: I commute around 30 minutes on subway each day, and usually have gym outfit, my laptop (13″ mac air), and sometimes a small lunch & a coffee mug. Right now all of that fits into one of the 3 leather totes I have, but I really have been wanting to congratulate myself with the job update to a more structured bag that can fit all of those things, and look good when I travel.
    (Current pick of the crop is a Mansur Gavriel inspired black/interior red tote which I love)

    Budget is around $200-400 USD (ideally $300).

    I’m thinking something like a Tumi bag, but was wondering what are your recommendations?

    Bag must be carryable (through airports / subway), fit a 13″ laptop, and optionally lunch/sneakers [softer of a requirement]. Structured, rolled handles, double zippers, not fussed if it’s leather or not, but want nice hardware.

    • Anonymous :

      Have you met us? Lo and Sons obvi.

      • PM in Toronto :

        Haha. Man, the OG *does* seem to fit the bill but I am just not a fan of the nylon & flat handles combination. Maybe I need to take a look at it in person. And the flat handles WOULD make it less painful to carry.
        Ugh, it just seems so *practical* and I guess I wanted something slightly more “business” flashy. :-)

    • MZ Wallace – maybe the Kate?

    • Anonymous :

      Lo & Songs, Dagne Dover ( I think they are 20% off on the Spring app right now), MZ Wallace, and I think Tumi and Victorinox have some nice-looking totes.

      • Anonymous :

        Sons. And I’m not sure why my name will not stick!

      • PM in Toronto :

        LOVE Dagne Dover and never heard of them. Thank you! Looks like the type of structure I was looking for..

        • Looks like neither Dagne Dover nor Lo and Sons ship to Canada. I am in the same boat as you – same commute, same subway system, and have been looking for a tote that ticks the same boxes. I am getting pretty frustrated by the lack of options for Canadian buyers.

          • I got an Amazing tote from Danier. Leather, rolled handles, huge, a few interior pockets, and a snap closure. Plus its Canadian

          • Here are three great options, though I’d recommend going into one of their jumbo outlet stores for the best selection.

    • LL Bean Field & Town Tote

    • West Coast :

      I cannot recommend TUMI tote highly enough. I’m in management consulting, and I love mine… As does everyone else I met who has one.

      It’s perfect for travel and looks extremely professional.

      • PM in Toronto :

        Any specific line recommendations? Outside of DD rec above, I find the other nylon type bags slightly too slouchy looking (not a fan of the gathered-nylon-pocket look, despite it’s obvious usefulness).

        When I travel it’s not like I take gym clothes into my laptop bag and that’s more primary than fitting in gym stuff.

        • West Coast :

          A couple links to follow…

        • West Coast :

          • I have this and I just love it. I got it ridiculously on sale somehow in an actual Tumi store. I get compliments on it all the time and it’s held up really nicely under abuse. Highly recommend. It even has a cute little cell phone slot so it doesn’t get lost in the rest of the bag.

        • West Coast :

        • West Coast :

    • Need to Improve :

      I have an OG and an MZ Wallace Kate. I much prefer the Kate. The OG is overpriced and looks a lot lower quality than you would expect.

      • anon a mouse :

        I also have both and much prefer the Kate, though I’m also considering adding the MZW Belle to my collection.

        The OG has tons of room, but very little interior organization. I’m constantly fishing for my sunglasses case or wallet or lipstick. I love the way the MZW bags have lots of little exterior pockets that keep everything at my fingertips. They have really spoiled me.

    • I just bought the Honest company Everything Tote diaper bag for my new travel/work bag. Not a mom but happened upon the link somewhere and I’m loving it so far. Vegan leather, tons of pockets, room for a laptop and everything I need to lug.


      I’ve been drooling over this! seems to fit the bill. I’ve found a few photos of bloggers carrying it, and the 9″ handle drop fits on the shoulder with room to spare. The interior zip pocket is rather large as well. I was considering a Mansur tote too, but the open top makes me wary.

  6. First, Barneys notes that only a few are left. So, official confirmation that the recession is over. Yay!

    Second, I am wearing light-colored suede shoes today and they are lovely, but so hard to keep looking that way. If feel like even with pre-treating with some sort of suede defense spray (which I would be scared to do on a bag this expensive), they are one spilled glass of red wine / scary public restroom / enthusiastic toddler away from the donate pile.

    Still impressed with how the Olsen twins have had a second life (and are making Ivanka Trump look like a career underachiever).

