The Hunt: Nude Flats

nude flatsSure, we all know what basics professional women are supposed to have in their closets, but if you’re buying one for the first time or replacing one you’ve worn into the ground, it can be a pain to find exactly the right incarnation in stores. In “The Hunt,” we search the stores for a basic item that every woman should have.

Almost since this blog was born, we’ve done roundups of nude-for-you heels — beige heels, brown heels, pink heels and more. But I don’t think we’ve ever done a roundup of nude flats — so I thought we’d do one today. Ladies, do you wear nude-for-you flats as often as you wear nude-for-you heels? Which outfits are your favorite to pair with nude-for-you flats? Any favorite brands of flats, either for comfort or the perfect match to your skin?  

Update: Check out three work outfit ideas with nude flats

(Psst: check out our recent roundup of comfortable ballet flats, and of course our recently updated guide to comfortable heels.)

First up, some of our “Workwear Hall of Fame” styles — these are the best sellers and classics that have been around for years:

nude flats - classic styles

Pictured: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 


Before we get into today’s recommendations, some specialty categories:

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How to Wear Flats in the Winter

How to Wear Flats in Winter | CorporetteIn cold weather, what are the best ways to wear flats to work? With socks? Tights? Reader E wonders…

Could you recommend some ways to style flats for the winter? In years past I have worn skirts and opaque tights with pumps or booties in cold weather (I don’t live in a particularly cold climate), but earlier this year I decided to give up on heels altogether because of some foot problems I’ve been having. I’m happy with my flats for summer looks, but ballet flats just look so odd with tights to me. I’m hoping for some better style ideas! What flat shoes work best for winter looks? Thanks!

Great question, Reader E — and even though it still feels kind of warm outside, the cold will be upon us in no time. (Winter is coming!) We’ve talked about wearing flats all the time, as well as interviewing in flats, but not in a while. Obviously you can just wear flats where you would have worn pumps, but if you can’t walk in flats with tights (I can’t!), or if you feel like something is off with the silhouette, then we need to dive a bit deeper.  I’m curious to hear what readers think, but here are some of my thoughts:

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What to Look For in Interview Flats

What To Look For In Interview Flats | Corporette2017 Update: We still stand by this advice on what to look for in interview flats— links have also been updated below. You may also want to check out our guide to comfortable ballet flats!

What should you look for in interview flats? When, if ever, must you wear heels to an interview? Which are the most stylish kinds of flats for interviews? Reader L wonders:

I’m starting law school in August, and I’ve heard that heels (3-4″) are a MUST for interviewing and working at a law firm. However, I am a 6′ tall female. I never wear heels, since when I do, I tend to tower over everyone. Would it be appropriate to wear a nice pair of flats in my case?

Great question! We’ve talked about how to build a stylish, professional wardrobe with flats, how to wear heels (if you’re used to flats), and whether flats are professional enough for court.  As far as shoe questions go, this is important, so even though we’ve talked about it a lot, I want to stress it again: you don’t need to wear heels to look professional.  There are a number of reasons why you wouldn’t want to wear heels — from feeling too tall (although hey, I say rock it out if you have the height!), to having foot injuries or issues, to just I-don’t-wanna-itis. A few things that I would note about wearing flats for big events like interviews:

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Coffee Break – Lola Flats

Geox D Lola 25I really like the cap-toed look to these flats from Geox. The lilac/prune pair (pictured here — love that bit of red where the cap toe meets the rest of the shoe) would be a lovely unexpected pop of color to a pair of black pants, gray pants, and definitely navy pants. They range from $110.50 to $130. Geox – D Lola 25 (Lilac/Prune) – Footwear


Thursday’s TPS Report: Patent Leather Blucher

Our daily TPS reports suggest one piece of work-appropriate attire in a range of prices. Many thanks to this week’s guest poster, Carolyn Hsu of The Daily Obsession and The Hsu Closet!

PATENT LEATHER BLUCHERYou probably already own the basic black pump in a variety of shapes and heels but for office appropriate shoes that doesn’t require you change out of for the commute, take a cue from the guys. These patent bluchers are fashion forward and somewhat unexpected. Wear with opaque tights and your favorite pencil skirt or even with a polished pant suit. PATENT LEATHER BLUCHER

Seen a great piece you’d like to recommend? Please e-mail [email protected] with “TPS” in the subject line.

Coffee Break – Media Ballet Flat

Naturalizer Women's Media Ballet FlatThis one goes out to all the ladies who dislike wearing heels — loving the look to this simple ballet flat from Naturalizer. The low vamp, the classic buckle, the rubber soles — it looks classic and comfortable. It’s pictured here in “oxford brown,” but it’s also available in black, a reddish “cab sav,” a “classic olive,” and a navy. It’s $79 at Naturalizer, but Amazon has limited sizes available for as low as $67.96. Naturalizer Women’s Media Ballet Flat