Coffee Break: Stringalong Flats

Stuart Weitzman – Stringalong (Coal Degrade Patent) – has one of the perennial reader favorites in today’s sale: Stuart Weitzman.* We’re liking this interesting pair of flats, which have a gradient effect.  They’re available in brown and red as well, and a fairly good number of sizes considering that they’re 50% off.  (Some prices are up to 85% off, but lucky sizes only). If you haven’t shopped before: it’s owned by Zappos, and gives you 30 days to return purchases (but you have to pay return shipping). Not bad for deep discounts on one-day only sale items. Stuart Weitzman – Stringalong (Coal Degrade Patent) – Footwear


* Yes, yes, we know — this is our second featured pair of flats this week! We try not to that, but a) we really like ’em, b) you guys really like SW, and c) we are sick and have been working around the clock on that pesky “real job” anyway. Cough, cough. Excuse us while our head explodes…


  1. well, they are different.. but I’m not really feeling it. good deal though.

  2. On an unrelated note – Is anyone wearing platform pumps to work? I see them in all the stores and catalogs (even talbots, while not selling them, was showing them pictured with the clothing in its most recent catalog), but I work in a mostly male office, so I have no idea if women are wearing these out in the real world. Are these too trendy for work or am I just getting old?

    • I see these in court in NY sometimes, but oddly enough only in matrimonial parts.

      Not sure if that helps. For my own take on it, I think some people can pull it off (esp. easier w/pants), but most people can’t.

    • Delta Sierra :

      Hm, I guess with platforms, if it were me, I’d wait around for another woman in the office/circle of contact to go first, then see how it went over, how I thought it looked within that particular context.

    • Anonymous :

      Platform pumps always make me think of strippers. I realize there are very nice, well tailored ones (that aren’t clear) but I can’t shake the association.

    • anon - chi :

      I wear platform pumps to work, but only the “hidden” variety and only in very sedate colors (black and dark brown). My office is on the dressy side of business casual but I have still gotten compliments on these shoes – I would only wear them with otherwise conservative clothing, though. They are actually a lot more comfortable than traditional pumps (at least, the expensive ones are!) because your foot is at a less steep angle than it would otherwise be and the platform itself is usually pretty cushy.

    • In my office, the secretaries wear them, but the attorneys do not. Too easy to give the “I’m strutting around in these extra high heels” impression.

    • I LOVE platform pumps if they are under about a 3″ heel. It makes them much more comfortable. But I prefer that the leather goes down to the sole, which makes them look less platform-y. But I’d never wear them to court – they’re sit behind the desk day shoes.

  3. I’d love to see more recos for stylish shoes with 2-3″ heels. Seems like everything is either 4″ or flats these days.

  4. The gradient color on these flats is kind of freaking me out – I feel like I can’t focus my eyes.

  5. I find platform pumps (closed toe) to be either old-ladyish or too contemporary (read: casual) for work. I see them a lot here in SF, but that’s because we dress so “California Cas”, not because I think they’re terribly appropriate for a more formal day at work. That said, they are comfy!

  6. divaliscious11 :

    I do, but mostly hidden platforms…

  7. Wow, great site. Thanks for the recommendation. Some serious discounts listed.

    And C, I always wonder how you manage to write for this blog so often and yet work in big law! Great multi-tasking.

  8. Anne Vohl :

    The flats are very dainty and delicate looking, which is not the present trend in shoes. From sandals to boots, footwear has a more solid important look now.

    It is often a bit of an advantage to look tall. Platforms can be helpful, and I think they (if not extreme) are stylish and reasonably conservative.

  9. Hope you feel better soon, C!

  10. LOVE these! They don’t have my size though.

  11. These actually remind me of doll shoes – I think it’s the shininess. Although, I’m sure the leather is far nicer than the plastic/pleather mary janes I’m thinking of.

  12. Well, they definitely look more comfortable than a pair of heels, but also sort of old ladyish.

    • agreed! I think the heel makes them look kind of old-fashioned. If the heel was totally flat, they’d be much cuter.

  13. I have to threadjack to follow up on a post from last month, when C featured the bamboo jacket from Soma. I had never heard of them before, but they had some great sales so I tried it out. I just got my order in the mail, and was so pleasantly surprised at the quality for the price. Many great things but this is my favorite:
    SUPER cute in person, and it has a built-in sports bra that seems like it will work on its own.
    The other thing was that my initial shipment was stolen from my porch before I received it, and the customer service people were wonderful & not only gave me a full refund, but also gave me the sale prices I had originally ordered but had since expired. I know I sound like I work there, but it was really exciting to find a cheaper alternative to Lululemon etc. Thanks C!

  14. These aren’t my favorite flats ever posted here, but that’s okay. Keep the flats coming! I can’t wear heels (except for the occasional wedge heel for a short period of time) due to an injury, and I’m forever looking for cute, professional flats.

    • 2nd vote for more flats! Can’t wear anything but flats and low, chunky (ugly) heels due to an ankle issue.

  15. housecounsel :

    I don’t hestitate to wear reasonable platform heels with appropriately long pants. I love the extra height, think they’re much more comfortable than basic pumps and think I am capable of choosing shoes that don’t look trashy. I’m an in-house attorney in Chicago.

  16. LOVE these!