  7. Wedding gap :

    I missed the wedding comments yesterday, but I thought you all might like an update on my post from a few weeks ago. I attended a black tie wedding with a 5-6 hour gap between the ceremony and reception and was wondering if I should wear something different for the ceremony.

    I was originally going to wear a sequined gown to the reception, but I ended up going with a more comfortable gown once I learned that the reception didn’t end until after midnight. I wore a knee-length church dress to the ceremony. A lot of the guests dressed for the daytime ceremony and wore the same thing to the reception. So they were nowhere close to black tie for the reception, but I still felt fabulous in my not-sequined gown.

    I had a lot of comments last time about the gap. My BF and I had a great time. The ceremony was only a couple of miles away from the reception site, so we just took a cab there and figured we’d walk back. When we were looking for a spot to grab lunch, we happened upon a great bar area that led us most of the way back to the reception site. So we basically just bar hopped for about 4 hours (excluding lunch). We were… not sober for the reception. But we made it til midnight! And danced the whole time! And definitely took advantage of the late night snacks. Brides: if you’re going to have a many-hour gap during which your guests will be forced – FORCED! – to day drink, having late night snacks is a super fantastic idea.

    • Shopaholic :

      I’m going to a wedding with a big gap in between the ceremony and reception in a few weeks. I think your day drinking plan sounds way more fun than what I have planned – getting my hair blown out, going home, changing. Maybe I’ll consider daydrinking instead…

      • At a wedding where there was a 7 hour gap, my friends and I went to Korean BBQ and the korean spa to hang out before the reception.

    • I remember your post, and was one of the posters spreading hate on couples who build a long gap into their wedding day. Glad you made the best of it!

  8. Super personal question. Has anyone had hemerrhoids so bad they bleed? Is there anything to be done besides the home remedies? I’m no longer pregnant, but they keep coming back.

    I love my children. I love my children. I love my children.

    • Wildkitten :

      I have not personally but I know there are things that doctors can do sometimes. You should talk to yours and see if what they can do would be helpful in your situation. You will not look dumb.

    • I had them so bad that I had to have surgery. However, before the surgery my doctor had me drinking ALOT of Metamuccil and water and taking stool softeners to allow the body to heal itself.

    • Need to Improve :

      I had this problem postpartum. I took stool softeners every day and used witch hazel pads tucked into my underwear.

    • Yes. These are the worst! My youngest is 5. I’d say mine have been gone about 3 years now.

    • This is so so so common.

      Try not to strain/bare down. Keep things regular – either with more fiber in your diet, Metamucil or start a little Mirilax every day. Stay well hydrated. And spend as little time on the toilet as necessary.

      There are many ways to treat hemorrhoids that are more aggressive (ie.e. surgical approaches, banding, laser etc…). But I’d start with the conservative things first. As long as the blood loss is not a large amount. Talk with your doctor.

  9. Rosemagilly :

    Looking to purchase mala beads for a friend. Any recommendations? Anything I should be aware of before purchasing? Thank you!

  10. This podcast was passed onto me by a friend learning of some of the issues I was facing at work. It’s about Google’s attempts to overcome its gender issues. One issue they’ve tried to tackle is unconscious bias against women. I found the pod cast fascinating and wanted to pass it on.

  11. sick kitty :

    Has anyone ever been through chronic kidney failure with their cat? I’m looking for words of comfort or wisdom or just stories. Trying to figure out what we’re up against here and what the next steps might look like.

    I discovered my beloved six-year-old cat was peeing blood on Sunday night. I took her to the emergency vet and they discovered that one of her kidneys has suffered some trauma and stopped functioning. They also found a large stone in her bladder and some smaller ones forming in the kidney. She came home with me briefly but when my regular vet got her kidney numbers back a couple days later, they had me bring her in immediately for 3 days of fluids to try to clean out her system and see if this is an acute episode that’s passing or if this is more indicative of chronic kidney failure. We’ll get the numbers back tomorrow and know for sure. Unfortunately, they’ve discovered no infection that would tend to make this more acute. So I suspect that if she can come home with me tomorrow, it’ll be with a diagnosis of stage 4 kidney failure. The vet started talking about daily lifelong subcutaneous fluid.

    I’m overwhelmed, sad, and now broke, too. (I hang with the high earners on here, but I am so not one of them.) I can’t imagine not doing this for her, but I also want to be mindful of quality of life in the long run – hers and mine. Has anyone ever been here before? I’m searching for answers, somewhere, anywhere, until my vet does the labs tomorrow…

    • So sorry you’re and your kitty are going through this.

      It’s been some years, and I don’t remember the details anymore, but we had a cat with renal failure and we kept him alive a good long while administering subcutaneous fluid at home. He was a very relaxed and trusting guy, so it was pretty easy to do this; with some other cats I’ve known and loved who are more wild it would not have worked. I am a bit squeamish and not very dexterous but a vet tech taught me how to do it and it was manageable. (I still remember forgetting to take the IV bag down from the kitchen ceiling when a whole bunch of little kids came over for our son’s birthday party, and a couple of parents looked kind of freaked out.)
      Best of luck with this.

    • Anonymous :

      I just want to say it’s ok if you need to put your sick cat to sleep. It’s hard and sad and awful, but there’s no way my darling would be getting daily subcutaneous fluid. None.

    • Both of my childhood cats had kidney failure (sadly, common in their breed). We tried to treat them for a while, but when it became evident that they weren’t going to recover and their quality of life was suffering, that we would only be prolonging suffering with subcutaneous fluids, the right thing in our case was to put them to sleep. I sincerely hope that won’t be the case for your cat! This was also 15+ years ago, so there may well be veterinary advances now that weren’t available then. Sending you and your furry friend best wishes.

    • My beloved big cat lived to age 18 with daily subq fluids for 2 years. We were not high earners and we did have to take him in for blood work pretty often so we were poorer for a while, but we thought he was worth it. We tracked his numbers and changed food. We did fluids at home – it did take 2 of us, but I think we might have learned to do it alone if need be. He was really good about it. We did have to hire a vet tech to care for him when we needed to both leave town. We were very lucky to find a tech at our vet who was great with our big guy and she actually stayed with him when we were out of town. She treated him just like we did – took naps with him, etc. I don’t know what we would have done without her. He had really good quality of life up until the end. We felt like we’d given it our best shot and did all we could for him.

      That all said, that was many years ago – he died in 2003. My current girl cat has pre-kidney issues and has been having infections here and there. I changed her to kd, which is really different from how is was years ago. They have the tuna stew and chicken stew, which she loves. When she wasn’t feeling well, it was harder to get her to eat. She stopped eating the regular kd with chicken and the Royal Canin LP. I started supplementing with a food that the vet said is “good protein” – Halo Spot’s Stew. She loves that, too. Licks the bowl clean. She is also on Calcitriol every 3 days, which is a tuna-flavored liquid and she doesn’t mind it at all. She doesn’t like to be held to put it in her mouth but once it’s in there, she’s fine. Her numbers are holding steady so I have hope that she’ll be well and won’t need fluids. My vet assures me that treatment is really different now.

      Good luck. Be patient and ask your vet lots of questions. There are some websites about food choices out there. Let me know if you have more questions.

    • I went through something similar with a beloved cat who was so loyal that he would follow into the bathroom in the middle of the night when I was pregnant to make sure I was ok. With him, he had bladder issues. His bladder got so thick that the doctor could not even insert a needle to do test when he started peeing blood. Even though he was a young cat and much beloved, there was no way that I could afford the tens of thousands of dollars of complicated tests, and I knew that he would not tolerate daily treatment of any kind due to his nature. I made the really hard decision to say goodbye. I knew that he would suffer even if there was a way to treat him. I still really miss him, but it was the best decision for him and for our family.

    • Anonymous Cat Lover :

      Our cat had sudden similar issues (We think perhaps she chomped on some flowers she should not have- ferns that were in with roses, but the vet insists that her kidney issues were weird enough that may not be the case). While we went through some costly and traumatic times (to us and to her), she is home with us and doing better. We now “do fluids” a few times a week, and she is pretty used to it (noting that it takes two of us). She is now a much happier kitty and over her traumatized period from having to stay a long time at the vet. Just wanted to provide this story to give you hope. Praying for you and your kitty.

    • You’ll know what’s good for her. You might start off administering the fluid, but figure out that it’s just not working and that she’s suffering. You might administer fluid for the next ten years. You might not be able to continue the daily fluids.

      Whatever it is, you’ll figure it out. Don’t add additional stress by planning for something that you can’t plan for. Listen to your cat and do your best.

    • another anonymous :

      We had a cat with renal failure due to having gotten into some antifreeze as a kitten (before we had him). The first time he was sick, he went to the vet and they did subq fluids and told us he probably had a few weeks to live. We brought him home… and he totally rallied. Two carefree years of zero special treatment later, and it came back hard and fast. He was fine one day, and the next he had lost 1/4 of his body weight and was finding a place to hide and die, so we took him back to the vet to let him go that day. I guess you just never know, but we felt like we had gotten two lucky freebie years to be with him. He didn’t seem to be suffering the first time, and his rally was so … shocking. The second time, it was really obvious that it was over. He just looked so done, it was written all over his face. Hoping for the best for you and your kitty.

    • Coach Laura :

      I did the daily sub-cutaneous fluids with one beloved cat for about two years and so have several of my friends. It’s a pretty low-stress thing. I’m good with giving horses shots, taking temperatures (yes, there), administering oral meds, delivering foals, puppies and kittens etc though so YMMV. (Spouse is way too squeamish for any of that…so it all falls on me.) But cat seemed ok with it although she was always mad at me for about a 1/2 hour afterwards. And I think you’ll know if it’s not working and when you reach the end of the line for that cat.

      Best of luck to you and better health to your cat.

  12. Anonymous :

    Any advice/moral support about making headway with a vet who is plainly giving you wrong information? I’m fairly sure my dog has canine HGE (Warning – if you Google it you will see graphic descriptions of gross symptoms). She has all the symptoms, the classic blood marker (60% packed cell volume) and a positive test for a bacteria that is suspected to be associated with it. I’ve asked our vet about this disease but she keeps insisting that it can’t be caused by a bacteria, so the positive bacteria test means it is not HGE…when the Merck Vet Manual and other reliable sources plainly say otherwise. I know it must be frustrating as a vet or medical profession when every person comes in thinking they know everything thanks to Google, but she’s telling me things that the leading written authority explicitly contradicts! It’s crazy. FWIW, she’s not some small-town hick doctor, she’s a board-certified specialist. Fortunately, they have basically given her the HGE treatment (hospitalization with IV fluids and antibiotics), because that happens to be the treatment for a lot of things but she’s home now and still on the same meds but seems much sicker without the IV fluids so I’m worried she came home too soon & needs to go back (HGE is often fatal if not treated right but dogs usually have a good prognosis if treated aggressively). I want the bloodwork rechecked at least for packed cell volume but the vet is telling me it doesn’t need to be done. Finding a new vet is obviously on the agenda but I need to keep my dog alive long enough to do that.

    • Anon Dog Lover :

      The best thing about veterinary medicine is that there’s no insurance involved. All treatment decisions are between you and the vet. If she’s making decisions you don’t agree with, you have every right to question that. I would print off the information you found and present it to her (politely!) and ask her to explain why she believes it to be incorrect. If she doesn’t have a valid argument but still hesitates to change course, ask her what harm could possibly come from continuing the IVs and doing the bloodwork. It’s not invasive, she’s getting paid for it, and it will provide you with more information one way or another. The worst thing she could do is refuse, but is sounds like she’s basically discontinued treatment anyway so you really have nothing to lose.

      It sounds like you’re doing everything you can, and I’m sorry your vet isn’t taking you seriously.

    • Wildkitten :

      Go find a new vet right now. Google who is nearby and call them to get an appointment asap. Good luck.

      • anonymous :

        This. We had the most incredible vets treat my dog’s brain tumor, and we eventually had to put him down. It was such an awful experience, but they were very kind to him and us, and explained everything very well at every step. I can’t imagine having vets I thought weren’t doing their job well. Please find a new one right now.

    • This is probably late, but even if you can’t find someone local who’s a specialist, call all of the vets in your area/state that do specialize in this. Ask if you can pay them for a phone consult and have your current vet run whatever tests etc. Get copies. Also, look if there is a veterinary college nearby. That may be a good place to start.

  13. Anonymous :

    Nothing to say in response to the substance of your request, but wanted to tell you that I find the term “small town hick doctor” offensive. Signed, One Big City Attorney.

    • Anonymous :

      Sorry, I did not mean to offend. I am from a small town in the Midwest and people definitely throw phrases like that around, but I understand that it is insensitive. I was just trying to convey that the vet is extremely well-qualified on paper.

      • Long shot, I know, but since you said you’re from the midwest – if you’re in Michigan, I highly recommend Michigan Veterinary Specialists – they have offices in Southfield, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, a few others, too, I think. Both of my dogs have gone there, both got excellent care. I haven’t always loved their billing/payment/reception people, but the actual hands-on care people made me overlook some stupid front-office stuff.

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